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Extape Clon - extencion chrome extencion chrome app - Extend ''LEAP'' adding basic DataBase Operations extend (open source) JavaScript timeline - Extend “facedetect” module in gstreamer into full speaker tracking system. Extend a banner - Extend a exsisting course registration system with admin area for archive, sms (clickatell) and mail (sendgrid). Extend A Fiction Novel - Urgent!!! - Extend a Play 2.3 / MongoDB application Extend a plugin's functionality - Extend a sample in NetAdvantage for Windows Forms of Infragistics Extend a simple JavaScript function for eBay with BuyItNow button in product description - Extend A Wordpress Plugin Extend a Wordpress Plugin - Extend Ajax/Javascript Application Extend Ajax/Javascript Application(repost) - Extend an Android application Extend an Android kiosk application. - Extend an existing Excel VBA application. Extend an existing iPhone App to allow iCloud & Parse integration - Extend an existing SQL Project -- 2 Extend an existing Unity3D Project with Vuforia AR & Screenrecording involved - Extend an existing Wordpress-Based Website, with a Database for users, and some advanced features - open to bidding Extend an extension - Extend and bug fix exiting PHP, Ajax, jQuery to SQL Server app in Azure environment Extend and bug-fix a prototype Firefox extension - Extend and expand existing WordPress website Extend and fix the content for the product on a website with SEO content - Extend Android APP and then Port tp IOS 900$ Extend android app with backend PHP and mysql - Extend Starter Kit - Classifieds(repost) Extend ATOM Schema - Extend background on a photo extend background on image - Extend BIDS / SSAS Design Time Extend billing calculation (taxes break off) to rest of the world - Extend Bugzilla XML-RPC API Extend business web application for an international company (C# .NET & MVC) - Extend CMS LAMP - 4 weeks max project . Exp in PHP MYSQL AJAX only - 3000 BGT Extend CMS MGMT System - Extend current app with chat function Extend current drawing with drawings from multiple angles - extend current shopping cart Extend current website with Php, MySQL and bootstrap - Extend Design of Existing Design Comps Extend digital signature library with new functionality - Extend Drupal Commerce UPS Shipping Module Extend Drupal Commerce UPS Shipping Module - Extend event module with excel export Extend eWay class for recurring payments - Extend existing Android application Extend existing Android Radio Streaming App - Extend existing design of a multiple choice question document and answer form for 120 questions Extend existing editor with project browser support - Extend existing Joomla component #3 - Phase 2 Extend existing Joomla component #4 - extend existing parse integration in ios app Extend Existing PHP / MySQL page. - Extend existing Screen capture code with extra functionalitiies Extend existing Sendy email software package - Extend existing Vector Logo Extend existing Visual Attributes WooCommerce plugin - Extend existing Wit.AI node.js solution to support multiple sources (messenger platforms) Extend existing WooCommerce SEPA plugin - Extend features in java servlet jsp mysql application Extend Features of ANDROID App and Port finished ANDROID App to IOS 900$ - Extend Flash FLA with XML Extend flash game - Extend FTP with Explicit and Implicit SSL Extend FullCalendar - Extend functionality of already existing web scraper Extend functionality of an embedded firmware based on PIC32 - Extend Functionality of Simple Flash Flight Simulator(repost) Extend functionality of SPLookupAddNew code - Extend Gallery2 (Shop and Logout button) Extend GetID3 Library with .dsf writing - Extend Header/Menu and Change the Background of My Website Extend illustrator plugin + CS4 to CS6 update - Extend iOS Xcode project to add funcitonality Extend iOS Xcode project to add funcitonality - repost - Extend java server part in existing project Extend Java Spring JPA Application to support new simple APIs - Extend joomla site with shopping cart (price based on measurements) Extend Joomla V3 template - Extend Language switcher to Waabay Multivendor - Opencart -- 2.0 Extend Language switcher to Waabay Multivendor - Opencart -- 2.0 -- 2 - extend LWP::Protocol::socks to support socks based proxy basic authentication Extend Mac Application - Extend Magento Customer API Extend Magento functionality - Extend manual checkout to Paypal extend map - Extend my book comparison site Extend my C# MVC5 web application that consumes a RESTful API - Extend My Theme Extend my twitter account - Extend Odoo functionality Extend on existing website - Extend OpenWRT router storage with USB Flash memory Extend OpenWRT router storage with USB Flash memory -- 2 - Extend our Magento (v1.9.2.4) Category Attribute Manager with Category Selection Extend Our TFS Test Suite Migration Utility - Extend PCAP4J to include ICMPv6 Extend PHP App with API's - Extend Php Script Interspire Extend PHP SOAP interface to consume new Web Service and Methods - Extend Prestashop Module Extend previous App - Extend project management system Extend project with checking the link of the network-device - Extend ReDi Reservation Wordpress plugin functionality Extend Redmine Invoice plugin - Extend Search API Solr module (Drupal/PHP) Extend search script functionality - Extend Sim version 8 Extend Simple CakePHP App - Extend site with a few more functionalities extend sky on image - Extend Standard Microsoft Sample Vista Credential Provider(repost) Extend Standard Microsoft Sample Vista Credential Provider(repost)(repost) - Extend the audio length of a audio track extend the current file into two page brochure - Extend the features in a website. Extend the functionality of a Prestashop Website - Extend the Gravity-Forms AddOn-Framework with a file-upload field -- 3 Extend the Gravity-Forms AddOn-Framework with a file-upload field -- 4 - Extend the RichTextBox Control Extend the source code of an application. - Extend this simple Meteor app to play tone during button press Extend This Simple SEO Wordpress Plugin - extend Twitter bootstrap Extend TwitterFeedMessage to support multiple images and use ImageCombiner - Extend VisualEditor to second Mediawiki running on different virtual host Extend VoIP SIP client framework. - Extend website form functionality Extend website header menu with CSS dropdown extension - Extend WooCommerce Payment Plugin -- 2 Extend WooCommerce RESTFull API with XML Endpoints - Extend Wordpress Install with PEAR packages Extend Wordpress Install with PEAR packages; Design and Code HTML Badge - Extend wordpress post data
