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Design a Tattoo Requirements: (1) Design a tattoo that combines elements of the Ryan crest (Image 1) into the Sons of Anarchy central image (Image 2). Don't replace the Sons of Anarchy image outright, but try to incorporate both in some stylish design. (2) Modify the text that says "Redwood Original" to "Ryan Originals" instead. (3) Provide two versions of the tattoo: White on black background, and Black on white background. 88 Graphic Design, Tattoo Design Jul 23, 2017 Jul 23, 20177d 14h $158
Upper arm Tattoo design/cover up I need some graphic design. I have a really bad tattoo on my arm, it might be uncoverable so what I need is to work around it try to dissolve it into a bigger design/turn it into a half sleeve. 13 Tattoo Design Jul 21, 2017 Jul 21, 20172d 23h $89
Project for Maplegroupcom Hi Maplegroupcom, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 0 , Tattoo Design Jul 20, 2017 Jul 20, 20175d 7h -
I would like to hire an Artist Hi, I own a gear and apparel company and I'm looking an artist who's capable of creating amazing vintage art and solutions for high quality fabric apparel. I have a list of ideas and they're typically open for you as the artist to use your imagination and create what you feel matches it. Section Thirty Industries is a back page gear and apparel line that targets veterans and determined individuals providing them with a work of art and message embedded in each product. When I say it's a back page company, it's apparel that you won't be able to find on the shelves of Walmart of your local clothing store. It has that mix of humor and darkness that's greeted with Merica. It's a mix of Jack Daniels and Fireball Cream Soda, it turns heads and has anyone who sees it questioning their wardrobe choices. Embarrassed and curious, they walk up to you and ask where did you get that shirt from? That's the image I want Section Thirty to have and I'm coming to you for your expertise. Ask questions and more questions. 39 Graphic Design, Illustrator, Arts & Crafts, Illustration, Tattoo Design Jul 19, 2017 Jul 19, 20171d 2h $141
Project for Alejandro P. Hi Alejandro, I chose the large wings as the logo! I rewarded you :) Is there a way that I can get them in PNG/clear background form too, both with the words at the bottom, and with only the logo? 5 T-Shirts, Sticker Design, , Spanish, Spanish (Spain), Tattoo Design Jul 18, 2017 Jul 18, 20173d 11h $7
Design a Tattoo THE JOB: To draw me a detailed colored tattoo design that I will put as a sleeve. PERSON I'M LOOKING FOR: Someone who already has experience in tattoo design is a must. This will be a sleeve for the rest of my life. I'd like someone passionate about drawing this tattoo and not just interested in making a quick buck. I want someone who's able to draw detailed colored drawings similar to the images attached. If you're amazing at tracing even and have a creative mind this would work even. Location of tattoo: Right arm/sleeve, If I could possibly cover the scar from a shoulder operation (images attached) I'd like that. Also attached images of my arm and bicep, dont know if you need those lol The IDEA: Below you will find two artworks, these are by Alex grey. They both depict Nature (Gaia) in struggle with Society/population and pollution. I'd like to incorporate both those images and an idea to form a nice sleeve. Gaia will start from the top of my arm, and then the pollution and the destruction will occur towards the middle/bottom of the arm to continue the sleeve. Top Part: So from the first image (the face of Gaia) I'd like her face pointed towards my chest, that way her hair (which would be green branches) would go from my tricep towards the back and side of my arm. I'd like to have the waterfall for sure as well it can collect into a lake, greenery trees also, some birds as well. Middle Part to Bottom: (inspiration from the second image) Here is where nature connects with pollution and society, so the long green branches from Gaia turn into power lines connecting to a power station producing pollution. The birds that are flying near are on fire and dying. The waterfall coming from Gaia now which collects into a small lake, at the other end of the lake there would be maybe a pipe spewing oil basically turning most of the lake black (i'd like there to be a proper difference between the blue of the fresh lake and the black of the polluted lake). Megacity in the background/planes helicopters/cars/fire/Oil stacks/nuclear center (basically the idea from the second image) 29 Graphic Design, Illustrator, Photo Editing, Creative Design, Tattoo Design Jul 18, 2017 Jul 18, 20177h 1m $143
