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Project/Contest Description Bids/Entries Skills Started Ends Price (USD)
script to have google street view in 3d to walk on street I want to walk on google street view in unity dynamic loading as we walk fordward.................. 6 Unity 3D, Game Development Jan 19, 2017 Jan 19, 20175d 5h $267
Top 1% Employer - Unity server-side software I've got a [url removed, login to view] rating on Upwork, making me a top 1% employer. My consultants love to work for me! I have a team working on a Unity videogame that uses Google Tango. We need a server-side software engineer to work on the database. I believe we use Amazon Web Services. We definitely need someone comfortable with Unity. Can you help? 15 Amazon Web Services, Unity 3D Jan 19, 2017 Jan 19, 20175d 3h $24
Project for shahrukh29 Hi shahrukh29, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 1 Photoshop, Word, Unity 3D, , Game Development, User Interface Design Jan 19, 2017 Jan 19, 20178d 2h $10
Build Rummy Card Game in Unity3D for IOS and Android The purpose of this project is to have a Rummy card game built with Unity to be exported for IOS and Android. Please start your comment with "red mouse" to make sure you have read the project. Features screen-by-screen: Screen 1: Splashscreen We will be using Unity's splashscreen feature to remove the default one and use our own. One splashscreen for Android, and for iOS we ... 26 Photoshop, iPhone, Android, Unity 3D, Game Development Jan 19, 2017 Jan 19, 2017Ended $3065
game designer 16 Game Design, Unity 3D, Game Development, Surfboard Design, Concept Art Jan 19, 2017 Jan 19, 20175d 1h $434
Voice Changer - Unity 3D I need a voice changer app made using Unity. I don't need fancy art work, all i need is the voice module. If a guy / girl speaks, the app should repeat the same in a different tone. The repeat voice must be pretty much same for anyone who talks into it. This is similar to Talking Tom, but i don't want the voice in the chipmunk style but in a different way, like some other dude is talkin... 10 Unity 3D Jan 19, 2017 Jan 19, 2017Ended $103
Build Unity3d / unity2d basic grid map movement system with description locations generated from csv files Read in a large csv file from resources folder consisting of x,y coordinates and available directions with location names and location descriptions Use the x,y coords to generate a map using unity generated sprites made up of boxes with visualizations of available connections between each box (n,s,w,e) - essentially shaded boxes with lines running between them - will provide example Ability to &... 18 Game Design, C# Programming, Unity 3D, Game Development, Programming Jan 19, 2017 Jan 19, 20175d $220
Clash royal Clash royal. Multiplayer strategy game similar to clash royal . Please study game very good before bidding. We need a good team for long 33 Mobile Phone, Game Design, Unity 3D, Gamification, Game Development Jan 19, 2017 Jan 19, 20175d $5773
Unity 2D 3D game development I need a talented, experienced AND reliable unity3d coder to develop a mobile wordgame. Android and iOS build will be needed first. The whole 2D design and the functionality requirement is ready, you just need to code it! Score, levels, life system, Inapp purchase, Facebook integration, etc. Please submit offer with references for more info and NDA. Ps: Next phase will change the 2D background ... 70 Mobile Phone, iPhone, Android, Unity 3D Jan 19, 2017 Jan 19, 20175d $1815
Game Dev coding only Need Expert Game Dev . to build my game i will provide graphics 45 Mobile Phone, Android, Unity 3D, Game Development Jan 19, 2017 Jan 19, 20174d 21h $2592
Unity and Google street view [url removed, login to view] 2 Unity 3D Jan 19, 2017 Jan 19, 20174d 20h $104
Write some Software We have an exercise bicycle – a display is fixed in front of the bicycle Before you ride you select two locations from google maps And start riding the Bicycle. Bicycle give a signal to your program when user is peddling Its gives the speed of pedaling You should start moving in from the location you selected using google street view in unity It should be displayed in the display in th... 0 Unity 3D Jan 19, 2017 Jan 19, 20174d 20h -
Create a simple 2D class in Unity More details will be give to people who apply. 19 Unity 3D Jan 18, 2017 Jan 18, 20174d 20h $28
Write an Android application i want project unity 3d game like pes football soccer Multiplayer Online 32 Mobile Phone, Android, C# Programming, Unity 3D Jan 18, 2017 Jan 18, 20174d 13h $1106
2d unity game I need a very basic game made in Unity. it is a 2d game. The game involves switching between screens, randomly displaying numbers, moving players based on an angle (in degrees, i.e move with speed 10 at 37 degrees) No time limit on the creation! :) 46 C# Programming, Unity 3D Jan 18, 2017 Jan 18, 20174d 8h $282
Unique Unity casual action videogame Greetings, we are a video game company that out-sources their projects in order to create a collaborate environment with our international communities and hire potential longstanding clients that will grow alongside us. This next project is a videogame in which we will give you the freedom to develop it yourself, but It must feature a unique game mechanic, using a one button gameplay. The gam... 36 C Programming, Javascript, C# Programming, C++ Programming, Unity 3D Jan 18, 2017 Jan 18, 20174d 8h $943
Android game development with new idea I am finding someone who can develop a nice game. It will be look like professional graphics designed. Bid on this if you have experience such type of work. 7 Graphic Design, Android, Unity 3D Jan 18, 2017 Jan 18, 20174d 7h $141
Unity Developer to Turn Each Asset Package into a Complete AI-Based Shooting Game Using 5 Complete Packages from Unity Asset Store, I just need a Unity Developer to turn each Package into a complete AI-based Shooting game when you press the 'play button' inside Unity , and also to follow the documentation and watch the video tutorial from original product vendor, so as to precipitate a complete working product on each package. Other conditions are necessary advanced k... 5 Java, iPhone, Android, Unity 3D, Software Development Jan 18, 2017 Jan 18, 20174d 7h $186
strategy game We need a strategy game similar to clash of clans. Only Experts can bid. Team us needed for years 17 Game Design, Maya, 3ds Max, Unity 3D, Game Development Jan 18, 2017 Jan 18, 20174d 6h $11127
Need a AR demo for EPSON Moverior 300 Hi, We are looking to develope a demo for this device, we are in a bit of a hurry would need something before the weekend. Just something simple, where it is a objec example mobile, car etc.. and you can move around and the headtracking is follow. it is android based 5.1 we prefer unity. 15 Mobile Phone, Android, Unity 3D Jan 18, 2017 Jan 18, 20174d 5h $400
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