Extend WordPress Search by Custom Table - Extend wordpress theme for woocommerce. Extend wordpress theme functionality - Extend WP REST API Extend WP REST API - Extend/Modify PHP functions/controllers on existing betting site Extend: Full time ASP Developer Long Term Contract - Extended brochures Extended Calculator Language - Extended Descriptions Extended development of an Android application - Extended Essay for International Baccalaureate in Hindi - Repost Extended Essay for International Baccalaureate in Hindi - Repost - open to bidding - extended Google analytics for Magento CE 1.7 Extended Google Search Option - Extended Kalman Filter Extended kalman filter - Extended Network Banner Generator Extended NopCommerce v3.2 Feature: Allow Free Shipping over $ Amount & Country - Extended Project 082714 Extended Project 2 For vili1977 only - Extended Scraper extended search and memory usage optimization for -php4dvd- - Extended testing is carried out Extended Unity opportunity - Extended warranty website development Extended WebBrowser Class for .NET project - Extended work for for Infoway Extended work force "EWF" - Extendible Hashing in Visual C++ Extendible Web Service - Extending a house (building) Extending a Qt-Quick binary instrumentation tool - Extending a WordPress Plugin Extending a wordpress theme with custom development - Extending and Maintaining an existing Java Web Video Portal integrated with Mobile Service Provider APIs Extending Application Functionality - Extending Design under direction from Art Director Extending divs inside a 2rows slider - Extending functionality of an ASP.NET website related to real estate Extending Functionality of Web App - Extending Lucene.NET Extending Magento payment plugin - Extending Open Flash Chart with new graphs extending open source hotel reservation system (GPL) - Extending Pinnect Script Extending Plugin Functionality - extending Thinlet Extending Titanium Mobile (iOS Module Development) - extending Wordpress's events manager pro Extending/embedding Python with C question. - Exteneded clipboard. Extenions to js Datatables - RowGouping - Extensão para Google Chrome Extensão para Google Chrome - Extensión de Google Chrome para etiquetar personas en facebook de manera automatica y viralizar un proyecto.. Extensión de magento para proceso de checkou - Extensii pentru opencart 2.0.2 extension for opencart - Extension / changing an existing WP Template Extension 1app with Google Places - Extension app with Google Places - repost Extension as discussed - Extension chat in Java RMI Extension Chrome - Extension customization Extension Customization and Product Promotion Page - Extension Development Extension development - Extension Drawings for two Houses Extension Firefox, chrome, IE - extension for chrome extension for chrome for invit friends to facebook fan page - repost 2 - Extension for FLEX application (MySQL+PHP) Extension for Google Chrome - extension for invit friends fan page Extension For Joomla - extension for magento - open to bidding Extension for Magento - SEO - extension for MediaWiki to show 3D Extension for MSN Messenger Plus - extension for photoshop export templates extension for photoshop for export templates - Extension for Syncing Products / Orders / Customers between Magento & AX Dynamics 2012 Extension for Thunderbird in order to ''Redirect'' (aka Bounce) exactly like Eudora. - Extension for wordpress plugin woocommerce Extension for Zinc 3 - Extension in an Android application Extension in Magento 2.0 - Extension installations extension installed - Extension lock EXTENSION MAGENOT FOR SYNC TWO INSTALLATION IN TWO DIFFERENT SERVER - EXTENSION MAGENTO SYNC WITH AUTOSCOUT24.COM EXTENSION MAGENTO SYNC WITH AUTOSCOUT24.COM -- 2 - Extension of Content Managament System Extension of 3D model - Extension of Calculator Extension of codeIgniter application - Extension of english version (Bonus work) Extension of Eurozone report - Extension of floorplan Extension of Fluid Project - for Freelancer Anasmed ONLY - Extension of my previous HTML5 comic Extension of new project - Extension of Past Crawler Extension of PDF Scanner - Extension of previous terms and conditions job Extension of previous work - Extension of project - Manage download Extension of project - Manage Groups - Extension of small chat server Extension of Small Jquery grid data editing system - Extension of Translate Code (As discussed Earlier) Extension of vba coding project - Extension of WPM project (private for SSemenov) Extension on a 2 bed detached bungalow - extension on samba Extension on the state standards project - extension oscommerce(repost) Extension para Chrome - extension pro Extension Professional - Extension Pub - Repost Extension Pub - Repost - open to bidding - extension span facebook para chrome Extension sur joomla 2.5 - Extension to article database web app Extension to be developed - Extension to existing mini AJAX scripts Extension to existing project - extension to our phonegap application Extension to our website - extension to stackpanel project extension to studio elle web - Extension to Extension to Xon1 Logo design contest - Extension translation into Polish extension translation into Swedish - Extension work - repost Networking Extension/Addon for Internet Explorer/IE - extension3