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    I need to deploy an application to the production as soon as possible but the ActionCable features are not working in production. Further details about this issue could be found in this StackOverflow question: [url removed, login to view] The problem is that the client is not creating a consumer connection with the socket and there is no action cable activity.

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    You will need to convert my simple PHP script that I use to pull MySQL data and pass back notification to browser (through ajax browser side) to [url removed, login to view] server (simple). Currently PHP is using Redis for sessions. Your [url removed, login to view] script will need to utilize the PHP's session variable to pull the correct user's data from MySQL. So exact requirements: 1. Convert simple PHP MySQL pull to [url removed, login to view] server. (If you know PHP and [url removed, login to view] this should take you approx 20 minutes). 2. Make sure session variable is being passed properly between PHP and [url removed, login to view] *through Redis* (I don't want you to use any other means to share the session data). 3. Convert current Ajax front end javascript from using the PHP ajax long polling script to using [url removed, login to view] with the [url removed, login to view] script. This job is very simple for anyone experienced with Redis, [url removed, login to view], PHP and session sharing between Node and PHP through Redis. It's urgent so should be able to start ASAP and be done within a half day of starting max.

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    Hello, i need to install and configure unix server (on distribution does't matter). I need installing and also configure everything and get it work together: -ispconfig -mail server -apache -python2.7 -firewall install and set to secure (also want have ability manage it through ispconfig) -Server Monitoring with Munin and Monit and integrate with ispconfig -somethink for ios mobile notifications about apache, mysql, celery+redis, mail server and etc - i need notify if somethink is not working -mysql -soap What must work: -ability to set automatic backup through ispconfig (also databases must be backuped- in best way, every created database must be exported to filestorage and then filestorage will be backuped) -every user/site must have own backups (like in ispconfig settings) -stats in ispconfig must also working -you must install more than one php versions (5.6 and 7) - and ability to chose php version in ispconfig -django apps must working under own virtualenv (or somethink like that), must have separate packages -if it is possible use different version of django for different app -ability to run flask app -i think that python django must be running through mod_wsgi or uwsgi I need to have ability run more than one instances of django apps with celery(djcelery)+redis. All of this apps will have own databases. Ability to configure of new app must be ability done through ispconfig admin. I don't want use unix shell anymore. You must create and configure properly some test apps (least two) with django + celery. I want see that everything is configured right way. And i want also know how can i configure new django app with celery. In short what I need: I need configure my VPS server with admin panel, and everything must be managable through admin. I want use unix shell only if it is really needed. If something missing above (some package or app) for everything work together, i want it also. If ispconfig is not good panel for that, we can choose some another, but it must have login for client and in the best SK language. And i must have also clear and modern interface. If you have any questions, please ask me.

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    I need some changes to an existing website. I am looking to hire someone who is expert in java, know's how to build java project using gradle and knowledge of tomcat server and redis

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Java. Looking for someone having experience in java, gradle, redis, mongodb, tomcat

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    This is a REST API server for serving ERP client portal and Mobile App.

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    IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE ASSIGNMENT BEFORE APPLYING We have a web/mobile application that currently uses GCM and that needs transition to Firebase. The application is coded in PHP and MySQL, and uses Nodejs. The mobile app is built using Ionic, and has plugins written in Java (for Android) and Objective C / Swift (for iOS). This is how things work in the application ------------------------------------------ 1. The application is a group messaging application. People create groups and post messages to their groups. The groups might have hundreds to hundreds of thousands of members. 2. When a message is sent to a group with, say, 100,000 members, a PHP script makes 100,000 entries in a MySQL table called messages. Then it fires 10,000 push notifications (NodeJs is used). 3. GCM responds with 100,000 notification IDs, and the corresponding 100,000 records in the MySQL table above called messages need to be updated with these 100,000 notification IDs. 4. As and when a push notification is delivered, GCM responds with a delivery receipt, and the corresponding record in the MySQL table above called messages needs to be updated with the receipt. Thus, all 100,000 records will eventually need to be updated a second time with the delivery receipt, too. Since large numbers of updates on MySQL will hamper performance, we need a solution there, too. The broad scope of the work to be done -------------------------------------- We need help with transitioning two apps - our own and that of a coaching institute which uses our backend for push notifications - to Firebase from GCM. The broad scope is below: 1. Work needs to be done on both the apps mentioned above 2. For all new downloads, we need to keep track of the latest registration tokens / device tokens in real time 3. For all existing downloads, we need to get the latest registration tokens / device tokens, and keep track of them thereafter in real time 4. We need a script to get the current registration token / device token for every user whenever we run it, and update it in the database for that user 5. We need to change the code of the application to have push notifications working in Firebase now instead of in GCM earlier a. Firing push notifications b. Getting notification ids and updating them in our database c. updating our database when the delivery receipt comes, or any status report of the notification comes 6. Database needs to be updated in real time whenever a user uninstalls the app 7. Database needs to always have details of users who have not enabled / who have disabled push notifications, in real time (including on MI/LeEco phones and others like that) 8. Instance IDs should always be stored in our database for all app installs (we do not currently store Instance IDs). We need the time frame for all the above, and what you would charge. (Also, it is possible that as you work some unexpected issues might crop up as in all such assignments, and, if you choose to take up the assignment, we would request that you be prepared for such things in the same price.)

