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I need some Graphic Design for a T Shirt Hello everyone, Our company is looking for a Tshirt design for an upcoming tradeshow. We will be wearing Navy blue tshirts. The Tshirt needs to have a maltese cross (firefighter cross) on the front left breast area. Inside of that cross will be the words "DJI" and "SAR". Maybe in the center place the Inspire drone inside (photos of the inspire are attached). On the back is where we need some creativity. Maybe the words "Zenmuse XT Thermal Imaging" or "Zenmuse XT". There needs to be a larger picture of the Inspire Drone with preferably the Zenmuse XT on it. Here's the tricky part, we need this done in "white only" as there will be no colors involved. We are targeting firefighters and want this to look professional, not like a cartoon. Thanks 26 Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photo Editing, Photoshop Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201717h 40m $290
Convert a Wordpress Template to an actual working Website I already bought a template and installed it on my GoDaddy hosting. I need some changes to be made for the template to be working in full capacity. The WP template name is Educationwp. This is the first leg of a multistep project. The next step will be developing a business intelligence software that works online. So be prepared for a long term working relationship. 81 Website Design, WordPress, HTML Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201717h 11m $179
Add Social Features to iOS App + Gamification Need social features / network created into existing iOS app, with gameification (badges, awards, "points" for certain tasks, etc) ~ Lots of features & functions, info after NDA 92 iPhone, Objective C Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201717h 10m $4184
General Labour • Organization of the process of implementation of engineering and Construction projects; • Organization of project work and general project management; • Holding of tenders, organization of work execution, and technical supervision of construction works; • Budget preparation for construction repair work and recommendations on reduction of expenses; • Survey, evaluation and preparation of recommendations on reconstruction / repair of damaged and worn-out and social infrastructure; • Property management, operation and maintenance of objects and engineering systems, engineering and assessment of a technical condition of buildings and systems, pre-sale assessment and recommendations (TDD); • Report preparation for investors about technical condition of an object, preparation of recommendations on short and to long-term expenses 5 General Labor Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201717h 5m $16
RockFrogs King's Day Banner I need a Facebook cover image for the RockFrogs fanpage. The banner must have the theme King's Day, the festivity of the Dutch when they celebrate the birthday of their king in a color orange spirit. The banner must include the RockFrogs logo, the 4 frog characters and must have the orange fun party spirit in the background. It must be delivered in png. I am attaching the current cover picture so you can have an idea of our graphic identity. 29 Banner Design, Graphic Design Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201716h 58m $53
update link in fly-through app we have existing app: 1 Updating social links of sharing and bonus webinars page 2 uploading to itunes 9 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Cocoa, Objective C, iPad Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201716h 35m $81
Build an online quiz Website with supporting app I need an online quiz website that can also be accessed through an app. The website would need to be able to build quiz and add pictures and logos. It would need to have built in reports and a leader board for open quiz. Similar to Quizziz. 91 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201716h 26m $1708
Help with machine learning project I am looking for som help with a machine learning project. I am using a medical dataset from kaggle website. This dataset has few samples but alot of variables (12000). I already did some preprocessing on the data. Need someone to check my current steps, do k-fold cross validation to check principal components I should use, do clustering on it and compare results to other methods and original clustering. Experience in Matlab is needed. Should be very straighforward for someone with experience in this field. 11 Matlab and Mathematica, Algorithm, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Data Science Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201716h 23m $118
Write an Android application Mobile Application with Responsive Web Portal like "My Family" GPS tracker: [url removed, login to view] 121 PHP, Mobile Phone, Android, CSS, HTML5 Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201716h 22m $1702
Building an external LF RFID coil Looking for a physicist or electronics expert with deep knowledge in RFID. 7 Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Physics Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201716h 14m $452
