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develop an in house programme to send volume smses - Develop an Installshield setup with Mysql server and connector installer Develop an Instant Messaging and integrate it with my Community Portal - Develop an interactive Marketing App Develop an interactive math test problems - Develop an interpreter Develop an interstitial/admob banner - develop an IOS and Andriod app Develop an IOS and Android app - Develop an iOS App for a start-up (equity pay) Develop an iOS App for an existing android app - Develop an iOS Application Develop an iOS Application - Develop an IOS Mobile and Tablet Application Develop an iOS Mobile App - Develop an IOS/Android Application for psychology research Develop an IOS/Android Game - Develop an iPhone & Android app Develop an Iphone & Android APP - Develop an iPhone and Android application (Quiz Game) develop an iphone and android application. - Develop an iPhone app Develop an iPhone app - Develop an iPhone Application Develop an iPhone Application - Develop an iPhone application Develop an iPhone application - Develop an iphone Flashlight Application. Develop an iPhone game - Develop an iPhone/iPad App -- 2 Develop an iPhone/Ipad application - Develop an mobile app similar to Uberr app. Designs will be provided Develop an Mobile App" & add skills Android, Iphone, Mobile App, Titanium Appcelarator, and Website - Develop an offline data layer for a simple HTML5 app that is currently online-only -- 4 Develop an Olympics themed Mobile Game - Develop an online course for us (Video tutorials) Develop an online course for us (Video tutorials) - Develop an Online Marketing Plan for Develop an Online Marketing Plan for - Develop an online store and website for a medical company Develop an Online Store for Fitness Accessories Brand - Develop an Opencert Extension Develop an OpenCV/dlib face tracking app that also detects gender, age and happiness - Develop an physics-based animation with real-time sensor input Develop an prototype app for iOS and Android - Develop an software 1 Develop an SRS - Develop an Youtube App for my Channel ! develop analytical modeling, markov chain and write code in matlab - Develop and App تطوير موبايل أبليكيشن مثل نظام الأندرويد الموجود على سوق جوجل (الملتقى التربوي) وسيتم تزويدكم بكافة التفاصيل الفنية develop and app for knitters - develop and create a photo sharing app like Instagram. Develop and create a software for retail specialized - develop and design a online market website develop and design a print e-commerce - Develop and design app for iOS and android. Develop and Design Auction/consignment Website - Develop and Design Webpage develop and design website - Develop and execute Social Media Marketing Strategy Plan Develop and extend a reservation system developed in Microsoft Access and VBA - develop and implement salesforce develop and implement salesforce -- 2 - Develop and integrate new payment provider to voipswitch (VoIP System) Develop and Integrate Quote Funtionality on Front/Back-end - Develop and maintain our PHP websites develop and maintain professional competence - Develop and modify some code for a website Develop and Monetization of educational website - Develop and run web business in Jakarta Develop and SDK in C# from an ASP.NET platform for third party developer to build extensions and modules - Develop and web design Wordpress template -- 3 Develop and write a business plan for angel funds inventor - Develop Android and Blackberry Mobile Application Develop Android and iOS (iPhone) Apps - Develop Android and iPhone app with these functionalities Develop Android and iPhone application - Develop android app Develop android app - Develop Android app for business Develop Android App for Chinese app store market - Develop Android app using any technology AIR/Unity/Cocos/Native Develop Android App using iOS app as base - Develop Android application Develop Android application - Develop Android Application with Monetization SDKs Develop Android application with PSD screen. - Develop android game app Develop Android game app pairing with another device (bluetooth) - Develop Android version of an existing iOS app for a Charity project Develop Android version of an IOS App - Develop Angular frontEnd with provided theme Develop Angular Web App - Develop API for communication between app and aws server Develop API for ERP Server to Bridge Data to Magento - Develop App Develop App - Develop App for 30% of profits made develop app for analytics using shopify api - Develop APP for Iphone -- 2 Develop app for iPhone with CMS control - Develop app module for Magento develop APP MODULE which can DECODE ULTRASONIC signals - Develop app. Develop Apple and Android app for businesses - Develop Application for IOS apps Develop Application for OS and Android - Develop applications on fitness (design + programming) Develop applications on fitness (design + programming). - develop arcgis interactive map Develop Architectural BIM Model-LOD300-Residential Building - Develop ASP.NET Webforms using Devexpress Develop ASP.NET Webforms using EntityFramework & Devexpress - Develop Auto Transport With Instant Price Quote Calculator Plugin for online Bookings develop auto-accept bot for LinkedIn invites - Develop B2B Multi Vendor Ecommerce site Develop B2B Platform - ONLY FOR SOFTWARE ENGINEERS LOCATED IN THE EU - develop backup tool Develop Balloons game for J2ME handsets - Develop Basic Web Portal with DB, AJAX Develop Basic Website - Develop Bitcoin ICO platform develop bitcoin shopping cart on shopify store with coinbase api - Develop Brand Book Develop brand guidelines - breif attached - develop browser plugins Develop Browser-based game - Develop Business Plan Develop Business Plan - Develop C# Compression Class Develop C# Database Connector for Eaglesoft 16 - Develop calculator for iPhone and iPad develop calculators in excel - develop casino onlinegames develop CASINO, JACKPOT and POCKER type flash games - Develop chat live audio with Laravel Develop chat module like freelancer´s chat. - develop chrome extension of existing firefox addon Develop Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer extension/plugin/ActiveX respectively for video-chat service - Develop clone of that works well on mobile devices Develop Cloud Based CRM portal - Develop code to auto send email once signup occurs on website Develop code to FFmpeg - Develop Communication strategy and communication plan and create one form of social media suitable to it. Develop community on Facebook - Develop complete e-commerce system with website and mobile application Develop complete ERP-CRM in SaaS format - Develop concepts for branded entertainment events/consumer activation Develop configuration program - Develop controller and software for material testing equipment - either one or both
