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Research writing does many of the things that personal writing does not. Research writing is different because it deals with theories and causes governing processes and practices in everyday life, as well as exploring alternative explanations for these events. So if you need to do research research or have a blog or a website, offers you many research writing specialists ready to provide their services to you.

Do you have the experience and the ability to do research writing projects? offers you many clients looking to have their jobs done professionally, needs your help with research writing projects, researches, blogs and articles, and settling for nothing but the best.

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    Automated cattle maintenance system - This system will perform all the maintenance needs for a farm with at least 100 cattle. It will include feeding/watering, immunizing, milking cattle. The system can be monitored by an operator but all the tasks are done automatically.

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    Write papers 6 days left

    1. Write a four page paper that includes: An overview of Spark, languages supported, Spark core components, compare and contrast RDDs and dataframes, techniques and tools for detecting data quality problems (Spark tools) 2: Apache Storm Paper Write a 4 page paper that includes the following information. Include images for topologies, architecture, and use cases. • Storm Overview • Compare and contrast Storm and Spark • What can Storm do? • Storm use cases (2 or more, for each describe and provide examples) • Storm architecture • Storm topologies NEED IN 20 HRS

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    Thermal Comfort Models 6 days left

    PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU GIVE A QUOTE !! The Report about using different method to predict the energy consumption of any building I have around 3600 words I need proofreading for the report to check; Clarity, smooth, flow sentences, incomplete or over-complicated sentences, spelling, grammar, punctuation, hyphen use, hedging, split infinitives, tautologies, tense, using correct word and formatting references… (TO MAKE THE REPORT PERFECT). Please pay attention to the conclusion and make it clearer. I need you to fix all this comments I received on this report; This research presently it is not acceptable in formal and style terms - it is be "cleaned" a bit by using style and form as has to be in a math based work. It is not written and edited as a modern text should look like --- in terms of use of; - blanks, - correct and complete use of ( ) and punctuation, - full formal consistence, - correct use of upper and of lower case, - fully precise use of positions of indexes,etc.. Also the language use should be excellent. Important notes; Use Track Changes option in Microsoft office so I can follow you changes. If you don’t follow the description I won’t release the payment or you have to do it again until it is done as described above. If you do this one perfectly I will give you directly another job and more jobs on the way. Regards,

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    Research and write a factual notated article describing the following in a very easy to understand but in-depth way: What is microfiber? History of microfiber How is microfiber made? Where is microfiber made? How does microfiber work? Again, I like very easy to read and easy to understand articles. Please take a look at this article to understand how I like content to be EASY to digest and understand. [url removed, login to view] If you can duplicate a similar style in writing that would be awesome! Thanks!

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    I am looking for someone to help me write a business proposal for a Cafe and Lounge business

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    Project for Samwel N. 9 days left

    Hi Samwel N., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    If your friends and family have begged you to stop babbling on and on about cryptocurrencies and how they're changing the world...if the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning - even before coffee - is to check Bitcoin prices - we want you to write for us. We're not looking for dry, generic content - we specifically want a tone that's personable and relatable as well as well-researched and articulate. Details really matter. So does a reader-oriented mindset. Article topics range from guides to list-style articles to in-depth explorations on all things cryptocurrency and blockchain (from the basics and breakdowns of how things work as well as the monetary aspects of it) but every piece of content we're looking for has one thing in common: They must be comprehensible to the average person. There will be ongoing work for the right writer(s) so it's imperative that you actually immensely enjoy and are obsessively interested in the topic. Your Qualifications: - Native English speaker - Excellent writing, grammar, spelling and formatting - Strong communication skills - Ability to write in a friendly, engaging tone - Resourceful and savvy at online research to dig up relevant information on the topic at hand (this is a MUST) - Can meet deadlines Job Description: - Read about and thoroughly research topics - Craft engaging, informative content on the topics (instructions provided) - Communicate about article status via email and ensure timely turnaround How To Apply: -------------------------------------------------------------- To be considered, please reply with "savvy unicorn" in the title. Include one or two samples of your writing, preferably something about cryptocurrencies. Also, apply with your best rate per word for a project of at least 30,000 words. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Terms 1. All writing you create for me needs to be your 100% original work and free of any copyrighted or plagiarized materials. 2. I will own all rights to the completed articles. You may not distribute them in any way upon delivery.

