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    i need google cloud expert to help develop a very small server app and maybe some advice as well

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    I need my website's files, and database to be backed up and uploaded to a private online source for download. If you do not know how to backup from a google cloud account don't bid on this please!! I do have cpanel and that would be fine as well! Simple job, my internet just is not good enough and the files and database is rather large, total of approx 500gb. It has been taking me usually 12 hours with my horrible internet.. Which is why I am looking to hire you!

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    Create a web app where a user can upload an image. leverages the Google Vision API to preform an analysis along with some minor customizations for a PDF report out. Can discuss more via PM.

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    We have a Office 365 account that we use for email. We require someone to add 4x google suite accounts to the one folder.

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    I'm developing an app in Android Studio that uses Firebase, and I need someone to help me by answering some of my questions about Firebase during development. The person only needs to answer my questions via chat, do not need to program.

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    I have the SSL certificate files I need them installed on my virtual machine on google cloud

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    Hi All, I'm looking for a database developer to complete a intuitive and scale-able database for some standard financial data from the Australian Stock Exchange. I have set-up and Instance on Google Cloud Platform and will provide access to the Instance for the development to take place. For the initial stage of the project I will require the Tables and Fields (see attachment) to be set-up and an interface to enter data manually. I'm looking for a quote for this element to be set up initially. Further stages will require an option to load data directly from Google Sheets/Excel so please keep this in mind when structuring the database. Most data will be captured on a month-end basis going back in to the past and ongoing future data. Please see an overview of the Tables and Fields required at the following link: [url removed, login to view] Please provide a fixed quote for this initial development and ongoing hourly rate for further improvements. Thanks for reading. Aaron.

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    Total Badget :50 euros I have created a test-project in google app engine and point it to my custom domain. That what I need is to 301-Redirect the following urls : 1)[url removed, login to view] 2)[url removed, login to view] 3)[url removed, login to view] to my secure naked domain [url removed, login to view] Moreover, it will be needed to have a look to the DNS configurations in my Host-Provider. I would like the job to be done in real time, remotely from my pc. Please write down in the description field if you own a STATIC page hosted in google appengine which you have managed to point and redirect it to your custom domain (Please provide me the url) This is crucial for the project!!! Please do not apply for this job if you do not have all the needed knowledge!!! Just do not waste our times. Freelancers located in Europe will be preffered (because of GMT) NO other Indians UNLESS you proove me that you can do it!!!

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    I am looking for some help implementing a cool card game to help people learn about specific topics. The goal is to create a game that can be played across any mobile device in real time or over a period of time (hours, days). The project will include using Firebase for cloud storage, sync, notification, etc.

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    The idea behind buymate is to help online shoppers store and keep track of all online purchases 365.

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    V project

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    I need PHP5.6 compatible code for UPLOAD, DOWNLOAD and DELETE of an private object on Google Cloud Storage. I have installed manually the google-api-php-client-2.2.0 library on the server and the code has to be compatible with it (no composer installed library). I have the oauth 2. credentials (json and p12 files) for an google client. The UPLOAD function will have the for input the content of object. The DOWNLOAD and DELETE will have for input the name of the file. The code will address PRIVATE files for privacy and data protection. I will provide an FTP account for code deployment, the credentials for testing account and Google Cloud Storage bucket.

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    We need a freight-calculation app to be owned by a small transport company. It needs some features, such as: - Google Maps API; - Google Cloud IAM, for managing users; - Integration with PayPal; - Google CloudSQL, for managing users credits / credit control; - This job will also require knowledge in Google Apigee and Google Cloud Endpoints. How it is supposed to be used, when ready: We need the cloud configuration of an app that will have a local part and a cloud part. It is a freight-calculation App that will be owned by a small transport company. This program will be deployed to some local stores (users). And the stores salesmen will use it to calculate how much the transport company will charge. This charge should be automatic, that’s why the credit control by user is needed. One of the variables that are took under consideration in the freight price calculation is the distance between the address of the store and the delivery local. That’s why we need the Google Maps API. There will be a local team (other team) developing a Windows app, written in C#, that will integrate with the local stores’ stock control app. This Windows app, that will be developed by a local team here, automatically get the products specifications (such as dimensions and weight) that will be used in the freight calculation, with the distance (provided by the cloud side). With these variables the windows app will calculate the freight and send it to the cloud, that will manage the user’s balance. Your mission would be to build the cloud system, that will interact with this local windows app. You should build a system that would allow creating users (on user for each local store), adding credits to their account through Paypal, and manage the API usage of each one of the users. The users will need to put credit into their account (that will need an integration with PayPal and a user management system using some SQL, such as Google CloudSQL, to control their credits). In real life, the user will open its windows app, put login, password, it will be shown the users’ credits and there will be a link to “add more credits”. The user will have some space to input addresses, and the system on Google Cloud should be able to process in the Google Maps API, identify the user, retrieve user’s credit per usage, and update the user’s credit. So, in this job, you should build the “Google Cloud Side” of this tool. Any questions?

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    I have created a test-project in google app engine and point it to my custom domain. That what I need is to 301-Redirect the following urls : 1)[url removed, login to view] 2)[url removed, login to view] 3)[url removed, login to view] to my secure naked domain [url removed, login to view] It will be needed to have a look to the DNS configurations in my Host-Provider. I would like the job to be done in real time, remotely from my pc.

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    We have website hosted on google cloud. and want to integrate SSL for same website.

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    upload files from computer and store it cloud storage and take response which is in json object format and store tag, label, discription etc in excel sheet of all the images.

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    I want to install tableau server on GCP environment. Looking for someone who has already done the installation of tableau SERVER. and can reply to my doubts.

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    Small startup, tech based IoT. Need assistance to get device data from GoogleCloud PubSub to MySQL.

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    Hello, Need a UI for searching, computing and doing analysis for Time Series Data The data is in columns, neatly organized just a lot of data. Objectives of project: - All the data would be uploaded to the cloud - A simple password protected UI tool - Quick Search on the Data I want to host this on google cloud platform which we already have. Developer would have access to the project and be able to set this up in the database of his choice. Since the data is a giant raw dump, it is uniquely organized in the files just needs to be all tied together. I am looking to have this wrapped up within a few days. Once data is organized and UI complete and working on cloud platform, you will be paid. Since all the data is there, I'm hoping a an expert in database, google cloud platform and build a UI. Thanks!

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    i run a bathroom remodeling company i am look for someone who can help maintain and create some reports and

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