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    I just bought a new house. I need the whole interior painted before we move in. Move in date is July 20. [login to view URL] This is all the info you might need for a bid.

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    $3888 Avg Bid
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    Design project 6 days left

    I need a logo designed.

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    I need some help with my business. looking for ecommerce business consultant for my start up project

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    I have an old Rolling Stones message board called "It's a Gas, Gas, Gas", or "Gasland", or Gasx3" for short. It's the oldest Stones board on the web, started up in 1998 using Matt's old CGI board program. It got so busy that in 2000 I had a custom built new board made using the then new and now old ASP programing by a guy who had built my polls using ASP the year before (they need some minor fixing, too). The board is in need of fixing today - as it's having major issues to the point that about a quarter of its posts do not show up anymore and in turn people have stopped posting for that reason. My old host, AIT, was suppose to build me a new, non ASP board for a very cheap price, but now they want me to void the contract we signed since their bid was too low. I haven't agreed to do that yet, I first want to see what kind of help I can get here They also seem to be unable to fix the ASP posting problem, too (because, I believe, it's the old ASP codes from the late '90s and I don't think anybody there knows how to work it). One last thing, I'm suppose to close down the board next January after more than 20 years, in part because I'm getting old and can't handle running it anymore. But the regulars there are trying to talk me into keeping it going. But if it isn't fixed, it may not even last till next January. So I need somebody to fix this ASP posting problem asap. The board's main URL is there: [login to view URL] Would anybody want to give this a try and for how much? I can give out more info after I find out if anybody here is interested in helping me and the Gassers at the board in keeping this joint going.

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    Vreau sa dezvolt o aplicatie pentru windows phone

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    I need you to fill in a spreadsheet with data. Post websites,analyse data,fill spreadsheet

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    Hi, I need the video I need editing has the 2001: A Pace Oddysea them already on it but it is not complete (see mp4). I would like it added at the same kind of volume so the voice track can still easily be heard. Thanks

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    I am looking for programmer, who can create application for creating time-lapse videos. User can choose time-lapse interval. All taken images are sent to server. On server side taken images are stiched to video or gif file (user can choose. It should be possible to share created files on server via link. In order to confirm that you have read description, please, start your bid with answer to this question: What is the capital of UK? Please state answer with capital letters. Thank you and happy bidding!

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    Front-End Разработчик на постоянную или проектную работу Требуемый опыт работы: 1-2 года Полная занятость, полный день Мы ищем талантливых и инициативных сотрудников, опытных профессионалов и готовых ими стать. От вас мы ожидаем: Хорошее владение HTML, CSS Опыт разработки на JavaScript Знание jQuery, в том числе опыт разработки контролов/доработки плагинов Практический опыт использования Angular JS Знание Sass/Less и других пост/препроцессоров CSS Опыт использования gulp/webpack Понимание методов оптимизации front-end Знание языков программирования помимо JavaScript Любовь к чтению профессиональной литературы (в том числе англоязычной) Активное стремление к профессиональному росту Что вам предстоит: Разработка и оптимизация клиентской части web-приложений Верстка дизайн-макетов web-приложений Развитие библиотеки UI компонентов Реализация интеграции с внешними сервисами В 5CRM вас ждут: Дружеская атмосфера Достойная заработная плата Гибкий график работы Возможность прохождения производственной практики для студентов Внутренняя программа профессионального обучения

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    Voice Over Latin American 6 days left

    Hello. I am looking for a Latin American English & Spanish voice actors. Male & Female both voices needed.I need 2 mins voice over. Please share your voice sample. Thanks

