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Outsourcing iPad developing projects is the best way to get your jobs done in a cost-effective and timely manner. Outsourcing your project will take you to many developers from any part of the world who will work for your company at any specified time. iPad is a multi-usage device which has blown the world in the recent past and this has become viable mostly in the corporate sector. The advent in this aspect of technology has given a wider scope for many iPad developers.
iPad developers are not ordinary developers, as they think out-of-the-box and are extremely creative and practical in their thinking. Their innovative thinking will take the company to heights of success. iPad developers offer many solutions to multiple tasks by providing splendid features and enabling users to use multiple operations. Their effort makes the life of users easy. The developers will provide multifaceted developing that will be useful to businessmen, individuals, gamers and those who depend on browsing. If you are a person with all these extraordinary talent, you have got thousands of projects waiting for you in Freelancer.com.
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Write an Android application I need an AR App designed. A MNDA must be signed between my company and the company/individual selected to do the work. I have a few specific items about how the app must function: [1] The app must work through the camera in a Cell Phone or Tablet. [2] The app must be able to see and recognize a new type of AR visual trigger – The type of trigger image will be discussed with the company selected to do the work. [3] The app should run in the background of the camera program so it is able to activate the app’s functionality automatically when the new type of trigger is within the camera’s view. [4] Seeing the specific trigger will automatically activate a specific AR 3D file that will be stored in the Cell or Tablet. This file storage will be part of the program and must be able to contain at least 6 to 10 different AR 3D images (TBD), and be able to play back 1 specific file for each specific trigger. [5] The AR image must come up within the camera view and be stationary to a specific point location adjacent to the trigger image - as if standing by or anchored to the ground next to the trigger’s location. Once the AR is running in the camera view the user should be able to move around at least 180 degrees from the front of the AR image (90 degrees to each side - if not more) so that the image can be seen from either side view. The AR Image should not alter its basic position relative to the trigger. [6] An on-screen control should be available to stop the AR image and return the camera to its normal function – or to an ability to see another trigger and pull up another file. [7] Please let me know if you have the ability for speech recognition – so that a question or 2 can be addressed to 1 or 2 of the AR Avatars (of the 6 to 10 files) – and based upon specific key words used – have the Avatar respond with an appropriate response. [8] I will want 3 of the AR images to be animated images (basically animated people) which will have a set of motions (which will eventually repeat); the other 3 images I need to have actual people as the AR images shown. I need to know that you are capable of the scanning/photography of actual people to provide these 3D AR images. [9] The images shown should appear in the tablet of Cell Phone screen as life size based upon the distance seen (next to the trigger) and allow the user to move towards them and away from them with appropriate sizing happening to the avatar/person – including cutting off part of the view of the Avatar/person as the user gets closer to their location. [10] The app must work on Android and IOS / Apple phones and tablets. It must have as small a storage footprint as possible. [11] The app must be compact enough for an easy download to the phone or tablet. [12] The AR Image files must have the ability to be deleted, updated, reloaded, etc. within the image library where they are stored in memory in the phone or tablet. If you feel that you can do this job, then please apply for it. If you feel there are elements that can not be done – please let me know up-front what they are and how you might, if possible, get around the difficulty. BUT please do not apply for this job if you do not have the skills or abilities to create the majority of what I am requesting. I will work with a payment schedule of ½ the agreed upon amount up front and the ½ balance upon final delivery. I am not agreeable to an hourly rate, so please consider your time and charges when proposing to do the work. I will not even respond to proposals I feel are unrealistic in pricing. I will expect you to complete the work in a timely fashion of no more than 4 weeks until a 1st demo can be shown and a final deadline of 6 weeks for full download delivery of the project. 63 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android, iPad, Augmented Reality Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20173d 3h $707
Reservations Consolidation App I need an iPhone/iPad app. I would like it designed and built. 48 iPhone, iPad Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20173d $1313
Decentralized social media app Can someone build a DECENTRALIZED social media App for iPhone, iPad and android? 97 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android, iPad Apr 26, 2017 Apr 26, 20173d $995
Write an iPhone application we have one app and need some change in design and info and upload in google play and apple store 57 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad Apr 25, 2017 Apr 25, 20172d 21h $216
