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Imaging is an emerging field that is revolutionizing the concepts of computing, medical, engineering etc. Fast imaging techniques can be used for performing scientific and computational work. Businesses that need help with Imaging can use our website to get results. Simply post your project today and get results.
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Write some Software I have 30 page Scanned PDF file, all texts are written with a computer, like person name, birth date, car plate number, phone numbers, scanned file including informations which we need to analyze. We need software which will find all necessary informations from scanned file. Puts all these informations to our data base. We need to take all data from scanned file to our database. 38 PHP, Matlab and Mathematica, C# Programming, Software Architecture, Imaging Jun 28, 2017 Today6d 16h $2374
General Labour I am looking for complete hindu newspaper for the date 26th June 2017. (last Sunday). You can send image of your own paper as well or e paper. TRIVANDRUM EDITION 1 Photo Editing, Newsletters, Imaging, General Labor Jun 28, 2017 Today6d 5h $198
Make Open Camera app detect QR code and barcode Use the open source of Open Camera project. When the camera is in photo mode add automatic detection of barcode and QR code in the picture. Make sure that the detection code won’t make significant delay that will be noticed by the user. When a barcode or a QR code is detected - beep and add a popup that says QR code detected or Barcode detected – click to follow. If the user clicks If QR detected 1. Copy the QR link to the clipboard 2. Use CallingID API (will be provided as a web service) to detect if the link is safe. If the link is not safe – tell the user and don’t proceed. If it is safe open a browser with the QR code link Detection of QR code can be found in the following places: [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] If barcode is detected Copy the barcode to the clipboard and try to find the product in a database based on the location. We shall provide a template for each country. Example in the US: [url removed, login to view]%[url removed, login to view]<barcode> Detect barcode open source code can be found in GitHub 69 Mobile Phone, Android, Imaging Jun 27, 2017 Jun 27, 20175d 16h $560
Python PIL developer to generate images / merge images for products We need to batch generate product images based on the art image and product image that we have. You can use imagemagik, inkscape - preferably python PIL library or any else to get it going. We need script/process to start with. I have attached example as zip file here = [url removed, login to view] this zip file has samples and instructions. Open to hire for ongoing work, we need many variations to be done. 18 PHP, Perl, Python, Imaging Jun 23, 2017 Jun 23, 20171d 23h $180
Design an Advertisement hi i need a few pictures please i am personalised gift seller i want a pic of a nice background with a mug in the middle i need 2 pictures of a living room where there is 1 big wall i can put my vinyl desings on need 2 pictures of a kitchen where there is 1 big wall i can put my vinyl desings on need 1 pic of a bathroom where there is 1 big wall i can put my vinyl desings on 1 pic of a toilet seat up where there is 1 big wall i can put my vinyl desings on 1 pic of a boys bedroom where there is 1 big wall i can put my vinyl desings on 1 pic of a girls bedroomwhere there is 1 big wall i can put my vinyl desings on please comment i can do this otherwise i wont reply to automation msgs 14 Advertisement Design, Imaging Jun 23, 2017 Jun 23, 20171d 21h $22
I need a picture that is an eye catcher on a landing page. The web site is about evaluating forex trading robots I need a cool picture for a landing page 53 Graphic Design, Imaging, Photo Editing, Photoshop Jun 22, 2017 Jun 22, 201718h 47m $10
3D environment and agent control for machine learning research The project aims at testing machine learning algorithms for visual learning. 1. Creating a simple 3D environment with some objects. 2. An agent can be driven within the environment with basic interaction (pushing and pulling objects for example) 3. keyboard control of the object. 4. An agent-centric camera takes 2D frames of the field of view of the agent and provided as a 2D matrix. 5. movement direction, speed, rotation direction, and object proximity are available in input arrays. 6. Every time step, computation is made using the input arrays and matrix. according to the code that I will add. Possibly adding movement to the agent through the algorithm at a later stage. 7. Frames for display and visualisation of machine learning data and export of generated data in CSV or similar. All of this in a desktop application and open source where I can edit the learning algorithms. The application is for research purposes. It is expected that I will need modifications over the long term every now and then. Additional help needed for providing me with help on using the tools needed to develop code in the chosen programming language. If professional game engines are used, there should be the ability to work on a free version and to be able to expand code (in form of matrix manipulation, data storage and retrieval, mathematical operations) without limitations. 33 3D Rendering, Machine Learning, 3D Modelling, Imaging, Artificial Intelligence Jun 22, 2017 Jun 22, 20173h 21m $547
Take some Photos We plan a trip to Paris on 15-18 September for our wedding anniversary. Want to have 1-hour photoshoot. Can be not professional. We speak English, my husband also speaks Spanish. 0 Photography, Imaging, Videography, Make Up Jun 22, 2017 Jun 22, 20172h 45m -
Need Someone to Photoshop product labels on bottle - Repost - open to bidding I have labels for my products i need someone to take the labels and put them onto a bottle for a product image. I want pictures to look like the ones attached. 51 Photography, Photoshop, Photo Editing, Photoshop Design, Imaging Jun 22, 2017 Jun 22, 20172h 29m $22
classification of moving objects in videos using svm in matlab i need to classify moving object in video using support vector machines as like if any human, car, motorbikes, birds and animal. * for database of image can be use of caltech101 * for feature extraction of image can be done using bag of features,SURF *this should be done in matlab 6 Matlab and Mathematica, Machine Learning, Imaging, Computer Help Jun 21, 2017 Jun 21, 20171h 14m $136
moving object detection and classification using svm for video surveillance system I need to detect moving object using background subtraction with the help of otsu thresholding in recorded video and than classify those object using SVM in the videos for example as human, car, bike, cycles, animal, bird, airplane, etc. * for feature extraction of training images can be use bag of features/words * image database can be use from caltech 101 * all this thing should be done in matlab Tag: Computer vision,SVM, image processing, machine learning, bag of features, For Video Surveillance 15 Matlab and Mathematica, Machine Learning, Imaging, Computer Help Jun 21, 2017 Jun 21, 2017Ending $118
Modify Open Source App What I have: I have an open source code for controlling drone. This drone camera contentiously streaming video. This app control couple types of drones. What you don't need to worry about: This app control couple types of drones. I'm interested in only ONE of them which is (Bebop). What I want: I want to use this video streaming from the drone camera to read the barcode. What do you have: You can find the app open source on this link ([url removed, login to view]) What is the challenges: You can't test it because you don't have the drone 36 Java, Mobile Phone, Android, Imaging, Android Wear SDK Jan 2, 2017 Jan 2, 20174h 12m $159
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