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A - a a - a a - A Brackett a business card - a drafting to scale of building frame and components a drafting to scale of building frame and components - A logo a logo design for a business in the name of majestic maid - A primavera or Ms programmer A Private Investigator letter head - A translator - open to bidding A translator - open to bidding - repost - A "CSI-like" investigation board app A "Did you Know" type video for our companies story - A $35.00 Bonus For Job Wll DONE A % body fat, lean body mass, goal weight and goal date calculator for men & women - A "Startup" Video -> workoutplan24 A "T-Shirt Designer Like" - A 'Save The Date' invitation A 'scanner' to find what songs are being played on Internet Radio stations. - a -- 2 A .22LR futuristic rifle. - A .NET wrapper for OpenCV for Face Recognition A .pdf written to be specific to our business - A 1 page ''Under construction'' site a 1 page both side brochure - a 10 minute pilot show a 10 minute power point presentation - A 10 second intro & a 10 second exit for my youtube videos A 10 seconds 2D animation curtain of a logo in a 720p HD format - A 1000 word article about 10 amazing coffee mugs A 1000 word article needed in 3 hours - A 1200 word article needed ($10) A 1200 word Response Paper to the film “God on Trial” - A 1500 word essay on 3. In relation to western classical dance development, discuss six key events that shaped the genre using at least 3 peer-reviewed sources -- 2 A 1500 word essay written on architecture history (many questions to choose from) - A 2 minute animation video A 2 minute long video - A 2 sided FLYER, Full Color & very nice. I have the content/text. A 2 weeks deadline Mall Catalog/Events iPhone application - A 20 page power point presentation. A 20 page power point presentation. - A 2000 word business report A 2000 word essay - A 2017 calendar A 20th anniversary fantasy film poster - a 2:30-3 min video a 2D 30 minute presentation of an animated action series - A 2D game with different simple avatars A 2D Game with Unity3D - A 3 doors wardrobe modeling/rendering a 3 floor Bed sitters design for sale on a 40ft*80ft plot for sale - a 3 phase separator for oil and gas industry A 3 question project for MRaza123 - A 3-step illustration A 3.125 Gb/s Limit Amplifier in CMOS With 42 dB Gain and 1 s Offset Compensation - a 30 seconds clip a 30 seconds spot should be - a 3500 report on the leadership of the learning organisation (the role of a teacher) - repost 2 A 36-Year-Old Woman In Finland Was Sentence For Life In Oulu District Court Western Finland - a 3D animation A 3D animation cartoon film. - A 3D CAD Animation - open to bidding A 3D cartoon for children - A 3D Design of my product. - repost a 3d design to use it in artcam cnc software - A 3D graphic designer A 3d graphic object you can move around - A 3d mobile game A 3D Mobile Game (Android or Apple) Platform - A 3d model of ruined buildings inside the grand palais A 3D model of the Dragon V2 by SpaceX - A 3D process diagram for minerals and mining process - repost A 3D processing staff - a 3d sketch and possible model -- 2 A 3D solid Office model - a 3minute video A 3second youtube animation intro needed for youtube channel - a 4-6 research paper about how fast food affect people's health A 4-BIT MULTIPLIER - A 440 volts Switch Yard protection techniques and methods in National thermal power station. A 440 volts Switch Yard protection techniques and methods in National thermal power station. - A 5 minute job for someone who knows Oracle and ASP A 5 minute sketch video of an IT solution - A 5 to 6 page of story writing need help. a 5 to 6 page report - A 500 Facebook like project A 500 high quality dofollow links are required with targeted keywords in anchor text. - a 6 page report with bibliography and reference page on why we should work towards a greener planet a 6 page report with bibliography and reference page on why we should work towards a greener planet - repost - A 64x64 logo for a server A 64x64 RPG/Medieval tileset - A 7k words report [TAM in banking sector] A 7k words report [TAM in banking sector] -- 2 - A 981002.......... A 9gag like web page - a Access work A Accounting Assignment 6666 - A advertisement A advertising membership website - a analysis of an ANOVA a analysis of an ANOVA -- 2 - A android quiz app A android railway quert app chang - A answers for a questions A answers for a questions - A app or webpage to deliver our service. a app similar to foursquare - a architectural sketch artist for concept drawings A Arduino program and an Android APP for push notification message through Google GCM service. - A Asian history paper, 1000 words need help! a ASP website have need retouching - A awesome landing page website of an mobile app A awesome landing page website of an mobile app - A B2C web portal for hiring agents online (Minimum Viable product only) A baby Bib designed - A backend solution to an existing website A Backgammon game between 2 players - A Bakery Business Plan A ball game android application - A banner A Banner & Possibly A Landing Page - A banner designed for the homepage of our website A banner designed for Youtube ASAP - A banner for my site a banner for my site - A bare-bones web application: No graphics, just code! a barra de progresso - A basic application to gather information and create a MS Word document based on choices A basic application to interface with IBM Cognos TM1 - A Basic database-based Brochure-type website (with the possibility of easily adding a shopping cart later -for e-commerce). A Basic Desktop Tool - A basic Implementation of OCR using HMM in MATLAB - open to bidding A basic Implementation of the OpenVDB in windows. - A Basic Mechanism Problem A basic morgage calculator in Flash - A basic programming project A BASIC PROJECT FOR OCR EXPERTS :) - A basic web page using php and mysql. A basic web site - A basic website, programmed in PHP - PDO - MYSQL - HTML5 - CSS3 A basic webview app - A batch of photos a bathroom - A Beautiful Ecommerce Site for Hair A beautiful girl for video chat - a beauty product that aids in simplifying the process of styling there hair and applying make-up
