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    I have a KML, need to create inverted version. Example: [url removed, login to view] This should be a quick fix/tweak, the actual KML to convert is attached to the project.

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    Trophy icon why is this code failing? 2 days left

    Attached is some Java code that reads some shapefiles and checks if a point is inside a shape. Why is the testcase failing? It was working before, and I'm not sure what I changed. FIRST CORRECT SOLUTION WINS THE AWARD.

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    Looking for someone with knowledge of how to write, apply, and iterate on random sampling algorithms in Python and/or to generate maps using adjacency lists scraped from shape files. The goal is to apply the algorithms to produce 100 districts for house elections in the State of Virginia via random sampling. As my colleagues have previously done, you should theoretically be able to use the algorithms above with the adjacency list you helped me get to enumerate all possible partitions and draw random maps based on that and set criteria. The set criteria that needs to be adhered to comes from here: [url removed, login to view] I have attached the csv file for the adjacency list. Please reference these links to get a better understanding visually of how the adjacency list was computed: [url removed, login to view] | [url removed, login to view] | [url removed, login to view] I do have some algorithms that can potentially be adjusted for this purpose. I can send them to whoever demonstrates the potential background for the task. The random sampling algorithms that were previously used on Minnesota include: 1. One that enumerates all possible partitions of a small map into districts 2. Python-igraph in order to prototype enumerating possible partitioning schemes Each of the lines correspond to a partitioning of the Minnesota MCD's in the input files, which can then be visualized by editing. 3. If you know R, there is also a package called redist that provides the ability to use MCMC sampling. However, despite talking back and forth with the author of the package, I still can't figure out how to apply it to the adjacency list data that I have. 4. There is a gerrymandering and computational redistricting python package that might also be useful: [url removed, login to view] I can also send the shape file initially used in creating the adjacency list if needed. Output should be a shape file or other geo file with 11 districts.

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    by DBFOA compare GA. main paper is Dynamic sub-transmission substation expansion planning using learning automata. and parameter I used to paper Dynamic expansion planning of sub-transmission substations and defining the associated service area

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    the report is on IT and information, including aspects for leading, managing and coordinating work processes. The task is carried out individually Reflect on the questions/issues: o How are people in organizations lead, managed and coordinated? o How do people collaborate with the organization and in-between organizations? o How do people inform themselves? o How is ICT used in these (above described) processes? o What types of ICT is used? There are problems with the structure of the Article. The questions How do people collaborate with the organization and in-between organizations? o How do people inform themselves? o How is ICT used in these (above described) processes? o What types of ICT is used? were hard to grasp from the article. The sources are also confusing. A large segment of your manuscript is without any preferences (for example, page 4).

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    I have some shapefiles that needs some edition work done

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    This project aims to aid travellers and journey enthusiast in their trips through the world, with augmented reality assitance. This app should be developed for Android platform. The main functions includes the following: Real-Time information (tourist) based on augmented reality and geodata. Anytime, anywhere in the world. Payment system for purchasing trips (offline and online). Alerting service (related to tourism information). Emotional Intelligence (when to show which info regarding to weather information) and GPS guidence. We are looking for top freelancers.

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    I'm a manager at IORA ecological solutions and we're building a web and Android mobile app which informs the user which tree species are suitable to be planted at a chosen location on the map. The beta version of the App is ready in both platforms. Now we need someone to develop the same on the iOS platform in 20 days.

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    Full Project Described in attachment. Summary here: We need a map for end users of oil and gas data. We will provide you with a single table that has everything you need. Latitude, longitude and metadata about each wellbore in the United States. One of the key features will be a “lasso” capability where users can zoom in and draw a shape around a set of wells to select them. This will activate a popup that has every well listed along with metadata (from that same, single table) and hyperlink(s) to our main data store, to do deeper analysis. We have an existing map that is built in MapBox. We currently have not added any customization to the interaction with that map. Our single table will have over 1MM wells (markers) in it. We have seen cases where a user has to zoom in over and over again, before seeing any meaningful data. That’s basically the project. Enter a U.S. map, zoom in, click on a well or draw a circle around some wells. Get some basic information. Get a link to a place with more detailed information. With that said, I have never seen an “entrance” (navigation) map I like. [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] First thing you will notice? The number of wells is overwhelming. The challenge for our team? How do we build a map with potentially 1.4MM markers on it? And do it in a way that won’t take forever to load.

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    I want to developer GIS mobile apps for Android and iPhone. I will share details via chat. Thanks

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    Work with address resolving maps, 3D building objects and UI creation

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    someone who can write an IT Technical paper urgent thanks

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    We have retail clients that want to track their pamphlet distribution agents, we proposed a real-time GIS monitoring system that will be able to show an agent's movement from start point to end and these agent will carry a small tracking device that will be linked to our application. the device will then send coordinates every 15 seconds per say to our dashboard which the client can view at any time. We also proposed that we collect statistic data that includes; LSM groups as well as number of households, population, and with this data we will then request the client's physical address and on a map we will then recommend where their pamphlets would most likely have a return on investment. So on the GIS map we would then show the area's LSM groups, number of household, as well as population on a radius of 2KM, 5KM, 10KM. Please see attached screenshots of the system we already have, However it is not complete we would like to add the above as well as also add a upload option so we can import Stats S.A data and show any client's LSM groups, number of household, as well as population on a radius of 2KM, 5KM, 10KM by the click of a filter tab.

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    We have 40km of electric pole line lidar data in ".LAS" format. We need the data separated into three categories. 1. Ground 2. Vegetation 3. Poles and Wires

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    It's all about using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System as tool in Geological different fields by me student master at Port Said University in Geo-Environmental assessment. I"m petroleum Geologist working in build promising career in RS&GIS.

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    I need to source all available satellite imagery for the locations and dates provided below: • Idaho: imagery as frequently as possible between 07/01/2017 - 09/30/2017 Contains point at -113.506439 42.767429 decimal degrees • Alberta: imagery as frequently as possible between 06/01/2017 - 08/30/2017 Contains point at -112.347115 49.774860 decimal degrees • New Brunswick: imagery as frequently as possible between 06/01/2017 - 10/30/2017 Contains point at -67.698969 46.254137 Imagery needs to contain SWIR bands - the best option is the Worldview-3 8-Band Panchromatic + Multispectral Bundle (Includes all the bands available), as far as I know. I am most likely going to look at Green, Red, Red Edge, NIR-1, NIR-2, SWIR 1 - 8 Imagery can be shared via Google Docs [Removed by [url removed, login to view] Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions] Thank you!

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    For a particular area, write a macro to generate 25 GPS coordinates within the geographical boundary according to the habitations, and then label them according to the given table labels. For example, if a village name you need to find a definite set of GPS locations according to table in excel. then label them as Point 1, point 2 etc. in excel automatically.

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