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สร้างร้านค้าออนไลน์ I want Store Link with Taobao API EX. Serch Product, Add Product, Show Product on my homepage 10 Website Design, Shopping Carts, eCommerce, HTML Today18h 54m $471
3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering, Google SketchUp Today18h 46m
I need some Graphic Design 21 Graphic Design Today18h 23m $401
Urgently I need help from finances assistant Hello i'm looking to hire some one who can send me 100$ in NETELLER or BITCOIN i'm ready to pay 170$ for this job...Also im ready to pay in advance.... But i need some one with balance in his account because its urgent matter 2 3D Design, Analytics, Bitcoin, Cartography & Maps, Geospatial Today18h 14m $170
Translate Something 5 Copywriting, Translation, Research Writing, Article Rewriting Today18h 5m $378
Convert 5 pictures to cartoon avatars in the same style as the attached file - urgent Hi there, I need the five attached pictures converted to avatars in the same (or very similar) style as the attached samples. 17 Caricature & Cartoons, Graphic Design, Illustration Today17h 24m $37
Do some Excel Work -- 2 I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data. 11 Data Processing, Data Entry, Excel Today15h 37m $4
Badge design Hey everyone! With this contest I am trying to find a good design for a military badge that the participants of our course get. What it should contain is: - out 'mascot': a black cat, can be just the head and/or a minimalist design (just the outlines or something like that), if possible with a beret placed on its head (file attached for color and looks) - the color scheme of the regional badge as background (file attached), can be column, row or diagonally - lettering: JgB12 and/or KAA1 (doesn't really matter where its placed) another file for the standard badge format is also added. I hope for good designs and wish all participants good luck! 92 Graphic Design, Logo Design Today15h 4m $447
Firewall configuration on Ansible I need a linux firewall configuration in ansible that will segregate 4 networks, act as the primary gateway for outbound and inbound traffic, and serve as vpn server. Detailed specs attached. 6 Linux, Engineering Today14h 34m $499
Redesign floor plans for existing house Redesign house so it is a 4 bedroom 2 Bathroom with built in wardrobes and open plan living/dining/kitchen area. Please also include design ideas for alfresco/ backyard. Existing garage will be demolished and large sliding gate at rear installed for 2 car parking. Please note that this is a renovation job and only internal walls of the house can be changed. No structural changes are permitted. 15 Building Architecture, Building Designer, Interior Design Today13h 42m $75
I would like to hire a Data Entry Clerk Accounting Sector, Date entry the bank statements and allocate the relevant fields/info/ description to all sales to complete loading the Business Activity statements for sole traders and companies quarterly for 100 clients which all have a deadline on either excel and or Xero. 50 Data Processing, Data Entry, Excel, Word, Copy Typing Today13h 27m $15
Fill in a Spreadsheet with Data 9 Data Processing, Data Entry, Excel Today10h 55m $13
Create a Video OAVOSTORE.COM In this project I want a short video temple duration of about 8 seconds with [url removed, login to view] written with a good 3D video 7 Video Services, 3D Design Today10h 54m $7
Photograph 10 Homes in Bayamón, Puerto Rico (within 24 hours) Photograph 10 Homes in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. This needs to be done immediately, within 24 hours. At least 4 photos of each property (40+ photos in total). Can be taken with a mobile phone, does not require professional. I will provide a list of 10 addresses upon project start. 6 General Labor, Photography Today10h 33m $191
Paint a picture of a dog I have a couple pictures of a pet that I would like you to use to paint a picture of. The size can be anywhere from 8x10 to 16x20 or so, whatever is a standard size suitable for framing. Just the head of the dog is all that is needed. Trying to capture the face as realistically as possible as this was my wife's favorite pet and I want to give it to her as a birthday gift. I would need to know how soon this can be completed. I've attached 2 pictures and it is the smaller dog, the Chihuahua that is the subject to be painted. 24 Arts & Crafts, Illustration, Painting Today10h 18m $449
Internet Marketing, SEO, Link Building, Marketing, Email Marketing Today10h 16m