Need Windows Admin with 4+ Years Experience We are a web hosting company looking to hire a server expert with ATLEAST 4 years of experience that can basically handle the windows tasks that our L1/L2 techs cannot and MUST speak PERFECT English. Ideally this job is for someone who works in this field already and is online most of the day anyways that can handle on average 4-8 tickets per a week on the side of their other regular main job. Some of our requirements: - Looking for someone who is atleast around for 8 hours at some point during this time zone: 11AM - 1AM EST - Very well versed in Windows Server and all of its subsystems. - Well versed in handling windows migrations, Plesk, setting up raid, diagnosing errors and issues, etc... - *** Speak English Very Well *** we have found too much confusion with techs who cannot understand our clients due to language barriers. - Be able to be alerted by email of tickets you need to resolve or Skype. (1-2 per a day max) - Paid by check or paypal We would prefer to pay per a ticket. What we have in mind is $7 for most tickets and anything that takes more than an hour to resolve can be a $12 ticket. 7 System Admin, Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201716h 11m $105
WordPress : auditing, improving existing site and server set up Need pro wordpress-er with AWS experience to help out with server-side performance, and also within the wordpress plugins. Target site gets 30k visits a month and growing: Known issues that we need help with : - The theme is too large and chunky and has many plugins or extras that we don't need. - The AWS server doesn't seem to be set up correctly, it's costing us more than it should and it doesn't handle large traffic very well - Site seems slow when there's a few people on it - Very slow if there's a few editors in the back end - The cache doesn't work very well, if we change something on the site, for example the author of a post, it doesn't show up to readers for a few hours, so we can't make quick fixes - Mailboxes seem to work sometimes but then stop working other times - We get 504 errors and the site falls off from time to time - Picture uploader in the media library very often doesn't work, takes 3, 4, 5 or more attempts sometimes (Paddy will tell you) - Search function doesn't work too well, can't search author names, for example This work will be an initial audit, followed by continues maintenance of the site on a monthly basis. You should answer this question while submitting your proposal: how many wordpress sites have you worked on before? How many were hosted on AWS? Hours of work: 40 Hr / week Project Duration: 1 - 4 weeks 57 PHP, WordPress, CSS, Amazon Web Services, HTML Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201716h 9m $17
Write some Software Code an amazon dash button to sms and email my company for home care from a client or doctor´s office 20 PHP, Software Architecture Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201716h 1m $601
Build a Website redesign a WordPress web template 95 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201715h 52m $444
Build a Website I JUST PURCHASED "STARTUP DESIGN FRAMEWORK" BY "DESIGNMODO", I AM ALSO CONSIDERING TO PURCAHSE "CARRINGTON BUILD WORDPRESS FRAMEWORK" AS IT IS BETTER. CAN YOU SUGGEST TO ME ANYTHING BETTER? BECAUSE I PURCHASED "STARTUP DESIGN FRAMEWORK" THINKING IT IS A CUSTOMIZABLE THEME, AND FOUND OUT IT IS """"NOT A WORDPRESS THEME...."""" SO, NOW, THE DEAL HERE IS, WHAT I WANT TO DO NOW IS, """"""I WANT TO CREATE MY OWN COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE, FOREVER COMPLETELY FLEXIBLE WEBSITE!!!!! WITH BACKGROUND VIDEOS, AUTOMATICALLY MUSIC PLAYING, AND GREAT INNOVATIVE AND ORGANISED PRESENTATION OF INFORMATION.... HENCE, I WANTED TO GO FOR SO MUCH FREEDOM OF CREATIVITY.... I HAVE A VERY CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE MIND AS EVERYONE SAYS.... HENCE I LOVE IT.... THE INFORMATION ABOUT STARTUP DESIGN FRAMEWORK, AND CARRINGTON BUILD WORDPRESS FRAMEWORK IS.... PLEASE SUGGEST TO ME, IF YOU CAN, ANYTHING BETTER. (Startup Design Framework – $249 The Startup Design Framework from DesignModo is a drag and drop WordPress website builder. It has an easy to use drag and drop design interface and contains many useful components and complex blocks that can be arrange into almost any design to built virtually any type of website. Its mobile friendly with a responsive design and includes 25 ready to use startup design samples to help you get started. The commercial license of Startup Design Framework costs $249, which makes it one of the most expensive WordPress theme frameworks around. THEN, ABOUT Carrington Build WordPress Framework – $299 Carrington Build is a drag and drop WordPress theme framework from Crowd Favourite. It’s designed for developers and non-developers alike to easily create custom page layouts via drag and drop. The theme utilizes a modular approach with powerful building blocks or modules that can be arranged as you like for your own custom page layouts. Modules such as carousels, hero images, posts, galleries, rich text, headings, notices, images, callouts, widgets etc. Carrington also embraces WordPress core features like shortcodes, widgets, sidebars and menus. So by adding content Modules and WordPress sidebars and widgets the theme allows you to create any page layout you can possibly imagine via drag and drop ease. Costing $299 for a single site license (and $999 for unlimited sites license) it’s the most expensive premium WordPress theme framework available.) 25 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201715h 21m $244
