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Creativity in 3D forms the sphere of game art and this is a limitless solution as the needs are more demanding and endless. For this type of job, employers will get maximum advantage only if they can outsource this job project with a perfect partner. This revolutionizing gaming sphere brings the virtual gaming to life. This job is given to expert freelancers from all over the globe. These people have versatile knowledge handling many projects and hence will be useful and productive for your company's requirements in 3D modeling.
3D modeling constantly needs a unique service provider, as there is a constant demand and there are constant appends to the gaming world. New technology arises in a day, hence there is a necessity for constant updating and modifications to suit the gamers' or clients' growing needs. 3D modelers will have the latest tools needed for 3D animations. If you are looking for an entertaining and innovative job, get the perfect one from the many employers available on Freelancer.com.
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3d developer - 19/06/2017 04:22 EDT I am looking for a Russian speaking freelancer to help us with the project. The skills required are 3D Animation, 3D Design, 3D Modelling and Software Development. I am happy to pay a fixed price subject to negotiations. All the detailed information about the project will be provided upon contacting us. 50 3D Modelling, 3D Animation, 3D Design, Software Development Jun 19, 2017 Jun 19, 20176h 3m $1102
Get a Website Built I need a new website. I need you to design and build my personal website. 78 Java, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML, 3D Modelling Jun 19, 2017 Jun 19, 20174h 58m $290
Do some 3D Modelling interior project 17 3D Rendering, 3ds Max, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation Jun 19, 2017 Jun 19, 20174h 52m $323
3D content website I am looking to build a website similar to [url removed, login to view] and would like prices please! 61 PHP, HTML, 3D Modelling, 3D Design Jun 19, 2017 Jun 19, 20174h 44m $5771
Spacesuit (SketchUp Only) 3D Modelling I need a 'hard' spacesuit modelled in Google (Trimble) SketchUp (ONLY). NO CAD, Rhino, SolidWorks etc as these programs protocols do not carry over very well into SU. The limbs and hands need to articulate for an animation, so no fixed wireframe models please. The project requires someone with character building skills or an Industrial designer with a sense of detail. The entire spacesuit is nonlinear, lofts and splines. Please do not send countless architectural building renders with nice sunsets. I would like to see evidence in your portfolios of organic/nonlinear projects- People, Cars etc. The project is confidential at this time so I am not in a position to post out drawings of the design. You are expected to work from Adobe Illustrator elevations without dimensions. I'm sure the project will require some tweaking. 22 3D Rendering, 3D Modelling Jun 19, 2017 Jun 19, 20174h 17m $274
Hire a 3D Modeller I need a 3D model of [url removed, login to view] the designing of buildings and planning and interior and exterior graphic design 39 Graphic Design, 3D Rendering, 3D Modelling, 3D Design Jun 19, 2017 Jun 19, 20174h 17m $169
Help me with Marketing Create a 30 second 3D animation video in HD for to promote our technology and product. 6 3ds Max, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation Jun 19, 2017 Jun 19, 20171h 57m $190
I would like to hire a Product Designer Industrial Designer for baby product....I am looking for a nordic scandi design. I would like to see past projects of the designers to see their style if this is possible. I have a product that I would like some ideas or medications to in order to make the product more "quirky" 66 Industrial Design, Product Design, 3D Modelling, 3D Design Jun 19, 2017 Jun 19, 20171h 36m $756
I would like to hire a 3D Modeller I need a 3D model of something. 95 3D Rendering, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation, 3D Design Jun 18, 2017 Jun 18, 20171h 6m $144
structural engineer Hello, I'm looking for a structural engineer licensed in the state of Minnesota (USA) (or who is qualified to sign and stamp a residential plan) who can review a 20x20 garage plan I'm building and sign-off on the foundation so I can get it approved by the city. The garage is on a walk-out lot and it will be filled in and the foundation will be brought up to the walk-out height. This means we'll have frost footings and from grade to the walk-out grade is [url removed, login to view] plus the required minimum depth for the frost footings (48"). I'm looking for someone licensed in the State of Minnesota (or qualified) to sign-off on the foundation integrity or add what needs to be added to the plan so I can get it past the city for approval. 15 Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation Jun 18, 2017 Jun 18, 20171h 5m $453
3D Modelling STUFF I require a cheap 3d modeler (only modelling) for five -5- products like this - [url removed, login to view] If you can show me a demo fo the product above with watermark .. that would be great! Thanks! 84 3D Rendering, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation Jun 18, 2017 Jun 18, 2017Ending $107
Do some 3D Modelling i would like to do some design 1- poker table 2- black jack table 3- roulette table 63 AutoCAD, 3ds Max, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation Jun 18, 2017 Jun 18, 2017Ending $1818
