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Ubuntu is operating system software, which is distributed as free and open source software. It is used on desktops, laptops, tablet computers, Smartphones, smart TVs, servers and for cloud computing.
As a user of Ubuntu you can get professional assistance from the freelancers at freelancer.com. These are people qualified in managing the software and even customizing it to your needs. When you post the job, the freelancers bid for it and you can choose to pay hourly or at fixed rate. The bidding enables you to select the best from the constantly updated pool of Ubuntu professionals at a fair price. The payment to the freelancer is made when you are satisfied with the job. This reduces the cost of managing the software if you had employed someone full time.
With knowledge and experience of Operating system software such as Ubuntu, you can earn a living at freelancer.com by becoming a freelancer. This is done by signing up and bidding for jobs. Once you get the job and complete it, the employer makes the payment upon satisfaction that Ubuntu is well-managed. The job can be done from the comfort of your home as opposed to other ordinary jobs that one have to go do at the office.
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Project/Contest Description Bids/Entries Skills Started Ends Price (USD)
My Computer Help Project - 25/06/2017 06:40 EDT need help with embedded linux project. Skills required are Linux,|Ubuntu,embedded software, git Note: lahore pakistan based candidates only due to nature of the job 5 Linux, Embedded Software, Ubuntu, Git, Computer Help Jun 25, 2017 Today6d 4h $391
OTT IPTV proyect I need to do a OTT proyect, i need to use Stalker Middleware with Flussonic media server 7 Linux, Ubuntu, Debian Jun 25, 2017 TodayEnding $639
Hire a Linux Developer This project, I am looking for a Linux developer or developers that can use open source code to develop an OS for a single broad computer; with a mini-itx form factor, that is being develop for consumer use. The OS source code is based on Debian Linux . More details will be provided to the freelancer after an NDA signed. 12 Linux, Software Development, Ubuntu, Debian Jun 25, 2017 Today6d $3007
Write some Software 1. Allow full access to new SSH Keys, and Send Key Files to us over Freelance Chat. 2. Delete all Old SSH Keys related to this account. 3. Change InstancesLocation. (Website Does not Load in Canada.) 4. Finish Task in 10 Minutes, if done on time tip. 7 PHP, Linux, Google App Engine, Ubuntu, Google Cloud Storage Jun 24, 2017 Jun 24, 20175d 11h $219
Optimal OpenVPN config for gaming Hello, I need the optimal OpenVPN configuration for gaming, this means lower latency, lower packet loss, lower spikes. I have the default configuration and works OK but sometimes ping goes up, or packet loss appears to my users. I will be reading your ideas and the best idea wins. 8 Linux, Ubuntu, Network Administration Jun 24, 2017 Jun 24, 20174d 23h $136
replace ubuntu greeter (login page) with a personalized page that also shows a live video stream I need help from a coder that can hack Ubuntu's default greeter (the login page where it asks for username and password) for a personalized one. I need to change this screen so that it shows simultaneously the login/password fields at the bottom (as it would normally do), but also shows a live video stream from one of my IP video cameras available in the network (using a protocol such as RTSP). 7 C Programming, Linux, Video Broadcasting, Ubuntu Jun 23, 2017 Jun 23, 20174d 15h $189
virtualbox server issue, TFTP server issue, Linux TFTP server setup. Virtualbox on linux server issue. Linux High Availability. 20 Ubuntu Jun 23, 2017 Jun 23, 20174d 2h $259
Squid Proxy Configuation I have 1 dedicated Server (Ubuntu Linux Squid3) with 5 additional Public IPs address. I would like to use the 5 public ip address as there own independent proxies individual thru the dedicated server 17 PHP, Linux, Software Architecture, Apache, Ubuntu Jun 23, 2017 Jun 23, 20174d $40
Magento server version fixing Magento Php Version fixed,Check the error screenshot below. 27 Magento, Ubuntu Jun 23, 2017 Jun 23, 20173d 23h $261
Ethereum Block real-time sync Ethereum is installed on my ubuntu [url removed, login to view] LTS server. We're synchronizing the block [url removed, login to view] last block number is currently 3865458. I currently have [url removed, login to view] Ether in my wallet. However, it appears as [url removed, login to view] if I check balance check on html using [url removed, login to view] on my server. If you are sending in your wallet or receive Ether, you must be a real-time check in real time. However, it is not a real-time synchronization on my server. Please contact us if you have any experience or answers to this question. 6 Javascript, Ubuntu, JSON Jun 23, 2017 Jun 23, 20173d 21h $85
Vps I can provide you With group of Windows,Links and other systems Vps Starting From 1 GIga ram to 68 Giga Prices from 5$ 3 Windows Server, Plesk, VPS, Ubuntu Jun 22, 2017 Jun 22, 20173d 13h $30
