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The Yii PHP Framework Application allows for the creation of complex computer applications. Pronounced as 'yee,' it stands for "Yes, it is!" Those looking for Yii jobs should be knowledgeable in developing applications, especially those focused on enterprising.

This open-source web program is free of charge. It provides jobs to those who know how to create programs with the DRY (Don't repeat yourself) design. Yii is also appropriate for employees who know how to use the Model-View-Controller design and AJAX-enabled widgets. Yii jobs also include the creation websites that require form input and validation, internationalization and localization, authentication and authorization, and theming and skinning. Those who know how to create website security can also benefit from Yii jobs as well. It's because this program features SQL injections, cross-site request forgery, and protection from cookie tampering and cross-site scripting.

Because Yii comes with a comprehensive tutorial book, any person who studies this guide can apply for Yii jobs, making it perfect for industry beginners. Add to that, it features an extension library of components contributed by users, giving job seekers a wide array of choices. With these features all for free, Yii gives new developers a chance to hone their skills and earn money without the initial financial investment.
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Integrate Escrow into my Wordpress theme including Paypal API need someone to integrate Escrow into my wordpress site. thats all i need. 33 PHP, WordPress, Magento, Software Architecture, Yii Jul 23, 2017 Jul 23, 20175d 14h $134
EDIT AND COMPLETE FEATURES PHP CORE ECOMMERCE SITE THE MAIN SITE LANGUAGE is PORTUGUESE and SECONDARY ENGLISH All missing text and translations will be sent on screenshots to the developer. The site will open in Portuguese by default (only the users with English language default will see the site opening in English). All content will be sent in both languages. EDIT AND MISSING TRANSLATIONS PANEL ARE ALREADY SET AN WORKING INTO THE BACK END – NEEDS TO BE TEST AND MANY WORDS WILL BE ADDED MANUALLY INTO THE CODE. Insert Facebook share and like button on the product page area (around the ad to card and wish list area). Include the left side menu (already existing) needs to be completed and set where needed. It will be indicated but filtering by colours, price, categories is there. Finish to include related products to the product page. They will be chosen by system and by the admin user during the upload. Site also must indicate automatically related products in the products page area (underneath the products description). Options to choose must be offered by the site to choose in between the existing products to give best related options to show up. Integrate Facebook pixel html code to connect the site for Facebook carousel ads, feeds and products catalogue insertion. FACEBOOK Logging API ALREADY CONNECTED. Automatically hide menu tabs/categories if there is item into it. It will show up once the corresponding products will be added. Verify that these 3 points are working well and completed: Floating "Always-On" Shopping Cart with no Page refreshes Up-sells and Cross-sells (matching and related items to complete the outfit) Product Image Zoom and Quick View needs to be set (over passing the mouse on products). Product Sorting on List Screen: by relevance, price, newest, special promotions, etc. Post Order Sharing: Facebook, Instagram and Google+ Handle Shipping: We only trade into the country (Mozambique) there is only 2 prices for each country area depending if is express or regular shipment. A list of 15 cities will be given with the corresponding shipment rate to be added into the code Discount prices and promotions on the products CROSS CHECK PRICES with discount promotions as per screenshot: [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] Ad to card redirects to logging but needs to go to card. ALREADY CREATED just need to set create account during the checkout but is al there already done. Payment System Gateway! WE DO NOT REQUIRE BANK API PAYMENT INTEGRATED! Our payment getaway is very simple, is just lading page with bank details. I send a zip file joint with all the information (Document2). You can also reply the from the other local best online reseller system, is exactly the same: The same can be replicated, we use the same system, text and so on: [url removed, login to view] Helps us to insert all the SEO basic into the site (one time only: Site map, google webmaster tools, HTML tracking codes, SEO metadata, site description and optimization (employer will manage the SEO into the site) just need help to set everything properly and leave the options to be edited. (one time SEO settings). Verify basic SEO parameters are okay like canonical address and proper server settings to complies SEO standards on work delivery: (Points on document n.6 will be corrected before work final delivery). Set all security final parameters into all the site: We have included a file with the security points report to