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MariaDB plays a significant part in monitoring how the online business websites are performing. If you have the needed skills to tackle the topic, you can bid on jobs at and start earning.MariaDB refers to a community-developed fork of the system of MySQL relational database management. Most websites use it in maintaining the performance of a business web in respect to the traffic quality that it is getting. They use MariaDB software in ensuring that their business is moving to the right place at the right pace. With high quality web traffic, the business makes huge sales.If you are a MariaDB expert, you need to start bidding on jobs on This robust site offers all types of jobs that can be executed on the Internet. It gives a freelancer a chance to select the MariaDB job project that he/she is capable of handling to accomplishment. site has these jobs posted every day meaning that you will always get a project to handle. The rate per project is good because an average project goes for $ 200, although the rate changes depending on the urgency and nature of the project. When you bid for MariaDB projects on, you will have more benefits. You will earn money doing what you love most; improve your online reputation and enhancing your portfolio.
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Migrate existing website from to AWS My website is currently running on a dedicated server at I'd like to switch to a hosting system that is more scalable, and hopefully cheaper (though cost is not a huge motivator, as my hosting costs are already quite slim--about $170/mo). The main goal is scalability and the power to do things like spinning up staging and debugging servers and separating the database, back and front end into their own servers. PHP: Currently at 7.0, but for the new server we will target Version 7.1. A requirement for this project is that upgrading to future versions of PHP should be easy to do and not require starting everything over from scratch (like I have to do now). If this means spinning up a new AWS instance, ok, but it needs to be a few simple steps and not break everything. My suggestion for this project is to start with 7.0, then demonstrate that you can easily upgrade to 7.1. The site currently uses the FPM/FastCGI process manager. We will need the same on the new machine. Note that I will expect PHP performance to be the same or better than what we have now. You can do rough benchmarking by logging into the current site with an admin account (which I will provide) and viewing the timer information at the bottom of the page. The site currently depends on PHP's APCU. [url removed, login to view] DATABASE: The site uses MariaDB. You will install the latest available version. Ideally you will architect things so that the database can be scaled up as the site's needs grow. You may need to set it up as its own instance; we can talk about that. EMAIL: I'm currently hosting my own email server on the site, but this is painful because every time I need to upgrade the server I need to start over on email. You will provide a new solution that is more stable and permanent. Note that I currently have 4 users (the site's moderators) that will need their email addresses migrated to the new solution. SECURITY: I currently subscribe to a SSL certificate through godaddy, and all site urls are currently behind HTTPS. The new architecture must do the same. I don't mind paying for a new certificate through Amazon if necessary. CRON TASKS: The site depends on a number of cron tasks running periodically. You must make sure that they are set up to run in the new environment. BACKUPS: One of the cron tasks is a nightly database backup, but the data is not moved off the server--it just sits in a directory under the project. You will find some better solution to keep the data safe. VIRTUAL MACHINES: I tend to use Freelancers for small tasks from time to time, and a pain point is getting them set up for development. I use a virtual machine locally myself, but it's often difficult to build the VM for them. A major requirement for all this is that you will demonstrate that you can export a VagrantFile from AWS that makes it easy for a developer to get set up with a version of the site on his own computer, complete with data and images. I would also rather not have to give them root passwords, like I have been doing. SUBDOMAINS: The site currently uses subdomains for a few things, namely images. You must be prepared to support the same in the new environment. STAGING SERVER: You will demonstrate that you can easily create a temporary staging instance as a subdomain (for example, if the main site is [url removed, login to view], then the staging server is [url removed, login to view]). This can be a temporary instance, but the idea is that you simplify things such that it can be brought up with a single command or button press. I like all animals, but the one I like most is the squirrel. CODE DEPLOYMENT: My current system is to clone the code repo onto the server, and go "git pull" every now and then to update. This will suffice for the new system as well, but I would be interested in hearing about smoother deployment systems (such as push hooks that automate some of the process). 53 PHP, MySQL, Amazon Web Services, MariaDB Apr 29, 2017 Today6d 10h $1808
ERP Next - Customization Need to customize the Sales Order 1. Merge the Product rows into one if i add same product in Sales Order 2. If i have multiple delivery order for 3 days, need to mere the delivery order to one! 12 Python, MariaDB Apr 25, 2017 Apr 25, 20172d 14h $485
Optimize server and some applications on the server I have a centos dedicated server that is running the following applications: 1. HAPROXY load balancer 2. MariaDB database 3. QEMU KVM /Virsh I need a system admin to try to check these apps out and try to optimize/tweak the server settings them so that these apps run smoothly and to use low CPU. In particular, the MariaDB as I need it to handle thousands of connections per sec. I need the server utilized to its fullest capacity. The server is a dual hex core intel xeon with lots of RAM. Please only bid if you have experience with server optimization and tweaking applications to utimize low CPU . 11 System Admin, UNIX, MariaDB Apr 25, 2017 Apr 25, 20172d 7h $46
Specialist in ERPnext I am looking for a specialist(s) in ERPnext[Removed by [url removed, login to view] Admin], someone that has done backend customization before. A third application needs to be integrated with ERPnext (also working with MariaDB) 7 Python, MySQL, MariaDB Apr 25, 2017 Apr 25, 20172d 3h $167
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