LOGO for Alchemists. We sell materials from genius. *we are sorry, the 24 hour order combined with Guaranteed wasn't too good. We'd like to take time with you to adjust minor part after we narrowed down to the logos we like. Thank you. ALCHEMY INVENTS We will sell series of new chemical mixtures invented, which will be applied to and protect various materials including smartphone/auto/exterior etc. Target is leading company owners who are looking for new protection for their merchandise. Keywords: High-end, modern, new, cool, chemical yet technology. Please make a logo "ALCHEMY INVENTS". Our company full name is Alchemy Invents Inc. Please add the company full name under or side to the logo to complete it. Attached files are some samples we found from internet. We don't totally agree to them but liked a part of each. At the end, we'd like to receive it by AI files and font names if used and required. Thank you very much for your entry! 731 Graphic Design, Logo Design Today8h 41m $190
UWP VS2017 Raspberry Pi3 - Configuration of SerialPort and Beybinding to TextBox Attached is a project created in VS2017. It is a Windows Universal Platform project thats goal is to run on a Raspberry Pi3 The project got 2 problems * Serial port configuration * Keybinding to TextBox SerialPort During development I want to use virtual comports (se attached file) I configure the virtual comports to be a bridge. COM1 will talk to COM2 using a virtual null-modem. During testing I will send/receive from COM1 and my mockup will respond at COM2. ====> How do I configure the Comport OPEN(). I cant find the virtual port(s). They are visible in Device Manager and I am able to access then in C#.Net but not UWP. Keybinding The textbox will use input from a "keyboard emulating device" that sends a serialnumber and ends the string with Enter. ( 1234567890 + Enter) I have tried to use "code-behind" to catch the Enter-key but my solution will fire twice and its allowed to fire only once. ====> Create a more XAML solution This is a my best try.. But I did not work in UWP Here is an approach that to me seems quite straightforward, and easier that adding an AttachedBehaviour (which is also a valid solution). We use the default UpdateSourceTrigger (LostFocus for TextBox), and then add an InputBinding to the Enter Key, bound to a command. The xaml is as follows <TextBox Grid.Row="0" Text="{Binding Txt1}" Height="30" Width="150"> <[url removed, login to view]> <KeyBinding Gesture="Enter" Command="{Binding UpdateText1Command}" CommandParameter="{Binding RelativeSource={RelativeSource FindAncestor,AncestorType={x:Type TextBox}},Path=Text}" /> </[url removed, login to view]> </TextBox> Then the Command methods are Private Function CanExecuteUpdateText1(ByVal param As Object) As Boolean Return True End Function Private Sub ExecuteUpdateText1(ByVal param As Object) If TypeOf param Is String Then Txt1 = CType(param, String) End If End Sub And the TextBox is bound to the Property Public Property Txt1 As String Get Return _txt1 End Get Set(value As String) _txt1 = value OnPropertyChanged("Txt1") End Set End Property Source copied from [url removed, login to view] 1 C# Programming, Software Architecture, Raspberry Pi Today8h 39m $28
Convert a Template to a Website 45 Website Design, PSD to HTML, HTML Today8h 23m $320
Write some Software FPGA programming and interfacing using T20 collibri module 6 PHP, Software Architecture Today7h 43m $17
Fill in a Spreadsheet with Data Form filling data entry projects 8 Excel, Copy Typing Today7h 23m $12
I would like to hire a Graphic Designer I need an STL file of a few parts for a 3D printed model. The parts are very specific and I need someone to model them in some software so that it will be easy for him to hand over the CAD and have the parts printed. Ultimately, the parts assemble a drive train and gear reduction box to an ultralight aircraft called an "ornithopter." 45 CAD/CAM, 3D Rendering, Solidworks, 3D Modelling Today5h 19m $166
Graphic Design, Logo Design Today4h 43m
Menulis sejumlah Artikel menulis artikel 1 Articles, Research Writing Today1h 10m $225
Website content and verbiage I need proof reading, editing and creative advice for my current website. There are grammar and punctuation errors. I'd like to make my website more appealing. [url removed, login to view] 2 Creative Writing, Proofreading, Website Design Jun 22, 201721h 3m $15
Design an App Mockup HAU2017 We have an app for Islamic Pilgrimage "Hajj & Umrah", for this we need : 1. Mock up design for Dashboard page showing casing (slider, main services icons). see attached sketch. 2. ReDesign Icons for Side Menu (see attachment for menu item names) 3. Redesign Icons for Emergency Reporting page ( see attachment for icon names) 4. My Account (profile page redesign) (see attachment for existing design) 18 Graphic Design, User Interface / IA Jun 22, 201720h 59m $50
15 second female British voice over for inbound phone message, mp3 Hello, Searching for voice talent, female, British, corporate/professional but warm tone, for following script to be recorded in mp3 format: "Thank you for calling Hinchey-Roark Holdings. All consultants are currently out of the office on client engagements; please stand by for a dial-by-name directory to reach them or their voicemail directly." Runs 10 seconds. 1 Audio Services, Voice Artist, Voice Talent Jun 22, 201718h 23m $20