double check that all security. The errors need to be corrected. Verify the User lock on user panel (back end) Is not an issue, user and panel is there but we lock it because it was visible (public) HTTP compression and optimisation. Entire site 100% bug proof certified. we will make an arrangement on the last 10% percent as a guaranty that the code will stay stable for 30 days, a kind of guaranty that no bugs or issues will come up by using the site, uploading products or just ad content. Check milestone breakdowns Help us to connect the site with our open source ERP, API ALREADY SET IN BOTH, just need some help to connect them through the API which is already created (Oauth Google connect) Full Speed optimization. ALREADY AT 50% BUT NEEDS MINOR IMPROVEMENTS. Verify 100% responsive on every devise. ALREADY WORKING BUT NEED TO BE VERIFY Email templates are already set: (automatic email after account creation, order confirmation, change password and so on). CHECK BACK END PANEL We will need some help to insert the content that will be send by us in both languages. Final testing and bug fixing 1 Month of maintenance services with testing and bug fixing needs to be included. Complete source code delivered and under NDA service from Freelancer after completion of the project. One time full deployment on my hosting admin panel all integrated and tested working fine. Functionality will be tested by developer and employer in order to check 100% working fine, from home page to final order confirmation, front end & and back end. 169 PHP, Javascript, Website Design, HTML, Yii Jul 20, 2017 Jul 20, 20179d 15h -
I would like to hire a Programmer We're looking for Middle PHP Developer (only server side) Technologies: PHP, Yii, MySQL, nginx. Term of project - 3 - 4 weeks. 65 PHP, Nginx, MySQL, Yii Jul 19, 2017 Jul 19, 20171d 17h $1244
Looking for technical partner (Yii2), development and maintenance of B2B2C E-commerce platform We (Swisscrum) are looking for an experienced yii2 developers to join our team for the improvement and maintenance of our existing B2B2C platform, which is currently used in many projects in Singapore and Europe. Currently we have 4 developers in our team, but recently too many project coming in so we need helper join us. 82 PHP, Software Architecture, Yii Jul 18, 2017 Jul 18, 201710h 20m $2781
Website Quality Assurance + Issues Details of the Quality Assurance tasks that needs to be performed. The Quality Assurance project is based on identifying QA issues around 6 major areas namely Development, Design, Content, Performance, Security and SEO Duration- Max 1 month Development • Multiple browsers compatibility • 404 re-directs tests • URLs Composition • Links Test • Plugins Test • Forms Test • Site Search Test • HTML validation • CSS Validation • Favicon Test Design • User Interface • User Experience • Mobile-responsiveness • Images Optimization • Coherence of design objects Content • Placing • Content hierarchy validations • Dummy content identification Performance • Page Speeds • Script minifications test Security • Brute force attacks test • Spam injections test • Database keys validation • Folders permissions validation • Directory browsing test • Cross-site scripting • Cross-site request forgery SEO • Title tags & meta descriptions • Schema local business • Social media icons validation • Images alternate text test • Domains re-directs check • URLs SEO friendliness test • 404 re-directs • Search Engines bots access test • Sitemap validation 113 PHP, Website Design, Graphic Design, HTML, Yii Jul 17, 2017 Jul 17, 2017Ended $489
I need some changes to an existing website I need some changes to an existing website. I already have a design, I just need you to build an one page checkout process for it.i have design for one page checkout also but you need to add workflow for that process like adding product and customer details to database but project is in Yii2 16 PHP, Yii Jul 16, 2017 Jul 16, 2017Ended $106
php script with network tools Hello, we need a php script with following feature : 1. ping 2. traceroute 3. mtr 4. telnet to custom port 5. dns lookup 6. Network mask calculator 7. reverse dns lookup 8. spam blacklist check 9. user friendly and good andbeatiful html5 templates 10. develop by Yii framework and this script should connect to remote host by ssh (ssh can be linux or mikrotik for execute ping, trace,mtr commands) and user should be able that choose from which location he/she want execute ping,trace andetc. some notes: 1. Deal will be done on freelancer onyl. so do not ask outside here. thanks, 22 PHP, Yii Jul 15, 2017 Jul 15, 2017Ended $173
Build a Website I want to build an API to send order from webstore to a dispatch system. The Dispatch system should be able to accept orders from any web site. also need minor changes on website like add payment gateway, change postcode from numeric to text search,add loyalty and referral system. 70 PHP, Graphic Design, Codeigniter, HTML, Yii Jul 15, 2017 Jul 15, 2017Ended $222
