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    Adjust a bootstrap 3 carousel so that it is possible to see a fraction of slide on right and left. As a slide moves into view the previous slide must still slightly be showing and the next slide must slightly be showing whilst the active slide is dead centre. Visuals will be provided. This effect must be applied to just one of the carousels on this page.

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    I am the project manager for building a Drupal based dynamic corporate website. We have an in-house graphic designer & Drupal developer who shall assist you on the job. We need a UI developer who shall translate mock designs from Photoshop to HTML & assist the Drupal developer to create the website. UI developer shall create prototypes and understand the previous ones along with provided references. A 6-week project (extendable) leading to the launch of the website into it's testing phase. The UI developer shall work towards adding new functionalities to the prototype and brainstorm with the Project Manager, further follow his guidelines to work on the project.

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    I have a website build on Wordpress and Formidable Pro plugin. I already have a javascript running in the form that validates 3 fields with the social security number and account number. I now also need to include validation for some extra fields in my form: 1. Age - Minimum 20 and maximum 70. I have a field with social security number, in the format ddmmyyxxxxx, where the first 6 digits is the date of birth. I need the script to first calculate the age today from that field, and then to give a red error in the same style like the social security number validation that is already setup, with the message "Age must be between 20 and 70" if the age is outside of the criteria. 2. GrossYearlyIncome - I have a field where the user can insert his annual income. If the inserted value is below 200 000, then I need the red message appearing below the field with the text "Income can not be lower than 200 000". I already have a validation for this through Formidable native validation for range in number fields, but the invalid message is not appearing like it should, it now shows as a tooltip. 3. I have a field with some dropdown options. I want to make some of this options invalid, so it´s showing with the same error style like the above fields, with the error message "You can not have this jobstatus". 4. Redemption: In the first page of the form the user can select an amount from a dropdown in field 1. In the last page of the form I have a repetable section, where users can enter all of his redemptions. This section contains a dropdown box with question yes or no. I need a validation that checks if the sum of all redemptions where the checkbox with the option "yes" is less than the selected value in field 1. If it´s not less then I need to show the invalid message "The sum of the redemptions with the option yes, can not exceed field 1." The code snippet that now runs for validations is inserted in the custom HTML of Formidable on the box "After fields". All validation need to done directly after the user moves on to the next field, clicks outside of the field or click on next/send. All custom coding need to be done in front-end, either in customize html in the form settings of the Formidable Pro plugin or in the plugin "Code snippets". The reason to this is that we have a complex working website, and we can not have any backend coding on this site. I need to get documentation of the custom coding, so I understand what to change and where to change if I make adjustments in the form options.

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    Hi, I am working on a project and I am new to this role. So, I need some help with javascript and polymer coding. Website is already build, we are adding more features to it. I am based in EST and need some help during night EST hours. We can do hourly OR on a monthly contract. Thanks

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    PMG requires an experienced PHP web developer for a 3-6+ month contract to take over the build of an intricate online project management system which has been built in PHP CodeIgniter. Includes understanding and building upon existing source code and developing custom functions, modules, reporting etc. The successful applicant will need to be available to work regular business hours weekdays at our studio in Woolloomooloo Sydney. They must have extensive experience in: PHP CodeIgniter JQuery Javascript CSS Bootstrap (HTML/HTML5) You will need to be able to work alone to problem solve functionality requirements and be confident in building custom modules, websites and online tools from scratch. Rate Negotiable depending on applicant's experience.

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    Youtubers 2 days left

    Saya ingin membagikan sebuah video saya

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    It is necessary to create a project for the university, it is not very complex the truth, and in the pdf the requirements are found (they are in Spanish, they can translate them to their language). Note: the interface shown is in java, but it is only by way of example, in that style should be left with Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3. It can be done with database or else with arrangements. Remember, it should be done with JS, HTML5 and CSS3. Thanks.

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    I am using datatables and in one column the cells "td" elements have the following html within. <td> <h4 data-pos="5">5</h4> <span data-second="-4">-4</span> </td> I have a custom drop down in the table header with two buttons. Each button's click event is linked to this column and the associate data attributes. On click I would like the column to be sorted by either data-pos or data-second depending on the button clicked. So you will need to write a function to get the data attributes and either re order the table or sort the table by these values.