Design some Business Cards I'd like a double sided business card for both my businesses: SIDE 1: Janam Maternity Saris & Beyond w/ my contact info Parul Das, Founder (parul@[url removed, login to view]) and our Instagram (@janammaternity), Twitter (@janammaternity), and Facebook ([url removed, login to view]) pages. SIDE 2: Two-Step Sari Parul Das, Foundeer (parul@[url removed, login to view]) and our Instagram (@twostepsari), Twitter (@twostepsari) and Facebook ([url removed, login to view]) pages. I like a grey background b/c I think the teal lotus and orange lotus will look nice against that. But the remaining font can be white. And maybe the logos for the contact info can match the color of the lotus on each side... 180 Business Cards, Graphic Design Jun 22, 201718h 17m $50
Design project I need some graphic design. I need a letterhead that goes with an existing logo. English and Amharic fonts are needed 12 Graphic Design Jun 22, 201718h 6m $30
I need some Graphic Design Hey, So this is my brief - Hope you guys can help :-) Please bear in mind I would like to have a 20 minutes chat with the Industry - Business consultancy - Theme image and look According to Canva is Sleek and Modern, which suits the look that I am going for - So what am I looking for :- I am looking for a re-design, I already have a specific theme employed on my website, however, the colors are all wrong - and I would like to change this - the website is [url removed, login to view] (business consultancy) I would like consultation via chat, then agree on - 1. background images / colours (pictures) for the home page - (slider 1 etc) 2. background image / colours for the homepage - ( to change to bring it in line with the brand) Then I would also like designed - A holder image (business) * Twitter - 1024 x 512 px * Pinterest - 735x1102px * Instagram - 1080x1080 px * Facebook - 1200 x 630 px * Tumblr - 540 x 810 px * YouTube - 1280 x 729 px * Twitter - 1500 x 500 px * You tube - 2560x1440 px * facebook - 851 x 315 px * twitter - 1500x500 px * google + - 1240 x 700 px * Linkedin - 1400 x 425px * Email header - 600x200 px - I do not need - custom design for each of these - can apply the same artwork across all of these - which is why we need to get the theme right in the first place :-) then * 3 x Ad set for FB advert - with different value props. (content from myself, but creative input would be nice) I would expect 2/3 amendments, and for the bidder to be interested in this project from a creative perspective, rather than just design. User must be able to implement points 1.2 across my word-press website. If you feel this is the job for you, but all means offer a decent competitive price. I look forward to engaging - where I have a further brief you further on some of the ideas that I like, are attached - just note I do note expect carbon copies of these, they are just nice styles on current crm website. Please note I am not a CRM, as mentioned they are just styles I admire. 15 Graphic Design, Logo Design, Website Design Jun 22, 201717h 13m $227
Castle logo I need a logo for a music label. called Castillo The logo will be the simple outline of a castle or a solid castle with the words Castillo underneath. It will only be black and white and be simple black outline, very minimal. like the silhouette of a castle. either solid black or just a single outline. Its for a music label that makes events of all types. but should be a smooth and stylish design that shows a solid brand but also isnt too much of a statement. 31 Graphic Design, Logo Design Jun 22, 201716h $7
Photography I am looking for photographer assistants to build a clientele overseas for wedding and portrait sessions. You are required to find clients and photograph at their events. I am welcoming student photographer. Serious people only. Great profit for beginners if you are willing to put effort into a photography business. Profit can be up to 1000 $ if you can perform the work. 2 Photography Jun 22, 201715h 58m $10
One Page Website (UPCC) I need design and development of a one page website: [url removed, login to view] 1. You will provide the stock images 2. Content should be taken from [url removed, login to view] and replace Qatar with UAE 3. Create a theme and style and colours according to the UAE flag but please keep it minimal. 4. A contact form must be there 5. The Text should be justified. 6. It should not look cluttered or out of position. 7. It should have enough spacing. 8. Provide the sample image first before developing. 9. Find the links below the example type of website we are looking for. [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] 9 Graphic Design, HTML, PHP, Website Design Jun 22, 201715h 35m $75
