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Map Reduce is a programming model created to process big data sets. It's oftentimes utilized in the act of distributed computing for different devices. Map Reduce jobs involve the splitting of the input data-set into different chunks. These independent sectors are then processed in a parallel manner by map tasks. The framework will then sort the map outputs, and the results will be included in "reduce tasks." Usually, the input and output of Map Reduce Jobs are kept in a file-system. The framework is then left in charge of scheduling, monitoring, and re-executing tasks.

Map Reduce can be used in jobs such as pattern-based searching, web access log stats, document clustering, web link-graph reversal, inverted index construction, term-vector per host, statistical machine translation and machine learning. Text indexing, search, and tokenization can also be accomplished with the Map Reduce program.

Map Reduce can also be used in different environments such as desktop grids, dynamic cloud environments, volunteer computing environments and mobile environments. Those who want to apply for Map Reduce jobs can educate themselves with the many tutorials available in the internet. Focus should be put on studying the input reader, map function, partition function, comparison function, reduce function and output writer components of the program.
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I would like to hire a Hadoop Consultant I am i need of Hadoop Trainer /Android Trainer/Selenium Trainer to conduct seminar or workshop for college students on hourly/day [url removed, login to view] 3 days only 3 hours of training .Good communication with excellent simplified concepts skills are required.E books and software installed device is [url removed, login to view] candidates contact me using the given [Removed by [url removed, login to view] Admin] 5 Android, Hadoop, Map Reduce Jul 17, 2017 Jul 17, 20172d 2h $36
A map tool that creates KML files of routes between points provided in a KML with specific criteria as in description of Project Listed Skills as required are NOT REQUIRED they are just categories that might help freelancers find this Project. A map tool that creates multiple KML files of routes between custom set coordinate points on a map (provided as a KML). Any mapping platform can be used to achieve this: LeafletJS, Google Maps API, Mapbox, Bing Maps, HERE and more. The freelancer can pick which they prefer to achieve this. Also, any platform can be used for the application; it could be web-based, Windows, Mac, Unity. Routes are east/west and west/east waypoints then traveling north/south or south/north to get to the next east/west west/east section. This tool does not need to use any road, rail or walking route API. It is a nearest neighbor, next nearest marker tool. The tool must be able to display an additional tile layer using the XYZ Tile Map Service URL (example: /{z}/{x}/{y}.png). The output from this tool (multiple KML files) will be loaded into a drone to fly. No interaction with the drone is required. No SDK for the drone needs to be used. This is a mapping tool only for creating KML files. The user will specify the coordinate points for pathing between in a KML file. The user will specify the coordinate points that are acceptable for the drone to launch and return back to on completing the flight in a second KML file. The user will specify areas of the map that are obstacles and not to be flown over as polygons in a third KML file. Test location with tilemap layer and KML files will be provided for testing the output of the tool. The user will load three different KML files (waypoints, launch location, obstacles) into the tool. The tool will digest the information and calculate the more efficient route around the waypoints taking into consideration the following: - waypoints including launch and return to launch location must not exceed at a specified number - the total distance of the route including launch to first waypoint and last waypoint to launch does not exceed a specified value in kilometers or meters. Additionally, location name is an input field so that the KML output files have this in their name and filename along with a zone number. The zone number refers to the section of waypoints split from the rest provided within the first KML file. LocationZone1, LocationZone2... The different KML files are to be formatted as a LineString so that when displayed there is a line between all the points. This line is to be a different color from the rest so that different sections can be identified from the rest. Also, each zone needs to be identified in a table. The table needs to clearly identify which launch location is used, the total distance of the route and total number of waypoints within the route. The map tool location needs to be searchable so it is easy to change location. Lat/lng coordinates can be typed in to move map. Normal standard zoom function provided by all maps. In basic summary, the tool accepts three different KML files and then produces various other KML files based on information it is analyzing. Again, test location, tile layer, and KML files will be provided to winning bidder. 9 Javascript, Cartography & Maps, Map Reduce, Software Development, Google Maps API Jul 15, 2017 Jul 15, 20177h 53m -
Build a Website - 2D MAP PLEASE DO NOT BID SPECULITIVELY WITHOUT FULLY READING AND UNDERSTANDING THE REQUIREMENTS. PLEASE BID WITH REALISTIC PRICE, I WILL NOT USE ANYONE WHO ASKS FOR MONEY HIGHER THAN BID PRICE I require a gaming website building, it should work on desktop, mobile and tablet but should primarily be designed for mobile/tablet. Exact details of the content and game functionality to be confirmed once a NDA is signed. The initial functionality that I require is : The main feature of the site : A 2-dimensional map of the world that the user is able to navigate and zoom into. The map must look aesthetically professional and must be an accurate reproduction of the world. This map then needs to be overlaid with segments. Each one of these segments must have an area of 1km square and be identified by a unique number. The shape of each segment needs to be determined by you given the world is round. The Longitude and Latitude of the corners of the segments will need to be logged exactly. A user should then be able to purchase a segment by clicking on it to add to a shopping cart. A user may add more than one at the same time. Once purchased the map should permanently change and feature an overlay of text of the user’s name and home country within the segment. The segement should also become opaque in colour so that it clear that it is purchased. The payment process should go via Paypal. Further down the page should be a visible list detailing: The Segment ID, The Longitude and Latitude of each point of the Segement. The users last name and city. This list should be searchable and the results should be visibly in a tabular format and in addition the map should auto zoom and to highlight the positions. A second list ( access by admin only ) should include : The Segment ID, The Longitude and Latitude of the 6 points of the Segment. The users title, first and last names, full address & postcode/zip, e-mail, date of birth. The site should be of clean and simple design. 30 Website Design, Graphic Design, Cartography & Maps, Map Reduce, Google Maps API Jul 15, 2017 Jul 15, 20172h 38m $815
Python SQL expert need someone with knowledge of Hadoop, map reduce, sql, python, data mining 15 Python, Software Architecture, Big Data, Hadoop, Map Reduce Jul 10, 2017 Jul 10, 2017Ended $29
hadoop -- 2 I need to implement the my customized replication policy algorithm in hadoop by changing its default replication policy. 13 Java, Hadoop, Map Reduce Jul 9, 2017 Jul 9, 2017Ended $134
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