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Instrumentation is said to be an art and science of control and measurements. The term can be used to refer to instrumentation for hobby electronics projects or even byte code level instrumentation for programming/coding purposes. If you need help with your instrumentation endeavors, you can take the help of knowledgeable freelancers skilled in instrumentation. Start today by posting your instrumentation project here! Hire Instrumentation Experts


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    simple robotics calculations 6 days left

    1. “A“ robot has wheels with a 5cm radius and which are 30cm apart. A Segway robot has wheels with a 30 cm radius and which are 60cm apart. Both robots have a differential drive. For both robots, compute the velocity of the robot, measured in terms of ẋR, ẏR, and ̇, when the robot’s wheels are rotating as follows (i.e. one set of answers for each condition): (a) Both wheels are rotating clockwise (when viewed from position A in Figure 1, on the next page) at a speed of 1 radian per second. (b) The right wheel is rotating clockwise (when viewed from position A in the figure) at a speed of 1 radian per second, and the left wheel is rotating in the opposite direction at the same speed. (c) The right wheel is rotating clockwise (when viewed from position A in the figure) at a speed of This is pretty much all that needs to be done: 1 radian per second, and the left wheel is rotating in the opposite direction at a speed of 0.5 radians per second. Your answer should give ẋR and ẏR in meters per second, and ̇in radians per second. 2. Consider the Create, as described in the previous question. If both its wheels are rotating clockwise (when viewed from position A in Figure 1, on the next page) at a speed of 1 radian per second (as in part (a) of the previous question), and θI is 35 degrees, what is the velocity of the robot in terms of ẋI, ẏI, and ̇? 3. If the robot from the previous question starts at a location of xI = 2 and yI = 1 (both coordinates in meters), and drives for 10 seconds with both wheels rotating at 1 radian per second, what will its final location be? 4. If the robot from the previous question drives another 10 seconds with its wheels rotating at 2 radians per second, what will its final location be after the combined motion described in Questions 4 and 5?

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    I work at a crash test facility and we use a lot of piezoresistive accelerometers. That being said, we need to be able to quickly check the functionality of the accelerometers before we put them in a car for a test. So I need someone to build a handheld device that can measure and tell me the resistance on both sides of the wheatstone bridge inside of the accelerometer.

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    I intend to develop a set of deliverables for electrical and instrumentation installation. The successful freelancer will prepare cable routing drawings, cable specifications, PLC configuration, control panel drawings, emergency shut-down system drawing, instrument hook up drawings etc. The major equipment are: 1. pneumatic valves 2. valve positioners 3. leak detectors 4. fire detectors 5. 2 pumps 6. 1 compressor 7. emergency push buttons 8. Earthing monitors 9. UPS

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    Using an induction coil with a diameter of 18 inches we are looking to increase the b-field and not overload the ZVS driver. It will be an 1,800 watt ZVS driver. The coil will be wrapped around an 18 inch pie plate 1 inch tall made of ferrous as well as a bar of ferrous material in the center of the pie plate. Its purpose is to boil water. I need to calculate the number of times the coil needs to be wrapped and the gauge of the wire. Pancake method is not an option for the design. Purpose is to be able to stack multiple pie plates on top of each other while still being able to maintain 1,800 watts. Number of pie plates may range from 5-20 stacked.

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    I am in requirement of a 10 Minute brand NEW Original instrumental music Audio/video to reflect political revolution and should be motivational to listen with Fast Drum Beats! I will provide a sample audio in inbox to get the idea of how it should look like! My maximum budget is $30 for this task! You should have a sample of your previous work ready with you! I will Own the Rights on the instrumental track FULLY and it is not to be USED anywhere so an NDA will be signed. No time wasters needed!

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    Hello,           Good day my name is Villarreal am searching for a rated Metal Fabricator/welder i will be in need of his /her [url removed, login to view] i have some supply to meet up with my clients and i will need a welding service,so let me know if you can offer the welding and and in shop service and if you do accept credit card for payment.i will be glad if the owner contact me personally on the service and i will be glad if he/she reply back with cell phone [url removed, login to view] to hear from you soon

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    I do have a job to build three pilot plants as follow: Process Operation Trainer Unit: · Closed flow circulation of hot and cold water or glycol solution or any other safe fluid through pipe networks. · Pumps · Heater and cooler unit. · Shell and tube heat exchanger. · Manual and automatic control valves. · Manual by-pass valves · Strainers. · Chemical injection points, sampling points, safety relief valves, safety shower and eye wash, etc. · Unit may have the capability to be operated stand-alone or preferably integrated with other pilot plant units. Distillation Process Operation Trainer Unit: · Binary mixture of water and any other safe fluid to be used as feed stock. · Distillation process to separate feed stock to nearly pure water and sample fluid with recycling the fluid to feed tank to ensure continuity of operation. Utility Plant: · To provide necessary utilities for the above two units. · Compressor, steam boiler and the de mineralization section of the unit. · Compressor shall provide enough supply of instrument air for all pneumatic operated instruments. · Steam boiler unit to supply enough steam to reboiler in the distillation and heat exchangers. · De mineralization unit is to provide purified water and fluids to units as per required quantity. Automation: · Emergency interlock systems to be provided on all units for safely operating and automatic response of various instruments. · Basic Emerson delta V control system to be employed. · System to be configured to control all the pilot plants. · Complete set of transmitters/field buses and I/O modules. · Suitable number of operator stations to supervise and control the process.

    $500000 - $1000000
    $500000 - $1000000
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    I am looking to start a youtube channel producing children nursery rhymes, e.g. twinkle twinkle, mary had a little lambs, humpty dumpty etc but all in the Arabic language. I am looking for someone who can produce original animation for a single nursery rhyme of your choice... This will be a proof of concept. The animation will be coupled with only music and I will add the Arabic singing of the rhymes post production. please can you ensure the animation and music are in sync. Here are examples of these animated nursery rhyme videos: [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] The channel name will be called Joyful Songs Please could you ensure the intro to the video starts with Joyful Songs logo you can create your own one and be creative!

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    Install open source Job Scheduler on server. [url removed, login to view]

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    I am looking for clean symbols that can be used on a website/literature for a scientific instrument. The design concept should run through each symbol and be aligned with the colours used in the company logo already. The symbol should describe the functionality of the scientific instrument and should put into a symbol the phase described below: Symbol 1) label free detection Symbol 2) measuring the size of a particle Symbol 3) measuring the concentration of particles symbol 4) measuring fluorescence symbol 5) The ability to measure multiple things at the same time (i..e measure the other things previously described simultaneously) Symbol 6) parallel measurements (multiplexing) Symbol 7) streamlined and simple workflows.

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    Develop a DAQ/micro-controller based system for high resolution, low power, dynamic, analog current measurements. [Milestone 1 of 3]

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    Hello,our growing business which sells classic cars is looking to find an honest ebay lister to work with listing cars on [url removed, login to view] must be able to respond to inquiries timely and have your own [url removed, login to view] knowledge of cars is needed.Thanks.

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    Weldding is my passion, i would like to find one or two people who can help my with bicycles weldding

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    melakukan disain ulang terhadap daerah irigasi eksisting

    $562 - $1125
    $562 - $1125
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    can be inspected and testing any kind of components

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    can be inspected and testing any kind of components

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