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Configure an Audiocodes Mediant 1000 SBC for Skype for Business - Configure and convert wordpress theme to website. Configure and creat a java website with html provided - Configure and explain connection Configure and Explain how to Use IceCat Addons eMagicOne Store Manager for Magento - Configure and Install Zimbra Mail Server Configure and integrate Barracuda Archiver Appliance - Configure and Set Up Nuvoton TurboWriter Configure and set up Woo Commerce, change Genesis favicon and ad Comparison Chart - Configure and Troubleshoot Configure and troubleshoot AWS, Apache, Ubuntu - configure apache for large file size upload through script Configure Apache for virtual Hosts on Windows Dedicated Server - Configure Apache/Nginx/Cache/Mysql/Csf for High usage and Best system performance - repost 2 Configure apache/php to accept a reverse proxy without cross domains problems - Configure Asterisk (Elastix) Install Configure Asterisk (Elastix) Install - Repost - Configure Asterisks Softphone for WAN connection. Configure Asterisks Softphone for WAN connection. - open to bidding - Configure b2evolution User Authentication Plugin Configure b2evolution User Authentication Plugin(repost) - Configure brand new cisco 1941 router Configure brand new cisco 1941 router - Configure CentOS / Apache server for external MySQL Configure CentOS 6 on VPS Server with ISPConfig 3 - Configure Cisco 1911 Router - Repost - open to bidding Configure Cisco 1911 Router - Repost - open to bidding - Configure Cisco 887 Configure Cisco 891 router for small office - Configure Cisco SG200-26 Switch Configure Cisco SG500X switches - Configure cloud server for zend framework website Configure Cloudera Impala and integrate with OBIEE - Configure contact form with Configure content and Graphics for a Wordpress website - Configure crontab in Google App Engine to as new default settings Configure crontab in Google App Engine to set as default - Configure DAHDI on Asterisk Configure Data Layer for Wordpress to push Transactions to Google Analytics - Configure dedicated server Configure Dedicated Server (Linux) for mass mailing (openEMM or phplist) - Configure Digium TDM400 for FreePBX Configure Direct Admin to be able to use special characters as in terrassen├╝ - Configure DNS server for a local network with 50 computer Configure DNS server on Ubuntu Linux - Configure Draytek 2825n Router to work with two ISP load balancing and Voip phones Configure DrayTek V3300 Router - Configure nameserver Configure Earning from adsense. - configure email on ubuntu server Configure Email Plugin for Amazon SES - Configure EnzyGold Pro Configure EnzyGold Pro - open to bidding - Configure Exchange to work outside (POP IMAP) Configure Exim - forward all incoming mails to Exchange - Configure Failover IP on VPS (Debian 8) Configure Fantastico Survey Scripts - Configure flash website Configure Flashvedio module for Drupal - Configure Freepbx to use Sangoma USB FXO (U100) Configure FreePBX to work with Cisco 7960 Voip Phone - Configure FTP client (FileZilla) software settings to allow certain IP addresses from member mouse database to connect to my IP address Configure FTP in my Linux CentOS - Configure Google Account Configure Google Ads in a Existing app - Configure google shopping Configure Google shopping API - Configure Hikashop for 3-5 products Configure HMA and Noip(or alternatives) on my Windows 2008 R2 Remote Desktop - Configure HTTPS:// on wordpress website configure on our server - configure IIS server on x64 windows to run ASP.NET x86 app that interacts with the desktop configure IIS to access pages - Configure internet conectivity in hyper-v virtual machines Configure internet Debian 7 - Configure IRCd Configure IRCd and PHP Script to Interface with IRCd - Configure Jooma Comp AEC with Jom Social JSPT and PayPal Configure Joomla Configure Joomla - configure joomla template,fix bug on tinymce and loadposition module configure joomla theme - Configure Kamailio 4.1 Configure Kamailio 4.3 as a pass-through proxy with RTP relay - configure ledgersmb (perl, postgresql) installation on unix plesk server Configure LEMP server - Configure Linux to allow allow/deny programs to access the internet and block all programs when the VPN is disconnected Configure Linux to allow some programs to access the internet - configure mage bridge for joomla magento Configure Magento - Configure Magento shopping cart with CC merchant account Configure Magento Site with LiteSpeed & LiteMage - configure mail server and mail client, install SSL certificate Configure mail server for can-spam compliance, enhance automated email scripts - Configure MATLAB clusters Configure Matlab PCT on a LAN - Configure Microsoft Exchange 2013 on my Windows 2013 Standard server Configure Microsoft Exchange server 2013 - configure Monero miners to run on Digital Ocean Ubuntu 16.04 servers Configure Monster template - Configure multiple payment gateways and other PDF generation updates for ecommerce site Configure multiple stores w/ multiple domains in Magento - Configure my existing .net app run on Windows 7 Start-up Configure my existing .net app run on XP Start-up - Configure my OpenVPN-AS server with stunnel configure my oscart for payment modules - Configure my Watchguard Firebox XTM2 router with 9 ADSL IPs via a Cisco887 on my LAN, and configure both WiFi and guest WiFi. Configure my web server to backup to Amazon S3 - Configure my.cnf file in mysql database Configure MySQL and Wordpress For Extreme Traffic and The Digg Effect - configure network affiliate datafeeds for a price comp site Configure Network automation to Execute Web service - configure new webiste using Hirebee theme on Wordpress configure new webiste using Hirebee theme on Wordpress - Configure nginx to work as SSL reverse proxy for Node Red Configure NGINX web server caching on CentOS VPS - Configure Online Shopify Coding/Settings/Google Analytics SEO & Graphic Design experience to alter BRAND images Configure Online Shopify Coding/Settings/Google Analytics SEO & Graphic Design experience to alter BRAND images - Configure Opensips Configure OpenSIPS VoIP server on Linux with TLS - Configure OS Commerce and Add Ins Configure OS Commerce Functions to Existing Site 40 Products - Configure OwnCloud with s3 as Primary Storage on EC2 cONFIGURE OZEKI WITH HTTP ON WINDOWS SERVER - configure paypal IPN files Configure PayPal IPN for Digital Delivery Store - Configure php form and form processor Configure PHP from VPS Server to use Oracle and Mysql - Configure phpbb2 plugin for amember site(repost) Configure PHpbb; Parachat; and Mambo interfaces - Configure Plex In Docker Configure plug-in translation - Configure postfix and odoo/OpenERP v8 email on Debian 7 VPS Configure Postfix cloud VPS - configure pptp server and client. Configure PPTP VPN Server - configure Progress Map and Nearby Places Configure Properly to run JSP - Configure RADIUS server and L2TP tunnel endpoint configure radius server in server 2008 r2 - Configure Regional and Line Settings for SPA8800 Switzerland Configure remote access for desktop and mobile clients on Checkpoint Firewall - configure roundcube webmail + plugins Configure Route and Remote access VPN Site to Site between Windows Server 2008 r2 to a Checkpoint Firewall - Configure Configure Sam Broadcaster - Shoutcast - Amazon AWS (purchase links/ album art), and Sam Broadcaster WP song requests - Configure self-signed certificate on Apache Configure Send Mail and Joomla Work - Configure Server 2008 & Cisco RV042 Router for Site 2 Site VPN
Configure Server 2012 Server Standard - Configure Server to Display Web Pages Configure Server to fix Zimbra MTA Queue issue - Configure Shipping Details in Magento. Configure Shipping Details in Magento. -- 2 - Configure SIP Provider in Asterisk/Elastix Configure SIP Trunk in Asterisk - configure SMTP on linux server Configure SMTP On Wordpress Plugin To Send Emails - Configure softphone to pop a web browser / URL IT & Programming > Networking & Security Configure Software & Server - Configure Sphinx To Index and Query MySQL Database Configure SQL databse file for my website - Configure ssl certificate for postgresql Configure SSL certificate on Windows 2003 - Configure Storage server with FibreChannel -- 4 Configure Storage server with FibreChannel -- 5 - configure sweet date theme configure sweet date website - configure the Apache config files on the AWS test servers Configure the Beaglebone Black as slave RS485 through kernel programing - Configure theme and make just one page Configure theme and upload content and images to WORDPRESS websites - 1 day turnaround - Configure transparent proxy Configure transparent Squid on a Linux running OpenVPN server - configure ubuntu server for different websites Configure Ubuntu Server network - Configure Varnish & Nginx Configure Varnish (4) Cache to work with Wordpress - configure virtualhost for angularjs application on AWS EC2 instance Configure Virtualmin + Dovecot/Clamav/Spamassin/Postfix - Configure VNC Reflector for Linux - why it doesn't connect VNC in private networks? Configure VNC Reflector for Linux - why it doesn't connect VNC? - Configure VPN on Cisco 5505 Configure VPN on Cisco ASA 5510 appliance - Configure VPS for WordPress installation Configure VPS hosting an make clean installation of wordpress - Configure Web App - Laravel Framework Configure web app on new server - configure webserver