3D Modeling for Adult Toy This is for a project to design a 3D model of an adult toy. The final 3D file should be very close to the specifications shown in the photo. This is a big toy. The numbers on the shaft are CIRCUMFERENCE IN INCHES. The "insertable length" of toy is the length of the shaft from the top of balls to the top of toy which is 12". The length including the balls is 14". The should be about 1.5" of blank space that can be printed below the toy, this should be blank with no texture, just smooth. The toy will end up being very fat, not like a normal penis but the skin texture, veins, wrinkles and features should look as realistic as possible. The top of toy is covered in foreskin, there should just be a very small opening at the top, maybe 1.4" opening and 1/8" deep. Final file should be STL. Wall thickness that is 3/32" to 1/8" is ideal. Bottom of toy should be open, it will be filled with plaster at a later time after it is printed. All files will be checked by my 3D printing guy. I will run this contest for a max of 30 days but will end the contest when I get a submittal that looks very good. I suggest you use Google to find images of real penises. DO NOT COPY OTHER PEOPLES PRODUCTS. Any questions, just ask. 12 3D Animation, 3D Design, 3D Model Maker, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering Jun 17, 2017 Jun 17, 201721d 16h $500
Do some 3D Modelling - STL file Creation I need a small specific item that needs to be printable with a 3D printer - Tubular Approx 7mm in diameter in two halves Will support an internal 41mm tube of approx [url removed, login to view] diameter Tube that goes inside is about 41mm x 7mm the two halves must protect and hold it in place Where it supports the tube on either side it should not be smaller than [url removed, login to view] and not bigger than [url removed, login to view] to allow cable to pass through then open up to the end diameter below (Protects Cable where it enters each end and the jacket is stripped back on the inside where the cable can be joined in the tube) Overall the length will 60mm It will be in two halves initially with clips that lock it together It will form a 3.1 mm hole on each end but be designed to clamp down slightly with threads A separate end (essentially a round nut) will thread on either end and clamp it down to [url removed, login to view] when tightened. The threaded part must be no more than 5mm long on each side The specifications listed below are correct. The example picture ***is only approximate*** You design can be different. Only the specifications matter. Along with the STL files I need a full CAD drawing of the 4 separate pieces with all dimensions both internal and external listed. 10 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering Jun 17, 2017 Jun 17, 201721d 15h $200
Project for justinseeney Hi justinseeney, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 7 Internet Marketing, SEO, Link Building, Marketing, 3D Modelling, Jun 17, 2017 Jun 17, 20171d 10h $10317
Project for ART LAND DESIGN Hi ART LAND DESIGN, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 7 3D Rendering, Interior Design, 3ds Max, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation, Jun 17, 2017 Jun 17, 20171d 5h $269
BEST 3D MODELING I need you to model this adjustable bed frame and mattress [url removed, login to view] please choose a couple good angles for render. here is a picture with notes to help with the design [url removed, login to view] . Please note. The Head of the bed adjusts separately in the video and the foot area of the mattress is together, this is how the render should be. the fabric on the bed frame looks like this closer up [url removed, login to view] The dimensions are 76" x 80" x 7.5" (width, length, and height) and mattress is 15 inches thickness The bed frame model should look very real. It should look really good like this one looks [url removed, login to view] The mattress texture should be like this [url removed, login to view] The bed should have sheets and pillows to dress it up to look nice. make the sheets look like this [url removed, login to view] So this is very easy work I need you to model the bed frame and mattress above. We have a total of 20 different beds to model. For each bed we need about 30 pictures. We will pay $.75 per render. All the beds are the same style just have small differences. they are all very similar. So 20 models * 30 picture per model * $[url removed, login to view] per picture = $600 all together. This bid is for a test of the first bed model. After that is approval I will escrow the rest. This is very EASY WORK because all the models are very similar. Once you have the first one done you can do similar for the other. I am looking for the best designer.. because these beds have to look very real. We will not wait 14 days to select someone. So if you want this project please submit your entrees fast. As soon as we see a good design we will select the winner. We are a web design company so we have a lot of work, so please do a great job so we can use you again and again. We will keep you employed for a long time. 21 3D Design, 3D Model Maker, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering, 3ds Max Jun 12, 2017 Jun 12, 20177d 14h $25
Animate business logo We are after a professional 3D animation of our logo. The business is a pizza shop. The style needs to be modern, professional and encourage people to want to eat at our restaurant. Short and sweet. 37 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, After Effects, Animation, Maya Jun 10, 2017 Jun 10, 20179d 13h $189
3D Design, 3D Model Maker, 3D Modelling Jun 9, 2017 Jun 9, 20174d 10h
