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change and project - change and fix app quiz. need php and android skills - open to bidding -- 3 Change and fix simple design to 5 HTML pages - change and update my website on wordpress change and update Wordpress theme - Change Angular dependencie structure Change Animated GIF background - Change app Functions Change App name/Copy App with new name - change ASP to PHP Change ASP to PHP and Access to MySQL - Change Authentication to AD Change Author Activity link / make Login Button visible on Smartphone - Change background Change background - Change background color and add animated progress wheel to 2 forms - Repost - open to bidding Change background color and an image in Joomla template - Change background color to white - 200 images Change Background color to white or Transparent - Change Background Hex color to Background Image In Javascript Code change background image - Change background of .psd file from white to transparent -- 2 - Repost Change background of 100 images to white. - Change Background of two JPEG Images. change background of video - Change background to white Change background to white and add reflection to jewelry pictures - Change banners on wordpress Change barcode EAN to UPC - change black and white vector design to specified pantone colours Change Black Leather Chair to White Leather Chair - Change Bootstrap design to RTL from LTR - Repost Change Bootstrap design to RTL from LTR - Repost - Change Bullet style Change Bullet style for Joomla module RSS Feed - Change C program to running without a console window (in the background) change C program to send diffrent UDP packet - Change car description orders on WP rentacar website change car images to match background - CHANGE CHARTBOOST IDS Change Chartboost to Admob ads (Banner & Interstitial) - Change Clipboard Value Change Clipshare Player with FlowPlayer - change code in a form Change code in an android program to call xml instead pf protobuffers - Change color and export a logo from psd to png Change color and make into vector... - Change color in my code/website. Change color in photo - Change Color of Beds Change Color of Buttons On Site - Change color of logo on shirts in picture to current colors Change color of logos - Change color on a .tif Change color on a carpet - Change Color Scheme of Site -- CSS Only --- Logo touch up Change Color Scheme of website - Change Colors and Text on Image and on HTML Image Change colors for car images in photographs - Change Colors of Logo change colors of logo - Change colors to 2 images and re-do a logo hour work Change Colors to my Drupal Site, Add Blocks to theme - Change colour of image Change colour of items - Change colour scheme of web site. Change colour theme of various images for an oscommerce site - Change Colurs on a Certificate Change coma tu decimal point - Change connection string on web config file to point to a database on a shared hosting (godaddy) panel change constrution page - Change content of page on website - Repost Change content of website - Change cover of book in a photo. Change cover size to conform to CreateSpace guidelines - Change CSS and PHP code to integrate design for a a framework. Change CSS and PHP code to integrate design for a SNS framework. - Change CSS in template Change css in Weebly - Change CSS URL in template files Change CSS Wordpress - Change current theme, Karma to Photolux Change current theme, Karma to Photolux - repost - Change data connections in web application Change data connections in web application - Change dating template!!!!!!!!! Change DB Connect from sqlsrv_connect to working linux-windows connect - change default search engine for browser Change default search engine in browser - Change design (design provided) for adult XXX nude site Change design (design provided) for adult XXX nude site. - Change design in prestashop change design inside C# project - Change Design of existing website and add to a interspire CMS Change Design of existing website and add to a interspire CMS - change design of site and add/fix some features. Change design of the android application [ 4 pages ] - Change design start page Change design template on Magento store - change detection using satellite images change detection website - Change dns records from windows remote desktop change Dns server - Change Domain Name for current site Change domain name for Wordpress Blog - Change Drawings to Autocad Change Drawings to Autocad - Change Drupal Calendar Module -- 3 Change drupal color scheme + Homepage Edits - change easyslider1.5 to fadeslideshow in js Change eBay HTML template content - Change Email Password Change Email Port from 25 to 80 on Godaddy Virtual Server - Change Exchange contacts change excisting website - Change existing indd file Change existing invoice Template for Wordpress / Woocommerce - Change existing site: Change Existing Software Name - Change Existing Wordpress Website - 2 Changes Change existing Wordpress website to new theme and look - Change Facebook app layout Change Facebook business account name and delete history - change Facebook page's name change facebook pagename - Change few elements in themeforest theme and make 2 forms Change few elements of existing WP site - change file Change file and layout from Pad2Pd file to Eagle production file - Change Filters & Layout in Wordpress Plugin. Change Filters & Layout in Wordpress Plugin. - Change flash file to .mpg file Change FLash flyout menu items - change flash template design Change Flash template design and include our content - Change font color from red to white Change Font color in doc - Change Font on Homepage! Change font on logo - Change font type on 2 logos change font weight thinner - Change footer colours and paypal button- lucrare în curs de desfășurare Change footer design in Prestashop and add company number field when register.. - Change format Change format and recreate Book Cover Front and Side Design. - change frame of photo slide show Change Frame-Structure of existing project - Change from rdlc report to crystal
