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    The cross roads junction depicted in figure 1 can have cars arriving from all four directions and proceeding through the junction while adhering to expected road regulations. As shown, cars may turn left, move directly forward or turn right. Figure 1 shows the possible paths taken by cars coming from the direction labelled A, however at any time cars may be approaching from all four directions. There are no traffic light controls and a car is allowed to move into any of the outlined square areas (locations) in its path if that location is not currently occupied by another car. Only one car at a time may be in any of the outline square locations.

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    I am looking for someone who can make a cryptocoin with masternode for me.

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    I need a software tool developed using java which is used to predict the reliability of a software.

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    It’s a very common practice in retail shops to manage the customer orders placed by its various customers. Basically, it helps to streamline the important entities involved in a retail shop namely customers, orders and products. You are required to develop an application that simulates a simple retail order management system which involves the real world objects namely customers, orders and products. The users should be able to add customers and products. The developed system should also allow the customer to place orders. Each order has many items, which are the products available in the retail shop. In addition a supporting document is needed to reflect the design of the implementation codes and the implementation details that utilises the Object-oriented programming concepts. For Further Details Download docx File...

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    solve pom issues on netbeans update dependencies and run selenium test that is ready with testng No tests were executed! (Set -DfailIfNoTests=false to ignore this error.)

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    Solve dependencies issue Failed to execute goal [url removed, login to view]:maven-surefire-plugin:2.19.1:test (default-test) on project

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    solve this issue: Failed to execute goal [url removed, login to view]:maven-surefire-plugin:2.19.1:test

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    java knowledge to solve issue in maven env for selenium on netbeans the aim is setup maven correctly

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    Studio Timer Ended

    I need someone who can work on my project. It is quite a simple project but requires some understanding. I need it to be completed on Net beans and also Java and Python programming languages are well come. I will provide plans once i see a freelancer which i think can complete my project with good quality, good budget and in good time.

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    This project will be based on a Raspberry Pi 3. It must be coded using Java, the application must be stand alone. You can create and run all code on netbeans but the final product must run on the Raspberry Pi 3 as standalone. More details after you guys bid. The project is quite simple but has essential features which must work well. I will also need Unit Testing

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    $17 / hr Avg Bid
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    first write a evolutionary multi-objective workflow scheduling algorithm in java and run it in Workflowsim toolkit using Montage-25 workflow in Netbeans IDE. Then plot a graph as shown in the uploaded file

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    The Project is a simple way of keeping tabs of selling and renting jewellery to customers. Jewellery can be added to inventory. While customers too can be added. Both of these are added in database. When Jewellery is sold it is removed from inventory. When Jewellery is rented it is simply put as not available and later when it is returned it becomes available. When Jewellery is sold customer should get auto invoice of the item that is sold. the email that is sent matches that of the database. While uploading inventory an image of the jewellery must be uploaded which is visible at times of purchase. A report of inventory must be there. There are four kinds of jewellery: Ring, bangle, necklace and earings. The project should be inter operable and for use of laptops and computers only. A lavish use of rich and simplistic UI merged with use of JFX tools such as hamburger and navigation panes from [url removed, login to view] The youtube video of Genuine Coder's Library Assistant was taken as a base for the task. The entire project should use derby database. More than half of the UI and classes have been completed in the project while the rest is pending. The task should not take more than a week to make. Additional features to enhance the security are welcome.

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    I have an application what works properly when I run it from Netbeans, but doesn't work properly when I run it from the executable jar produced by the Netbeans "Clean and Build" command. In particular, I'm getting "[url removed, login to view]" for classes that aren't the "Libraries" folder of my project (for example, [url removed, login to view], as well as various other classes in [url removed, login to view]). I know that ClassNotFoundException is thrown when the given class isn't in the classpath of the application. I had started to manually add all of the various dependencies to the "[Project-Name]distlib" folder created by Netbeans, but I feel like this is not the right way to go about doing this. This doesn't work for all dependencies, with ClassNotFoundExceptions being thrown even if a jar with the relevant class is in "[Project-Name]distlib". I have no problem getting stuff listed in the "Libraries" folder into "[Project-Name]distlib" folder. I have noticed that the dependencies that are not listed in the "Libraries" folder are various Java EE components. Since this program is an application client that connects to a Java EE server, and this is my first Java EE project, my guess is that there is something basic about Java EE that I don't understand that has led to this issue. I have two questions: 1. How can Netbeans run my application when some of my application's dependencies are not in the "Libraries" folder? 2. Is there any way of automatically exporting all of the dependencies not explicitly listed in the "Libraries" folder to "[Project-Name]distlib"? Also, my project is not a Maven project.

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    El proyecto es un punto de venta para restaurante desarrollado hasta el 50% en java netbeans utilizando jpa con eclipcelink. Aparte de lo mencionado anteriormente se requiere habilidad en configuración de impresoras de 58 mm (ec 5890x) para tickets y configuración de bases de datos para conectarse a servidor remoto.

    $104 (Avg Bid)
    $104 Avg Bid
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    I want someone program using DFS and A* in Java , I want it maximum in 2 days, half payment will be after the work.

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    $36 Avg Bid
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    This is a perfectly working and running java canvas project on netbeans it is pretty similar to paint on windows, u can paint scribble, oval, line, rectangle, change color between them do undo and redo,, the job consists in implement some methos to make the botton "select figure" work just like in PAINT u select an area with a drawing rectangle and then u can move around that area wherever u want or copy it thats is

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    roject Description: In this project you will create an Enterprise Application that may be used by a Dentist Office Patient or one of the Dentists. A Patient Should be able to: I. Login II. View/Change their current name, address info III. View/Change their next Dentist Appointment IV. Add a new Appointment if they do not already have an appointment A Dentist Should be able to: I. Login II. View/Change their current name, address info III. View their upcoming appointments Note: There is one major assumption for this Project. That is that a Patient can only schedule one appointment at a time. They cannot have multiple appointments. That is they cannot make a new appointment if they already have an appointment. They must wait until their current appointment is finished before they make a new appointment. The data needed for this Web App will be stored in a MS Access database. Use the MVC(Model/View/Controller) Architecture . Your Enterprise Application should include: - HTML/JSP files - Servlets - Business Objects

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    I require a programmer who is competent at Server side programming in java and jquery javascript library. I will work with the programmer every step of the way. The project uses Tomcat server and mysql for database server. What we need the programmer to do is to write the business [url removed, login to view] project must be designed using netbeans ide

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    Proyecto NetBeans Ended

    Debo realizar un proyecto en netbeans, es algo rápido y no complejo.

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    Write program to combine a number of files in a directory into a single file in another directory - after sorting their elements and removing duplicates. Ensure you sample input / ouput files are uploaded with your assignment. Assingment must be called Assigment4-firstname-nnnnn where nnnnnn is your student code. Ensure your code has full name and student number Example: files are contained in folder: movies-in and combined file is written to folder movies-out Example: you have 5 files, each containing a list of movie titles. You need to read the contents of each file, sort all the contents and write the sorted contents back to a new file. The combined file must not contain duplicates Example: File 1: bravo peter file 2 alpha zero file 3 henry george foxtrot alpha Combined file: alpha bravo foxtrot george henry peter zero

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