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Automated import feed for classified ads - Automated Integration of Sales Spreadsheet to Quickbooks Online Automated Intelligent stock/forex trading platform - Automated IP Rotation for Email Marketing automated irrigation system using labview - Automated keyword generated blog Automated Keyword Input Search Software Needed - Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) AUTOMATED LIEN WAIVER - Automated links exchange system AUTOMATED Linux based iOS Data Erasure solution - Automated Local Business Directory Submission Tool Automated Local Classified Ad Website - Automated Lyrics Script Automated lyrics script - automated marketing system Automated Marketing System & CRM design & integration - Automated messaging software automated met trader 4 strategy -- 2 - Automated multile account creation Automated music organizing page - Automated Newsletter autoresponder software Automated Newsletter from Forum Content - Automated Online Form Submission + New Gmails Automated online payroll processing solution - Automated order query and data entry into a variety of programs using a VNC terminal. Automated order routing system for VTTrader 2.0 (exclusive project for YuriyGulyayev) - Automated Page Content Automated page fetching cURL - Automated payment script automated payment service telephon - Automated PDF Manual Creation Automated PDF Report Form - Automated phone unlock web server Automated phone unlock web server - Automated php XML upload script and cron task for Hikashop automated php-basend png image recognition - Automated playing card identification system Automated playlist with podcasts - Automated Poster to HOSTED on server script Automated Poster to that can be hosted on a server - Automated pre school Attendance System using either RFID, NFC, QR Code or other means. Automated pre school Attendance System using either RFID, NFC, QR Code or other means. -- 2 - Automated process that takes web data into excel automated process to add product to cart that has google captcha that needs to be solved before can be added - 13/09/2016 14:35 EDT - Automated Product/Price extraction from specific sites Automated productinfo from - automated program that logs into different accounts on bebo Automated Program to Print of Webpage to PDF and Distribute by Email - Automated Proxy Topsite Cheating Automated PSD to XLS Conversion Script - automated PVA creator Automated QA testing - Automated Rakeback Website Automated Rarefile to Megashares Uploader - automated registration automated registration and result procedure - Automated replicator Module device - open to bidding Automated replicator Module device. - AUTOMATED RETURNING AND BORROWING OF BOOKS VIA SCANNING AUTOMATED RETURNING AND BORROWING OF BOOKS VIA SCANNING -- 2 - automated roulette software Automated Roulette System - Automated scraping of site ~ 2-4 thousand pages to collect Automated Scraping Project - Automated script Automated script - Automated Script That Contacts People Via a Contact Form On aWebsite Automated Script that records all bet365 streams of a desired sport - Automated Script with HTML Scrapping Issue Automated script/software for a chatroom - Automated Seating Script for Pokerstars Automated Seating Script for Pokerstars - repost - Automated Service Form automated setup of linux mailserver - Automated Signup and Download automated signup software - Automated SMS Marketing Tool Automated SMS Message - Automated social media posting software.NO BIDS FROM INDIA-PAKISTAN Automated Social Network Account Creator - Automated software code automated software delivery cart - Automated software required for Data parsing from websites AUTOMATED SOFTWARE SEO PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY AUTOMATED PHP - Automated sports Arbitrage Automated sports Arbitrage bot - Automated stock option trading spreadsheet -- 2 Automated stock order entry based on image/text recognition - Automated Storage and Retrieval System Automated Storage System- Product design. - Automated submitter to social networks Automated Subsciption Service - Automated System for Fifa Coins website Automated System for Fifa Coins website - - - Automated Taxi Dispatch System automated Taxi dispatch system - Automated test coverage automated test facility - automated testing Automated Testing - ASP.NET Online Order Processing Web Application - Automated testing with selenium and Automated Testing Xamarin - Automated Ticket Purchaser/Spinner/Bot Automated Ticket Purchaser/Spinner/Bot - Automated Ticket Purchaser/Spinner/Bot -- 7 Automated Ticket Purchaser/Spinner/Bot -- 71894 - Automated Tool for gathering LinkedIn Data Automated tool for posting to people on Xbox. - Automated Trade Center - vBulletin Integrated Automated Trade Execution - Automated Trading Application (GUI using Qt) Automated Trading Application (GUI using Qt) - - Automated trading scalping system currencies. Automated trading scalping system currencies. - Automated Trading System Automated Trading System - Automated Trading System Using MT4 Automated Trading System(repost) - Automated translation of an Mediawiki-XML-Import-File with 11.000 Articles Automated Translations Management - Automated Twitter Posting Script PHP Automated Twitter Price Feed - Automated Upload (Monitoring) using sBorg - Repost - open to bidding Automated Upload .dat file for store - Automated Video Creation & Automated Uploading Software Automated Video Creation & Uploading Software - Automated Voice Broadcast Solution with Elastix Automated Voice Call - automated Vpn service with affliate program automated Vpn service with affliate program - Automated web app or software for drop shipping ,repricing, Lister ,order fulfillment ,tracking ,scraper web or software. This is for my personal use only .But please don't contact me about monthly subscription . i want to list amazon .Costco .Walma Automated Web Based Booking Service - Automated Web Page Simulation of Moving Dots on a Map AutoMated Web Portal - Automated Web Signup Program (SSL) + Multithreading Automated web site checker -search engine, keyword density, etc - Automated Webscrape of University Sites Automated Webscrape of University Sites -- 2 - Automated Website Data Application automated website data mining program - AUTOMATED WEBSITE RUNNING ON RSS FEEDS Automated Website Scrape - Automated Winding Mechanism Automated Winding Mechanism - repost - Automated wordpress comment posting script Automated WordPress install - automated xml feed
