MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) is a protocol for collecting device data and communicating it to servers (D2S) Hire MQTT Developers


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    Project on IOT 6 days left

    This project only requires coding

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    help in IOT 6 days left

    I need elp in this project just a minor project

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    Web App Controlled IoT Device 6 days left

    Need to control a Buzzer from a web Application using a MQTT Protocol enabled device.

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    We are looking for a freelancer with extensive experience with the AWS IoT platform and the MQM approach. Specially how to set up the AWS IoT so it can handle many devices/things efficiently and automatically. This is separated task that we consider an initial task. If successful there could be a long-term relationship to be involved in building a the rest of our IoT platform. Here follows a short description of this task. We have devices on a meshed RF network. The communicate with the AWS cloud via gateways. Mesh network topology assumes several accessible gateways. Device will select most suitable gateway, and then connect to it. However, in case if gateway lost connection with AWS IoT, or malfunction, or some radio noise and RF-channel errors, the device can select another gateway, and continue communications with it. So, there is no predefined gateway for mesh device. We should provide easy bulk installation scenarios where security and identity check are important. The platform should manage different device types that may require different sets of application configuration. The initial task concerns Device Management and specifically the following: - Device Registering - Security & Identity - Device Provisioning New devices are powerup in the field and they automatically send out a registration request to our AWS IoT platform. The registration request contains at least the Device ID but also information about the type of device. Propose procedure for doing a registration and authentication in the AWS IoT platform? Explain in detail your proposal. If it is deviates from standard methods provided by AWS IoT services, then be sure to explain why you chose that. Also explain about security. Next if registration step was successful then we may need to retrieve static information about the device (for example hardware/software version, manufacturerID etc). Other basic static information must be added at some point, for example coordinates, address, asset reference etc. We also need to configure the device with application configuration (for example setpoint, alarm limits, calendar data, heartbeat time etc). Describe different cases of installation scenarios and how they are generally done in AWS IoT. This task will include implementing this part of Device Management. We will provide gateways and device simulation tool for this task, So, to summarize this initial task: Freelancer should propose Device Management including the part described above. It may require input from an AWS IoT architect. Anyway, when we come to an understanding what should be done you need to provide a fix price for this part. In the next on-going project, there will be based on an hourly rate. The technical details (protocols, payload limits, call protocols, etc) will be provided when needed. When replying please describe your experience with AWS IoT. Describe reference projects. In the projects details above we have written that the freelancer should propose a solution for the Device Management task. Just so we know that you have some experience please describe briefly about device managment in AWS IoT.

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    MQTT Mysql script Ended

    The current setup is as follows Linux ubuntu (lamp) Mosquitto mqtt broker is installed Mysql with tables already there What i need is some code, that can act as a bridge and take values sent from a unit over mqtt and put in a mysql database, and the other way around as well, meaning when a command is sent over mqtt from a unit, it should pull values of this unit from the database and put it in a reply on the same topic. This must be setup on a live server, and has to be relatively easy to configure, regarding topics to listen etc. This should be fairly simple to do if you know what you are doing, this should really be a 2-5 hour job max, since there is a lot of examples of this on the internet, and you are more than welcome to use any of them. Some examples: Data from mqtt to mysql: [url removed, login to view] Pull data from mysql and sent over mqtt: [url removed, login to view] Main requirement: Solid knowledge of MQTT and Mysql You are able to start RIGHT NOW! if you are not simply dont bid.

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    We need an Android Developer for developing an App for one of our IOT Projects. It will consist of using paho mqtt library to interact with the IOT device. It will also contain database of users who register under the app, if interested Applicants can also join our Startup as Android Developer and own stake in it.

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    MQTT Broker and server setup for android

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    IOT internet of things related to Home Automation and Security systems. Developer should have MQTT server knowledge.