Simple messaging and news sharing Android application It's a Members News and Post Sharing App. Registered members can share texts or images to each other or in their assigned groups. Non-registered member will be able to read news feeds only in the app, until when logged in using username or password. See attachment for more details 70 Mobile Phone, Android, Yii, Ionic Framework Jul 14, 2017 Jul 14, 2017Ended $421
Complete a Multivendor Marketplace Website TheGemNetwork TheGemNetwork is a multivendor marketplace B2B portal for the Diamond, Gemstone, Jewelry and other associated industries. A partially completed functioning site can be seen at [url removed, login to view] We are looking for a group of top of the class php programmers to finish the website functionality. The website is based on a combination of Wordpress, WooCommerce and Yithemes plugins. The finished website should have all of the functionality of a modern, cutting edge multivendor marketplace website, like etsy, ebay, amazon. As of now the website is partially complete, we estimate that approximately 30% if the project remains to be completed. There will be required adjustments to the existing website along with new page additions. Your development team should have complete mastery of the following: MOST IMPORTANT: Common Sense/Business Sense wordpress php yithemes plugin library for wordpress ajax cron Expectations: We require full reporting of activities using the freelancer system as well as full documentation. Additionally we expect all work to be completed by microsoft standards. We adhere strictly to [url removed, login to view] guidelines. All project details should be outlined ahead of project start, milestones are created at the start of each milestone and released only when proof of milestone completion can be demonstrated. We are looking for a full team of developers to finish this project in a timely and efficient manner. We want to deal directly with the programmers and will not deal with marketing/sales staff. If you have less than 3 full time developers do not bid on this project. We require examples of similar multivendor websites that your team has created. We also require references from former clients attesting to your expertise and excellence. 139 PHP, WordPress, HTML, Yii Jul 14, 2017 Jul 14, 2017Ended $1314
Need to do some changes in social website -- 2 I have a social website and these small changes are to be done (site is not live) - >When image/video is added to post there should be some indication. >New comments to posts should come after old one and not before. Same for reply to comments. >Invite page to be added ( post on facebook, twitter or email) so people can join - Frontend is done. This is short work and can be finished in a few hours. 10 PHP, MySQL, HTML5, Yii Jul 14, 2017 Jul 14, 2017Ended $34
Build an Online Store with Suppliers We want to build a web platform that works as a market, where suppliers can insert their products, and customers can buy products comparing prices from more than one supplier. A little bit like eBay, but only the essential part, where a store adds their products and users can buy them. It’s mandatory to have a Backoffice for suppliers, a personal area for customers and finally a Backoffice for administration to manage all platform. Naturally permissions and roles are required in order to keep users from accessing parts that they aren’t supposed to. The main objective here is only the programming part in yii2 framework. The main Database script will be provided by us, and they can be changed by you if necessary. There’s no need for special design, a simple and minimalist template just to show products results and each product with description, will be just fine, because we are going to change it afterwards. Also, when you don’t know where to put some info, just insert into a “div” and show it somewhere. Requirements 1) Code is that the code must be explained and commented. 2) Several progress meetings in order to show what is being done and how (Remote Meetings) 137 PHP, Shopping Carts, HTML, Yii Jul 14, 2017 Jul 14, 2017Ended $891
restoration web app Hello, I need an experienced php and Yii2 developer to work on a restauration app (backend/frontend). The app will have 3 types of account; customers, restaurants, advertisers. In general the app would look like opentable. If you think you can do the job quickly and professionnaly, please do bid. Cheers 109 PHP, CSS, MySQL, HTML5, Yii Jul 13, 2017 Jul 13, 2017Ended $1601
laravel . 24 Ruby on Rails, Codeigniter, Yii, Laravel Jul 12, 2017 Jul 12, 2017Ended $564
laravel Android developer for App build up. Laravel needed. 68 Ruby on Rails, Codeigniter, Yii, Laravel Jul 12, 2017 Jul 12, 2017Ended $61854
PHP/Laravel framework According to client its 99% developed, but may need more work and bugfix (I managed to break it quickly) and then monthly support, So costs would be as follows Software Consultancy - £[url removed, login to view] Investigating CRM System issues - £[url removed, login to view] Report - £[url removed, login to view] Breakdown of development costs - £100 - £200 Monthly maintenance and Support fee (Mon - Fri 9am - [url removed, login to view]) - £[url removed, login to view] per month Must be totally efficient in the following: Backend built in PHP/Laravel framework 102 PHP, Codeigniter, Yii, Laravel Jul 11, 2017 Jul 11, 2017Ended $10
