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Database migration/Migrare baza de date. - Database Mobile numbers Latin America, Europe and South Africa Database Mobile numbers Russia and/or Latin America - Database Modelling Database modelling & SQL - Database modifications Database modifications & creation of Mobile Apps with Push Notifications - DATABASE MYSQL Database MYSQL and PHP - Database Needed Database Needed - Database Needed ASAP (members area, PayPal, admin and autoresponder capabilities.) Database needed for a new website - database needed with company name, contact name, tel no and email and address DATABASE NEEDED! - Database Normalization Database Normalization - Database of NRIs in Canada,US, UK, Saudi Arabia. Database of NRIs in UAE - Database of Advisory services, law firms, real estate agencies, corporations in France Database of Advt, Digital Marketing & Social Media agencies! - database of Australia - universities and professors Database of Australian Businesses as mentioned below. - Database of Canadian and USA Day and Resort Spa's Database of Canadian MD's, Med Spas, - Database of companies in China Database of companies in France - database of doctors in UAE. database of doctors in UAE. - qatar - database of file names Database of Florida farmers markets and vendors - Database of Indian CEO, Founders, Startups, Entrepreneurs Database of Indian Cities - Database of Kids Clothing stores Database of Lamp Replacement Guide with Make/Model/Year - Database of Mobile Numbers Linked via API to SMS Gateway Database of Mobile, Web, & Software Development Companies - Database of NRI in India Database of NRIs - database of plumber and electricians in ontario canada database of poland - universities and professors - Database of Real Estate Agents in India - Repost Database of Real Estate Agents in India - Repost - open to bidding - database of spain database of spain - universities and professors - Database of Top 1000-5000 Corporate Companies in India Database of TOP 5000 Companies in INDIA - Database of University Lecturers in Asia (China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong & Singapore) Database of University Lecturers in Asia (China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore) - Database of Vietnamese producers of shopping bags Database of Vietnamese producers of shopping bags - open to bidding - Database on Steriods Database on Steriods -- 2 - Database Optimization Database Optimization - Database optimization, and consultations Database Optimization/Improvement - Database Order Form
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