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Ext.NET ASP.NET MVC 4.0 Application - ext2 File system ext2 XML Grid - Extact email addresses for web sites of all the centers list extact email list of Real Estate Agents in the USA - Extarnal interview assignmenr clone - Extencion Facebook Extencion for website - Extend *VNC to poll web app and initiate reverse VNC connection -- 2 Extend / Modify an OpenSource Laravel Script - Extend “facedetect” module in gstreamer into full speaker tracking system(repost) Extend “facedetect” module in gstreamer into full speaker tracking system. - Extend a Eclipse SWT/RAP widtget functions Extend a existing search project - extend a phonegap / cordova app with facebook and twitter accounts Extend a Play 2.3 / MongoDB application - Extend a rails cms Extend a sample in NetAdvantage for Windows Forms of Infragistics - Extend a WordPress Gallery Plugin Extend A Wordpress Plugin - Extend Aheadworks Subscription Extension to Support Extend Ajax/Javascript Application - Extend an Android application Extend an Android application - Extend an existing customer reward points extension Extend an existing Excel VBA application. - Extend an existing site Extend an existing SQL Project -- 2 - Extend an existing Wordpress-Based Website, with a Database for users, and some advanced features Extend an existing Wordpress-Based Website, with a Database for users, and some advanced features - open to bidding - Extend and Apply Existing Flash Pages to PHP Site (Using Flash or DHTML) Extend and bug fix exiting PHP, Ajax, jQuery to SQL Server app in Azure environment - extend and existing website Extend and expand existing WordPress website - Extend Android / IOS application Extend Android APP and then Port tp IOS 900$ - Extend Starter Kit - Classifieds Extend Starter Kit - Classifieds(repost) - extend background image of photo Extend background on a photo - Extend BeaverBuilder module to include Google Map Elevation Profile Extend BIDS / SSAS Design Time - Extend bootstrap date picker to support hijri calendar Extend Bugzilla XML-RPC API - Extend CMS Project - LAMP -12 Days- Future versions followed Extend CMS LAMP - 4 weeks max project . Exp in PHP MYSQL AJAX only - 3000 BGT - Extend current app with chat function Extend current drawing with drawings from multiple angles - extend current shopping cart Extend current website with Php, MySQL and bootstrap - Extend Design of Existing Design Comps Extend digital signature library with new functionality - Extend Drupal Commerce UPS Shipping Module Extend Drupal Commerce UPS Shipping Module - Extend event module with excel export Extend eWay class for recurring payments - Extend existing Android application Extend existing Android Radio Streaming App - Extend existing design of a multiple choice question document and answer form for 120 questions Extend existing editor with project browser support - Extend existing Joomla component #3 - Phase 2 Extend existing Joomla component #4 - extend existing parse integration in ios app Extend Existing PHP / MySQL page. - Extend existing Screen capture code with extra functionalitiies Extend existing Sendy email software package - Extend existing Vector Logo Extend existing Visual Attributes WooCommerce plugin - Extend existing Wit.AI node.js solution to support multiple sources (messenger platforms) Extend existing WooCommerce SEPA plugin - Extend features in java servlet jsp mysql application Extend Features of ANDROID App and Port finished ANDROID App to IOS 900$ - Extend Flash FLA with XML Extend flash game - Extend FTP with Explicit and Implicit SSL Extend FullCalendar - Extend functionality of already existing web scraper Extend functionality of an embedded firmware based on PIC32 - Extend Functionality of Simple Flash Flight Simulator(repost) Extend functionality of SPLookupAddNew code - Extend Gallery2 (Shop and Logout button) Extend GetID3 Library with .dsf writing - Extend Header/Menu and Change the Background of My Website Extend illustrator plugin + CS4 to CS6 update - Extend iOS Xcode project to add funcitonality Extend iOS Xcode project to add funcitonality - repost - Extend java server part in existing project Extend Java Spring JPA Application to support new simple APIs - Extend joomla site with shopping cart (price based on measurements) Extend Joomla V3 template - Extend Language switcher to Waabay Multivendor - Opencart -- 2.0 Extend Language switcher to Waabay Multivendor - Opencart -- 2.0 -- 2 - extend LWP::Protocol::socks to support socks based proxy basic authentication Extend Mac Application - Extend Magento Custom Options Functionality Extend Magento Customer API - extend main column of wordpress blog Extend manual checkout to Paypal - Extend Movable Type 4 Extend my book comparison site - Extend my Screen recording software quality to 2K and 4K Extend My Theme - Extend nvidia-settings on Linux with a command line interface to switch displays Extend Odoo functionality - Extend Opencart’s search - VQMOD extend openssh - EXTEND OUR LAB-MANAGEMENT WEBSITE WITH FUNCTIONS Extend our Magento (v1.9.2.4) Category Attribute Manager - Extend patent portfolio: write 2 provisional patent applications Extend Payments Backend Services - Extend PHP script and apply to web UI template(repost) Extend PHP script for updating fields in Zoho CRM (for webiglobe) - Extend posting functionality - Zend Framework Extend Premium Wordpress Theme - Extend project convert RTF to PDF to cover MS Office 2010 ans 2013 Extend Project framwork - extend Raspberry python server extend read-only feature of joomla ckeditor - Extend scraping script Extend script - Extend side-menu & mySQL search field Extend sign up with facebook & google - EXTEND Simulation Model of Healthcare Operation extend site design to other pages - Extend Squarespace functionality Extend Standard Microsoft Sample Vista Credential Provider - Extend the "Promoted links" feature in SharPoint 2013 - deployed as an App Extend the “auto- completer” - Extend the existing reporting system. Extend the ExtJs extensible calendar control to use the Google Calendar API - Extend the Gravity Forms Entry-List -- 2 Extend the Gravity-Forms AddOn-Framework with a file-upload field - Extend the omnipay payment processing library with a new payment gateway - repost Extend the prayer module - Extend the WP REST API Extend the WPF popup control - Extend Travelling Backend Server API Part 3 Extend TreeGrid Angular Directive to add/edit/remove rows - Extend virtuemart standard shipping module Extend virtuemart with pricecalculation based on measurements - Extend webrtc-jingle client example - Repost extend website - Extend WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin
