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Project/Contest Description Bids/Entries Skills Started Ends Price (USD)
Design game with Unity 3D We need a software programmer who is able to work with Unity. It is for the programming of a 2D (relatively) simple board game (can be compared with chess). Estimated time is 1-2 months of work. 33 Unity 3D Feb 5, 2016 Feb 5, 20164d 14h $2498
Faites un peu de modélisation 3D I'm looking for an experienced and detailed oriented Unity3d developer for an Android/ IOS app .I also need a backend and web frontend (Ideally with Node.js and angula.Js: MEAN stack This app contains : - a market place, - user identification (endemic, facebook, google, linkedin), I'd like to be able to connect with the developer try Skype, Facetime or phone. ... I will manage this proje... 16 3D Rendering, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation, Unity 3D Feb 5, 2016 Feb 5, 20164d 8h $396
Looking for Unity AR developer I am looking for a senior developer who is experienced in Unity 3D and Vuforia SDK. This app is Augment Reality app and we can provide 3D animated model. Please bid only experienced developers. If not, you will be declined. 12 Unity 3D Feb 4, 2016 Feb 4, 20164d 6h $1999
Do some 3D Modelling I need 3D designers,I start a new company,can you answer me if you are intrested ? 73 3D Rendering, Flash 3D, 3ds Max, 3D Modelling, Unity 3D Feb 4, 2016 Feb 4, 20164d $13009
Unity C# Movement Script I need a script for unity c# grid step movement. The player needs to be able to move vertically and horizontally in fixed steps over time, also it needs to be able to accept input while moving, for example if you press left it would start moving left and if you press left again while moving he would finish the step to the left and make another step to the left only faster. I need this to work in ... 20 Mobile Phone, Android, Unity 3D Feb 4, 2016 Feb 4, 20163d 20h $34
Develop iOS (Unity) physics We're looking for someone to develop physics in Unity for iOS platform. We have a game we want to mimic as close as possible in physics model, but to describe it little bit more it has the Tiny Wings acceleration on downslopes, and it has jump feature as well. It's rather primitive, we'll send you the game take as example via PM. If we'll have good experience working with y... 36 Mobile Phone, iPhone, iPad, Unity 3D Feb 4, 2016 Feb 4, 20163d 11h $796
3d facial assets Hi! I am looking for help creating a library of facial features similar to microsoft’s avatar editor (can be downloaded at Microsoft 10 store or see https://live.xbox.com/en-US/AvatarEditor). The features assets needed are (links are images of what is needed): * 19 eyes (should be texture with ability to change iris color) https://www.dropbox.com/s/b1kzjhhglwi893j/eyes-shape.jpg ... 23 3D Rendering, 3D Modelling, 3D Animation, Unity 3D Feb 4, 2016 Feb 4, 20163d 11h $528
FFT voice analyzer We are looking for a developer that knows how to write FFT in the best way to analyze human voice in mobile devices. it is required to be in C# so we can implement the code in Unity3d platform. 13 iPhone, Android, C# Programming, Unity 3D Feb 4, 2016 Feb 4, 20163d 10h $666
Unity Object Placer Component - 4 day delivery Unity Object Placer Component. Small project ($750-950 AUD). 5 day delivery A tool that enables placement of 3D objects into the 3d scene. Objects can only be placed onto designated placement sites. The system should be flexible enough to allow an unlimited number of objects and placement sites to be added to the tool by another unity developer. A detail specification is available from the... 14 Computer Graphics, Unity 3D, User Interface / IA Feb 3, 2016 Feb 3, 20163d 3h $893
build website for game with backend and attractive design responsive am looking for profissional web game devloper who is good in making nice interface and backend system for website from scratch site should be responsive for mobiles for simple game one function most work will be done on how to manage it and how to add credit to players becouse we want to use watch video reward system to get more credit all details we will talk about in chat just make sure you able... 23 PHP, AJAX, CMS, MySQL, Unity 3D Feb 3, 2016 Feb 3, 20162d 18h $716
