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configure calamp LM2600 device - Configure Chan dongle on Asterisk - Repost - open to bidding Configure Chat Bots on IBM Watson Virtual Agent - Configure Cisco 3845, 2800 and 1800 Series Routers on small network -- 2 Configure Cisco 7900 series - configure cisco cp-9971 with asterisk Configure Cisco Firewall - Configure Classipress to accept paypal payments into sellers/ users own paypal account. Configure Clean Urls for Drupal Site - CONFIGURE CMTS MOTOROLA 64000 Configure Cocos2d-x 2.2.3 on MAC - Configure cpanel to optimise SMTP email sending Configure cPanel to Send Via PowerMTA - Configure Current Server Build to Allow CORS requests and responses alike. (READ BEFORE) Configure custom mail for deal - microdealauctionfactory - Configure DC domain controller / network Configure DD-WRT / Optware to route all WiFi traffic through Tor - Configure DHCP, DNS and AD on Windows 2012 configure dhcpd apache + htb - Configure DNS for 4 Applications - open to bidding Configure DNS for AWS & Route 53 Domain to point to Bluehost sites - Configure Domain Names on Windows WebServer Configure domain on VDS at RackSpace Cloud - Configure Drupal and consultation Configure drupal based sight. - Configure Ecommerce Module Configure Ecommerce Theme - Configure Email server in windows VPS Configure Email Server on Linux - Configure EventEspresso Configure Events Manager Pro Wordpress Plugin - Configure existing desktop website to mobile friendly Configure Existing Joomla 1.5 Site - Configure Felamimail in eGroupware Configure FFMPEG - Centralize conversion - Configure Formmail script Configure Fortigate VPN Access - Configure Freeplane portable with Latex and Java (easy configuration) Configure Freeradius - Configure FTP to provide email notifications Configure functional website - Configure Google Adwords and Bing Ads configure google adwords conversion on magento - Configure GPRS-RS232 Interface using SonyEricsson GM29 Modem Configure GPS with MySQL in Ubuntu - Configure homepahge of woocommerce site Configure hook in cPanel server - Configure Huawei MA5616 DSLAM - open to bidding Configure Hylafax + Modem - Configure IIS to host multiple websites (Wildcard Host Header not supported in IIS 8) Configure IIS website to forward to a Virtual Directory - Configure Interspire Email Marketing with IP Rotation configure interspire IEM with all addons - Configure ISP Equipment Configure IVR Service of VOS3000 to run Calling Card Service. - Configure Joomla Configure Joomla Configure Joomla - Configure Joomla VirtueMart Configure Joomla virtuemart 1.1.9 with Joomfish V2.2.3 - configure kamailio and rtpengine behind NAT -- 2 configure kamailio and rtpengine behind NAT -- 3 - Configure Liferay portal with Webapp and Website Configure Liferay to prevent disabled active directory users from logging in - configure linux vps smtp, pop and apache configure linux webserver - Configure Magento for SSL Configure Magento 2 for multisite language URLS - Configure Magento store to offer different sizes and colours Configure Magento Template - Configure mail server on CentOS Configure Mail server on (20k emails / hour) - Configure Matrix Eternity Gateway with GSM Configure maximum size of Fancybox/Flickr lightbox - Configure Microsoft Lync Server 2010 for external access Configure Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 - Configure Moodle Configure Moodle and Joomdle to suit our needs. - Configure mumble-server to authenticate with Active Directory configure mumudvb - Configure my gmail account in outlook Configure my gmail account in outlook - Configure my Paypal Payments System, and check the website process Configure MY PHP - Configure my webserver Configure my webshop (XT-commerce) + small logo work - Configure my.cnf file in mysql database Configure MySQL and Wordpress For Extreme Traffic and The Digg Effect - configure network affiliate datafeeds for a price comp site Configure Network automation to Execute Web service - configure new webiste using Hirebee theme on Wordpress Configure new website location - fix web.config file - Configure nginx to work as SSL reverse proxy for Node Red Configure NGINX web server caching on CentOS VPS - configure online registration and link to subscription lists in Campaign monitor Configure Online Shopify Coding/Settings/Google Analytics SEO & Graphic Design experience to alter