Change from read only - change function Change Function of Payment and Membership for DirectoryPress - Change global product settings Change glowing tron circle to show email enveloppe - Change graphic change graphic - Change graphics in a theme and convert the same in html Change graphics in online software interface - CHANGE HARDCODED LOGO IN WORDPRESS Change hardware id in Driver for WinXP - Change header for wordpress website change header graphic - great way to get a quick 10 rating - Change Header, Footer and Sides of Website Page Change header, navigation and footer on ONE page template - Change homepage according to pdf CHANGE HOMEPAGE AND SEARCH - Change hot property mosets joomla Change hover effect - Change HTML Encoding Change html file - change html website to phpp change html website to pphp - change icon splash screen and title of c# program from source code then create setup file Change icons - Change image background Change image background - Change image into vectorized image Change image lightbox - change image sizes change image sizes - Change images Change images - Change Images of a Copy Flash Game to Make Game Look as New and Unique - repost Change images on flash slider - Change IMEI on iPhone 3G Change import script for modified oscommerce - change in featured boxe oscommerce Change in Flash Animation - URGENT - Change in online order Change in opencart plugin a html build popup system to javascript - change in the PRICING FORMAT in CS CART-2 change in the PRICING FORMAT in CS CART-3 - CHANGE INFORMATION ON A ONE PAGE FILE Change information on the Web about me and have certain key words take them to my website. - change ioctl(SIOCGIFHWADDR,...) results using Linux ptrace kernel interface Change ionic/cordova based app layouts to support arabic RTL - change it website template change it to postgres - Change Jitsi Design - WebChat Change Jomres Property, Detailed property and Tariff templates - change joomla template - open to bidding change joomla template -- 2 - Change js/ajax on product view page Magento Change json link but the look should be the same - Change language italian to english in Revit fils Change language of 1 page site - language changes supplied - Change layout and theme of PHPMOTION SCRIPT CHANGE LAYOUT CODE MAGENTO STORE - Change layout of header from OSCommerce website Change layout of illustrated book from landscape to portrait mode - Change layout on frontpage ++ change layout on ispconfig to my own style - Change light-box gallery from one template to another Change lightbox and other in template - Change linking script Change links for pdf files - Change Live support app form classes to ASP vb script Change live video stream output to another page - Change Logo Change Logo - change logo and make banner change logo and make icon - change logo colour Change Logo Colour & Make 3D - Change logo in a .SWF file change logo in a whiteboard video - change logo size on justlanding theme -- 2 Change Logo Slightly and create letter head - Change Logo, Images, Text, Create Banner for Website and Social Media change logo, menu, header, and few other things - change look and feel of calendar and time picker Change look and feel of CS Cart Multi Vendor Edition - Change LUA script Change MAC address on blackberry phone - Change magento page urls & create filter change magento password from phpMyAdmin - Change Magento\'s Home Page Change magneto custom theme header background colour - Change Management (psychological theories) change management - repost - Change Management Leadership book change management mba assignment - Change Member Area Design (PHP) Change Member Area Design with HTML5 animation - Change menu layout in wordpress website change menu links and header of my v bulliten forums same as my whole site - Change Messages from 2 sites Change Meta Description For web site - Change module Wordpress Gallery Masonry change module xajax librarie to jquery, or create new module with same logic - change msn password (python) Change MSN Today URL - Change my app game into 64-bit support. change my app? - change my domain Change my domain in magento - Change my Flash Player to a player that is compatable with all computer , ipad, and other devices Change my font back to what it used to be before i installed SSL certificate - Change my images to transparent logos Change my index page! - change my logo color to rainbow Change my logo colors - Change my payments from one-time to recurring payments Change my Paypal checkout to Paypal express and customise it. - change my search bar design / move my script into a new template, just 2 pages to edit change my search bar style - Change my SQL Server 2012 IIS instance \"Default Website\" to run on port 443 - repost CHANGE MY STICKER DESIGN FOR CUSTOMERS - Change my website address and help me with my joomla website (cms capabilities?) Change my website and copmile a report. - change my website template change my website template - Change my wordpress site from 3.9 back to 3.8.3 Change my wordpress site to fit Apple Iphone, Apple Ipad and Sony Playstation Vita screens - Change Name an Extension make sure work Fine Change Name and Address On Utility Bill (photoshop) - change name on business cards change name on document - change navision program change navy dress to red - Change Now Change Now - open to bidding - change of building use application for city of vancouver Change of Business Card Design - CHANGE OF FORMAT Change of graphic design - Change of Paypal payment Change of Phantom power supply Microphone to Suit Double ended Microphone Applications. - Change of Wordpress Header/Navigation Change of wordpress login - Change on Template Favourite Standard (Responsive part for mobile) and modul FavPromote Change on template for Zdrenga only - Change one page design of my website Change one page design of my website - Change one shopify page