IOS app I need an iPhone/iPad app. I would like it designed and built. This app is going to be a New York City service using the GPS on the phones... This is going to be an app that allows a driver to know when a user is leaving a parking spot. This would have to be like waze when a users manually enters where a cop is..... 73 Mobile Phone, iPhone, iPad Apr 25, 2017 Apr 25, 20172d 18h $2273
Write an iPhone application JOB Create a custom interval timer app to work on apple and android devices for our gym. Basic graphic design of the interface is done we need you to to the back end work. What must the timer have: 1. Adjustable count down timer (work) 2. Adjustable count down timer (rest) 3. Adjustable count round timer 4. Adjustable count set timer More work available if this goes well 82 Mobile Phone, iPhone, iPad Apr 25, 2017 Apr 25, 20172d 17h $473
Write an iPad application Write about the iPad 7 iPad Apr 25, 2017 Apr 25, 20172d 16h $25
Write an iPhone & Android APP - Easy Meme Generator NOTE: This is a phone app we need done for both Android and iOS The first step in the app is to ask the user to take 5 headshot pictures in different facial expressions. Afterwards the app will place a different template image over each of the pictures taken. We will have 5 women plus 5 men image templates for a total of 10 (will be provided later). The template images are going to be a body position that the app will place their headshot on. We will need the ability for the user to add text to the top and bottom of the created meme. We will need to store those meme in a library for later use. Need ability to delete or share meme via facebook, text, etc. PLEASE REPLY WITH EXAMPLES - Include a rough time and price estimate as aswell. 79 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android, iPad Apr 25, 2017 Apr 25, 20172d 13h $965
Gaming app I need an iPhone/iPad app. I would like it designed and built. It's a Shooter/zombie game with multiple weapons characters and quest 49 Mobile Phone, iPhone, iPad Apr 25, 2017 Apr 25, 20172d 12h $3749
Android and IOs application We are looking for an internal company app that has 5 pages of static content pulled from our server and a member area with the following features. Manage account details Manage password Manage communication preferences Save my events Register and pay for events View newsletters. Full list of features is available as attachment. 43 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android, iPad Apr 25, 2017 Apr 25, 20172d 5h $555
App Developer Wanted App Developer required for an iPad only application. 1. Load data in JSON format using a RESTful API 2. Login to application using RESTful API 3. Displays a list of addresses with several buttons and drop downs associated with it (data read from JSON) 4. Record location data in the app that is sent back to a RESTful API in real-time 5. Send data updates to a RESTful API in real-time The app will have a simple display Generic applications that do not address the above or meet the budget requirements will automatically be rejected. 51 iPad, JSON Apr 25, 2017 Apr 25, 20172d 5h $432
Write an iPad application zdhfgklll 7 iPad Apr 25, 2017 Apr 25, 20172d 5h $439
mobile app for iOS and Android Login Register (Facebook/Google+/without social media account) User can Create/Define Product Other users can buy products Receive Push-Notification if another user bought your product Share product on Social Media App needs to work on iPhones and Android Phones Responsiveness Professional Design Language only needs to be English Page with latest invented/bought products Buying possible via CreditCard and PayPal We need professional support and a fast reaction time if there is the need for any change 179 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android, iPad Apr 25, 2017 Apr 25, 20172d 3h $2581
Hire a Mobile Developer We're seeking quotes for a minimum viable product; resource scheduling mobile app and web app. AWS Mobile is preferred, but open to suggestions. The following items at key to the design: - Each resource will have different constraints that need to be modified by a scheduler - A UI is required to set the logic for each resource - A dashboard is required to show resource utilisation - Plus other smaller elements that are needed for a scheduling app 104 iPhone, iPad, Amazon Web Services, Angular.js Apr 25, 2017 Apr 25, 20172d 1h $1067
Lead Artist needed for mobile game! Low Poly + Unity 3D Experience We're building a 'minimal' 3D game vaguely similar to Ketchapp's Spin ([url removed, login to view]). The art will be extremely simple, but therefore must also be extremely smooth and elegant. Strong priority will be given to artists capable of implementing their own assets directly in Unity. The project will require roughly 40-80 hours of work over the next month, with the potential for additional 40-80 hours depending on the final scope of the game. More details will be given to qualified applicants. 40 Mobile Phone, iPhone, iPad, Unity 3D Apr 24, 2017 Apr 24, 20171d 19h $711
Mobile development I need an iPhone/iPad app. I would like it designed and built. 94 Mobile Phone, iPhone, iPad Apr 24, 2017 Apr 24, 20171d 18h $790
Need to built an app for Online Mobile TV channels streaming. -- 2 I need an iPhone/android app for Online Mobile TV channels streaming. it can be like TapMad TV or YuppTV. would like it designed and built. 32 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android, iPad Apr 24, 2017 Apr 24, 20171d 16h $657
Mobile development I need an iPad app. I would like it designed and built. 21 Mobile Phone, iPhone, iPad Apr 24, 2017 Apr 24, 20171d 13h $704
