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Pattern Matching algorithms are used in engineering mathematics. They are used in scientific design. If your business needs help working with Pattern Matching then you can use the services of our freelancers. All you need to need to do is post a project and let our freelancers bid on your projects.
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Build a machine learning algorithm for futures trading We do have two input data streams for you. We want you to do this: - design a pattern recognition algorithm (k-means, hierarchical Markov models or Support Vector machines are our choices right now) - once a pattern is recognized make it a tradeable strategy with defined entry and exit - test the strategies against 7 days of data (backtesting) - use a genetic algorithm to test variables 19 Python, Algorithm, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Pattern Matching Apr 25, 2017 Apr 25, 20172d 13h $370
image processing neural network 60$ project desktop system (matlab code) using neural network to marking multiple choice exam for full details please see the attachment 12 Matlab and Mathematica, Pattern Matching Apr 25, 2017 Apr 25, 20172d 5h $354
Karyotype software -- 2 Main capabilities: Acquisition of metaphase plate images by using camera, scanner, by opening from disk. Source image enhancement, annotation. Working with G, Q staining. Interactive chromosome detection, automatic separation of crossing and overlapping chromosomes. Automatic karyotyping of human chromosomes. Easy training of chromosome classifier by using customer's samples. Manual karyotyping of animal and plant chromosomes. Comparing chromosomes with ideograms for more precious analysis. Three databases of standard human chromosome ideograms available (400, 550 and 850 bands). Databases of standard chromosome ideograms of mouse, rat, chicken, cattle, sheep, pig. Possibility to add ideogram databases of other animals and plants. Easy-to-use ideogram building tool. Sending images, karyograms and patient data to integrated image database with powerful search, filtering and sorting capabilities. Saving and printing images and analysis results using default ready-made templates or customizable user templates. 8 Windows Desktop, Data Processing, Pattern Making, Pattern Matching Apr 23, 2017 Apr 23, 201714h 45m $2852
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