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    We need to make code in PHPoC in order to : 1) Connect to our MQTT server and publish periodical data from : DS18B20, DTH22, one analog sensor and one digital input. All these from PHPoC Black P4S-341 from Sollae Systems 2) Subscribe to a subject in order to control a Digital Output of same board

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    This is a very easy project for anyone who knows Node-RED! I want 4 "switches" from the Node-RED dashboard (that I can toggle on / off from UI).. Each time I hit a button "GO" on the UI, I'd like to send a string "BLUE"+ the combined status of those switches... So as example, If I hit the "GO" button, and switch 1 is on and switches 2,3,4 are off, Id like to send message payload of "BLUE,1,0,0,0" Or if I hit the "GO" button and all 4 switches are on, I'd like to send "BLUE,1,1,1,1" as the message payload

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    Need to write dll in c# that will support MODBUS RTU over UDP protocol ( master side only) in way of choosing various IP addresses and able to read (poll) 40 different registers and write to those registers. Need also Winform screen to be able to test this dll . I am Thermal project application eng'

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    I have many telegram accounts and I wanna register them to many Telegram SuperGroups. I've created a super group and sending group links to that group. I need a robot or something like that to read that group and joining on groups. I don't want to use telegram-cli because telegram bans them accounts. so if you can do this with api or... please shoot your ideas and offers. if it's not clear send me a message. Thanks

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    Need an app to interact with a NodeMCU using MQTT protocol using an MQTT server. Need someone who knows or has experience working with mqtt.

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    I need a simple webapplication to control and get data from devices. Through webapplication I should be able to send signals to devices like on/off I should be able to get messages from components and be able to visualize their status on my web dashboard. For example if I am using voltage sensor to get voltage of a bulb, I should be able to get that voltage value in real time on my web app and display it.

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    cloud building Ended

    hello anyone who has worked with Thingspeak IOT [url removed, login to view] have small task for gps tracking platform.

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    Preciso de um aplicativo desenvolvido com o Framework Ionic onde este app utilizará o Firebase como base de dados. O app precisa de uma tela de login (facebook e email) onde após o login existirá uma tela com a listagem dos itens encontrados no banco que geram conteúdo para o MQTT conforme o vinculo entre o usuário logado e seus dispositivos cadastrados no banco. Preciso de uma tela com um leitor de QR Code que será responsável por ler um código e vincular o usuário logado com o código lido. Sendo assim, na tela em que sao mostrados os dispositivos que o usuário pode monitorar (MQTT) isto deve ser feito automaticamente, o app vai ler o banco de dados e alimentar o ListView para o usuário. No momento em que o usuário for adicionar seu dispositivo através da leitura do QR Code o sistema deverá pedir uma descrição para este dispositivo bem como uma senha. Importante, mais de um usuário pode cadastrar o mesmo QR Code portanto, preciso que o sistema seja capaz de permitir que cada usuário de um nome para o dispositivo porem, o primeiro usuário que cadastrar o QR Code é o dono principal e que possui a senha onde assim, os posteriores cadastros deveram autenticar está senha.

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    Looking to build a basic app for a prototype idea for wifi enabled switches "the internet of things" using MQTT messaging. Key requirements for now 1) The ability for multiple user accounts 2) Simple buttons eg on and off 4) Timers linked to the button controls 5) To work with AWS or Google cloud for back end 6) To read QR codes and use the information in the QR code to add switches 7) For now only required to work with IOS but needs to be future proof for all other mobile platforms. The Budget is very low at the moment as this is still in the prototype phase.

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    Summary: The project involves the design and application of speech-to-text conversion and face recognition methods using Raspberry Pi as the hardware. Features of the Voice Controlled Personal Assistant: Capturing photos and recognizing faces in the captured photo Checking similarity between two faces Performing Arithmetic calculations based on voice commands and giving back the computed solution through a robotic voice. Searching Wikipedia based on user's voice input and giving back the reply through a robotic voice with further interactive questions by the machine. Checking email for unread messages Checking the weather conditions of the user’s location Playing music as per voice command of the user

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