BRAND images - Configure Opensips Configure OpenSIPS VoIP server on Linux with TLS - Configure OS Commerce and Add Ins Configure OS Commerce Functions to Existing Site 40 Products - Configure ownCloud to use s3 as primary storage on Ec2 -- 2 Configure OwnCloud with s3 as Primary Storage on EC2 - configure paypal git & phpmail configure paypal IPN files - Configure PHP for safe use on web farms Configure php form and form processor - Configure phpbb2 plugin for amember site(repost) Configure PHpbb; Parachat; and Mambo interfaces - Configure plug-in translation Configure Plugin - Configure Postfix and Dovecot for SOGo Configure postfix and odoo/OpenERP v8 email on Debian 7 VPS - configure PPTP and L2TP vpn on windows server 2008 Configure PPTP and Openvpn on an openvz VM - Configure program for web server configure progress map and it's plugin - Configure Quintum AXM 2400P Configure Quiz Script - Immediate - Work Now - configure redsocks proxy divertor on centos to work with proxy server configure redsocks proxy divertor on centos to work with proxy server -- 2 - Configure Roudcube password plugin on my website Configure Roudcube password plugin on my website - repost - Configure sales tracking in Google Analytics Configure Salesforce CRM Group Edition - Configure security camera Configure Select2 to pull XML data - Configure Server (Easy Job)(repost) Configure server + Install script - Configure Server RAID Hardware based on MegaRAID 9271 Cache 1 GB + CacheVault Configure Server Root - Configure Shibboleth IdP to SSO by Kerberos tickets with Windows 2012 server - open to bidding Configure Shibboleth IdP to SSO by Kerberos tickets with Windows 2012 server - open to bidding -- 2 - Configure Simple Linux Server - ongoing work Configure Simple Linux Server with Apache - configure SMS gateway in vTiger 6.1 configure SMS gateway in vTiger 6.1 - Repost - Configure SobiPro component - new multichoice drop down field Configure Sobipro ST Portfolio Template for Bike Sales Directory - Configure SpamAssassin Configure spamassassin and cpanel to reduce spam - Configure SRS forwarding emails with postfix and set up connection to phpmailer mailing lists Configure SS7 on asterisk box - Configure SSRS 2008 on Windows Vista Configure SSRS Report Manager 2010 - configure subscriber2 wordpress plugin Configure SugarCRM - Configure Tax Rule for Magento Website Configure Tax Rule For Magento Website and Slight Adjustments on Home Page - Configure the server Configure the server - open to bidding - Configure tomcat on AWS
Configure Tomcat to increase RAM memory utilization - Configure two templates for a Joomla and Wordpress website on Godday Cpanel Configure two wordpress Plugins - Configure User Privilege in LDAP Configure User Record ID "urid" column in Wordpress plugin called wpDatatables. - Configure Vici Dialer Configure Vicidial with Voice Recognition - Configure VLAN on SF-300 switch for VOIP Configure VLANs in Cisco WS-C3750X, certify network in Saudi Arabia - Configure VPN between 2 fortigate devices Configure VPN between fortigate 60C & fortigate 60D - Configure VPS Configure VPS - Configure Vtiger For Sales & Marketing Configure Vtiger To be used as a folowup system for a Commercial Cleaning Company - Configure web.config configure web.config - redirect to subdomains - configure website to load the external resources through HTTPS Configure website to Paypal API - Configure WHMCS in a website Configure WHMCS to work flawlessly with TCADMINv2 and build product library - Configure Windows Server IIS7.5 for ISAPI DLL -- 2 Configure Windows Server 2003 and Exchange - Configure wireless in backtrack running in oracleVM Configure Wireless on laptop - configure wordpress affiliate plugin for multisite configure wordpress and configure the seo/contact - Configure Wordpress on AWS EC2 Windows Server 2008 Configure Wordpress Page to display posts as grid - Configure Wordpress Stripe Plugin Configure Wordpress Template - Configure Wordpress Theme Forest Theme Configure wordpress theme on a website - Configure Worker MPM, PHP-FPM, FastCGI on Centos 6.5 Server Configure working VPN connection to Windows Server 2012 - configure WP theme correctly . configure WP theme to look like premium blog theme - configure xamarin Configure XAMP / Pentaho Server for MySQL and Oracle Reporting - Configure Zend framework on shared hosting Configure Zend framework on shared hosting - configure/customize router Configure/deploy Magento Shop, write plugin - Configured an existing Ionic chat application to run on my server (MongoDB, NodeJS, CouchDB, Socket.IO) Configured Astbill based on Asterisk - configuring Configuring Ip rotation function - Configuring a Server Configuring a Template - configuring and securing a Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 3 Server Configuring and setting office 365 Ent, E3 for 50 users Then integrating with Dynamic AX on cloud - Configuring Cloning Plugin on Wordpress Mu Configuring Cloud Server - Configuring Fancy Product Designer & Teaching To Use -- 2 Configuring Fancy Product Designer / WooCommerce - Configuring JACK and PulseAudio Volume Control in UBUNTU for Audio transmission Configuring JACK and PulseAudio Volume Control in UBUNTU for Audio transmission - Configuring my domain for my web host SquareSpace. Configuring my exsiting server for a web hosing server and dns - Configuring OpenWRT Wifidog Captive portal solution Configuring OSCOmmerce for & Integrating paypal shopping cart - configuring selenium with chrome.. configuring server 2008 to use mpls and broadband internet simultaneously. - Configuring two MikroTik routers Configuring Ubuntu server properly so Wordpress website is stable. - configuring wireless router Configuring woocommerce theme - Confirm data through research Confirm email addressses - Confirmation Email Fix Confirmation Email for Lister - Confirmatory Factor Analysis (AMOS/LISREL) Confirmatory Factor Analysis - repost - Conflict between vuforia plugin and waps plugin for android on unity3d Conflict Challenge - Conflicting plugins causing minor error Conflicting plugins in Wordpress - Confluence/Atlassian Consultant Confollow - kind of website ConfuserEx - congratulation congratulation - Congratulations, we have awarded your entry the 3rd place. Congratulations, you are hired! - Conics Math (High School Level) Conics Math (High School Level) - conmect api keys to my website correctly Conn for Sanjay2004 Group - Connect 1045 error on Cpanel Connect 2 API's - Connect 4 Adobe Flash Media Server Togheter Connect 4 ADS130E08 ICs to arduino using Serial SPI interface - Connect a APS-H camera sensor to a Raspberry pi Connect a bank payment gateway to woo-commerce - Connect a IPhone App to a WCF using Connect a Java applet to existing PERL source code - Connect a website to braintree for membership creation Connect a website to MLS - Connect Aftership Prestashop Connect Agent for Android - Connect and external email provider to a site made with WIX Connect and Hubspot Integration - connect API to cyfe dashboard Connect API to iPhone App & Build Small UI Elements - connect ASP MVC API to online database Connect ASP script to MySQL database. - Connect BootStrap Template to AWS dynamoDB Connect bootstrap template with phpadmin (game service) - Connect Contact Form 7 to WooCommerce Products Connect Contact form with AGILECRM API - Connect data to Wordpress WP Tables Connect Database - connect Desktop to Internet through Website Connect Desktop to Internet via website - CONNECT EBAY / ECOMMERCE Connect Ebay and Amazon to Lemonstand - Connect Excel to Interactive Brokers using ZeroMQ Connect Excel to Shipstation API - Connect FAX to OCR module Connect file - Connect form with Cart, Big Commerce Expert connect form with mysql-database - connect front-end with php using angular.js Connect frontend to backend API - connect google speech to my visual basic program -- 2 Connect Google Voice to Asterisk Server - Connect iE Compatible CSS for Website Connect IIS with remote SQL Server - Connect JomSocial & RPX for tiny Non-Profit Connect Joomla component jombadge to open badge 2 hours tops - connect magento Connect Magento and Ebay - Connect me with people interested in purchasing (profitable) online businesses Connect me with people interested in purchasing a profitable online business - Connect MS-Access to MySQL on a 64 bit Windows system Connect Mt Gox API to Metatrader - Connect my chart to my database! Connect My Cheap Template To My WHMCS - Connect my Mac to VPN connect my new server to db - Connect my website to mysql connect my website to use taobao api - Connect NETAPP FAS2040 nad Ubuntu web server Connect new database to system - Connect Open Cart to Cash Register POS Connect Open Cart to Constant Contact - Connect osCommerce based site to auction site