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    I introduce myself as JOSEPH OLADOKUN, international blogger on [url removed, login to view] is a digital Agency that aim at feeding beings in the planet,"Earth" with extremely rich content. We specializes in the following news categories: Sports, Entertainments, Business, Fashion, Politics, Education, Agriculture, Lifestyle, Health, Technology, Innovation, Fun and Lot More You can get to us on social media via the following links: Facebook: Twwitter, Linkined. I wish to work with you. Hope to back from you soon.

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    communication case analysis 6 days left

    Title: Jeff Bezos Confronts Criticism of Amazon's 'Brutal' Workplace Conditions [url removed, login to view] Title: How to Tell Someone They’re [sic] Being Laid Off (article) Article link: [url removed, login to view] Title: A Better Way to Deliver Bad News (article) Article link: [url removed, login to view] 2. Read this scenario: Mary rubbed her temples. What a day it had been! Managing a call center can be stressful, and today had been no exception. Sometimes her team performed flawlessly, and other times she imagined herself as the mother hen, flapping frantically to shoo her chicks from danger. “No! No! Don’t escalate that call!” she’d just told Tom. “You can handle this one. Tell him …” She was going to have to coach Tom about the irate caller with the “fried” hard drive, but it could wait until tomorrow. Before she could leave her office, her boss, Susan, appeared at the door. “Mary. Good! I’m glad I caught you. We have a situation.” Oh, no, Mary thought. Susan’s tone told her the news wouldn’t be good. “We need two volunteers from your team to start working the midnight shift for the summer. They need to start tomorrow night,” Susan said. “I thought all the shifts were covered,” Mary said. “We lost two people last night and have to replace them right away,” Mary said. “You’ll have to pull your team together and use your leadership skills to get this covered quickly.” The next morning, Mary faced having to break the news to her team of 10 call center representatives. She knew that they all had other commitments and that none of them would want to take the midnight shift. They’d each worked hard and consequently been promoted to the day shift. This was going to kill morale and cause some of her team members some hardship. 3. Take on the role of Mary. Your task is to break the news to your team in the best way possible and to persuade two of them to agree to work the midnight shift all summer. Be creative and use the effective communication skills that you’ve learned in this module’s readings. Write out the announcement that Mary will make to her team, along with her strategy for breaking the news and persuading them to volunteer. You can use dialogue, essay, narrative, or any form that meets the assignment criteria. Write from Mary’s point of view (use “I” when talking about Mary, her thoughts, words and actions). Your paper should be about 450-500 words. 4. In the final paragraph, return to your own body! (give up being Mary), and reflect, personally, on how the principles for breaking bad news and persuading might help you in your own workplace communications. 5. Please use APA citations

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    Communication Plan 6 days left

    Pretend you are the CEO of Meta4 Labs. While the company used to be known for its innovation, producing multiple new products annually and owning a number of important utility patents, you're concerned because only a couple of new products were developed in the past year. You want to turn this around. You’re free to suggest whatever turn-around you want, and you can make up the details as you communicate a change message to kick off the company retreat and outline a change communications plan based on the change models, the executive coach’s advice, and Duarte’s principles of spellbinding presentations. business writing (single-spaced, liberal use of headings, bullet points, and charts/graphs/graphics as appropriate). around 500 words. words in tables etc count

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    Presentations 6 days left

    We need a HIGHLY SKILLED and WELL READ person to undertake a very important job in presenting a PROPOSAL for CROWDFUNDING on the major Crowdfunding sites. Kickstarter, GoFundMe and Indieagago ... and others. DO YOU KNOW THESE SITES??? IF NOT ... then please dont waste your time in applying for this job. We will reward you with a BONUS when you can successfully create a GREAT campaign for us and our clients on each of these sites. LIKE ALL OUR JOBS... we look for skilled, dedicated and TRUSTWORTHY young people for a L O N G association where most of the people that apply here are desperate for one small job, and we will not enage with this attitude... We want dedicated young skilled and honest persons. Please read this carefully before you apply ... thanku.

