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Check and finish basic Wordpress site Check and Finish project Check and fix (if necessary) translation from English to German check and fix 1800 words (german and finnish) by native speaker, will only accept $10 Check and fix A2B Callback Daemon Check and fix all bug of my app and re-design it check and fix aplication in Visual Basic 6.0 (old version VB) Check and Fix bags on my Wordpress site Check and FIX billing calculation ISSUE (taxes break off) to rest of the world Check and fix browser compatability issues with website and validate. Check and fix bugs in moduls for Xenforo Check and fix community site Check and Fix Connection Issue w Data functions Check and Fix Connection Issue w Data functions 2 Check and fix Dns Check and fix Email Signature HTML and CSS Code Check and fix English on business presentation and Executive Summary - MUST have experience in product presentation and Executive Summary check and fix german and finnish text by native speaker
Check and fix html coding Check and Fix Issue Check and fix Magento design Check and fix Magento performance in apache server CHECK AND FIX MY CODE Check and fix my cPanel/WHM configuration so that my websites resolve properly Check and fix my facebook script Check and fix our google analytics Check and Fix PrestaShop shopping cart error Check and Fix Sales Report Check and fix security of magneto site Check and Fix Small PHP Script to PSR standards -- 2 Check and fix the crashes of my app. Change the design Check and fix the problem with 4 class classification using SVM and PNN in Matlab check and fix urgent Check and fix website text Check and fix windows registry