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A catalog for perfume ( finished product) - A CDR for Electrical Engineer A CDR for Electrical Engineer - Repost - a challenging job. i am able to do multiple tasks A challenging position companu - A Change to a PDF(repost) a change to the logo for Sunrise Plumbing please - A character design made in Fire emblem style. a character design of cloud to realize a plush - A Charity website A charity website that allows donations to be made - A chat system in MVC a chat system like CamFrog - A cheat for a very unpopular fps MMO. A cheat for a very unpopular fps MMO. -- 2 - A chemical business banner for a trade show a chemical engineer to devalop a products - a children cartoonist illustrator - repost a children jingle and 2 instrumentals - A children's book illustrator A children's book illustrator - A childrens illustrator a childrens song, english voice, female - A Chinese translation group seek cooperation partner A Chinese translator for German language in muchen, germany for 2 hours on 18th of June 2014 - A Christmas Calendar 2012 A Christmas Calendar 2012 - A chrous for a song A Church CMS website (Wordpress edit, with adding some special features) - A circular logo A Cisco 2901 router and switch configured - A civil enginee A Civil Engineer - A class Diagram for an online platform like A Class for a Framerwork for a game called World of Warcraft - A CLASSIFIED APP A Classified App like Olx - A classifieds website A Classifieds website for people to login and post sell/buy ads. - A clean site with app A Clean Website Required - A Client Portal a client report advising on options for sustainable retrofit for an existing building - A clone desigin website with word Pless template!! a clone easyroommate site for south africa - A clone of -- 2 A clone of 3 - A CLONE OF MYSPACE.COM A clone of - A clone of wordpress website with content A CLONE of website - a cloth designed A cloth logo - A cloud app to handle data input and processing at the back end A cloud application - A CMS author website [PHP SQL ] A CMS based on Model-View-Controller PHP needs modification - A CMS very similar to CushyCMS a CMS web site with back end PHP with Oracle - a cocktail dress A code - a code to like/unlike all profiles in a code with C language which uses some fortran libraries - A coder to edit my php script A coder to fix a website. - a collaboration with my company providing research services 2 - open to bidding A Collaborative Application - A Collection of Tattoo Images Required to Illustrate a Book. A Collection of WordPress sites as starter to permanent part-time role (updates and basic site creation) - A collision based soccer game app for iPad and iPhone - repost A Colloidal Silver Primer - A Columnist on Love and Relationships Needed A COM interface for Matlab - a Comic portrait A comic Site need - A commercial adult website a commercial designer for project in Chicago - A Community driven website A Community driven website(repost) - A Community website a community website - A company homepage. We have a sample homepage. A company info site - A company logo A company logo - a company logo a company logo - a company logo - repost 2 A company logo -- 2 - A Company Portfolio A Company Portfolio - open to bidding - A company to create a custom marketplace store a company to fund my project which is based on low cost sewage cleaning system - A company website in Wordpress. - open to bidding A company website is needed - A Comparison Between Structured and Object Oriented Methods A comparison of Australia and Article 101 of TFEU on restrictive business practices - A competent telemarketer to call around 100 Australian businesses to verify certain details A competent Web Designer - A complete accounting solution for your business entity A complete Affiliate website, with all coupons, deals, tips n tricks... etc - A complete copywriting for a travel website A complete copywriting for a travel website - a complete ebook on permaculture, moon phase farming and biodynamic agriculture A complete ecommerce store creation and support - A complete Mangento webstore a complete notes on data structures using C language - a complete registration process of a partnership deep with TIN number A complete research paper needs to update with new references, modify figures with new style and substantive editing. Must have background in animal science or veterinary sciences or medical, freelancer with excellent publications will be preferred. - A complete Squeeze Page System Design A Complete Suite of Applications for Education - A complete website A complete website - a complete website with a associated database a complete website with a associated database - A Complex Flash Game A complex formula for updating a spreadsheet - A composition in after effects a composition of traffic jam - A comprehensive university portal A comprehensive website for affiliate programs for major online retailers in India - a computer hacked A COMPUTER INSTITUTE WEBSISE - A concept or plot plan for developing our property A concept paper - A connection between Technology, Business and Society A connection from C# to SQL Server - A consultant to help my start-up make more effective use of my 1,200+ contacts on LinkedIn. A consultant to help with a NEC3 Tender before /on Friday 22nd January 2016 - a Content management A Content Management Module - Build over DNN Framework - A Content Writter with Good SEO Expertise A contest for all marketers and web experts - A contract Translated from english to Spanish a contractor who can from time to time make enhancements to our site - A cool 3D shooter game with zombies and stuff A cool 3D shooter game with zombies and stuff - ongoing work - a copper name plate A coppermine theme - a copy of with wordpress a copy of ecommerce website - A copy of is needed written in ruby on rails a copy of wallpaper in a lager pattern 12" scale with metalic colors Mockup - A copyright free image I can use in promotional material A Copyright Notice, Legal, Disclaimer for a PDF Ebook. - A copywriter with a wedding industry background A Copywriter With Impeccable English - A corporate Identity for De Les Roches( DLR)