Extend WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin -- 2 - Extend Wordpress ECommerce Website Extend WordPress Events Manager (Pro) plugin - Extend Wordpress plugin functionality Extend Wordpress plugin to work with Buddypress - Extend WordPress Theme (Custom Development) Extend Wordpress Theme : The Naviator - Extend wowbook page flipbook to have single page view / full screen view Extend WP E-Commerce Plugin - Extend/Debug Slideshow-Gallery Wordpress - repost Extend/Improve PHPWatch Up-time Monitoring - Extended Abstract writing Extended admin & Speed Edit - Extended database of RE agents in sydney (part 2) Extended Database Project - Extended essay ( Research Based ) Extended Essay for International Baccalaureate in Hindi - extended finite element method XFEM Extended functionalities - Extended Kalman Filter for Motion Sensors Extended Kalman Filter - Extended Menu for Existing Joomla Template Extended neteller account holders needed...Long term - extended project extended project - Extended Research Essay Outline + Writing an 1700-1800 Essay Extended Rich TextBox - Extended Survey for Wordpress Extended Sync & GUI development - Extended Warranties on Magento website product pages. Extended Warranties on Magento website product pages. - Extended window capture for Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP Extended Windows Forms ComboBox - Extender portfolios en site funcionando Extendible Hash for Ints - Extending a face scan with shoulders Extending a finished template (Cart & Forms) - Extending a user-mode audio driver Extending a VB.NET APP - Extending an existing Flash media Gallery (needs changes in PHP and FLA) Extending an existing Java Program using replication & remote procedure calling - Extending Datatables with jQuery UI range slider Extending Default Asp.Net Memebership Provider - Extending exiting Bootstap 3.x template extending expert advisor - Extending Listify Theme Extending Listify Theme (Visual Composer) - Extending news ticker plugin functionality Extending Odoo v8 Point of Sale to allow returning products - extending photos Extending PHP Control Panel - Extending Symfony Website Extending Tcpdump to support more protocols - extending wix installer Extending Wordpress plugin - Extendsim Diagram ExtendSim Simulations - EXTENSÃO ABA COM BIP Extensão Chrome - Extensão para o Extensão para o Agario - Extensión de Firefox Extensión de Google Chrome para etiquetar personas en facebook de manera automatica y viralizar un proyecto.. - Extensible Realtime/Stationary Time Series Data Predictor and Reporter Extensii pentru opencart 2.0.2 - Extension / Add on Server + Admin Interface Extension / changing an existing WP Template - Extension and Module Development Extension app with Google Places - repost - Extension chat in Java RMI Extension chat in Java RMI - Extension customisation Extension customization - Extension developer php,js Extension Development - extension dialer for Android and IOS - repost Extension Drawings for two Houses - Extension for chrome extension for chrome - Extension for Firefox which lets the user download videos using my site Extension for FLEX application (MySQL+PHP) - Extension for Intershop 7 CMS: adding a script to all the pages -- 2 extension for invit friends fan page - extension for magento extension for magento - open to bidding - Extension for Magento with multi-sellers options extension for MediaWiki to show 3D - Extension for PDF Viewing in Android extension for photoshop export templates - extension for PunBB open source forum Extension for Syncing Products / Orders / Customers between Magento & AX Dynamics 2012 - Extension for Wordpress JobRoller Job Board Theme Extension for wordpress plugin woocommerce - Extension II to LinkedIn app Extension in an Android application - extension installation on Magento Extension installations - Extension Joomla Module or Virtuemart modified Extension lock - Extension Magento MarketPlace EXTENSION MAGENTO SYNC WITH AUTOSCOUT24.COM - Extension needed to previous jQuery script Extension of Content Managament System - Extension of API Extension of Calculator - Extension of E-commerce community platform part 2 Extension of english version (Bonus work) - Extension of Fantzgm website Extension of floorplan - Extension of Multimedia Android App (Tablet+Phone) Extension of my previous HTML5 comic - Extension of our previous Realtime application Extension of PanView - Extension of previous Project Extension of previous project - Extension of project Extension of project - Extension of Services Extension of Setup Wizard Project - Extension of the Excel parser project Extension of the Microsoft Portal Starter Kit Framework - Extension of wep page -- 2 Extension of Wordpress, Buddypress multisite development - Extension on previous piece of work extension on real estate project for mario - Extension or plugin extension or script for invit all friends to join facebook fan page - Extension part 3 Extension part 4 - Extension project for W3T extension project to \"c# project in VS 2010\" - extension silent install Extension single storey - Extension to an existing android application Extension to an existing project - Extension to data washing app -- 2 extension to existing design - Extension to Marketplace (Joobi JMarket) to enable car rental Extension to my website - Extension to redis service Extension to Sharepoint repair - Extension to Visual Studio IDE