Do some 3D Modelling We are making a 1vs1 phantom samurai game that focus on reading the opponent's mind, and we need an exceptional artist / tech artist to model and create VFX for the main character of the game. You will be tasked to model and texture 1 humanoid character based on 1 piece of concept art (attached), create "flowy" VFX to complement the character, and produce a Unity test scene with the character in place. We already have our key concept art (attached), and it gives a good idea of what the characters look like. As you can see, they are a bit unusual and complex to make: they are "phantoms" with no flesh or bone, just a bunch of armor pieces bound together by some energy. For that, we need not only the 3d model but a set of special effects that represent the phantom flowing through the armor gaps. This contest is more of a test to define the overall art style and also to find capable artists who might be interested in helping in more areas of the project, including design and animation. It's going to be mainly a 1 vs 1 mobile game, and we are looking for a "timeless" visual style that doesn't need to be realistic. That said, the model needs to be detailed enough to represent cool weapons and pieces of armor. We have a comprehensive list of good and bad references here: [url removed, login to view] Some requirements: - The model needs to be detailed enough in order to enable zooming in specific parts of the armor without much loss in detail. - The special effects need to be convincing and flawless - no clipping through the armor, for example. - No background is necessary, but feel free to put placeholders for the sky and ground if it makes the presentation better. - Rigging and animation are not necessary - they will be done at a later stage. - Please divide the armor pieces into parts that can be turned on and off in the scene. The parts are head gear, mask, chest, left arm, right arm, left shoulder, right shoulder, legs, boots, cape, sword, and dagger. If any of these parts is not visible in the concept art, create it based on the overall concept art. - The character needs to be properly textured, including different materials such as metal (feel free to use normal and other maps). - The style should be "timeless", something that has a unique identity and would look great even in 10 years. There are examples in the trello page. - The unity scene needs to be concise enough to allow us to quickly import the model into the game. If you have any questions, please let me know. Good luck! 19 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering, Unity 3D Jun 9, 2017 Jun 9, 20173d 4h $449
3D Design, 3D Model Maker, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering Jun 8, 2017 Jun 8, 201712d 3h
3D Modelling, 3ds Max, CAD/CAM, Product Design, Solidworks Jun 6, 2017 Jun 6, 201710d 22h
3D Animation, 3D Modelling, Sculpturing, Zbrush Jun 6, 2017 Jun 6, 201710d 21h
3d Storage Container Family Design We are looking for a 3d design of a family of three custom containers. From a design perspective, they should all have the same general design features so it is clear that they are the same family of containers. The primary difference will be their size. The design doesn't have to be perfect from a mechanical perspective. We are focused primarily on getting the aesthetics of the box right. All containers: 1. Internal locking mechanism to keep case law 2. Hinges have to be on the inside (can't be accessible on outside) 3. All three should look similar from a design perspective 4. All designs should incorporate the logo enclosed here in an innocuous way 5. We are looking for sleek, designer and professional appearance. We want a unique and eye-catching design. 6. The lock mechanism will be on the inside and not on the outside 7. We would like to see two colour schemes (one black set and one white set) Container 1: 9. Pocket sized ([url removed, login to view] in (l), [url removed, login to view] (w), [url removed, login to view] (h)) 10. Split casing (opens in middle along long edge like sunglass case) Container 2: 11. Purse sized (7.0 in (l), 4.0 in (w), 2.0 (h)) 12. Split casing (opens in middle along long edge like sunglass case) Container 3: 13. Small jewellery box sized (8.0 in (l), 8.0 in (w), 5.0 (h)) 14. Casing opens at top like a small chest – the entire top/lid flips open on hinges (similar to jewellery box) Full IP ownership transfer will be required. All IP rights to the logo remain with us. Ideally the design files will be easily editable (we prefer Fusion 360) and in a standardized format. We would like to see fully rendered boxes. 7 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering Jun 4, 2017 Jun 4, 20178d 20h $226
3D Design, 3D Modelling, AutoCAD, Engineering, Graphic Design Jun 2, 2017 Jun 2, 20176d 6h
Do some 3D Modelling hello i need to model 12 3d ring out of pictures m 32 3D Modelling May 22, 2017 May 22, 20173d 17h -
Do some 3D Modelling of Iron Man LifeLike Bust Do some 3D Modelling of Iron Man Life Like Bust -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is highly Important to have this done using CINEMA 4D or better. If not, please explain why. Secondly, these type of Models can be readily found online. The purpose of the 3D Model, is to get them printed out using 3D Printer. The 3D Printer can print 600mm x 600mm x 600mm. It would mean, it can print the whole half body without separation nor the need to assemble them. However, IF we can pull this off, we will plan to have this worn by small kids in the future. For this project, we just need it to be placed as a model display. What the project is asked you is to have the Mask opened/closed and unlocked/locked. We will install some LED lights at the chest light, eyes and hands. With this said, we need you to consider adding some gears to open/close the mask, move the arms and hands. I will ask you to add our logo somewhere the body, logo will be given to you later. VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: Whoever WON this Contest will get One (1) extra 3D Model Project. Long-term can be considered. 3 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D May 10, 2017 May 10, 20174d 7h $75
