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    Overview: We will ask you to create a sample program to measure the shape of the biometric image taken with the USB microscope camera. Details: The captured image is as follows.  · 100 times to 300 times skin surface transmission photography  · Resolution 2448 x 2050~ 1280 x 960 (Resolution input Mat attribute Rows / Colums)  · 24 bit color PNG, JPG, BMP (limited to the format readable by the imread function)   - There is reflection of the light source in the image, and the part requires mask removal on processing.  · There is reflection of black spots on the image, similarly, the part needs mask removal.   - It is necessary to make a judgment that it contains an out-of-focus image and is incompatible. Implementation 1. The image is not very clear. Image preprocessing requires image emphasis processing. 2. There is a reflection part of the light source. Masking is necessary as that part is out of measurement targets. 3. Regarding measurement accuracy, samples are not asked this time. Loosen the supposition range of the case where the measurement becomes impossible. 4. We provide reference program source for binary image output for extracting measurement object. 5.2 From geometricized image data, measure with geometric data. 6. We use Fourier transform and statistics for geometric data. Envirnment: · Create with C ++. MFC is available. (Preferably C ++ 2017) · OpenCV version should be 3.3 or higher (3.4.1 or latest is preferable) · The operating environment is 64 bits of Windows 10 and the main memory is 4G · Unspecified programming language is not available (except C #) Caution: I may be delayed in replying because I am not much English proficient. We are seeking people who will make it acceptable. If this project can be done, please send me a message with production record or your detail profile. I am planning to send detailed materials to several people among those who received contact.

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    We created a sewing pattern per hand (children jacket). The sewing pattern should transformed in a digital file. We also have a picture of a final product. Please make sure the time you say you need to finish it, is correct and you have expirience doing this. Feel free to ask questions.

    $155 (Avg Bid)
    $155 Avg Bid
    9 bids

    Need a pattern maker who can make swimwear patterns based of a set of model measurements and from pictures of designs.

    $48 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello! We need help with the vectorization/recreation of a repeating tile pattern. We need an Adobe Illustrator file and pattern swatch made for the pattern. There are many more patterns that need to be recreated as well as other projects that we need completed soon for the right candidate(s) if this project is completed on time and to our satisfaction. A sample file has been attached (please note that this is not the exact pattern we need recreated but very similar to the patterns we need recreated to give you an idea of the simplicity of this project).

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    If you know how to use YARA [url removed, login to view] with C++, Kindly contact me, Immediate hire, It's urgent I need a C++ Class which performs two functionality, 1. compiles multiple yara rules (from a specific folder) 2. Check the target file matches the pattern.

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    Job posting Ended

    People with a specific Job Register and Companies Advertise. Interconect both parties through the side and companies who advertise the position pay.

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    Replicate results of a research paper. Must have clear understanding of pattern recognition.

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    8 bids

    Looking for a long term partnership for someone or some business to sew doll dresses for a costum US based doll artist. You must have very high quality standards. Would like to have a small trial run to of 10 dresses to ensure quality. We then envision scaling up producing 10 dresses per day and more depending on sales. We will provide the pattern and fabric. Thanks for any interest on this.

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    To whom it may concern, I am currently actively looking for a graphic designer that is knowledgeable in creating graphics for printing designs for the textile industry. I have a new camouflage pattern in mind that I have in mind for printing on textile printers. If this is something you would be interested doing I would like to get some ideas of your design fees for a project like this. Following are some basics of what I would be looking for. If we move forward I would require a nondisclosure agreement before I specify the exact pattern for the camouflage. Basic design requirements: 1. The pattern most be repeating on all four sizes. 2. The pattern must be 3D looking (realistic) as possible. 3. The pattern should be a size of 36"x24" or best fit for the textile industry. 4. The pattern will consist of 4 basic colors a standard color (black), a primary color (based on the color scheme below), a secondary color (based on the color scheme below), and a tertiary color (based on the color scheme below). The primary color will be used more in the pattern with the secondary and tertiary colors to accent the pattern. 5. Each color group will consist of 3 shades of the basic color. For example: the standard color (black) may have a black as the main color and 2 shades of lighter black to help accent the main color black, likewise for the remaining 3 color groups. This will give each of the 4 color groups to have 3 colors allowing a total of 12 colors in the camouflage pattern. 6. From the created camouflage pattern I will need 4 color variations of the pattern a. Spring pattern i. Standard color group. - black and 2 shades of black ii. Primary color group - green and 2 shades of green iii. Secondary color group. - light green and 2 shades of light green iv. Tertiary color group. - light brown and 2 shades of light brown b. Summer pattern i. Standard color group. - black and 2 shades of black ii. Primary color group. - dark green and 2 shades of dark green iii. Secondary color group. - light green and 2 shades of light green iv. Tertiary color group. - brown and 2 shades of brown c. Fall pattern i. Standard color group. - black and 2 shades of black ii. Primary color group. - dark brown and 2 shades of dark brown iii. Secondary color group. - dark green and 2 shades of dark green iv. Tertiary color group. - light green and 2 shades of light green d. Natural color group i. Standard color group. - black and 2 shades of black ii. Primary color group. - dark brown and 2 shades of dark brown iii. Secondary color group. - light brown and 2 shades of light brown iv. Tertiary color group. - dark red and 2 shades of dark red 7. I will also need a logo designed for this new line of camouflage (I have a basic thought/design already). I am aware that there may be important details left out but hopefully it gives you enough information for you to accept, give me a basic ballpark cost, or point me to someone better suited for this type of project. I am excited to hear your thoughts on my project and if you can provide any information. At the moment I will need to correspond with you via email until we have entered into an agreement. Have a great day and I look forward to hear from you.

