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Extend CodeProject Application to work with Amazon S3 - Extend Current HTTP POST / GET Data System - r Extend Current HTTP POST / GET Data System - r - repost - Extend current wordpress template to include a news / blog site format Extend custom component - Extend digital signature library with new functionality Extend digital signature library with new functionality -- 2 - Extend Drupal Commerce UPS Shipping Module Extend Drupal Commerce UPS Shipping Module - Extend Event Espresso Wordpress Plugin to Create Automated Reminder Emails Extend event module with excel export - Extend existent database application Extend existing Android app - Extend existing custom code Extend existing custom Google Maps Joomla Module - Extend existing Flight Search API (in PHP) -- 2 Extend existing Java Swing application - Extend existing Magento webshop Extend existing Module. - Extend existing RSS reader code to add 2 more feeds and customise app UI extend existing ruby on rails app - Extend existing Squirrel Mail plugin for parsing Extend existing text into perfect english - Extend existing website Extend existing Website - Microsoft .NET MVC - Extend exsiting project / increment 3 Extend extension - Extend fedex plugin functions for woocommerce with custom boxes Extend Fedex WebServices Class PHP integration - Extend Flash MP3 Player Extend Flash Template - Simple! - Extend fullcalendar ( with a new view for multiple columns in day view Extend funcionality of Website - Extend functionality of an embedded firmware based on PIC32 Extend functionality of an existing Magento module - Extend Functionality of Simple Flash Flight Simulator(repost) Extend functionality of SPLookupAddNew code - Extend gallery script 2! For khanhhuyna Extend Gallery2 (Shop and Logout button) - Extend hashing into mysql search + code comments Extend Header/Menu and Change the Background of My Website - Extend iOS app to interact better with REST server Extend iOS App with new functionality from Android Version of the App - extend java program Extend Java Program using XML - Extend JMock for AspectJ Testing Extend Joomla component Mosets Tree with basket functionality - extend jQuery Seat Charts Extend js-xlsx (Node.js open source repo) to export cell styles to Excel - Extend little Access database with some features Extend Little IMAP Tool for Mac - Extend MAFormViewController POD to add a few new capabilities Extend MageBay’s Booking System - Extend Magento REST API for authentication Extend Magento REST API for authentication - ongoing work - Extend MapQuest Open Flash Maps API Extend merge function to all markets - Extend my C# MVC5 web application that consumes a RESTful API Extend my current c++ application - Extend My Theme Extend my twitter account - Extend nvidia-settings on Linux with a command line interface to switch displays Extend Odoo functionality - Extend Opencart’s search - VQMOD extend openssh - extend our global reseller base EXTEND OUR LAB-MANAGEMENT WEBSITE WITH FUNCTIONS - Extend Partition on Win Server 2003 - Repost Extend Partition on Win Server 2003 - Repost - open to bidding - Extend php laravel framework build website Extend PHP Matchmaking Scripts - Extend PHP Web App Functionality Extend PHPWS library to connect to Asterisk AMI - Extend Programm using RMI Extend project - Extend Question2Answer Newsletter Extend QuickConnect code (simple) - Extend Registration Page to Include Custom Fields Extend ribbon cable on mobile - Extend search script functionality -- 2 extend section - Extend Simple CakePHP App Extend simple cordova plugin to add support for iOS - Extend site with a few more functionalities extend sky on image - Extend Standard Microsoft Sample Vista Credential Provider Extend Standard Microsoft Sample Vista Credential Provider(repost) - Extend the "Promoted links" feature in SharPoint 2013 - deployed as an App Extend the “auto- completer” - Extend the existing reporting system. Extend the ExtJs extensible calendar control to use the Google Calendar API - Extend the functionality of the joy of text Wordpress plugin Extend the Gravity-Forms AddOn-Framework with a file-upload field - Extend the limitations of my SweetDate Theme (Buddypress, RTMedia, Paid Membership Pro) Extend the omnipay payment processing library with a new payment gateway - repost - Extend the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin Extend the Wordpress User framework - Extend Timelines for After Effects Project Extend Timetracking module - Extend Unity3d game - provide multiplayer Extend Unity3d game - provide multiplayer - Extend web application and fix bugs Extend Web Control Panel - Extend Website with PHP Contact Form and database Extend whois script - Extend WooCommerce RESTFull API with XML Endpoints -- 2 Extend WooCommerce RESTFull API with XML Endpoints -- 3 - Extend Wordpress Install with PEAR packages; Design and Code HTML Badge Extend Wordpress Plugin - Extend wordpress post data Extend WordPress Search by Custom Table - Extend Wordpress Theme : The Naviator - repost Extend wordpress theme for woocommerce. - Extend WP E-Commerce Plugin Extend WP Plugin - Extend/Debug Slideshow-Gallery Wordpress - repost Extend/Improve PHPWatch Up-time Monitoring - Extended .NET RichTextBox Control Extended Abstract writing - Extended Customer Discount for Oscommerce shop extended database of RE agents in sydney - Extended E-mail Form Extended Essay - Extended Essay on William Heinesen's early novels Extended existing Adobe Illustrator box graphics - Extended installation guide and enhancement for SparkleShare as close replica of DropBox Extended Interface - Extended Kalman Filter Coding - MATLAB Expert Needed Extended Kalman filter with IMU and Matlab - Extended NopCommerce v3.2 Feature: Allow Free Shipping over $ Amount & Country extended option to magento page - Extended Project 082714 Extended Project Build Freelance Web (NO NEW APPLICATIONS) - Extended Scraper extended search and memory usage optimization for -php4dvd- - Extended system with Card Creation & Billing Extended testing is carried out - Extended Warranties on Magento website product pages. Extended warranty modiule for magento - Extended window capture for Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP Extended Windows Forms ComboBox - Extender for ASP.Net GridView Extendible Hash for Ints - Extending a Drupal 7 real estate website portal : URGENT ! Extending a face scan with shoulders - Extending a site design & Roundcube reskin Extending a tiny open source Cocoa application - Extending an Application (Action Plans v3.0 unmanaged) to a Custom Object Extending an existing ecommerce system in PHP to add invoice generation - Extending C# code using Sparx EA API