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    I want a pipeline project to create in jenkins using groovy. And delpoy the application into environment using blue green methods. test the tarnscations through load balancer. if it fails jenkins email notifier should trigger an email.

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    Webrtc Needs configuring - Live webcam streaming website - Private sessions not working - Job comes with instructions - Need it completed Urgently - Within few hours!! Website is fine just requires this webrtc configuration - Please only bid if experienced in webrtc and can do right away! Extra and on on going work for the right freelancer!

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    PHP Developer (m/w) als Freelancer und/oder in Festanstellung Primärer Arbeitsort: 83209 Prien am Chiemsee ( zwischen München und Salzburg) Deine Skills: Du rockst PHP (PHP >= 5.6) Du bist großartig in OO und Design Patterns Skills Du bist scharf auf die Entwicklung von Webservice Schnittstellen (bevorzugt REST) Du bist hervorragend bei Software “Best Practices” wie Test-Driven Development & Continuous Integration Du hast umfangreiche Erfahrung mit SQL und NoSQL Datenbanken Du bist bei Message Queue Systemen und Hochlastsystemen ganz vorne dabei Du stehst auf modernste Softwareentwicklung Du bist ein echter Teamplayer Was ist zu tun: Du wirst Teil eines erfahrenen Developerteams Du entwickelst zusammen mit dem Team neue Features Du sorgst für die Backend-Umsetzungen moderner UX/UI Experience Du übernimmst das Refactoring von Codeteilen Du pusht unsere Core Application zum nächsten Level _____________________________________________________________________ PHP Developer (m / w) as freelancer and / or in fixed position Primary workplace: 83209 Prien am Chiemsee (between Munich and Salzburg) Your skills: You rock PHP (PHP> = 5.6) You are great in OO and Design Patterns Skills You are keen on the development of web service interfaces (preferably REST) ​​ You are excellent at Software "Best Practices" like Test-Driven Development & Continuous Integration You have extensive experience with SQL and NoSQL databases You are at the forefront of message queue systems and high-load systems You are a real Teamplayer What you have to do: You will be part of an experienced developer team You are developing new features together with the team You are responsible for the back-end transformations of modern UX / UI Experience You are taking over the refactoring of code parts You push ours Core Application to the next level

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    Hello, We want to migrate our dB from firebase to Redis for quicker search and loading of files in the website. Further details will be provided in the discussion.

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    Hello, guys. I'm trying to implement in heroku. it's success to connect redis db(process.env.REDIS_URL). however, when run "[url removed, login to view]("event", "message"), it's not trigger to other servers. If you've experiences about this, please help me. Regards.

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    I have an existing Ionic Chat app that is using Firebase. I would like to modify that to use [url removed, login to view] and Redis DB.

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    am using mysql and it's slow. i need an expert who can install redis and configure it to cache all possible cases and make counting of our app on redis. mysql is horribly slow. my architecture is user---- web server----database---- back to user I need to install redis and make most of dependence on it. any other info needed should be asked.

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    Hello Guys, NO COMPANY.. PLEASE Want to hire Ruby on Rails individual Freelancer for changing backend API. This are the 3 tasks which needs to perform and all these are based on API change. Note: Admin system have redis database. So bid only those people who knows Redis DB. 1. All the users with one of more member (or follower) will display in home screen 2. Users in the home screen will be sorted in two group: active within last 24 hours or not active within last 24 hours. Within that, 3. Within the active area: The list will display the user with the most member listed first. (For users with same # of members, then the ones with the most followers will be in front) Thanks,

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