luxury palace design My palace room design 4 3D Rendering, AutoCAD, Interior Design, 3ds Max, 3D Modelling May 7, 2017 May 7, 2017Ended $1090
Brick tunnel shaft/brick tunnel 3D analysis I am seeking technical advice for how to analyzing of lateral earth pressure on a vertical circular shaft and how to check the brick tunnel/shaft intersection. Please apply anyone has knowledge in earth structures. please find the attached diagram. the circular vent shaft buried in soil (say 5m) and 3m exposed from the ground level. 3m internal diameter, 500mm thick and supported on brick tunnel (800mm thick). Hoop stress or any other simplified method to check the tunnel shaft? 15 3D Modelling, Bricklaying, 3D Model Maker Jan 19, 2017 Jan 19, 20173d 6h $25
I need a simple 3D prototype I need to have a proof of concept 3D drawing done. I'm working on a project where I need to be able to show the physical outline of this small box that has 7 connectors on it. The attached file is a similar project I did last year. This will be an expansion of that - adding several Lemo connectors as in the larger file attachment. Here is what I would like to have done: 1. design the 3D drawing to create a 3D viewable PDF and STL file 2. There are a couple of connectors where the 3D drawing of the connector exist. I would like to incorporate those actual connectors. 3. I would like to be able to revise as necessary to get final version (will no more than 3 revisions, as this is just a proof of concept drawing) Basically it will just be a box with a rendered finish (probably shiny polycarb plastic like the old Apple computers). There is no huge hurry - like to have in 30 days or so. I have a more detailed description of the project with URL links to the actual connectors that I will share with the selected contractor. 66 3D Rendering, 3D Modelling Jan 13, 2017 Jan 13, 2017Ended $147
trail of work i would like to get the trail of my work to increase my confidence on my work. if any one who want to hire a long time freelancer on reasonable rate then please test my work by giving me some short paid assignments. i have skills of autocad > interior designs >exterior design >floor plans >building estimation 2 Building Architecture, 3D Rendering, AutoCAD, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation Jan 1, 2017 Jan 1, 2017Ended $291
Visual art designer for drawing product design sketch Hi. I need someone to draw down some of the concepts i have, so i can show my technical drawer what he will work with, Its also to get a glimpse of how the product will end up to be to cover missing elements before technical drawing. I will serve you with pictures of similar products and a txt with concept & idea. Then we will talk together to cover all elements of how the drawing should look. I will need 3 sketches of my product in different angles and with different features. There will also be a few fast drafts before i say its good to go. Theme: Its a new Drone concept.. I added a few pictures to show some similar results to what i expect. 31 3D Rendering, 3D Modelling, Visualization Dec 17, 2016 Dec 17, 2016Ended $194
Do some 3D Modelling for an architecture student project. Freelancer needs to be good in Steel structures 3d modelling and good in nature rendering. 54 3D Rendering, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation Dec 14, 2016 Dec 14, 2016Ended $76
Do some 3D Modelling for a gazebo Do some 3D Modelling for a gazebo as posted 60 3D Rendering, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation Dec 14, 2016 Dec 14, 2016Ended $86
Do some 3D Modelling I have used CATA V5R21 to create outer skin of a [url removed, login to view] I designed chassis of that car. 9 3D Rendering, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation Dec 11, 2016 Dec 11, 2016Ended $16
Do some 3D Modelling creating joints and ik handle to the character - bind skin and paint skin weights 42 3D Rendering, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation Dec 9, 2016 Dec 9, 2016Ended $105
Do some 3D Modelling from scratch We would like a photo realistic rendering from scratch. we will provide the plans and some 3d low quality photos of the project. We need it in 7-10 days 103 Photoshop, 3D Rendering, 3ds Max, 3D Modelling Dec 8, 2016 Dec 8, 2016Ended $433
Do some 3D Modelling --1 We have created three types of rings with the software RhinoGold 5.0. First type: wedding rings (with 8 different shapes) Second type: solitaire rings (with 8x8 different shapes (8 different crowns and 8 different shanks)) Third type: eternity rings (8 different shapes) All models needs to be rendered in white gold - polished 14 K with transparent backgrounds and shadow under the rings with at least 25 different views (360 view)! All gems are diamonds! It's quite important, that all rendered rings look quite realistic and not just 3D animated! There should not be to much shadow on the rings! For more information we can talk about It! Thanks 32 3D Rendering, Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation Nov 14, 2016 Nov 14, 2016Ended $343
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