Team members for support team world wide 24/7 Become a team support member for our 24/7 business. Knowledge of Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure is a must. You need to know how to support our clients. You need a VoIP application / Telefone that we can connect to you SIP device or software. Payment minimal each ticket 15 minutes. Who has the fastest response gets paid for the support. So it is up to you how much you earn. This is in construction now. I need to have a team ready when we start. 9 System Admin, Linux, Technical Support, Phone Support, Windows Server Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201715h 4m $12
I need some Graphic Design We need a logo for our food truck based on this theme (see attached photos). The name of our brand is "sugar." We're taking a modern twist on traditional sweets like mini donut balls and mini donuts. Our color scheme is black and white. We would like to see how creative you can get with the logo and packaging. 121 Graphic Design, Logo Design Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201714h 54m $140
Search the Web for Something Hi! I'm looking for someone to add the finish touches to a 2,000-word article I've written. The job can be broken down into three sub-tasks: 1. Sourcing free-to-use images 2. Researching articles/studies etc. to create outbound links 3. Update my article within the WordPress dashboard Details... 1. This sub-task will include sourcing 5 - 10 high-quality and free to use images (plus one feature image) that are appropriate to the article and preferably relevant to the section of the article where the image will be placed. If you want to create your own images, that's fine too, so long as you're happy for me to use them in the posts on my website. 2. I want the claims I've made within my article to be backed up with evidence. This will entail reading (and understanding) the article, identifying 20 - 25 suitable statements that require evidence, support or even just an option of 'further reading', then searching the internet for an article that supports my statement(s) and creating an outbound link. 3. You will then be given access to my WordPress dashboard where you will insert the images and the outbound links. You can then notify me of your work so that I can check it prior to the article being published/updated on the live site. Further info... I write several articles every week (for my website and for clients), so the successful and reasonably priced candidate can expect ongoing works, providing the job is done well. I'll admit that I am incredibly picky, bordering on being a perfectionist, so meeting my standards is quite tough. So, to summarise, you will need to... - Read the article I provide thoroughly. Understanding its content is key. - Find 5 - 10 suitable and free-to-use images (please make sure they are free to use - I do not want to be contacted by the owner for breach of copyright!) - Identify 20 - 25 statements made within the article that require support/evidence or would benefit the reader by providing 'further reading' options - Find articles/research papers/studies etc. that support/offer 'further reading' for the statements you've identified - Create a hyperlink for the text in my article using the URL of the articles/research papers/studies you've found (i.e. create an outbound link) - Login in to WordPress and add the images/outbound links to the article - Notify me when it's completed - Put up with me being fussy! If there's something you don't understand within the job description, please drop me a message and I'll try to clarify. I look forward to hearing from you. 11 Research, WordPress, Web Scraping, Web Search, Internet Research Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201714h 37m $26
Find Information from Websites Find Information from websites 10 Data Entry, Web Scraping, Word, Web Search, Copy Typing Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201714h 12m $95
Write my Product Descriptions I am planning to launch a new web site for community use, it would be sort of servicing type I would like to have terms and condition written simple and sweet the core matter of the terms and condition" Our company will not be responsible for any scam or fraudulent of payment or products 21 Copywriting, Product Descriptions, eBay Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201714h 4m $404
Sell something for me Contact Bars,Pubs, Cafes, Restaurants and Hotels , also designers and Architects and sell our Interior design and build services 1 Sales Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201713h 44m $3087