Configure website - Configure WHM / Cpanel to send emails properly Configure WHM dedicated server via teamviewer - Configure Windows 2008 R2 Server Configure Windows 2008 R2 Server for ipsec vpn tunnel to Amazon Virtual Private Cloud - Configure Windows Server 2012 R2 Data Center and create some Virtual Desktops configure windows server 2012 r2 essentials - Configure woocommerce into my website, include one of the woocommerce extensions - 04/09/2016 20:41 EDT Configure Woocommerce on my Bazar Themed WP Site - Configure wordpress for nginx Configure wordpress for nginx - permalinks - Configure wordpress plugin - Ignition Deck Configure Wordpress Plugin / CSS - Configure Wordpress Theme Configure Wordpress Theme - Configure Wordpress to post to Facebook / Change Picture Configure WordPress to use the post name as the permalink URL for a Blog Post - Configure WP Commerce & Authorize.NET Configure WP Deposit plugin in Classipress Theme - Configure WPML in an Installed WooCommerce (Arabic) Configure WPML or other suitable plugin for multilangual site - Configure XML synchronization with WP all impoer plugin and WPML Configure Xp for Automatic FAX recieving - Configure ZOO for users level configure Zpush on Cpanel Server + documentation - Configure/Install MySQL Cluster NDB Configure/Install MySQL Cluster NDB(repost) - configurer et programation wordpress - open to bidding Configurer google drive pour une compagnie - configuring a customized cgminer program /setup a working "Stratum-Proxy" for Bitcoin - open to bidding Configuring a dedicated server - Configuring AA on UC520 Configuring Active Directory Error - configuring astrisk freepbx Configuring Atlassian JIRA Cloud instance - Configuring Details on WordPress Template Configuring DNS - configuring GCM & APNS on server side to send notification through API configuring GCM & APNS on server side to send notification through API -- 2 - Configuring M2E plugin to import / export ebay listings Configuring MageMonkey for Magento eStore - configuring nginx as reverse proxy for Meteor app running in docker container in aws EC2 configuring nginx on windows 7 (compatible url) - Configuring PJSIP to work background and NAT on IPhone app Configuring PLESK for Windows - Configuring snort or iptables to drop packets (based on string) Configuring SPAM Assassin to support additional spam filtering and some forwarding it to a different email address - Configuring VPS server for our company Configuring VSFTP on a centos 7 server - CONFINED DATA PROJECT (free typing ) ConFinSVCS Real Estate Website - Confirm Prices Confirm that all the information in the access report is correct and (Show Me) - Confirmation of sending poll confirmation page - Confirmit survey programming confirmr,cns - Conflict research Conflict Resolution - Confluence Custom code Confluence custom code - 3 - Confrence Hall - open to bidding - Repost Confrence program - Congestion Control and Routing Services in SDN/NFV congestion control in usrp and gnuradio - Congratulations service (video-messages from around the world) - $6 each task - - -- 2 Congratulations service (video-messages from around the world) - $6 each task - - -- 3 - Congress Research - Procurement Reform Congress2013 - Conjure Head Designs - Repost - open to bidding Conjure Story - Connect (API) Forums to Payment System Connect - Login - Retrieve - Connect 3 apis to my Visual studio project Connect 3 pages via DB in Wordpress - Connect 5 websites to Gateway Connect 6 PC's to a Mac Pro drive - Connect a excisting ionic frontend to an API Connect a FileMaker database - Connect a software deployed in php to a dll host in win pc Connect a spark core to the cloud... - Connect Adsense/Affiliate Data into Admin Theme Graph s connect adwords to dynamics crm to track leads which come from adwords - Connect an MVC entity framework project to Mysql on plesk dedicated server without odbc Connect an MySQL table with events to a Dojox Calendar - Connect API between 2 platforms Connect API feed - Connect arduino to hub then send data to pc Connect Arduino to sensor reader. - Connect Boostrap eStore to PayPal Connect Boostrap eStore to PayPal - Connect Contact Form 7 to WooCommerce Products Connect Contact form with AGILECRM API - Connect database API and shipping system Connect Database from Miva5 to ProWorkFlow - Connect Desktop to Internet via website - open to bidding connect detabse from SFTP - Connect Ebay and Amazon to Lemonstand Connect Ebay API to Magento - Connect Excel to SQL DB and create automated scheduled report connect excel with matlab - Connect Filemaker to MySql Connect Filemaker to REST API - connect form word press to vtiger crm Connect forms data to MySQL dbase - Connect Freepbx or any other PBX to Lync