Paytabs integration with ( we have the web site of [url removed, login to view] ( [url removed, login to view] ) we need to make the integration of [url removed, login to view] to our web site it is the payment gateway integration job 1 ASP.NET, PHP, Software Architecture Jun 22, 201714h 58m $100
Medical Brochure Cover Hi there, First off : THIS PROJECT IS VERY URGENT Only Professional Designer's take part, according to professional design others would be rejected. Kindly Check the attached We need a Cover Professionally Designed + an Inner page, for more info example file password kindly PM. Regards, 3 Covers & Packaging, Graphic Design, Illustrator, Logo Design, Photoshop Jun 22, 201714h 9m $40
Logo for Social Media Agency Looking for a logo for Social Media Agency Please ONLY use black as we will be needed to print in black and white Please use font Montserat ONLY Name of the company is Get Results Social What we need it a symbol or icon to represent the business An example of what we like is here: [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] 79 Logo Design Jun 22, 201713h 4m $10
Timber logo The design should be of a lion with a crown to reflect strength and power. The name to appear on the logo is Ashoka Marine. The logo is for use in the wood and plywood industry. The overall dimensions of the logo should be rectangular in shape though it can have circles, and etc. But the logo should be left to right as opposed to top to bottom. 35 Graphic Design, Logo Design Jun 22, 201712h 22m $10
Design my logo Design a logo "SPLASH ISLAND" We want it to include a sandy island with a palm tree and splashes of water. 121 3D Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design Jun 22, 201710h 22m $37
Info graph for Business Development Cycle I have a PDF of a roughly designed graphic which I would like designed into a sleek infograph. The concept behind the graph is a new business owner is close to the centre/head office then as time moves on they progress to being independant. 4 Adobe InDesign, Graphic Design, Photoshop Jun 22, 20179h 15m $37
Give my house some street appeal. Give my little house some street appeal. Do a mock up. I don't want to do a complete rebuild, just want a bit of street appeal. Can use elements like decking, patio, garden , paving, cladding etc. Whatever you think will look good without being too expensive. 3 3D Rendering, Building Architecture, Building Designer, Home Design, Interior Design Jun 22, 20179h 9m $37
Design a Website Mockup One of our client is part of a group, who has political disagreement on some of the policies of President Trump & would like to get a website mockup. The site is intended to be hosted on wordpress and that is another task that will follow this contest. 1) We wish to have a quad layout below header and top horizontal menu, ie screen is divided into 4 quadrents, left-top, right-top, left-bottom, right-bottom. 2) American flag or American Flag elements be incorporated in to the overall design, maybe header, or other background images, etc... overall, theme needs to look pro-american 3) Logo is the text "[url removed, login to view]", that can be pretty-ed up but we are not asking for logo design, just upgrade from plain text. 4) Slides need to be part of the 1st quad of design, on left top, preferably using political cartoons of Trump. (Use some of them available online. Making cartoons is not part of the contest.) 5) Upper right quad shall have "Friend and Countrymen" much text is shown is flexible as long as there shall be a read more link. 6) Bottom left quad shall have "Mission Statement" text. Again, how much text is shown is flexible as long as there shall be a read more link. 7) Bottom right quad shall have image with link to "Trump Dictionary". 8) Mockups need to keep in mind that they will be used with WP.. Please see the attached file on what we are looking for, Please dont copy from it. Note: Little weird perhaps....Name of site cannot be used for reference !!! project can be used, but not name of domain or mockup it self This site will be published anonymously to protect identity of client. 3 Graphic Design, Photoshop, User Interface / IA, Website Design Jun 22, 20178h 58m $25
Design a Logo My company is called "ETransferGo", We process e transfer payment to our client and take processing fees. I want 3 logos created, our company's theme color is yellowish red(Orange)/ gold and black two of the three designs is up to your own creativity(you can include ETransfer or Etransfergo). But one of them has to be like a rectangle with a diagonal line separate it into two areas, one of them has "E" in gold and one of the other area has "transfer" in black . I have attached the file to this request. 109 Graphic Design, Logo Design Jun 22, 20178h 48m $11