Automated XML Feed Manager & Scheduler - Automated+Personalised whatsapp sending software for our online business Automated, Customized Email Responder - automatic link exchange portal Automatic microsoft word script program of macro - Automatic account config in Outlook via PHP Automatic Account Creation - Automatic add form results to list Automatic Add to Cart Bot - Automatic Advertising Booking System Automatic affiliate link redirect script - Automatic Amazon Purchase app Automatic Amazon Purchase with CasperJS or PhantomJS - automatic article creation automatic article creation(repost) - Automatic audio switch circuit; dual radio inputs, stereo headset output Automatic Auto Scaling Group Scheduler - Automatic Bar code Generator in HTML/PHP Automatic bartenting machine - Automatic betting on bookmaker -- 2 Automatic betting on sportbook - Automatic bidding system for Yahoo Japan auctions AUTOMATIC BIDS WILL NOT BE LOOKED AT - PLEASE READ REQUIREMENTS - Design a Flyer and Ad for handout - Automatic Blog Creation with spinning Automatic Blog Creator Robot - Automatic Booking System Automatic booking system for holiday rentals. - Automatic buffer poster based on image and text Automatic bulk listings - AUTOMATIC CALL RECORDER APP development for iOS automatic call recording - Automatic capture bot Automatic car - Automatic Chart Builder - repost Automatic chat responder - Automatic Click Script Automatic Click Start and Stop Button - automatic comments tool - repost automatic comments tool - repost - Repost - Automatic Content For my Music Site Automatic Content Generating Page Parking System - Automatic control lab report : PID Control of rotational system automatic control modern theory - Automatic countdown of available inventory Automatic coupon update website needed - Automatic creation of PDF-document on membership sign up (CiviCRM+Drupal) Automatic crop and resize - Automatic Data extraction website to excel. Automatic data flow from Ebay, Amazon to logistics - Automatic database creation Automatic Database Imports and Fuctions (Microsoft Access ONLY) - Automatic Delivery System for FUT Coins (FIFA 15) Automatic Delivery System for FUT Coins (FIFA 15) - open to bidding - Automatic Dialer with audio analysis -- 2 Automatic Dialer/ reverse answering machine - Automatic domain registration website Automatic domain registrator - Automatic Downloader and running - repost Automatic downloads - Automatic ebay posting - Repost Automatic ebay posting - Repost -- 2 - Automatic Email activation emails were not sent out -- 3 Automatic email after order is placed - Automatic email label prestashop 1.4.25 Automatic email link clicker - Automatic email sending through QQ platform needed (QQ 2 QQ) Automatic email sending through QQ platform needed (QQ to QQ) - Automatic emails sender Automatic engine - Automatic extraction of products from html pages Automatic extraction-2 - Automatic Facebook Status Poster Automatic Facebook Wall Posts - Automatic Feedburner Subscriber Program Automatic Feeder Cup - Automatic fill forms Automatic fill forms - repost - Repost - repost - Automatic follow and messaging on automatic follow twitter accounts with curl php - Automatic Form Filler Program Automatic Form Filler with Auto Captcha - Automatic forum poster Automatic forum poster - Automatic Free Bitcoin Faucet Generator Software Automatic Free Bitcoin Faucet Generator Software - automatic FTP EXE Automatic FTP in - AUTOMATIC GENERATOR Automatic Gmail Account Creation - Automatic Grouping Bookmark Plugin/Extension Automatic Grouping Bookmark Plugin/Extension -- 2 - Automatic HTML Login & form filling automatic html page creation - Automatic Image Manipulation Automatic Image Manipulation - Automatic import of administration data into joomla Automatic import of contact details into Outlook from Contact form DB - Automatic Incremental Backup Script Automatic Industrial control system - Automatic invoice printing formated to Dymo Label-Writer Automatic Invoice Scan (ERP) - Automatic Key press and image processing Automatic Key Word Search and Auto Responder to Youtube Videos, Yahoo News and other websites. - Automatic License Plate Recognition Automatic License plate recognition - Automatic likes instantly in my pics Automatic likes instantly in my pics - repost - Automatic Linking Automatic liquidation program for TWS api - Automatic Login /Search solution automatic login and query - automatic login to windows live messenger Automatic login tool - Automatic Magento Product Update automatic magento stock update - Automatic MCQ generation using OWL on Indian Mythology. AUTOMATIC MEAL PLAN GENERATOR - Automatic Milk Collection System Software automatic mini hybrid fan - Automatic money transfer from Paypal to Paypal (1268991) Automatic Motion Effects - AUTOMATIC NUMBER PLATE RECOGNITION AUTOMATIC NUMBER PLATE RECOGNITION - Automatic OCR Captcha Decoder Automatic OCR captcha resolver - Automatic ontology development Automatic Ontology-based Knowledge Extraction - Automatic Page Builder Automatic Page Builder - automatic payment processor - automatic payment processor - open to bidding - Automatic PDF Population Automatic PDF Processing Concept - from Scan to finished text+Image - Automatic php webpage generator Automatic phpbb installation - Automatic Plate Recognition Software Automatic plate recognition with OpenCV on Linux - Automatic Positioning System Automatic post from to - Automatic poster from craigslist Automatic Posting - automatic posting on website automatic posting platform - automatic price calculation through purchaseprice/cost of good Automatic Price Checking / Data Mining Application - Automatic procedures to commentu.s ONLY Automatic process - api/php/js - Automatic products imports from supplier via XML DATA FEED