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    Poszukuję osoby, która napisze aplikację na iPhona/iPada bazującej na gps i Google Maps. Istnieje już wersja na Android a teraz potrzebna jest taka sama wersja na iPhona, korzystająca z tej samej bazy danych.

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    I have 'Traccar' software installed (it is a GPS tracker for vehicles). The software can currently use Bing or Google maps. What I need is for the map from 'Google Waze' to be used as the map that is displayed on traccar. LINK TO TRACCAR DEMO: [url removed, login to view] username: ewereewr44@[url removed, login to view] password: letmein111 LINK TO GOOGLE WAZE SDK (FOR DEVELOPERS): [url removed, login to view]

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    Google Map API Expert need 6 days left

    I want need Google Map Api Expert which show GPS data on map . Please submit 1 work sample related to Google Map

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    GPS tracker 6 days left

    GPS vehicle tracker

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    Objective The Tracker device is to track pets, bags, luggage, children and more. The Tracker device is a redesign with a full aluminum enclosure with the necessary opening/holes for antenna, dc connector. - Short range (50 meters) track using Bluetooth LE - Precise positioning using GPS in outdoor settings - Recharging capabilities - Push Action on a LCD touchscreen Reverse Tracking the Smartphone by - The Tracker device alarms the users through sound and vibration Candidate Requirement I'm looking for an experienced instrumentation engineer (electrical engineer) who can champion PCB designing/ working prototyping/firmware files a tracker module project. You will work with a team of international experts for this project. The contractor will work with us through multiple iterations of the PCB as we optimize and test different configurations. The contractor will develop the hardware and part of the backend software required to test the device. The result should be A. a custom PCB that meets the form factor and power requirements and B. a backend that allows us to make calls to the device in order to test all the functions within this requirements document.

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    Hello, I am working on project with Arduino with SIM808 gps module and looking for help with it. I am using existing source code from internet but stuck to adapt to my gps module. [url removed, login to view]

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    Basic Android APP demonstrating getting GPS location and sending to a webservice and sending text messages using Visual Studio 2017 and c#. Will demonstrate code on my laptop which already has Visual studio 2017 installed and on my android phone.

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    * Required with the program : the source code with a good comments to enable us to understand it • The program should work on android 4.2 and higher versions ,5, 6, 7 , ( to the latest one) • The program runs at mobile startup automatically ( without user interaction) and never stop operation unless the user stop the program operation himself [ by clicking exit] ************************************************************************************************************* *** After program Startup at the first time : The user fill the setting data : certain wifi device MAC address , time interval X , mobile numbers and click save ************************************************************************************************************* *** After program Startup after the first time : *the program write GPS status (ON/OFF) in status in the activity page [always updated] (COLORS AS IN THE ATTACHED ACTIVITY) *the program write HOTSPOT status (ON/OFF/Device Connected) in status in the activity page [always updated] (COLORS AS IN THE ATTACHED ACTIVITY) *the user click start button (if he want to start operation) *the user click stop button (if he want to stop operation) ************************************************************************************************************* *** Program Run-Time Operation : **If the user clicked start button : * At Every X seconds ( stated in settings ) and as long as the mobile is powered on [even if the mobile not used for hours]: a- Gets Mobile Location data ( based on GPS / Network ) as long as it is available . b- The program checks : if the mobile Hotspot is connected to certain wifi device ( its MAC address is stated in settings), Nothing happens else : 1- send sms message to three mobile numbers containing Mobile Location automatically ( without user interaction) 2- If the program find that there is a phone call while trying to send sms , the program should terminate the phone call and send the sms automatically without user interaction **If the user clicked stop button : the program stop (sending sms) only ************************************************************************************************************* *** Program After Mobile phone Startup : the program execute last saved command : either start or stop ************************************************************************************************************* * If the user enter only one mobile number , the program sends the sms to this mobile ( the user not forced to enter three mobile numbers) * During program operation If the Location is unavailable , the program can alarm the user either by vibration or tone or both (choose in setting) and if it is unavailable during sms sending , the location is sent and beside it the word "NOT UPDATED" * Any permission required from user , should be taken at application startup because the program designed to operate automatically * If Any special phone configuration is needed , It should be stated with the bid to see if it is accepted or not * If any error during program operation happens , it will appear to the user in the activity in error text field * After saving settings , the program should operate in background • The activity figure will be in the attachment

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    Hello, I have a personal project that I believe your advertised skills could deliver to. Simply, I need a mobile Survey app that is not device specific. Purpose: To collect pictures and data of places visited and submit it to a remote server. How it works: a. User Logs in to the app b. User selects category of Surveys - Homes, Vehicles, Businesses, Monuments (4 for now) 1. The user creates a new Record (Add Survey - gives name) 2. The user takes pictures (5-10) with GPS coordinates embedded; 3. The user fills out about 10 data fields (a few drop down and mostly text); 4. The user submits the survey (Data and images). 5. If the user does not have network connectivity - the app saves the records locally on the phone. 6. When they get connectivity the can upload the records. 7. Finally I should be able to go on a web page to see submitted surveys: by user and all the data including GPS cords per image. 8. Preferred technology stack: Xamarian, C# and MSSQL -ofcourse HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc Please tell me if you are up for this and how long and how much this could need.