A Beauty salon managment program. - A bespoke ATS A bespoke form builder which allows you to publish questionnaires on line - a better g a better living condition - A betting site - open to bidding a betting system that always wins (not arbitage) - A big and high graphics mobile flight simulator A BIG AND HUGE MONEY PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - A Big Project a big project in CS - a bill made - open to bidding A Bill Splitter Web Application - a biographical project on me A biography - A bit call to data base, and repare 2 fields. A bit help to finish the steps of SMF forums install along with wmf mod - A bit of positioning for a personal blog A bit of Programming and/or Shell Scripting - A Bitcoin project: Build a website exactly like A bitcoin revenue site - A Blackberry App for an E-Magazine A BlackJack game - A blog about being a MOM A Blog about our local area events built - A blog folder A blog for "Shift Our Home" company - A Blog Post A Blog Post - Ghot Writing - a blog that will draw and engage customer to us A Blog theme Developed - A blogger A blogger - A bloggers couple is wanted for a new social reality show A blogging platform on Wordpress - a bo3 youtube clip edited A board consisting of microprocessor, battery, solar cell, blutooth chip and motion detector - a book A book on Protecting kids on the internet - A book author to reword our autobiography and edit it A book based on a true life story - a book cover A book cover and its back cover, along with pictures for the pages for my story book. - A Book Editor A book Editor - A book illustrator -- 2 a book illustrator -- 2 - A book on Emergency Preparedness /author signing a book on green living - A book review. A Book Set Up for Sale on Amazon - A book writer A book writer - A booking / reservation without online payment integrated A booking App (and website preferred) - a bookkeeper in Dalston a bookkeeper in Dalston - A Bootstrapped Dynamic Landing Page a border box with a bow or balloons - A bot required build with visual studio or java or any other language A bot that automatically "undos" Wikipedia edits - A Botanist and a photographer [need to see qualifications] A Bots For Chat Network / Social Network! - a box with game cards A box with Tabs for a wordpress theme - A BRAND FOR MY COMPANY a brand identity designer - A brand new job description written to incllude a descriptive working title A brand new oscommerce store needs contribution installation. - A Breath of Fresh Air A Breath of Fresh Air - ongoing work - a brief thank you speech A brief website to setup, run and test online payments - a brochure designed A Brochure Designed - A brochure to launch a student hostel A brochure to send to corporate to introduce a Yoga program in the new year - a bug fixing A bug fixing in a wordpress website - A bulk conversion of XLS to XML including delivery of a cloud solution with client granted unlimited conversions A bulk facebook accounts creator - A Bunch of Rewrites Required #4 A Bunch of Rewrites Required #4 - A business /company logo, which is a simple but attractive picture, drawing attention A business analysis - a business Card For me A Business Card for my trading company - A Business Development Research for Malaysia A Business Development Research for Nigeria - A business grant proposal A business idea for the Middle East or Jordan - A business logo A business logo - A business logo A business logo - A business logo to use on my website and business stationery A business logo to use on my website and business stationery - repost - A Business Plan A Business plan - A business plan (formulated with facts and figures) for a e-matrimonial portal for divorcess (REMARRY>COM) A business plan (formulated with facts and figures) for a e-matrimonial portal for divorcess (REMARRY>COM) - open to bidding - a business plan for personal training A Business Plan for Private Equity Companies - A business presentation a business presentation of our new company and product with prezi - A Business Software with desktop app and cloud SAAS A Business Sustainability Document - A button doesn't work for me A Button in Microsoft Outlook that links to a Web based email server - A C program projectt A C program that converting assembly language - A C# sharp program as described in the attached pdf a c# simple program - A C++ fuction A C++ game code is required... - A C++ program to keep track of CD's a c++ program.... - A c++ teacher is needed. a C++ version of the infix-to-postfix conversion algorithm - A CAD CAM DESIGN OF A SMALL PLASTIC MECHANICAL TOOTH BRUSH PRODUCT A CAD design - A Cad Technician a CAD/CNC - A calculator with a touch of style and extra functions a calculus assignment - A Call Center Require - Repost 2 A call center to take on a survery project! - A cam Show c2c. - open to bidding A cam system in a working members area - A campaign description for kickstarter A campaign description for kickstarter - a capstone manuscript for my MSN. Length aprox 19 pages on the topic- what are nurses perceptions of hospice versus palliative care? A Capstone project - need a unique idea and - built it - A car review website. A car sell - auction site - A Cardboard developer a care aide - a caricature-type drawing for t-shirt A caricaturist based in China - a cartoon character mascot remake a cartoon character of a workman - A cartoon of a industrial type truck for company mascot A cartoon of a industrial type truck for company mascot -- 2 - A cartoon-like map a cartooning - A case series on hand transplantation in an indian hospital A Case Study - a Case Study