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    Someone who can teach online to fresher candidate on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, Bootstrap etc all related technology

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    I need a fix to the following problem, on the SharePoint Online Search Results page, when you try to open a PDF file, it is encoding special characters differently than if you open it directly from a SharePoint Document Library. The end result is that file doesn't open from the Search page due to the difference on encoding. On the document library the encoding is %CC%81 while on the search page is %C3%A9. Looking for a solution/Javascript that can be placed directly on the SharePoint Online Search Page Results that would replace the encoding when user clicks on link to open the file. Tried the code from this article but didn't work: [url removed, login to view] <script language=”javascript”> function customSearchResultsFixUrlEncoding(str, find, replace) { return [url removed, login to view](new RegExp(find, ‘g’), replace); } $(‘.ms-searchCenter-result-main’).on(“click”, “a”, function (event) { var url= $(this).attr(‘href’); var url2 = customSearchResultsFixUrlEncoding(url, “%2520”, “%20”); var url2 = customSearchResultsFixUrlEncoding(url2, “%255C”, “%5C”); var url2 = customSearchResultsFixUrlEncoding(url2, “%252E”, “%2E”); $(this).attr(‘href’, url2); }); </script>

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    You must individual developer and expert with front-end. I will send the Job detail once i have selected right freelancer

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    i have a page html / php / jquery need to insert inside wordpress page file names and code [url removed, login to view] thank you

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    Hi Freelancer, I am looking someone who can create a simple javascript to display certain contents for IE, CHROME and FireFox Browser. Thanks,

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    I need to help for grow up finding web created will soon complete

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    MVC JQuery expert needed 2 days left

    need to work on mvc and jquery and c# , if ou are expert in jquery and mvc c# then you can bid

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    A Number Manipulator 2 days left

    Analyze some existing coding and modify the template. The coding is made in JS .

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    I am working on a project and need to some help with getting something to work. I have a dynamic accordion, with a dynamic "add" button in each accordion. I want to be able to click the "Add" button and to have a modal popup (with a form) that can be completed. The modal needs to know which "ID" was linked to the accordion. My project is in c# and asp.net.

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    Very Simple Project. We need use a API from a website and work it as a currency calculator. Lets describe with chat for other details. Best of luck

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    Make changes to website 1 day left

    1) Please look into using the jQuery javascript library [url removed, login to view] - we like the look & feel, the functionality of sorting the resultset, searching within the resultset and pagination very much. 2) Please see if you can realize the server-side processing example. [url removed, login to view] This would fit us very well because we are using the website mostly from underway when we are at tournaments where mobile internet connection is not that good. Some players have 1000s of rows of data, so loading smaller datasets would be good for us. "With server-side processing enabled, all paging, searching, ordering etc actions that DataTables performs are handed off to a server where an SQL engine (or similar) can perform these actions on the large data set (after all, that's what the database engine is designed for!). As such, each draw of the table will result in a new Ajax request being made to get the required data." 3) The club leaderboard does not load correctly somehow. Please check if the correct query is loading (see attached) and if the clubid is being handed over to the query. It is a long query and there are several spots where the clubid from the selection would need to be handed over to the query. I have indicated these with “-- put selected clubid here” comments in the attached text file. Example: Searching for “SV Hurlach” does not return the right players in the result table. 4) Fix error message when I want to show "30 records" of the club leaderboard, then the following message appears. The requested URL /club_leaderboard.php&d=30 was not found on this server. 5) Somehow we would like to make the search more user-friendly. For example, if I select from the dropdown the option "club leaderboard" and then search for a club, the leaderboard should already load without that we need to specify a player. It should be enough to select only the club and "club leaderboard". 6) Is it possible that the search fields keep the value which was searched or selected even if the result loaded? For example, I search for a club, and afterwards select the player. After I selected the player, the club name does not display anymore. 7) Please show the players dropdown in alphabetical order. 8) We would like to show the matches history of two players when somebody clicks on the “+” to expand the row. There is an example on the datatables website for this scenario as well: [url removed, login to view] 9) Please add a : character (colon). The example: 3312 is coming from two different fields and should read 33:12 – 110 should read 11:0.

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