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    GNS3 Cisco router Ended

    I have very small project in GNS3. I want the explaining and answering of the project records on Video. because I want to apply all the commands of Cisco router in my PC. the due date is 10/12/2017.

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    1. Add flexibility to a webform so some lables are taken from a file that you are going to create. 2. Ability to direct call to a queue and not inly to extentions READ ALL PROJECT BEFORE BIDDING see attachment

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    Freeswitch Developer Long Time Contract

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    we need someone to connect the dialer ibeam with voip. we will work through teamviewer.

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    Manage all aspects of your email sending activitie including bounce, handling, and reporting, easy-to-use web interface. Easy integration with API, java, jason, python. etc. Automatically handles sign-ups, unsubscribes, and bounces Support encryption for submitting messages, via HTTPS API, implicit SMTP-SSL, or SMTP with STARTTLS. 1) Web Page Front, eg. customer signs up, creates a username and system generates an api key password 2) User plugs in username and password in Mail Client, and is ready to relay emails via smtp supported application. 3)Application must meet industry security and best practice

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    Need Polycom Enhanced Key Configuration buttons configured.

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    there are a few different locations using LAN, some of them using VPN to connecting, need someone who could do the LAN, VPN maintenance, we also use quickbooks. Need someone who is also very familiar with quickbooks. Chinese speaking would be plus

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    $19 / hr Avg Bid
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    I'm integrating a2billing to my asterisk platform, this system will require me to bill the recipient or the callee for receiving calls. Below is the detail scenario of my application: 1. UserA and UserB both register and connect to my asterisk platform with their extension numbers respectively. 2. Both of them also have profile on the a2billing platform. 3. UserB setup a DID on the a2billing platform with his GSM mobile number as the destination for the DID. 4. UserA calls the userB DID and the call terminates on UserB GSM mobile line via a SIP trunk to PSTN. 5. UserB is billed for the DID to PSTN call. 6. UserA is not billed for anything. The above is what I want to achieve. I've been able to do the setup, but right now, only UserA is being billed for both A-Leg and B-Leg of the calls. But what I want is for only UserB, the owner of the DID to be billed for any calls to his DID that terminates on the PSTN destinated GSM number.

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    Примерно такой функционал должен быть у мобильного приложения. Требования будут меняться со временем, но изменения будут в основном касаться доп функций. Основная и главная функция – дать клиенту возможность с легкостью подключаться к ВПН серверам без необходимости вручную настраивать ВПН соединение. Запускается главный экран. Там должно быть поле для ввода логин/пароля, если же таковых нет то ссылка для регистрации. На фоне желательно 3-4 слайд баннера с красивыми лозунгами. Посмотри приложения ВПН от ExpressVPN, PureVPN и NordVPN [url removed, login to view] логин/пароль это данные авторизации клиента WHMCS здесь [url removed, login to view] логин пароль от ВПН аккаунта и логин пароль от профиля WHMCS – РАЗНЫЕ Залогинились. Нужен какой нибудь красивый фон и посередине кнопка Connect (кнопку надо нарисовать красочную). Под кнопкой или рядом с ней, ну вообщем где то рядом на видном месте на том же экране должно быть 3 кнопки выбора сервера для подключения. Кнопка первая – Fastest Server Кнопка вторая (или же выпадающее меню со списком) – My Favorite Server Кнопка третья – All Servers. (также выпадающий список серверов с пингом и флажками, и рядом должна стоять звездочка если клиент захочет добавить сервер в Favorites) Мне понравился список серверов у ExpressVPN [url removed, login to view] Подключились. На верху экрана должны отображаться информация о сервере (Страна и город), и статус подключения – VPN Server IP Address, Bytes Received / Sent Снизу экрана кнопка – Disconnect Образцы тут [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] Меню. Справа или слева сверху. Пункты меню: Prices, Settings, My Profile, Help, About В Prices – таблица с ценами. Order Now должен перекидывать на шопинг карту сайта где клиент может купить подписку. Шопинг карта - WHMCS В Settings – Choose VPN Protocol (OpenVPN UDP или OpenVPN TCP или Automatic). Можно предложить выбирать номера портов (checkboxes) -Start VPN on Android Startup – Yes/No (слайдер вкл/выкл) В My Profile – желательно загрузить клиентский профиль из WHMCS, в частности должно быть поле где должны быть сохранены логин и пароль от ВПН аккаунта. (логин и пароль от ВПН аккаунта и логин пароль от профиля WHMCS – РАЗНЫЕ. Это важно). Данные из этих полей – логин пароль (которые должно автоматически загружаться из WHMCS и сохраняться в приложении) для ВПН будут использоваться приложением при подключении к ВПН серверам. Также у клиента в My Profile должна быть возможность открыть тикет или же просмотреть список активных сервисов.