I need some Graphic Design All about design: Retouching of documents, creation and modification of logos, editing of magazines, photo editing, online training. 38 Graphic Design Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201713h 28m $918
Telemarketing services sales IIt's B2B Project For UK Businesses We are providing landline and broadband to customers it's sales project. For more details please provide me your email so that i can send you more details about our project. 2 Sales Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201713h 25m $5
http://jigsaw-puzzle-income.com A wordpress application with laravel installed in a folder at root cpanel. Needs to be coaxed to life by those who can supply the skills I cannot. Some code needed to get the jigsaw playing just right. proper tweaking of the existent structure to allow both free members and paying members - all in a responsive environment.I have what is envisioned at my front page. Free to play any jigsaw & free to upload own artwork for transforming to a puzzle image, also freee to promote us as an affilaite NOT free ability to add an advert to your artwork containing your affiliate link to our audience of puzzlers of whatever you are promoting to be paid commission Take part in our in house reserve of shares in the company so that you can share in the profits and the accruing value of the shares. To be traded online at the site even before publicly available. A dynamic structure in place that rewards active members in terms of instigating new members. Take part in our monthly competition, the membership entitling you to as many entries as you like per month. hence free to enter if you are a member. The competition accrual of payout to accrue over the month according to how many members. Each member renews automaticially each moth. needs to be checks in place. 32 PHP, jQuery / Prototype, Laravel Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201713h 24m $847
Bootstrap, CSS, jQuery / Prototype, PhoneGap, User Interface / IA Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 20177d 13h
LMS and Online ebook reading platform Please provide the most efficient solution to build a login ebook reading platform with online purchase function. Need to build a website that acts as a platform for students to log in and view the ebooks that they purchased online. It will allow them to read, highlight and save remarks during reading. It will be compatible with any device such as laptop, mobile and iPad with website view. (Not app) It will also include some simple quizzes. Please refer to Boundless. 46 PHP, Software Architecture, PDF, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Captivate Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201712h 58m $1181
Write a Report i belief in myself and i know am gonna make it 18 Report Writing, Content Writing Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201712h 37m $286
Textile Toy Design A textile design for babies and children I would prefer this to be confidential and a NDA form signed please. 4 Product Sourcing, Manufacturing, Supplier Sourcing, Logistics & Shipping Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201712h 10m $39
Build a Website I need an attractive wordpress web site for an NGO. The design must be clean with bright colors. 141 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, WordPress, HTML Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201711h 55m $202
Translate Something Translation Š•nglish to Russian 12 Translation Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201711h 40m $250
Build a Website Highly skilled UI and web development with over 2 years of hands-on experience in the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of web-based, and client-server web applications.i mainly focused on javascript,css,html,php, angularjs and jQuery. 19 PHP, Javascript, Website Design, CSS, HTML Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201711h 21m $143
Fill in a Spreadsheet with Data copy pasting or entering datas in excel. work from as part time job 3 Data Entry, Excel Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201710h 29m $389
Help me with Internet Marketing help with internet marketing 30 Internet Marketing Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 201710h 27m $331
Write an iPhone application Replicate an existing app (see: [url removed, login to view]) as a foundation for further feature enhancements. 60 Mobile Phone, iPhone, English (UK) Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 20179h 51m $523
working with whmcs and his theme working with whmcs and his theme 6 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 20179h 46m $20
Write an iPhone application Need a programmer who knows how to make a very simple mobile game and help with the publishing the game on iOS and Android platforms. I will provide the graphics for the game. 13 Mobile Phone, iPhone Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 20179h 45m $251