Make a tiny minigame INTRODUCTION: We have a small fun minigame to be created in Unity 3D for Android and webGL. This is a start screen, game, and end screen. Very simple. ALL graphics will be provided by us, we will give a full, detailed description and the assets will be named and sized ready for the project. We will even add our own sound and music. No complected web communication is required, we will do all that... 46 Unity 3D, English (UK) Feb 3, 2016 Feb 3, 20162d 18h $236
GameDev story game mechanics Hello I need some help in my game project , So I am game similar to gameDev story with some different mechanics the game is 50~60% complete just need someone to help me out with remaining game . First i tried working with other freelancer which didnt work out well So Before making bid plzz be sure that you can complete the job and also give answer of following question in description or either m... 10 Game Design, C# Programming, Unity 3D, Game Development Feb 3, 2016 Feb 3, 20162d 17h $2591
Create quiz game for android " Who wants to be a millionaire" typo of. The game ( for android possibly for apple ios as well ) will have three categories of questions. 1: Easy - 50 questions 2:Normal - 50 questions 3:Hard - 50 questions all with 4 possible answers. to finish the game you need to answer all 15 questions in one round. each round has the same system - 5 easy 5 normal 5 hard questions (Just like who wants to be a millionaire) *when the game ends,... 33 C Programming, Android, Game Design, HTML5, Unity 3D Feb 3, 2016 Feb 3, 20162d 15h $263
Android Application - 3D Animation Hi, We wants to replicate the sanviz dot com type application which can run on Android Phone and Tabs. Looking for company or individual who have experience on OpenGL ES API. Best Regards, 14 Android, iPhone, Mobile Phone, Unity 3D Feb 3, 2016 Feb 3, 20162d 12h $1769
ganache store - abierto a las ofertas Hello ‎ ‎ I have a bakery store in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia I want to launch an app that have my menu ‎with the description of my products, prices, and I want to have Delivery service for ‎customers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to place orders via the application in App store and ‎Google play (Android). Customers are required to register with email and password ‎before placing an o... 9 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android, iPad, Unity 3D Feb 2, 2016 Feb 2, 20162d $260
Complete Unity Android Game Hello, We're working on a small android game in Unity 5.It is almost completed.But it need some fix before market. Ok here we go ; We will deliver all packages and stuffs.Actually it's near complete but you should add this things to our game. 1-Our game haven't got the main menu and level selecting system. The game looks like a little mario game platformer game obviously. (Lik... 21 Graphic Design, Android, Unity 3D Feb 2, 2016 Feb 2, 20161d 23h $50
Develop Avatar using a Gaming Platform Develop a 3D human patient, male 45 years old that can communicate and respond to questions and we should be able to attach different medical instruments like Blood Pressure, Oxygen level Meter, EKG machine, connect an IV or give an injection etc. 1 C++ Programming, Unity 3D Feb 2, 2016 Feb 2, 20161d 16h $350
Seeking Experience Unity 2D Developer For Mobile RTS Game Stronghold Wars is a MMO Strategy Game with face-paced intense gameplay launching on iOS devices with Andriod/Windows soon after. Game will be solely multiplayer, so internet connection would be required to connect to servers. The game battle system is influence by: Castle Raid 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtpLXIBlLew If you take a look at the game-play, it's something simpl... 33 Mobile Phone, Game Design, Unity 3D, Game Development Feb 2, 2016 Feb 2, 20161d 16h $5519
Unity 3D/Animation Develop an interactive Unity 3D project and the animation files for a motorsports track presentation. skill sets: AutoCad 3D Max or Maya Unity 3D Pro 24 3D Animation, AutoCAD, Automotive, Game Development, Unity 3D Feb 2, 2016 Feb 2, 20161d 15h $4275
Create a Kids Game simulator (Unity 3D) I need someone to create a Kids game simulator. Its supposed to be a car game for Kids to learn. Send me a comprehensive word document of a proposal stating the budget, time-flame and how you'll go about the project. I will only hire when I see a comprehensive proposal in word or PDF version Also suggest ideas. 25 Game Design, Animation, 3D Animation, Unity 3D Feb 2, 2016 Feb 2, 20161d 14h $959
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