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create a sign-up and sign-in in node.js - Create a similar facebook app Create a similar flash game - Create a similar site as this Create a similar site in WordPress - Create a similar website Create a similar website - CREATE A SIMILIAR FUNCTIONING WEBSITE FOR HOUSE CLEANING MAID SERVICE 5 pages! CREATE A SIMILIAR FUNCTIONING WEBSITE FOR PLUMBING 5 pages! - Create a simple "quiz game" in an existing Android App Create a simple & attractive banner ! - Create a Simple 3 level Wordpress Membership site Create a simple 3 page site using html, css and javascript - Create a simple admin site Create a simple admin to control user comments and rank - Create a simple Android app Create a simple android app - Create a simple animated logo gif Create A Simple Animated Lyric Video - Create a simple app + backend functionality CREATE A SIMPLE APP FOR A FREE MAGAZINE - Create A Simple Article Spinner Program - Budget Price Only Create a simple application from a given database - Create a simple bitcoin gambling webgame on my website Create a simple BitCoin trading robot in Excel VBA - Create a simple but modern Website using Web2 create a simple but working anti-virus - Create a simple COMING SOON page create a simple coming soon weboage - Create a simple data driven website /webservice Create a simple data entry form that has integrated webcam for taking picture to attach to data entry - create a simple design with C SS/HTML Create a simple design. - Create a simple event attendance responsive website Create a simple excel based form - Create a Simple FB php login - nothing more Create a Simple File Management App - Create a simple form on a webpage create a simple form on wordpress - Create a simple GIF Mockup Create a simple GIF Mockup - Create a simple html page Create a simple html page - Create a simple image recognition app -- 1 create a simple inapp storefront template for a newstand app - Create a simple iPhone app skeleton -- 3 Create a simple IPHONE app to get a few data and sync it back to a cloud server - create a simple javascript handlebars mustache template Create a simple Javascript MouseOver DIV on the current page - Create a simple letterhead Create a simple lighting control app for iPhone - create a simple logo for a website----- create a simple logo for a website------- - Create a simple Microsoft Word Template - examples given Create a simple Microsoft Word Template - examples given - Create a simple mysql update web page Create a simple native android app and a browser based version - Create a simple online store Create a simple online store on our website - Create a simple php based website -- 2 Create a simple php capture redirect page - Create a simple physics scene using C++ and OpenGL Create a simple picture game application - create a simple poster for a website--- create a simple poster for a website---------- - Create a simple prestashop template Create a simple Prestashop Theme - Create a simple rectangle with a text inside it Create a simple redirect web page after filling up enquiry form - Create a simple scraping programme Create a Simple Scraping Tool! - Create a Simple Slideshow Video Create a simple small banner with images i will send. - create a simple static html website Create a Simple Static Mobile Landing Page - create a simple trading parallax , front end & backend 5 day Create a simple Trailer Grabber Script - Create a simple Video Create a simple video - Create a Simple Web Based Customer Referral Portal Create a simple web based or stand alone receipt generator (Self explanatory Template attached) - create a simple webpage for a website create a simple webpage for a website - create a simple website create a simple website - Create a simple website for a company Create a simple website for an art gallery with joomla - Create a SIMPLE website that acts like an expert system - repost Create a simple website that displays information from an SQL DB with one table - Create a simple windows sapplication QT + Augmented reality Create a Simple Windows UI Application - Create a Simple Wordpress Plugin Create a Simple Wordpress Plugin - Create A Simple Wordpress Template Create a Simple Wordpress Template - Create A Simple Wordpress Website. create a simple wordpress wepsite - Create a simple, minimal Wordpress Template with events calendar Create a simple, SEO friendly, mobile optimized, landing page - Create a single Email Database from 3 x separate databases Create a single fully transparent background PNG with text - Create a Single Page Like This with slot for Video Create a single page mobile app prototype - Create a single web site page in HUBSPOT Create a single web-page from a mockup . . 'now'! - Create a site Create a site - Involves social buttons and tracking, database handling etc. - Create a site from a Wordpress template create a site from PSD (HTML+CSS+jQuery) - create a site like Create a site like Megacams - Create a Site on my website + fix Joomla Create a site on the engine wordpress - Create a site similar to Pinterest in Joomla 3.x K2 with extras - repost Create a site similar to in Wordpress - Create a site were users(students) can upload digital goods Create a site where people can create and share their own playlists. More inside - Create a size variation for cell phone listing Create a Skeleton animation video on Powerpoint and convert to Video - Create a Skybox for a video game Create a skyline/silhouette of a beach w/ palms , huts, etc,. - Create a slider image Create a slider in slider revolution (wordpress site) - Create a slideshow plugin for Wordpress theme Create a Slideshow presentation with powerpoint - Create a small "Map" app for use in wordpress Create a small (loading animation for an app) - create a small app, take one piece of data from a website, display on the screen create a small application php and mysql - Create a small data base program to manage, orders, payment, invoice and customers Create a small data entry form on homepage and add image slider. - CREATE A SMALL IPHONE APP Create a small iPhone Application - Create a small OpenCL Android app from a given template Create a small Phone gap Application - Create a small Rotating Globe with different clickable images on Create a small scientific report - Create a small web application that works online and offline Create a small web portal - Create a small wordpress site Create a small wordpress website - Create A Smarty PHP Template Create a Smarty Template for Agriya Buysell - Create a SNS with ecommerce funtion. Create A Soap or REST API that updates salesforce Automatically. PRIOR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED - Create a social media automation tool Create a Social Media Calendar - Create a social network and news site for healthy ageing community
