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    I am looking for a private CS:GO cheat coder that can make me a one of one cheat and can update it at any time for no more than $150

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    implement huffman libraries lisp prolog imht-decode bits huffman-tree message ht-encode message huffman-tree bits ht-encode-file filename huffman-tree bits ht-generate-huffman-tree symbols-n-weights huffman-tree ht-generate-symbol-bits-table huffman-tree symbol-bits-table ht-pprint-huffman-tree huffman-tree &optional (indent-level 0) huffman-tree is a Huffman tree (its root); symbols-n-weigths is a list of pairs of symbol-weight (<symbol>. <weight>); symbol-bits-table is a list of pairs (<symbol>. <bits>). The ht-encode-file function reads a text from a file and then invokes ht-encode on the read. Functions must generate errors (with the function error) if encoding and / or decoding are not possible. The ht-print-huffman-tree function prints a Huffman Tree terminal and serves essentially for debugging. No perticular format is required, but printed information has to be fine represent the tree structure of Huffman Prolog You must implement the following predicates: ht_decode / 3 Bits HuffmanTree Message ht_encode / 3 Message HuffmanTree Bits ht_encode_file / 3 Filename HuffmanTree Bits ht_generate_huffman_tree / 2 SymbolsAndWeights HuffmanTree ht_generate_symbol_bits_table / 2 HuffmanTree SymbolBitsTable ht_pprint_huffman_tree / 1 HuffmanTree The constraints are the same as above (obviously remodeled in Prolog). In particular, Symbolic pairs and bits symbol are represented as pairs lists of two elements (i.e., (<symbol>, <weight>) and (<symbol>, <bits>)). Predicates must fail if there are errors or if they encode and / or decoding can not be completed. The predicate ht_print_huffman_tree prints a Huffman Tree terminal. Examples The most important example to keep in mind (the specification, according to a more correct terminology) is the following. In Common Lisp: cl-prompt> (defparameter ht (ht-generate-huffman-tree '<symbols-n-weights>)) HT cl-prompt> (defparameter message '<some-message>) MESSAGE cl-prompt> (equal message (ht-decode (ht-encode message ht ht)) T In Prolog: ? - assert (symbols_n_weights (<symbols-n-weights>)). Yes. ? - assert (message (<some-message>)). Yes. ?- symbol_n_weights(SWs), | message(M), | ht_generate_huffman_tree(SWs, HT), | ht_encode(M, HT, Bits), | ht_decode(Bits, HT, M). Yes. As you may have noticed, the structure of the implementation of a tree has not been specified Huffman. A problem you will have will be in managing ordered sets of elements (leaves and tree nodes in construction); you will need to implement a structure and / or functions that keep them together ordered. The implementation of the various functions and predicates is relatively simple once it is exploited the sorting of knots and leaves. If you find yourself writing features or long predicates or complex then you are probably on the wrong track..

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    I have some LISP file which I need to convert to MATLAB format. I need it fast and want to pay bonus. Please bid if you prior experience on this. Happy Bidding

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    Common Lisp expert Ended

    I need to hire "Common LISP" expert. Please bid if you are an expert in LISP. Otherwise don't bid. Thank you

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    Looking for someone to help me with clipper application. I have a procedure that is giving me a memory error The freelancer must be good at compiling and adjusting code Time-frame: ASAP

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    I use JSCL, one of the implementations of Common Lisp. The development of JSCL has been stopping for half a year, so I'd like you to implement some macro. I'll make some milestones to implement some macro. The project page is as follow: [url removed, login to view] I'd like you to fork this project to your repository and code some macro. I'd appreciate your help.

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    Looking for a part-time or full-time team member to join our global team. We are developing an AI tool initially for the LegalTech industry.

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    I need a script that will convert DWG. files to PDF using a batch files. But i need to convert multiple DGW to ONE SINGLE PDF file using a batch files , i got a code that does convert a DWG to PDF but it works only with a scriptpro not with the batch file i main and only works with non read files, i need the script to work with read only files is this something you can do?

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    i need an AUTOLISP or VBA programer for autocad development. i neet to develop auto lisp programing to develop automatic detail paln from staad pro result. and also autocad plan to export some data into excel file.

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    To maintain and improve an existing commercial product. programmer must have good skill and knowledge of C++/ARX . knowing LISP language in AutoCAD is a +.

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    prolog expert required 1 day left

    I need a Prolog expert for my multiple projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers.

    $8 - $64
    $8 - $64
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