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    Hire a Research Analyst 4 days left

    Looking for python expert who has knowledge of "Accurate car positioning using gnss" Trying to analyse some gnss data using python

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    The objective of this project is to generate an algorithm (to be run on a mini pc) to create a cloud of data points obtained from 3 systems: LIDAR, GPS RTK and IMU. For this the following aspects must be taken into account: Relatives coordinates When it comes to the point cloud map creation, we need to know exact position of each scanned point in the final coordinate system bounded to a local ground. To this point, we were only able to acquire coordinates relatively to a LiDAR’s position. Using an integration of an IMU and a GPS module. Interpolation Let’s assume that the communication lines have a negligible traffic delay and the processor of the on-board computer receives the data values almost immediately after they were measured by the sensors. The principle is the same for each of the three devices. Right after the data is read from the line by a dedicated method, the computer’s current system time is assigned to the record. The record is then stored into a data buffer. Each sensor has its own buffer and a thread managing the sensor’s services. .We take a LiDAR’s point from its buffer. .We take first two IMU’s records from its buffer. .If the LiDARs point time stamp is lower number than the time stamp of the first IMU record, the point is discarded. This repeats until the point’s time stamp is greater than the first IMU record’s time stamp. .When the point’s time stamp lies between the two time stamps from IMU records, the two IMU records are used for the point’s transformation. .If the point’s time value is greater than the second IMU record’s time, the first IMU record is discarded, the second takes place as the first and the second place is filled with a new record from the buffer. We described the principle on IMU records but the same applies to the GPS records in parallel. Make coordinates systems transformations Calculated point cloud with raw sensors records This approach stores raw data from each sensor separately resulting in three binary files as an output from the vehicle after a survey. A point cloud from it is calculated on a PC and allows for better debugging. It also gives us the possibility to generate models with various parameters from one data set. If we detect some major problem in the data set, it can be fixed. Offline conversion to LAS Standard Correction Imprecision and Uncertainty Problems

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    It needs to be one page and maybe option to add a page for contact page or sign up form. Its needs be encrypted so to get access you need to enter your driver number and pin and then you see the page one the page there will be columns with pick up address- drop off address- vehicle - price the driver then can bid for the jobs on the page and he needs to add his driver number there and then he can see what queu hes on for the job. So if he is the second person that bid for it he will be second on the list and there needs to be a way for admin to add new jobs to the list. Will wait for your quotes

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    Anti-theft – Android App 3 days left

    Anti-theft – Android App There will be different modules in this Mobile App: 1. Android App 2. Web portal 3. Admin panel Phase 1: must develop with the following module: 1) Android app for user: a. Login Module b. Registration Module c. Hide icon and restore it with a code on dial pad 2) Web portal All these features which will require internet 1) Track the device using GPS 2) Get Messages 3) Get Contacts 4) Get Call logs 5) Hide app icon 6) Get a picture from phone 7) Sim checker and get its imsi number 8) Get battery status 9) Get sim signal status 10) Get wifi signal status 11) Play alarm in full volume 12) Track the device using Network provided location. 13) Track the device using internet provided location. 14) Turn on/off => GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth (it works below api 23). 15) Record audio and access it on web portal. 16) Delete contacts 17)view gallery items 18) Delete gallery items 19) Lock the phone remotely 20) Get screenshots from device 21) Lock the device 22) SMS remote shell ,so user can perform different operation using sms without using web portal with some predefined codes, the app will send response with information to that number as discussed. 1) Admin panel ( must contain these functions ) a. Where admin can allow specific features to each user as discussed b. Can see all the messages of all users c. Can see all the call logs of all users d. Can block a user e. Can send email to a user

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    GPS Data as a Service 3 days left

    We are launching a new solution targeted at app developers. We need someone with a developer background and good writing ability to post articles about our services. We will provide the base content, links, etc. Responses to this project need to demonstrate familiarity with resource websites used by application developers and previous experience in marketing to the developer community. Depending on success rate this could either be onetime or lead to an ongoing engagement. We will provide additional details only to select responders.

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    First read then bid I need a full-time Business Development Executive for Kharadi Pune location

    $193 - $578
    $193 - $578
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    The distance traveled to be calculated using the GPS in UNITY 3D android app.

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    GPRS TRACKING Web Application 3 days left

    Need to develop GPRS tracking Application for Following GPRS devices... 1. Jp06m 2. Jp06 3. Tk06 4. TK103 5. Concos 6. RP01M One Common Application should work for all these devices..

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    Looking for uber like solution for route optimization along with source code

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    A GPS IOS App 2 days left

    Hello, I'm looking for developers who can create a following IOS app: - Backend (for app owner), I can import addresses with text file would be great since there will be alot of addresses. - Frontend (for user) when they turn on the app, they have 2 options: either use current location or enter their own location. The app will then show them to get to the nearest address that I've imported. Also GPS to show them from their current location to their targeted location. - Please let me know the fixed price and the time you can get it done. Thank you, Alan,

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    Please check [url removed, login to view] it is wordpress based site. Location search box is not working with country only, if you put state, country it is working, if you put your location, city, state, country it is working and giving right results. for example if you put barcelona, spain it will give you right result. but you put only spain it is not giving any result. I need someone to fix this issue with giving correct results with miles slider. It is 30 min job for a right person.

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