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    We need a skilled sales representative who will support our company in selling and buying VoIP routes. Voip experience highly preferred. Perfect written English, Above average spoken English needed. Experience with CRMs.

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    there is a need to install goautodial on a vps with centos7

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    $50 Avg Bid
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    DIALER PROJECT The requirements for the dialer project are as follows: 1. Creation of a dialer that will generate domestic and international calls that are completely free by utilizing the internet/proxy and have capability to connect to international land lines and mobile phone numbers with no special software or modifications on recipient end. Do not want it like skype where each person has to have skype app for call to be free. Calls completely free by using proxy. 2. Dialer can handle 1000 concurrent calls 3. Dialer has option of manually giving it a list of DID to display for caller ID or it will randomly assign DID and can advise it which area code/country to generate DID 4. Dialer will accept upload of numbers to dial in excel format with ability to mix phone numbers from different countries and dialer recognizing format and dialing multiple countries 5. Dialer will allow for attachment of a voice file to be played. 6. Dialer will generate real time statistics of how many calls were made, how many connections and how many fails 7. Dialer will allow for programming to decide how many rings before disconnect call 8. Dialer will also have a key pad so can manually input phone number to manually test connections and listen to connects 9. Dialer located on your server in the cloud with access simply from a username and password 10. Dialer will have a function where can program how long a connected call will last in minutes and seconds until hang up. 11. Can program dialer so that multiple calls will have multiple durations to multiple numbers. For example can program it so that as each connection happens it will be connected for a specified amount of minutes and seconds.

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    Hello! i have a customer who recently got hacked his Elastix PBX so he need us to develop the task to make it to run again, then while i will be checking the elastix contexts, routes and the core PBX to check if everything it is ok the customer wants also other tasks to be performed like: 1.- Make the Vtiger CRM to run again (apparently it is offline) then needed to be running and up (consider maybe the customer can ask extra things of the CRM like how to use it or things like that) 2.- Make the Owncloud to run again, apparently it is offline and they want it to run (i dont know for what they are using it) 3.- Help the Elastix to run again the callcenter campaigns (maybe we need to make one for testing purposes or something then consider it also)

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    dialer for placing call center calls, the specifications are in the attached file

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    I have a freePBX site (based on Asterisk) on an old server ([url removed, login to view]) that I want moved to AWS. You would need to create [url removed, login to view] EC2 instance, install the necessary stack, and get the website up an running. Criteria: 1) Must be able to complete today 2) Must be familiar with AWS 3) Must be familiar with freePBX

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $20 / hr Avg Bid
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    Configurazione VoIP Ended

    Realizzazione script di configurazione dispositivo PATTON SN-DTA/1BIS2V/EUI per collegamento con centralino ISDN SAMSUNG iDCS 100. Il PATTON deve essere configurato con due TRUNK VoIP Eutelia (attuale Cloud Italia). Implementation Script Configuration to connect a PATTON SN-DTA/1BIS2V/EUI to SAMSUNG iDCS 100 ISDN PABX. The PATTON must be configured with TRUNK VoIP Eutelia (current Cloud Italia).

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    Hi, I am looking for a female recording in Dutch and English for my voicemail box. In Dutch first and than in english : Message is "You have reached European school of Academic Sciences, all agents are busy at the moment, please leave your name and number and we will get back to you as soon as possible". I will give you the access details so you can record directly on the phone - once the message is approved. Quote please !

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    i want a person to configure vos3000! and do the testing work!

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    We require a form to inject information into a PostgreSQL or mySQL database. Knowledge of Freeswitch/Fusionpbx would be useful.

    $196 (Avg Bid)
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    I need someone to configure-test the first trunk in a2billing and fix access to the asterisk-gui. I have installed the asterisk-gui but can't access it over http for some reason. I need someone who can get this fixed super fast. I have ran the command "make checkconfig" and see that all is good. I have even set the bind ip to mine but still can't access the gui. Maybe Marian db issue or wrong port setting in [url removed, login to view] I have tried a few things. It says everything is ok so it should be working. If you know what your doing in Asterisk and a2billing this should literally take you no more than a few minutes. Please only reply if your fast and efficient. We are also looking for someone for steady work if you prove to be fast, reliable and honest. I am a server admin (just new to asterisk) I have installed this myself so i kind of know what is going just not how to fix this issue.

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