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    I'm looking to develop an EA that allows me to trade rectangles that are created in a separate indicator called II_supdem; this indicator generates rectangles that are used to define possible risk and targets on a trade, For specific order levels I have specified a number of pips to enter orders above or below the supdem indicator objects, the risk for all trades and therefore the lot size for each half of the trade, and all target calculations are all based on this - so it is important The trading EA it trade them based on a simple rule of only entering trades at the supdem levels when prices are outside of the 2.5 std deviation 20 period ma bollinger bands EA Inputs i) Pip Value = to specify what a 'pip' is, this is crucial to calculate everything correctly - including entries, stops, targets etc ii) Position size per trade = 1.0% default (this is to be split into two equal trades) iii) Target 1 = based on preset reward to risk ratio (default 2.0x) iv) Target 2 = based on a multiple of the average true range (ATR) (default = 3.0x) being a volatility based target v) Buy order number of pips above rectangle = (default 3.0 pips) + spread above the supdem level vi) Buy order number of pips below rectangle = (default 1.0 pips) vii) Sell order number of pips below rectangle = (default 3.0 pips) viii) Sell order number of pips above rectangle = (default 1.0 pips) + spread above the supdem level ix) Bollinger band moving average period = (default 20) x) Bollinger band standard deviation = (default 2.5) xi) Average true range (ATR) period = (default 14) xii) Trail stop (target 2 only) = move stop loss to 5 pips above or below entry once target 1 is hit xiii) Minimum number of pips risk = (default = 10) to avoid trading very small levels xiv) Maximum number of pips risk = (default = 300)) to avoid trading very large levels This EA needs to be able manage the following: 1) Be able to determine what a 'pip' is, based on the currency, also taking into account brokers that use fractional pips (1/10th pip) adding another decimal point 2) Be able to determine position sizing for each trade based on a % account equity at the time of entry i.e. 1%, but also be able to split this amount into two separate halves of the same trade These two halves of the trade will have the same entry and stop loss but have targets based on different criteria (i.e. 1st half of trade based on variable reward to risk ratio, 2nd half based on ATR multiple) 3) Be able to round all positions down to the nearest 0.01 lot, with the minimum order being 0.01 lot ($1000 micro lots) 4) Be able to trade both long and short 5) Ensure that all trades have a fixed stop loss placed immediately upon entry (no naked positions) and preset targets for both halves of trades 6) Only trade a rectangle level once, even if prices return to the same rectangle again in the future 7) Be able to trail a stop loss on the second position of a trade only - only after the first target is hit, then the stop loss is raised to 5 pips above entry (for long trades) or below entry (for short trades) 8) It is important to use only the first rectangles nearest current market prices for possible long or short entries and these must be based on the external indicator, the reason is I would like to modify the indicator in the future to clean up (remove) unnecessary rectangles that it creates 9) Only trade the levels where prices reach the supdem level while outside of the 2.5 std deviation bollinger bands Any questions please ask, please note all bids should be in NZD

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    Female Voice Over- UK English 6 days left

    Hello. I am looking for a Female UK English voice actor. I need 2 mins voice over. Please share your voice sample. Thanks

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    Dear freelancers, we are SaberTec, a company that builds electronic control units for lightsabers. For our website, we are currently working on a loading page which will show a lightsaber hilt that is being drawn as the loading process progresses. For the animation we want to use vivus which is a free library that creates drawing animations from SVG images. The animation will look like that: [login to view URL] We have already a 3D image of a lightsaber that we would like to use with vivus (see in the attachment). What do we need from you? You can either transform the attached image to SVG format that enables a drawing animation with vivus. For this, the SVG image must consist of strokes. Here you can test a SVG image with vivus: [login to view URL] But you can also design your own SVG image if you want. We want the lightsaber to look like a technical drawing with a kind of x-ray look. It should look both epic and futuristic. Best regards, Frederic Folz.

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    design business card 6 days left

    I have a logo, would like to design a rewards/stamp style card with company info/website/Instagram as well.

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    Male Voice Over- UK English 6 days left

    Hello. I am looking for a UK English voice actor. Only male voice needed. I need 2 mins voice over. Please share your voice sample. Thanks

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    make a prestashop website https from http

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    Hello. I am looking for a Female English US voice actor. I need 2 mins voice over. Please share your voice sample. Thanks

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    board design,, 6 days left

    I want to upgrade my current product to a new level, which may contain speed control button, timer as well as remote control with a phone. Please see the attached file and write your proposal based on it Give me your estimate for doing the job Also, share your similar project to this You should be able for manufacturing and testing the device according to CE, UL and CSA standards Skills: PCB Design Programming/Firmware App (Android & iOS) Manufacturing Testing and Debugging

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