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    Need a native English person to proofread 1500 words. Please bid only native English freelancers.

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    FORM DESIGN for A WEBSITE 6 days left

    We need to improve the Quote form on our website [url removed, login to view] The dimensions must remain the same as must the fields on the current form. Our services are hiring transport and we provide customers with a list of quotes for their journey. (Vehicle Types we offer) Taxi 1- 7 passengers Minibus 8 - 36 passengers Coaches 36-57 passengers (departure and return should be date and time specific) (passengers and suitcases should have options to allow only numeric entry) (Additional information - space here if the customer has additional needs) We are looking for a well designed form that fits in with the website look and excellent UI - minicabit have an excellent example that you can modify we are not looking for coding the form only the graphic design of the form - also you need to include the options available on the fields all fields should be required to be complete before form is successfully submitted. Appropriate error message should also be included in your design. There is a screenshot of the dimensions required for this form and how it currently looks The title of the form should read: Get An Instant Quote Final files should be photoshop files and pdf please

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    My name is Andrè, I am 21 years old from norway. I am in the making of a Youtube Channel named ''KaleShogun''. And I need a mascot drawn to represent the channel. The channel will be based around Anime & Veganism. I have many ideas. A character wearing typical samurai war armour, Maybe to have kale growing out in-between of the pieces of armour? A sword made from kale? - Another idea is to have a shogun mask of sort on the side of his head, or broken so only half the mask is on. With for example one Sasuke Uchiha Rinnegan or Sharingan eye, or Naruto Sage mode. Maybe some other hints on the mascot to further show signs of certain anime or Veganism? Thank you for considering to help me out. I would like the drawing to be rather realistic looking, more so than typical anime.

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    I'm working on a wordpress site that is ultimately to become an escort service. There's a key functionality I want the site to have: Firstly, each escort will possess a gps tracked device that provides real time location data. Once a customer books an appointment(which will always be a same day appointment), the website will automatically arrange an uber transaction, using the real time location data of the gps tracked device.

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    We are looking for someone to do data minning/ research on Shopify's experts page - [url removed, login to view] It has a list of categories like Designers, marketers, developers, photographers and so on. Under each category, there are a lot of experts listed. I want someone to help me make an excel sheet with all of the experts in it, their company name, website data, whois info (domain registrant), and address + email + phone number etc gathered from experts' own websites. Please bid with your estimated price for this job, and start your bid with "I can do it" so I know you have ready the project details well.

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    TAC Logo image adjustment 6 days left

    I need my logo to be transparent for certain applications. And, I also need it to scale for my website, its somewhat blurry when I upload it to my site. I have other images if necessary

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    Matlab code on surface roughness generated in ultra-precision machining process. the output should in graphhical method

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    I have the older open source version of EFront and although it has payment features embedded in the code, I can't seem to activate it. I don't think the open source version is supposed to have this feature but it all seems to be there but tunredoff. I need this fixed or a new ECommerce system installed.

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    Hi guys, I need someone who can write me 2000 words on a legal topic related to English law. Will talk more in chat!

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    HQ Peru Proyect 6 days left

    The proyect consist of developing an app similar to HQ for Peru. Hence, every day trivia questions would be submitted at a same hour for all users and given they answer all questions correctly, they receive an amount of money from a cash pot.

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    Transcribir audios 6 days left

    ranscribir o trascribir conjugar ⇒ tr. Escribir con un sistema de caracteres lo que está escrito en otro: me pidió que le transcribiera al castellano los nombres de varias ciudades árabes. Representar elementos fonéticos, fonológicos, léxicos o morfológicos de una lengua o dialecto mediante un sistema de escritura: asegúrate de que en el diccionario que compres se transcriban fonéticamente las palabras. Escribir o anotar lo que se oye: transcribió toda la conversación. Arreglar para un instrumento la música escrita para otro: transcribe canciones de piano para guitarra. ♦ Su p. p. es irreg.: transcrito. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    Need SEO for Real Estate Website , between 50-100 properties.

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    need to create matlab on vibration in vehicle engine

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    Web development 6 days left

    Javascript functions

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    EQUATIONS in La TEX 6 days left

    Need help transcribing equations into La Tex

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    Need an expert in embedded systems who can develop the following in the next 24 hours: 1 Explanation of operation of the code , Calculate time delay and confirm empirically , copy info- on PIR1 from datasheet and calculate max delay  2 ‐ Calculate Timer1 parameters for a 1 sec delay, Implement configurable delay function  3 ‐ Validate operation for 1, 2 and 5 second delay empirically  4 ‐ Stopwatch exercise  5 ‐ Add start/stop and reset functionality  1 Explanation of the operation of the code , Confirm delay of 20 ms empirically , Calculate max delay  2 - Design approximate 1 ms delay using Timer 2 , Calculate % error for at least two examples  3 ‐ Create flexible delay function using Timer 2  1 ‐ Low‐level flowchart for background code , Low‐level flowchart for foreground code i.e. ISR  2  Modify config() function to setup Timer 2 for 50 ms interrupts , Modify ISR to increment PORTD on interrupt, Add external interrupt to reset PORTD on RB0 press  3 ‐ Package short_delay() function into a library file  1 ‐ Short summary of each function  , Flowchart for main() function  Flowchart for ADC_read() function , Utilise the Call Graph facility in MPLAB X  2 ‐ Package the ADC functions into a library   3 ‐ Develop code to display potentiometer voltage in volts every 200 ms (3), High‐level flow of main() with function calls (1), High level flow of ISR (1), Calculate max sampling rate  from acquisition/conversion time requirements  1  Description of LED output from CCP1/RC2, Calculate PWM timebase/frequency and state maximum PWM resolution at this frequency  2 ‐ Modify code to cycle RC2 brightness up and down  3 ‐ Develop code to cycle CCP1/RC2 and CCP2/RC1 up and down in anti‐phase  4  Develop code to read the ADC channel 0 and 1 and output value to CCP1 and CCP2 respectively

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    speed up my website 6 days left

    i need a skilled and professional web developer to make my wordpress website fast. i must be as fast as 1second.

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    PACS System setup 6 days left

    I am working on a web based PACS System web front with Back-end DCM4CHEE. I will explain when we discuss more details if you are interested.

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    $20 / hr Avg Bid
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    Writing - 15$/1000 words-5 6 days left

    I am looking for writers, who are well versed with writing for long terms with work on the daily basis or task basis. The writer must be comfortable with diverse or any of the topics, be it, business related, Finance, history, journalism, taxation. etc. If interested, please get back to me. (If your demand is more, please don't apply)

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    We are a cinema camera rental house that would like to create an inventory system that would allow us to keep track of our inventory with a barcode system to check out and check in equipment. We are using a shopify site to set up an online booking service for our customers and we saw they offer a barcode system for a monthly payment. We would like to know if this would be a better approach for the inventory track system or if a separate system out of Shopify, using SQL database, or any other alternative is closer to our goal.

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