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    URGENT WRITING TASK 6 days left

    I need a urgent task of 300 words. Only apply if you can do it in half an hour.

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    Project for Mary P. 9 days left

    Hi Mary P., I need to get a grant application (8 pages) proofread today, are you available? it's a 5000 word document. if so let me know how long you would need and how much you would agree to do it for. kind regards.

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    I need someone to create just 25 slides in one PowerPoint from a research paper. Go through the paper and pick important areas as slides and for presentation. I will provide the research paper. I need someone who is good in statistics and research and can create PowerPoint slides that is presentable. It is an urgent job

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    need a two page critique done off of a speech outline i did

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    communication 6 days left

    I have an informative speech. The subject is "why do we forget our dreams?" I will be attaching a word file that explains the way for the writing. Also, I'm looking for 6 sources. In the attachment, you will find the formula for the informative speech and the grading method.

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    Good Day. I Have A Business Plan Assignment For My University, Please Read The Attached File For The Requirements. It Is Only Few Questions To Answer, With A Specific Guidelines Mentioned In The File As Well. Thanks.

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    I would like to do a research in the security and privacy issues and challenges in IoT, so i would like to have document that contains an introduction of IoT and its types and economic benefits in different areas, also move to the concept Industrial internet of things (IIoT) and describe its types and discuss are the smart metering and scada could be considered as IIoT , then move to the security , privacy issues and challenges related to IoT and IIoT , analyze the security architecture and existing protocols and mechanisms used to secure communications in the IoT, as well as open research issues and how existing approaches ensure fundamental security requirements and protect communications on the IoT, compares security issues between IoT and traditional network. below the guidelines for the two chapters: the number of words required is 8000

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    Performance Measurement in Supply Chain Management Individual Project Performance Measurement of a major Function or Process in SCM Objective: *Describe Performance Measurement for a Function or Process within Supply Chain Management, other than Warehousing. *You can use template on Warehousing, i.e. cover Quality measures, Utilization measures, Productivity measures, and Performance measures as a background. Start by choosing a product. *The project content is flexible but the project should start with a diagram of the basic industry supply chain of your chosen product. *This supply chain could be an actual supply chain that you are familiar or it could be a supply chain that you develop using research to determine what is generally included in the production and delivery of your chosen product. *From the basic supply chain ascertain what the corporate and supply chain goals or customer needs are specifically (strategies). In other words - Why does the supply chain exist? From that, a set of general measurements should be proposed. There is not a limitation on length of the written report, but a good guide would be six pages.

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    To write a novel analysis " The Notebook" in about 800-1200 words. as the following: Introduce the novel by its title and author and retell the plot in a few lines, (but keep this summary as short and concise as you can). Remember to give your text a title as well! Then, in separate paragraphs in the body of your text, discuss a free choice of 3-4 literary aspects ( preferred to be characters, the narrator, the message, and the last is up to you . Firstly, choose your aspects, then, use one key word for each aspect, which you think is appropriate for the aspect. Make sure to use the terms for the aspects you choose. There should be no doubt what aspect you are analyzing! The text should be coherent and nicely linked together. When you choose your key words, use your opinion. You have to explain why you choose your key words, and you must be convincing, using examples such as quotations from the book in order to support your ideas. Motivating your key words helps you to give a more detailed description of the story. In a review you use the present tense when mentioning events from the plot. Finally, end your text with a brief conclusion that rounds off your text nicely. The report must be at least 700 words but no more than 1400

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