Proofread Something - 16/03/2017 05:19 EDT I'm looking for a long term business with someone who is good at Proofreading. I will provide articles generated by WordAi and Article Forge and he/she will have to proof read them. 13 Proofreading Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 20179h 39m $24
Document Credit Card Products' Features from Given Card Issuers' Websites I need help to understand the latest terms & conditions of 25 credit card products from Singapore's card issuers. I have a template Excel file that selected freelancer can update and fill. Selected freelancer would have to search for the legal terms and conditions from respective card issuers' websites, understand and highlight the key information on the documents and translate those into the Excel template according to the specified categories. If certain key information cannot be translated and entered into the template file, selected freelancer to make a list of such information and provide feedback towards the end of this project. 3 Excel, Virtual Assistant, English (UK) Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 20179h 36m $182
Build an Online Store I need an eCommerce site where we can use as a hub for sellers from many stores & separate login accounts for each user store. 15 Website Design, Internet Marketing, Shopping Carts, eCommerce, HTML Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 20179h 35m $799
Write an iPhone application IPhone, ipad both are develop mobile application 22 Mobile Phone, iPhone Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 20179h 19m $709
Bir Logo Tasarla Magelancer - Magento Developer & Designer PSD, HD, 23 Graphic Design, Logo Design Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 20179h 12m $10
Do some 3D Modelling mechanical design 19 3D Modelling Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 20179h 9m $335
wordprss and woocommerce in IIS7 We nee a woocommerce in Catalogue Mode ( No Ecommerce Functionality Required) on a Windows IIS Server 7.5. The site is about printing and printers. Hope to have good enough developer to complete with in very short period. We have in house development team but they are engaged in other project. 21 PHP, WordPress, IIS, MySQL Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 20178h 59m $619
Build a Website we want to develop a web site for placement [url removed, login to view] design as well as logo. 19 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 20178h 50m $141
Run a successful campaign for me on facebook Hey guys, So i am looking for someone who can run successful campaign for me on facebook. I am planning a webinar in the month of April, its a paid webinar. So if you have any knowledge about how to create such events under facebook page, that will be a plus. Please dont apply if you a newbie. Thanks 3 Facebook Marketing, Social Media Marketing Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 20178h 42m $8
WebSite Speed optimization I need to optimize speed of my existing website 34 WordPress Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 20178h 34m $100
Chat plugin I need Seller to Provide 123 Flash Chat Version 9.9 & 123 PPV software and install for me P/S: Seller must have the 123 Flash Chat Version 9.9 & 123 PPV Software as this must be provided by you. And my Budget is $30, thank you 1 Plugin Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 20178h 27m $19
Design an App Mockup Radio android application 14 Graphic Design, User Interface / IA Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 20178h 9m $150
Get me Clients I am looking for Clients and Companies who are looking for Talent Acquisition Services 0 Human Resources, Recruitment Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 20177h 29m -
Write some Software Title: CENTRALIZED ADMISSIONS Role: Programmer URL: [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] Software Used: Visual Studio 2012, SQL Server 2008, Crystal Report Scope: The 'Online Registration & Admission System' enables students to fill the Admission form on-line from anywhere saving student’s time & cost of multiple travels of each student to multiple colleges. Also saves valuable time of staff of each college in data entry & verification work. It also zeros mistakes of data entry work by staff. Student is required to fill his own form - on-line & he will fill it with great care & he can check the same many times before final on-line submission. Since the accurate data is available to University on-line, University can publish the merit list much earlier from the closure of Registration. After admissions, this valuable data is available to college for further usages. This can be transferred to College ERP which college may be using and so colleges can print ID cards, certificates like Bonafide…. Admission Register & many MIS report immediately. This information is handy to colleges for other usages also. So It provides support to the administration and admission seeking candidates by providing a faster, transparent, and easy way of keeping records and use them for reference and further proceedings. 13 Javascript, C# Programming, Software Architecture, Microsoft SQL Server, Crystal Reports Mar 16, 2017 Mar 16, 20177h 27m $2161
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