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    QGIS-ArcGIS Job 6 days left

    Hi, I need someone good with QGIS or ArcGIS whoe can write a report and work on excel as well.

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    $225 Avg Bid
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    Hi, I need someone good with GIS who can work with Excel and who can write a report as well.

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    QGIS and ARCGIS 6 days left

    I need someone who can work with QGIS or ArcGIS, Who can work with excel and who can write report as well.

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    QGIS or ArcGIS Job 6 days left

    Hi, Im looking for someone who knows QGIS or ArcGIS, Who can work with excel and who can write a report as well.

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    IT Outsourcer needed to link us with good projects.. Game Development projects, Mobile Apps, Websites, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, BIG DATA, GRAPHICS DESIGN

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    To sort Google Earth files, organise them on Google Earth, number them and assigned Placemarks automatically on some thousands of Google Earth polygons

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    Project for Kim P. 7 days left

    Hi Kim P., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    expert in GIS (Geographic information system), ARC map, for a project

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    Need a cartographer or GIS technician to digitize some land parcel for an ongoing project. This is a test project, if you able to clear it, more will follow.

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    I have a given road on QGIS map, and data is plotted along the road, I want to do the following: 1. Split the road into equally divided segment (each 1 km). 2. For each record in each segment, assign a class value to it. For example, if my road is 10km, I want to divide it into 10 segements, each one is 1km. Then for each record in my dataset, i want to give a class name like : (A) to all records in the 1st km, (B) to all records exsist in the 2nd km, and so on. See the attached pic for reference.

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    I need you to write some content for a website.

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    I have 4 separate GIS layers: Boundaries of Residential Parcels (polygons), the Locations of various public facilities (points), the street centerlines of the city (line), and the 30 m DEM. I would like someone to calculate the nearest distances between each parcel and the facilities (using the streets, NOT straight line distances). I would also like know the average slope of the path he/she would be taking if they were walking. The distances and the average slope will have to be added to the attribute table fo the parcels.

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    Based on shapefiles from [url removed, login to view] We need several Jvectormaps: 2x Country (USA + Canada) , For every state in both countries (USA + Canada) For each state county level (USA) And for some metropolean areays in CA + USA also on city level (22 metropolean areas) The maps should are for Jvectormap ( [url removed, login to view])

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    I would like someone to classify a Landsat OLI (Landsat 8) image for me and calculate the land surface temperature (in C)

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    Need an expert in ARC GIS to make final changes on our professional project as everything else is done now. Please do not apply if you not qualified

    $150 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a mobile app for Android maybe later for iPhone. It tracks proximity of airspaces used by drones for the user of the app. Here's how it works: - Download a data file containing valid drone airspaces from our server. The format is to be discussed but most probably a sqlite db file with data on airspaces as well as their polygon geometries. - Caches it locally (on startup looks for a new version, at least every 6 (configurable) hour it looks for a new version). Apart from this download there is no other network traffic. - Based on users geolocation the app queries the local datastore for the closest airspaces. Once an airspace is closer than a configurable distance in meters lets say 200 meters it alerts the user using a push notification and playing some sound. - On the app screen basically not much is happening. It displays some branding, a logo, a link to our mapping system ([url removed, login to view]). - Also on the screen, if an airspace is getting close to the user the basic data of it is also displayed along with its distance updated every (configurable) 1 sec, and a link taking the user to our website in the system browser, with more details. There also needs to be switch to turn notifications off-on. - The app needs to run in the background as well also providing the notifications while in background. Other issues: - The app would be built preferably in React Native (open to other suggestions). - I need all source codes committed to a gitlab project. All issues will be dealt with there. - I need documented source code as well as reproducable build intructions. - The data download server api is not your concern, once we agreed upon the communication parameters we will make it happen. - Payment upon completion in one batch. - Further tweaking and new features of this app can be expected upon successful delivery. Proposal should contain experience and plans for carrying out this and also a timeline. If you have any question please ask!

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    We work on a project about financial advisory platform. In the beginning we expect to coder create a programme which transform specific datas identified with accounting code from excel sheet to default pdf format that contain charts and graphs. Web site, charts and graphs not include, they are provided outsource.

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    Need a complete android app designed and built for recording some data The android application will have around 4-5 pages. Landing Page, Signup/Login Page, Data Form Page, Preview Page and Submit Page The android application should be connected to a database which can store the data collected on the form page. Database should be chosen wisely The android application structure should support increase in data columns and their data types on the form page Need the whole application in Hindi and English. The structure should support the addition of other languages as well. The android application UI should be responsive and UX should be taken into consideration. Not much has to be done in UI, just clean and simple stuff is required. The android application should be completely secure and should not have common vulnerabilities.

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    my project is related to Crowd Management using remote sensing techniques RFID) i should proof that using for Wristband (e-Bracelets or RFID tag) It's practical and effective in managing crowds to avoiding scrambling (Crash disasters) in a special event task one: simulating the place, track ,entry and exit(you can see maps and photo in the attachment document) the idea is summarized in the following tasks: task two: simulating crowed (Who already wear bracelets with RFID tag), Evaluate the crowd when I have a crowd or not as example at cubic millimeters. i think there are need to use coding and algorithm to improve this point. task three: the number of people in the crowd gathered by RFID Reader, which is distributed and fixed in the places allocated (depending on the type of reader and range) at this task i think there are a part of simulation, also task four: This information or signals that get from the RFID tag converted by the reader to the program or control panel in the system or simulation program is analyzed and give a score to calculated if there are crowed or risk, which in turn contributes to help the decision maker or room Control to give instructions and contingency plans five task : evaluation and results whether this technique (RFID)is good and effective in managing crowds to avoiding (Crash disasters) in a special event or not and what future steps or advice to develop this proposed system

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    i have to build a minimum cost spanning tree road optimization python tool for given shape files containing road network data.i am adding the shape files.

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