linux server,aws, Ubuntu, Apache, Php [url removed, login to view] You cant create a custom ELB platform without CLI [url removed, login to view] This is an example for setting up Ubuntu; Nginx and Node The final result should be a code set similar to the one provided; but that set's up all the dependiencies mentioned on the description And also, that sets up Apache Virtualhosts based on environment vars And based on the [url removed, login to view] file provided; copy only the specified files and folders to the /var/www/html folder And then ensite all that was passed This is the example appspec Ubuntu, Apache, Php7 and deps Mysql Client By default ELB takes a source file called [url removed, login to view] and then you can do whatever you want with it The updating will take place using AWS PipeLine and AWS CodeBuild. I just need to create a ELB Environment Custom Platform. From that point, you are no longer responsible for anything Ubuntu, Apache, Php7 and deps Mysql Client my budget upto inr 5000 start right now otherwise donot bid 17 Linux, Apache, Amazon Web Services, Ubuntu Jun 22, 2017 Jun 22, 20173d 10h $57
deployment of a security scenario for linux deployment of a security scenario for linux 15 System Admin, Linux, Shell Script, Ubuntu Jun 22, 2017 Jun 22, 20173d $123
Customization of odoo 10 During purchase and sales, I want the option to import the serial number of the product. 19 Python, PostgreSQL, Ubuntu, Odoo Jun 22, 2017 Jun 22, 20172d 21h $33
I would like to hire a Linux Developer I have an embedded board based on NXP’s MPC5125. The Linux Version is 2.6.29. There two Ethernet interfaces in this board say eth1 and eth2 and other standard interfaces. I am looking for someone who can Port Linux 4.X version to this board and provide me the BSP. Moreover Port NAT 64 on to this board . The intention behind porting NAT 64 follows . We have two Ethernet interfaces in this board say eth1 and eth2 . IPV6 packets received from eth1 must be translated and send to eth2 and vice versa.. If you are interested in take up this job please send me a quote and time required . 8 Linux, Ubuntu Jun 21, 2017 Jun 21, 20172d 17h $4487
Check complete Website (USER & SOURCE CODE) and fix all bugs and functions I need an EXPERT with this technologies: (if you are not an expert, please don't waste your time or my time and don't apply for this project) Programming Language: Python. Framework: Django. CSS Framework: MaterializeCSS. Frontend Library: JQuery and others. BD: Postgresql Cache: Memcache. Server Info: Ubuntu Server [url removed, login to view] I need an expert that is able to: Control my complete website (from user site and from source code) and fix all bugs (We know at this moment 3 bugs). It is very important that the freelancer has the possibility to install the website on he's own server and make all controls and tests there. The bug fixes will be integrated in our website only after that all tests are done and all works without problems. 20 Python, Django, jQuery / Prototype, PostgreSQL, Ubuntu Jun 21, 2017 Jun 21, 20172d 13h $182
Fix chat node js with video http to https It is to repair a chat with video that works in http but not in https 7 node.js, Express JS, Socket IO, Ubuntu Jun 21, 2017 Jun 21, 20172d 7h $34
update digicert digital certificate on rackscpace Apache/2.4.10 ubuntu server I need someone to update a DigiCert digital certificate on rackscpace Apache/[url removed, login to view] ubuntu server. I have downloaded all the new certificates, uploaded them to the rackspace server. All I need is someone to check the work and restart apache2 to ensure the licenses are updated. This is a 5 minutes work. So please, reasonable offers. 25 Apache, Ubuntu Jun 21, 2017 Jun 21, 20172d 5h $29
altcoin mining pool install open source altcoin mining pool software on ubuntu 5 Ubuntu Jun 21, 2017 Jun 21, 20172d 2h $111
Maria DB Master/Slave + FailoverIP Hi i need config 2 MariaDB in failover IP and doc for emergency 22 System Admin, Ubuntu, MariaDB Jun 20, 2017 Jun 20, 20171d 6h $140
Install Mautic in Vultr server Install, Optimize, and Configure last version of Mautic in Vultr server. 18 PHP, Linux, Software Architecture, Ubuntu, Debian Jun 20, 2017 Jun 20, 201722h 9m $27
fedex & ups tracking n trace command line utility to work as follows: # get_trace <carrier> <tracking #> <Login> <Password> to return tracking info into tracking#.txt and signature into tracking#.jpg 18 PHP, Perl, Linux, UNIX, Ubuntu Jun 19, 2017 Jun 19, 201720h 15m $197
Haproxy, Nginx Control & WHMCS API I am looking for someone to make a secure haproxy control panel witch writes the the config file & database and possibly a WHMCS module to go with it(or build it into WHMCS). I want the following features, please tell me if you can do it all or just some of it. Client Features; - Login to account. - News on home page with updates. - A system to let clients start, reload haproxy & check status. - Change IP that it's pointing too - write/update database & haproxy config file. - Change Port that it's pointing too - write/update database & haproxy config file. - Change account settings(Password, first name, lastname, email address). Admin Features; - Create client account, generate a password. - Create news updates. - Stop & Start haproxy. - View proxies. - Assign proxy to account. - Edit a clients proxy. - Suspend a proxy. - Terminate a proxy - Delete a account. I also want it to have a simple design maybe built with Bootstrap or one from scratch if you won't do one I will provide you with one. [Removed for encouraging offsite communication which is against our Terms and Conditions.] if you want to talk further. 9 PHP, Nginx, MySQL, WHMCS, Ubuntu Jun 19, 2017 Jun 19, 201715h 36m $241
Google Cloud Auto-scaling Instance group 1- Create auto-scaling Instance group (Micro VM) Minimum 2VMs Max 20VMs with load balancer (http/https) 2- Install Ubuntu 16LTS on group 3- Assign 2 External Static IPs to instance group 4- Install Magento 2.1.6 on instance Group 5- Install SSL certificate from "Let's encrypt" (Free SSL Provider) 11 System Admin, Cloud Computing, Magento, Ubuntu, Google Cloud Storage May 22, 2017 May 22, 20173d 9h -
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