Write an iPad application Hello Dear freelancers. Looking for ipad Developer who experienced structure sensor. Developers must own Device of structure sensor. If you have no, dont bid in this project. Please share previous structure sensor project by your self. Thanks. 45 Objective C, iPad Apr 24, 2017 Apr 24, 20171d 12h $642
Computer vision to detect human musculoskeletal joints using a smartphone camera Zsolutionz LLC is a Seattle based startup company that is creating a software application for smartphones and tablets - initially for iOS and then for Android. The purpose of the software is to analyze the motion of a user performing specific movements (captured by a 2D video signal), and to recommend new exercises to improve the user's range of motion. We have developed the 'brains' of the software using fuzzy logic algorithms. Now, we need an expert in computer vision to help us develop the 'eyes' of the software. The computer vision piece of the software should be able to identify and track the position of a user's joints and muscle movements. We have medical staff who can assist on joints and muscles to track. If interested, must be willing to sign a non-disclosure prior to discussion. 56 Mobile Phone, iPhone, iPad, App Developer Apr 24, 2017 Apr 24, 20171d 10h $2581
Design an App Mockup I want a few iPad screen designed , they are actually simple , have attached one sample , if best rate and fast communication is given rest of the all screens will be offered to design 20 Graphic Design, iPad Apr 24, 2017 Apr 24, 20171d 6h $85
Write an iPad application Hi, We have website working.. We need to build iOS application and published to iTune store from our developer account in iTune. Mobile Application will be just writing a wrapper on Website as well as two additonal native functionality.. 1> One native Page call from website to scan barcode and sending code to out fixed URL. 2> Invoking SMS sending feature from device , if its Phone device and SMS sending feature is available in device. - Rest all is taken care by website referred in Mobile App. APP Store Publishing will be done using our iTune developer account. This is tiny Mobile App for iOS must be able to finish in few hours once we discuss and confirm project. Do not submit bid without reading this requirement. Justin 41 Mobile Phone, iPhone, iPad, App Designer, App Developer Apr 24, 2017 Apr 24, 201722h 44m $203
Project for paulus2016 Hi paulus2016, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 0 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Objective C, iPad, , Swift Apr 23, 2017 Apr 23, 20173d 21h -
Write an iPhone application I want to create a mobile app to allow customers to create custom cakes to order from my baking company. I want them to be able to design a cake with fun tools (think Dominos online ordering pizza builder) 92 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android, iPad Apr 23, 2017 Apr 23, 201721h 19m -
Update destination on app for push notifications A bug on our app, Beaconnected. Push notification sent to locked phone; swipe the notification to bring to offer page on app - currently bringing users to the home page of the app. App is powered via PhoneGap, build for both iOS and Android devices. Download the app at; Website: [url removed, login to view] iOS: [url removed, login to view] 39 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android, iPad, PhoneGap Apr 23, 2017 Apr 23, 201720h 5m $150
Web View Mobile App for Ecommerce Site Need to develop a web view mobile app for an opencart website. Designs should be compatible with all devices and we have examples. 58 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android, iPad, HTML5 Apr 23, 2017 Apr 23, 201713h 14m $378
Playem I need an iPhone/iPad app. I would like it designed and built. Take HumOn and take it to the next level. 70 Mobile Phone, iPhone, iPad Apr 23, 2017 Apr 23, 20179h 43m $2518
Developing an IOS App Hello, Im looking for an IOS mobile developer that has experience with apps that work with backend, My app is live wallpaper app that you can download a see and download a live wallpapers from it Please Show an examples of your work: Please Answer: 1- How many IOS apps did you developed until now 2- Are you work Alone or with a team 3- How much time this app will take and How much will cost. Note: here is a secret phrase to use on the top of your application, just to make sure that you read this: secretdev 43 Mobile Phone, iPhone, iPad Apr 23, 2017 Apr 23, 20179h 5m $229
Project for technotrust Hi technotrust, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 6 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android, Objective C, iPad, Apr 22, 2017 Apr 22, 20172d $269
Project for beepig Hello I was wondering if you could do a mobile app for me 11 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android, Objective C, iPad, Apr 20, 2017 Apr 20, 2017Ending $456
money transfer app. I need an iPhone/iPad and Android app. I would like it designed and built. the designers must have an experience in online banking. the app needed to transfer money from app. to bank account and cash from app. to reciever. also need a virtual visa master card and gift card. need to share money with family and friends. 74 Mobile Phone, iPhone, iPad Apr 9, 2017 Apr 9, 2017Ended $54315
Write an iPhone application Hello, I am a senior student who would like to start an e-business. my first step will be about developing a car game for mobile phones (Android - IOS) The game need good graphics, movements inside the game is simple Bluetooth connectivity (optional) for 2 player mode. 2 players can join the game or 1 but the other player will be the computer the player can choose to play in position 1 or position 2. 39 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android, iPad, Game Development Nov 27, 2016 Nov 27, 2016Ended $581
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