Develop controller and software for material testing equipment - either one or both -- 2 - Develop corporate identity for a new Bubble Tea Shop Develop corporate identity for an App (Android-IOS) - Develop crea8social script based on laravel. Develop crea8social script based on laravel. - Develop Cruise Website and iPad App Develop Cryptocurrency Software like Bitcoin (Open Source Code available from Github) - DEVELOP CUSTOM APP PHOTO OVERLAY DEVELOP CUSTOM APP PHOTO OVERLAY - Develop custom features for SalesForce/ platform Develop Custom File Share Module in Wordpress Site - Develop Custom PHP Coding / Script / Software Develop custom PHP extension file/module for shopping carts - develop custom type product customiser plugin Develop Custom Typo3 Website for NPO - Develop Customer Account Panel using Java/JEE/Spring3.x/JQuery/MongoDb Develop customer contact list - Develop Data Feeder for Charting Tool Develop Data Flow Diagrams - develop database type software for a new company Develop Database Website (Php Framework) - Develop Delphi IMAP Email client Develop Delphi IMAP Email engine (without UI) - Develop Desktop Application Develop Desktop Application (Medical Management System) - Develop diploma level ICT units Develop directory - Develop doxygen specification comment and improve sorted array algorithm Develop Draft Press releases for company in 3D space - Develop Dual Pane Browser, Within 1 Window. Develop Dulara lakshan - Develop E-Commerce website Develop E-commerce Website - Develop EA for MT4 Develop EA for MT4 - Develop eCommerce Android application from website Develop ecommerce app in Android and iOS - Develop ecommerce website using OpenCart develop ecommerce website using prestashop - DEVELOP Electronic Company Registration (ECR) compliant computer software DEVELOP Electronic Company Registration (ECR) compliant web based software - Develop Email Template for three touch email campaign Develop Email Verification Tool - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - develop end use articles out of coir Develop end-to-end Social Media Web App - Develop Escort Site in Wordpress Develop Escort Website w/ Online booking and Prepayment - Develop excel spreadsheets for civil enginers - 16/10/2016 16:46 EDT Develop Excel VBA add-in to connect to Xero API - Develop existing software Develop existing t-shirt arts - Develop exstensions for Shimmie Software develop extension - Develop facebook app Develop Facebook App - Develop Facebook Inbox Messaging and Wall Updates Auto-Posting System Develop Facebook Inbox Messaging System - develop favicon develop feature in script ndot deals, groupon clone - Develop file transfer system exactly like WeTransfer Develop file transfer system like WT - Develop firmware for a TCP server based on ENC28J60 + PSoC 3 Develop firmware for a TCP server based on ENC28J60 + PSoC 3 -- 2 - Develop Flash Game Develop Flash game - Develop Flash Tutorials for Website aand Software DEVELOP FLASH WEBSITE - Develop Form & autoresponder for website Develop Form and send by Email - Develop Franchise Manuals develop free sms messaging app - Develop front-end for web and mobile Develop front-end of web application - Develop Fully Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Website develop function in c# for window desktop App - Develop Game For a Android Phones Develop Game For Android - Develop games for Pre-School Kids Develop games for Pre-School Kids on Touch Screen - Develop google app engine app, G vision, PHP python octave -- 2 Develop Google Chrome Extension as per spec - Develop Gravity Form WordPress’s Plugin : “Add Form Category" for admin system Develop growth model for business - Formulas & Spreadsheet - Develop Healthcare Website Develop healthy SEO for my Wordpress - Develop HootSuite / Buffer similar WEB application develop hospital management system (system analysis and design) - Develop HTML and CSS sheets for site as per brief/discussion Develop html and PHP bidding site - develop HTML5 sites created by form Develop HTML5 slot machine game - Develop idea acquisition strategy Develop identity icons/graphics - Develop in PHP and MySQL web application Develop in Tally Erp9 - Develop Instant Message server and client on Windows Develop Instant Messaging Android App - Develop internal site on 365 and sharepoint consulting Develop internal site on 365 and sharepoint consulting -- 2 - Develop iOS & Android App Develop Ios & Android App for a delivery service - Develop IOS and Android App with nice UI Develop IOS and Android Application - develop IOS app develop ios app - develop ios application (replica of an android app) Develop iOS application - Safe browser - Develop ios Nearby app Develop iOS new app - Develop iPad/iPhone Application Develop iPhone & android application - Develop iphone and android application for restaurant Develop Iphone and android applicaton - Develop iPhone app Develop iPhone app - Develop iPhone app which can play MMS video stream Develop iPhone App with Animation - Develop Iphone Application using XCODE Develop Iphone Application using XCODE - Develop iPhone Wallpaper app Develop iPhone Zombie Defence Game Framework - Develop IT company site in FlexForm Wordpress template -- 2 develop it now - Develop Java Servlet APIs for Web Application Develop Java Software - Develop Joolma template Develop Joombri location integration - Develop JQuery based Calender Booking System Develop jQuery Component - "Search List View" - develop landing page develop landing page - Develop library for intercepting Java calls on Android (Android NDK work) Develop LifeRay theme From PSD - Develop LMS ( Learning Management Solution ) Portal Develop Loading Screen for Node.js Web Application - Develop Logo and Visual Identity for Online Store Develop Logo Concept - Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 7 Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 8 - develop MAC OS Develop Mac OS X app that hides background applications (and desktop) - Develop Magento Site develop magento site - Develop Mangeto website and deploy on Amazon EC2 Develop Map Application - develop Master-Details Form visual c# Develop Matching Tile Game Using Python - Develop Matrimony Site1 - open to bidding