A CORPORATE IDENTITY VIDEO - a corporate website a corporate website for a web design company - a countdown clock for a special promotion A countdown in flash - A Couple Hours of Wordpress and Javascript help A couple hours of work into finishing an existing solid works model that I started. - A Couple of Excel Macros A couple of fixes of my site with PHP HTML - A couple of PNG images made A couple of simple jobs in php - A couple pages Desinged - open to bidding A couple pages Desinged - open to bidding - A Couple Writers for Erotica Stories Needed!! a couplf of fast tasks - a cover design for a book A cover design for a new age album - A Cover Photo For My YouTube Channel A cow face appealing to children - A creative architectural design for a single story house A creative content Writer needed - A Creative Graphics Designer Needed A Creative High Caliber Graphic Designer wanted - A creative new logo that grabs the attention of my customers A creative one pager that is a combination of a bio/resume/flyer - A Creative wed design and development on it A Creative Write For Website Write Ups - A creative, savvy graphic designer who uses their initiative A creator and developer - A crime game A crime game - open to bidding - A critical review of an journal article with the consideration of Ottwa Charter A critical review of one empirical research paper (empirical paper will be given by me) - a CRM type of program / Php / Mysql(repost) A CRM WEBSITE - A crossword puzzle program A Crosswords Solvers Assistant - A cryptographer with good knowledge on computer security is needed A cryptographer with good knowledge on computer security is needed -- 2 - A CSS Designer to bring a website design to life. Urgently A CSS Developer Needed - A CTP application on TinyOS and Test it on FlockLab -- 2 A Cuban that can help my friend fill out some English documents (in Cuba). - A Custom Application development in Bangalore A custom art peice as a gift - A custom designer for t shirts, bags, hats, hoodies, and future accesories added A custom desktop app to implemet markov generator - A custom Facebook Bot to Easily Go Viral! A custom Facebook Project ! (only for advanced programmers) - A Custom Hybrid Mobile Application, written in Java & HTML5 using VS Cordova & onsen / ionic. A custom iOS/Android app for museum tours built with a content management system. - a custom made metal detector a custom made metal detector - A custom Mobile Friendly and Responsive Design for A custom module for opencart - A custom Plugin for magento 1.8 community A custom plugin for our website. - A custom script/shader in Unity3D A custom secure website to house client data & perform calculations - A custom video and audio recorder. A Custom Video Player - A custom WordPress plugin - mortgage calculator affordability A Custom wordpress search box - A customer review website to be created a customised bodywarmer waistcoat with lots of specific pockets - a customization of to my small business needs as a recruiting firm A customized web page for HTTP 404 error. - A customized Plugin A customized powerpoint presentation - A cutting edge Social Network to be developed A cutting edge toolbar to "unmask" websites when paid - A dairy that can be shared and used on-line a dance group performing dance within malls - a data base site more or less like a portal A data base to track my weekly payments from my customeers - A data entry job a data entry job - A Data entry project - Repost - open to bidding A Data entry project - Repost - open to bidding - repost - A Data recovery tool that recover corrupted pst and convert it into pst , eml and msg. A data scraper for Thomson Local, Yell and BT - A database count system A database design including data dictionary and ER Diagram - a database of NT services A database of travel agencies (name company + email+ site). - A DATABASE WITH EVERY STREETS IN ALL 8 STATES IN AUSTRALIA A database-driven website with relatively hight graphics - A dating site A dating site - A day without internet A day's work to correct bugs and minor changesto a magento website - A deals website for redesign and development - open to bidding a decal for my truck - A dedicated photographer A Dedicated PHP developer to move a 1.0 version of a SEM proposal builder to 2.0 - A demo Android App a demo app wirh sencha and datatables - a descriptive profile highlighting experiences and where for a targeted job a descripton of gym ebook - A design concept, including logo for a wine bottle label, a website, social media tools design, communications templates, business cards A Design Created for a coin and medal - A design for a folding chair A design for a graduation dress - a design for a tshirt a design for a warehouse distribution center - A design for new dog food plastic bag - repost A DESIGN FOR OUR NETWORKING EVENT. - A Design Job. A design made - a design question.... A Design Studio - a designer a designer - A designer required A designer that can design ads CMYK save fonts to outlines & send finished artwork to us for approval. - A designer who has knowledge of asian matrimonial designs A designer who is very familar with Indesign and illustrator. - A desktop application development with C++ or C# (Windows OS) A desktop application that clicks a few buttons on a website - A desktop tool to find patterns and cross information on a database a desktops software for my Photo Studios - A detailed solar project report to be written a detailed strategic marketing plan for marketing water - A Developer For Voice Recognition Framework Needed. -- 2 A developer for Web project - A developer to make a website A Developer to optimize a Magento website script to avoid abusing CPU resources - A developer with Augmented Reality experience A developer with experience in native java and php - A develper for eccommerce portal A deveoper with Open WRT skills for a project involving WiFi Routers - A DHCP client in java with some modification - open to bidding A DHCP client in java/C# with some modification - a diary application A diary that can be used on-line - A different version for the logo Hoop·Hope -- 2 a difficult anki deck - A digital download store using myCRED plugin A digital downloads website - A digital version of Lupus in Tabula playable in public places with a lot of people A Digital web designer/developer - A directory website A directory website - A discussion to understand the feasibility of the SIM STK app A discutir los detalles... - A dissertation