codeigniter Application backed for three user rolls 45 CakePHP, Codeigniter, Yii, Laravel Jul 11, 2017 Jul 11, 2017Ended $412
Need to do some changes in social website I have a social website and these small changes are to be done (site is not live) - >When image/video is added to post there should be some indication. >New comments to posts should come after old one and not before. Same for reply to comments. >Invite page to be added ( post on facebook, twitter or email) so people can join - Frontend is done. >New text and an image has to be added in About page. This is short work and can be finished in a few hours. 23 PHP, MySQL, HTML5, Yii Jul 11, 2017 Jul 11, 2017Ended $39
Get a website Just blog or shop 24 PHP, MySQL, Yii, Bootstrap, Laravel Jul 9, 2017 Jul 9, 2017Ended $34
Implementation of js QR code reader on website Implementation ([url removed, login to view]) to add a feature to use QR code, to add specific location when creating an Order i.e. beach, stadium seat, cinema seat, from hotel room, from a restaurant labeled table etc. 15 PHP, JSP, Javascript, MySQL, Yii Jul 7, 2017 Jul 7, 2017Ended $74
Chatbox implementation and small changes to social website I have a social website and I need a working chat box to be added. I will provide you with the frontend code. The user should be able to chat only with people he has connected (followed). Along with that these two small changes are to be done- >When image/video is added to post there should be some indication. >New comments to posts should come after old one and not before. Same for reply to comments. 10 PHP, MySQL, HTML5, jQuery / Prototype, Yii Jul 7, 2017 Jul 7, 2017Ended $66
Experienced PHP developer with experience in Performance Optimizing/Unit Testing (Ireland + Worldwide) I need an experienced PHP developer that is strong in performance analysis and optimisation, unit testing, scale/load testing and optimising. The ideal candidate will have worked on a similar project before and can give references. Regarding performance analysis, I am referring to someone who can analyse the page load time, drill into the code and analyse where the most time is spent and vastly improve it. Obviously, a big part of that will be MySQL query optimisation. The site is hosted on Azure, running on Linux and is developed wit the Yii Framework. While strong Yii knowledge is a big bonus I think anyone with framework experience will be able to get to grips with Yii framework quickly. We also use ajax and jquery a lot as you would expect so need to be proficient in that also. It is also a big bonus if you are located in Ireland, you can still work remotely and/or on-site. The option is yours but if you are located in Ireland we can at least meet in person to discuss. (I will travel) The project will be around 2-3 months somewhere between 20 and 35 hours a week depending on the rates. There is also the opportunity if things work out to join a progressive startup full time. Start date is flexible, can start anytime between now and the start of next month. 103 PHP, Testing / QA, Test Automation, Yii, Software Development Jul 7, 2017 Jul 7, 2017Ended $8096
Looking to solved my food store issue I have my own websites for food order store few days ago this all website working well but now when user register with website one OPT sent to the user register mobile number after that enter this OPT SMS not verify means use not verify there account website view wrong information in user profile page and also some time OPT not sent instant its take some time. Here I would like to share website url : [url removed, login to view] Please check user signup process here and let me know what’s wrong with this. Please start your proposal with your OPT (Which was received in your register mobile number) other wise your proposal denied. ONLY INDIAN FREELANCER APPLY FOR THIS JOB. “COPY PAST PROPOSAL NOT ACCEPT” 32 PHP, Codeigniter, MySQL, HTML, Yii Jul 7, 2017 Jul 7, 2017Ended $366
Two Small Edits to Yii App Have two small tasks that need to be done. 1. Edit the form partial for the support model, we need this partial to be able to take multiple students. and save a record in the database for each student added to form. e.g. you have a section in the form that allows you to add a student, then a link that says "Add another student" upon submission the form will save the same record twice with the two different student id's. 2. we have a timetable model, we need a button to show in the gridview widget of the index page. The button only must show if the timetable bceId, has an active student record in the student table with the same bceId identifier. 16 MySQL, Yii Jul 5, 2017 Jul 5, 2017Ended $26
Desarrollar software Desarrollo de una aplicación ( frontend y backend ) para el sector farmaceutico 37 PHP, MySQL, Yii Jul 5, 2017 Jul 5, 2017Ended $28
Project for andreyyderevjank Hi andreyyderevjank, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 14 WordPress, MySQL, Yii, , Web Hosting, Open Cart Jul 5, 2017 Jul 5, 2017Ended $271
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