Create a Social Network App - Create a social networking app- a mix between facebook and instagram - repost Create a Social Networking iPhone Application - Create a social website Create a social website - Create a software Create a software - create a software for ... Create a software for a logistic company that produce boxes - Create a software or a Google Chrome add-on for Binary Option Autotrade Create a Software or Interactive Program for USB Sticks and Online. - Create a software to create ratios between open, high, low, close time series CREATE A SOFTWARE TO DESIGN ON A STL FILE A NEW FILE FOR 3D PRINT - create a softwear that you can love me create a soholaunch template for event's center - Create a song for me Create a Song for me in the style of Mika's "Big Girls you are beautiful" - Create a Spanish version of an English site Create a Spanish Version of an English Website - Create a specific layout(only 1 page) as described in the image Create a specific news type for Drupal website - Create a Spokesperson video with BRANDED OFFICE background Create a Sponsor Deck for my company - Create a spreadsheet and fill some data Create a Spreadsheet Application - Create a Spreadsheet with Contact Information Create a spreadsheet with contacts from a professional network - Create a SQL Script for Fields, Keys, Constrains, Indexes ... of database Create a SQL Server CLR to store BLOBs outside the DB - Create a staff newsletter on service value - fun and engaging Create a staff profile upload in my current cms system - Create a Star Schema Data Mart Create a Start Page extraction for Browser similar iGoogle - Create a static vidoe from 1 image Create a static webpage (bestweb4u) - create a stickers using a website logo Create a stickfigure-like or cartoon-style explanation video based on storyboard - Create a Store script is already there Create a store signboard/billboard (400cm x130cm) - Create a storyline for my cat products Create a straight forward Drupal 6 Forum/message board - Create a student information records using two different template class linked lists Create a student loan comparison calculator - Create a stylesheet Create a stylesheet for a subreddit - create a subscription page Create a Subscription Plugin for WooCommerce - Create a superb online course/tutorial on freelancing Create a superb product description for 3 products - Create a survey to work offline on Andriod or iphone like an app urgent Create a survey using Excel to run on iPad and Macbook - Create a Synonym list for terms from Physics Medicine and Molecular Biology Create a synopsis - project for HappyMarli - Create a system with User, Client and Admin Create a system, Web Service, Admin page and Android Application - Create a tab for edditing the number of coupon sold and more create a tab seperated quickbooks iif file (no coding needed) - Create a Tag Archive Page Create a tag line - Create a taxi booking mobile APP and Website Create a taxi dispatching program on a Linux Django Platform - Create a technical animation video using vector files and photos. Create a technical article for our product - create a template and flyer form in wordpress Create a template and implement it on test shop. The design is made. - Create a Template For a Website Create a template for a WP - Create a template for my website Create a template for my website - mobile phone friendly - Create a template HTML+CSS for a couponing website Create a Template in Adobe Illustrator - Create a Template with HTML5/CSS3 and AJAX functions Create a template with login, user and menu setting using Metronic and Laravel - Create a test/quiz web site in gwt Create a testimonial Video - Create a textile design Create a textile vector based on an image. - Create a Theme for CS-Cart Create a theme for Fusion Ticket - Create a theme Wordpress Create a theme/template for a GetLancer site - Create a tiered blog network for our Business Create a Tile Theme WordPress Template/Website - Create a Tinder/Badoo like Application Create a Tinder/Grind clone script - Create A Todo List & A Timer For The Desktop Create a toggle link for backorder products - Create a tool tip window and integrate with Create a tool to automate process - Create a top class auto checkout bot for shopify sites, nike, and footlocker/eastbay Create a top class auto checkout bot for shopify sites, nike, and footlocker/eastbay - Create a Tourism application for android system works in a tablet 7-8\" create a tourism website - Create a Traffic update website for london Create a Trailer - Create a transition program from cvs to e-slog Create a transition Video / Animation (.mov or image sequence) for reply transition 1-3 seconds max - Create a Travel Website & App Create a Travel Website & App -- 2 - create a trigger in sql that flag out when a maximun of person sign up Create a trip sharing web backend, plus a web interface - Create a Tumblr theme from Shopify Theme Create a Tumblr website - Create a tv advert Create a tv advertisement animated (1 day to complete) - Create a Twitter "Turboer"! - open to bidding Create a Twitter 'Turboer' - Create a Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ Page Create a twitter/Facebook dynamic button after purchase - Create a TYPO3-Page with my template Create a Typographic Magazine Masthead - Must provide 20 drafts - Create a UK male voiceover Create a UK Paypal Premier Stealth Account - All Limits Removed - Create a unique html5 website for church Create a unique Job Portal Website - Create a Unique, eye catching and simple one-page website Create a UNIQUE/Premium/Responsive \"1-Click Install\" Wordpress Theme - create a universal platform app using xamarin. Create a universal web app for mobile devices that logs-in and posts to a third party site - Create a USB installation system Create a useable online database - Create a user interface for a python written bot CREATE A User Interface for mobile - Create a user's manual using mostly illustrations Create a usermanual - Create a variation template for for clothing Create a experience - Create a Vbulletin template / skin / theme Create a VBulletin Website - create a Vector file of an image which is needed for tshirt print create a Vector file of an image which is needed for tshirt print -- 2 - Create a vector image (Adobe Illustrator) of the attached picture create a vector image based on a scan of a (well done) pencil drawing - Create a vector of the Lion and Snake (only) from the middle of this image Create a Vector of this Chicken Griller - Create a vehicle make and model recognition Proof of concept Create a vehicle service software solution for mobile mechanics - Create a very classic wordpress template Create a very detailed form in a Wordpress site using Contact Forms 7 interface - Create a very simple autocomplete example using ASP.NET, Ajax.NET and libraries Create a very simple backup in Node Js - create a very simple poster--- Create a very simple program in html/javascript/php - Create a very simple web crawler (for internal links only) Create a very simple web page with some drop down menus - Create a very small website