Bottled Water 3D renders and Alter images ASAP - within 12 HOURS I need 3 Bottle Renders (front view, Backview , Birds eye view) - SEE ATTACHED example of bottle with my NEW LABEL(see attached) and must be close to scale. Also need to PLACE new bottle render (front view) in 3 models hands. NEED THIS ASAP to be done TODAY!!!!!! If you CAN NOT DO THIS WITHIN 12 HOURS OF POSTED CONTEST, please don't waste your time. FILES I would need is HI RES PNG for Bottle Renders and HI RES JPG for models TO CLARIFY 3 angles of 3D bottle render (front, back and flag -front birds eye view) - HI RES PNG FILES to be sent With the PNG files completed, then to add the front side of the bottle (ENGLISH SIDE) into 3 MODELS hands bottle renders are attached as samples. original HIGH RES files of models attached PDF and PNG of Label attached 25 3D Design, 3D Rendering, Graphic Design, Illustrator, Photoshop Design Jun 22, 20178h 11m $75
Design a Flyer, Notice & Business Card Company : SpeedMe - Autocare & detailing (Car & Bike wash). [logo PSD attached] Flyer: should look professional and attractive. Dimensions : 100 mm x 210 mm (Portrait) - single sided. Logo on top (attached - [url removed, login to view]). Contents attached ([url removed, login to view]). QR Code attached ([url removed, login to view]). Bottom : "A venture of Golden Palace Group of Companies" (attached - [url removed, login to view]). Images in flyer - related to steam car wash. Notice: should look professional and attractive. Dimensions : 300 mm x 210 mm (Landscape) - single sided. Contents attached ([url removed, login to view]). Bottom : "A venture of Golden Palace Group of Companies" (attached - [url removed, login to view]). Looking for something eye catching, smart and professional looking. Business Card (portrait) - double sided - only logo on one side. Name, Designation, Email ID, Mobile Number, Website & Address on the other side. Design samples attached. 15 Brochure Design, Business Cards, Flyer Design, Graphic Design Jun 22, 20177h 40m $15
Design brochure for local sports association UPDATE : Attached logo and word document with text and possible pictures. Please update designs and if adding other pictures make sure they are water polo pictures. Hello, We have a 3 phase project for a designer. We need a quick turnaround on a brochure design, then a banner/flag design and then website redesign. The first thing we need is a brochure design, one side will be English and the other side will be french. We need something jazzy that will attract kids to the local pool for some sports. Names, logo and text will be provided by PM only. The brochure would be 8.5X5.5 format. This bid should only be for the brochure but if everything goes well we'll select the same designer for the other two phases. Website : [url removed, login to view] I will provide text for both sides tomorrow along with the logo. We need a print ready PDF file as final format plus source files. If you have any questions let me know! 30 Brochure Design, Graphic Design Jun 22, 20177h $105
Design a chart I would like to create a Chart showing leed/fabrication times of my product from how busy we are. Photo's and sketch attached. Very Low 1-2 weeks Low 2-3 weeks High 3-4 weeks Very high 5-8 weeks Crazy 8-10 weeks Very crazy 10-14 weeks Extreme 14-18 weeks Message me if you have any questions Thanks 21 Graphic Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, Website Design Jun 22, 20176h 48m $15
Design a Logo/Letterhead quickly I need a American themed patriotic letter head quickly 37 Graphic Design, Logo Design Jun 21, 20175h 12m $75
Design Gift Certificates I need gift certificates designed for my company. This is an organic dog food company and I want the cards to look sleek and professional. I would also like small icons next to the email, phone number and website logo. The cards should say "HoneyGolds Dog Cuisine". For one of the gift certificates I would like it to be a coupon for $30 off your first order and the rest should just be 15% off for your first time order. Please make sure to add disclaimers and expiration date of August 28, 2017. For reference please visit 9 Graphic Design Jun 21, 20173h 41m $25
Write a tag line/slogan Looking for the best tagline for HappyEarth .com for reusable, recyclable and compostable products: bags, plates, cups... Focus on compostable message, but recycle and reuse are fine too! Bring in your inspiration! 208 Catch Phrases, Creative Writing, Slogans Jun 21, 20173h 40m $65
New Logo Design Needed I need a logo for my new company "MAN STUFF NOW" I want it to be three levels high with text MAN STUFF NOW I want it to be bold and either in John Deere green or a blue color with black and gray accents. On the right side I want a rifle with a an american flag On the left side a John Deere Tractor coming out from behind the words 56 Graphic Design, Logo Design Jun 21, 20172h 31m $20
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