Fashion Design - 17/07/2017 06:38 EDT Hello, Fashion startup and we need some designs/tech packs for manufacturer to produce the products, will discuss more in detail via chat 17 Industrial Design, Arts & Crafts, Fashion Design, Pattern Making, Tattoo Design Jul 17, 2017 Jul 17, 2017Ended $20
tshirt Tshirt design!! Draw a rooster with a half face helmet, evil knevil style with american flag and goggles. The rooster should be jumping a motorcycle in the air/ doing a trick. Basically a motocross rooster, then on top please write a logo of "STUNTCOCK" 48 T-Shirts, Label Design, Package Design, Tattoo Design Jul 13, 2017 Jul 13, 2017Ended $87
I would like to hire a Caricature & Cartoon Artist making hats 27 Animation, Illustration, Caricature & Cartoons, Tattoo Design Jul 12, 2017 Jul 12, 2017Ended $40
Tattoo design skull samurai Hello, i want to cover up my tattoos on my back. i have the desgn on my mind.i send picture of my back, paint splash tattoo example and explain the design. please contact me. Firstly, skull face (skeleton) woman (side view) with long black hair that be scattered by the wind. (hair can be used to cover up some parts of tatoo) , and her body is shadowy and hardly visible. She had samurai sword on her back. ( this part cover up the girl tattoo on my back) If possible, she is taking out her sword from her back. Note: the skull face and the sword scabnarb is not paint splash. The other parts of design is like paint splash. I want it all black-grey. Thanks, waiting to hear from you soon. 24 Tattoo Design Jul 12, 2017 Jul 12, 2017Ended $52
monogram Trying to surprise some friends with a monogram for their wedding. First initials are A (her) and V (him). They are an Indian couple, so ethnic "flare" is welcomed but not required. 30 Logo Design, Sticker Design, Tattoo Design Jul 11, 2017 Jul 11, 2017Ended $25
I would like to hire a Photoshop Designer tattoo - I'm after someone who can put a few images together on photoshop for me for a tattoo design. 3 or 4 different images thats all shouldn't be too hard for someone who knows what they're doing 41 Photoshop, Photo Editing, Invitation Design, Tattoo Design Jul 11, 2017 Jul 11, 2017Ended $25
I would like to hire a Caricature & Cartoon Artist This is an annual festival called Family Fun Fest, its main purpose is to celebrate the teens around the community and give local schools and businesses to gain exposure by networking themselves with the community. Its family oriented with free food, games, entertainment and more. 44 Animation, Illustration, Caricature & Cartoons, Tattoo Design Jul 10, 2017 Jul 10, 2017Ended $133
Design a Tattoo Full forearm tattoo for both hands, but same/similar design. Roman/antic pillars on 4 sides of the forearm inside which names will be written (one hand). Other hand has just 1 pillar with name on forearm. Interwined with roots that have roots to the fingers. Need quote and previous tattoo design (no logo design or similar, just interested in previous tattoo design). 18 Graphic Design, Tattoo Design Jul 9, 2017 Jul 9, 2017Ended $108
I would like to hire a Tattoo Designer looking for tattoo designer on ai or ps 38 Graphic Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Tattoo Design, Design Jul 9, 2017 Jul 9, 2017Ended $121
the recruit scoop Start an instagram account called "TheRecruitScoop" where i am looking share new and media about college basketball 6 Telemarketing, Palm, Sticker Design, Tattoo Design Jul 7, 2017 Jul 7, 2017Ended $44
I would like to hire an Artist Looking to make a shirt design that has a large muscular bearded lumberjack with "old timey" tattoos. I'm thinking like the pictures of tattoos with characters that have blue tattoos. I'd like a large design that would fit on the back of a shirt and smaller design to fit on the front breast of a shirt. The company name is Northland Ink 43 Illustrator, Arts & Crafts, Tattoo Design, Book Artist Jul 7, 2017 Jul 7, 2017Ended $119
Designing expert required I need a Graphic design expert for my current projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers. 66 Graphic Design, Concept Design, Icon Design, Creative Design, Tattoo Design Apr 30, 2017 Apr 30, 20173d 17h -
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