    $460 (Avg Bid)
    $460 Avg Bid
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    I have already completed the project but the results are not as expected. I need someone to review and correct any problems in the project. The project identifies the finger gestures by first collecting the Channel State Information (CSI) data from a WiFi device (laptop or router), it then removes environmental noise from CSI using Wavelet based denoising. It then identifies Principal components from the CSI using Matlab command "pca" EKA "princomp". Finally, it compares the gestures with predefined gestures using Euclidean distance.

    $40 (Avg Bid)
    $40 Avg Bid
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    its two part project: first part related to identified specific IDS data base and do classification based specific parameter and build full algorithm based on. more details will illustrated via conversation

    $141 (Avg Bid)
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    Preciso de um officeboy / ajudante geral na Vila Mariana (São Paulo-SP). Ele precisará levar documentos aos correios e despachá-los, levar documentos até a Av. Paulista, fazer diversos serviços gerais administrativos.

    $9 - $27
    $9 - $27
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    I am creating a Platform that will allow for customers to compare Groceries side-by-side from large supermarket chains. I need freelancers to help me getting the back-end of the Grocery platform set-up. They will need to match grocery products from different supermarkets together in order for us to maintain an accurate database. Example 1 : Kellogg's Cornflakes 800g at one supermarket may be called Cornflakes 800g (Kellogg's) at another one. These 2 products need to be matched so that we can actively track their price history. Pictures of database below. There are about 10,000 products left that need to be matched. This should equate to ~50 hours of work. PS : You may need to unmatch some products that have been incorrectly matched.

    $8 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $8 / hr Avg Bid
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    After many years of anticipation and delays, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) rail line has ceremoniously gone into service. Its first train just pulled out of the New Port of Baku on Monday, making its first official run across Azerbaijan and Georgia to the east of Turkey. The presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkey along with the prime ministers of Georgia and Kazakhstan showed up at the commencement gala and symbolically drove in the final railroad spikes.

    $41 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $41 / hr Avg Bid
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    Se requiere hacer un buscador de páginas desde las que se realice la transmisión de señal de canales de Televisión (ej. Fox) de manera ilegal. Se requiere algo paramétrico donde se pueda automatizar la búsqueda para que se ejecute cada cierto tiempo, que envíe los resultados a algunos correos electrónicos, que se puedan seleccionar las señales a buscar, etc. No se tiene un diseño totalmente definido; por lo tanto estoy abierto a escuchar alternativas para poder resolver el requerimiento. La tecnología a usar no es un limitante pero se prefiere PHP o Python.

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $19 / hr Avg Bid
    6 bids

    I want bathers made from scratch with possible embroidary

    $88 (Avg Bid)
    $88 Avg Bid
    1 bids

    I want someone professional in working on Cooja or OMNET ++ or OPNET to Study the effective of attacker behavior in my proposed IDS such that we should have 3 types of attacker behaviors that will be illustrated later.

    $234 (Avg Bid)
    $234 Avg Bid
    7 bids

    I am looking for someone to complete my cognitive and personality assessment for me, for a job that i am applying for (Service Desk Analyst). Although i would prefer to do the personality test myself unfortunately both the tests has to be completed in one sitting (no restart or stopping). Looking for a experienced person who has an excellent pass rate. The tests should only last 30 minutes.

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    $25 Avg Bid
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    I would like to get a simple triangle designed Kimono made for cutting hair. Easy for clients to put on and take off. I like the design of the attached file but need to change the neckline so it somehow sits more closed around the neck, not as high as grandpa collar but similar. the back needs to be clean with no wraparounds It would need to have neck size options ie buttons. Length- between knee and ankles Size- if possible one size fits all. Belt- i would like the belt thicker than the picture. Colour- black for now Material - some type of matt satin or similar that hair will slide off from, something that does not need ironing. I would like a quote with material supplied and without please Quantity- once we are happy with design, i would like a quote for 10-100 please

    $71 (Avg Bid)
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