Extending C++ application to capture shapes with OpenCV - extending drupal ubercart bicycleshop Extending existing brand design and brand identity - Extending GUI program to add sublayers. Extending iPhone App - Extending minecraft map Extending Mobile Python with Audio Input Monitoring - Extending Open Flash Chart with new graphs extending open source hotel reservation system (GPL) - Extending PHPBB Forum. Extending Pinnect Script - Extending Tcpdump to support more protocols Extending the Predator prey simulation - extending wix installer Extending Wordpress plugin - ExtendSim Assessment Extendsim Diagram - Extensão para Google Chrome Extensão para Google Chrome -- 2 - extension for opencart Extension &Development of an Algorithm in C - Extension / changing an existing WP Template Extension 1app with Google Places - Extension and Module Development Extension app with Google Places - repost - Extension changes in Magneto Extension chat in Java RMI - Extension customisation Extension customization - Extension developer Extension developer php,js - extension dialer for Android and IOS extension dialer for Android and IOS - repost - Extension for Browsers Extension for Build Joomla-, wordpress-, drupaltemplates and more - Extension for existing portal extension for firefox , explorer,safari and opera to insert javascript file only - extension for importing exporting Open Cart Categories and Products Extension for Internet Explorer - Extension for Joomla and VirtueMart to correct Australian GST Extension for Magento - Extension for Magento Community 1.7 extension for magento generate barcode from sku and for username and password for all user backend - extension for open cart Extension for opencart - Extension for plugin quiz master next Extension for plugin quiz master next - open to bidding - Extension for Thunderbird in order to ''Redirect'' (aka Bounce) exactly like Eudora. Extension for Typo3 - Extension for wordpress plugin woocommerce Extension for Zinc 3 - Extension II to LinkedIn app Extension in an Android application - Extension Installation and blank page error. extension installation on Magento - Extension Joomla Extension Joomla for Team Members - EXTENSION MAGENTO FOR MULTI STORE INVENTORY - repost EXTENSION MAGENTO FOR MULTI UPLOAD PHOTO WITH DRAG & DROP - Extension needed Extension Needed for Thunderbird - Extension of a system for a real-time capable evaluation of Real-Drive Emissions (RDE) data Extension of a Wordpress-Site with Pluginmodification - Extension of current price calculator Extension of current website - extension of existing assignment Extension of existing Cookie system - Extension of gitinspector script extension of google map api application - Extension of Online Selling Application extension of opencash drawer - Extension of PDF Scanner extension of php mail code to support html - Extension of previous terms and conditions job Extension of previous work - Extension of project "small change to our custom template" Extension of project - Manage download - Extension of Setup Wizard Project extension of site for customer - Extension of the Excel parser project Extension of the Microsoft Portal Starter Kit Framework - Extension of wep page Extension of wep page -- 2 - Extension on help Extension on previous document conversion to MS Word - Extension Opencart Versión extension options - Extension para Google Chrome Extension part 3 - extension project for samurai sushi website Extension Project For sdk2788 - Extension SAPRFC compiled for PHP 5.4 Non Thread Safe (Windows + IIS) Extension Server - extension to .asp chat application extension to .NET project - extension to ceGui application extension to chrome - Extension to existing website with dynamic build extension to existing work - Extension to our website Extension to Penman project - extension to stackpanel project extension to studio elle web - Extension to library / Custom class Extension to - extension translation into Italian extension translation into Korean - Extension work Extension work - repost Networking - extensions extensions - extensions for current web design EXTENSIONS FOR MAGENTO - Extensions Medical 1 Extensions need fo joomla 2.5 / 3.x - Extensions to MS Office add-in to handle Office 2016. Extensions to our Joomla website - Extensive affiliate program Extensive alter of an image - Extensive Change to Existing Joomla Template Extensive changes to current PHP app - Extensive Drupal Expert Extensive E-Commerce Website Development - Extensive feeds xcart site Extensive feeds xcarttt - Extensive list of cloud services providers (IaaS / PaaS / SaaS) Extensive literature research and evaluation - Extensive On-Page Seo Required Extensive Ongoing Joomla Work - Extensive PHP/MySQL-based AJAX CMS required Extensive PhpFox script Modifications - Extensive research on mobile app trends in Fashion / Apparel industry extensive Ruby on Rails CMS needed - Extensive Sugar CRM customization Extensive testing of my software - Extensive Web Research Extensive Web Research - Extensive website programming? Extensive Website Rebuild - NORTH AMERICA QUOTES ONLY - MUST READ DESCRIPTION IN FULL! - Extent Sencha Touch 2 project Extent the functions of a WordPress multisite install - extention for GPS Software Extention for increase reached on Facebook - Extention of Pak Club Cricket Extention of the earlier project - extention to existing project Extention to install on dedicated server - EXTEREMELY FAST PHP WORK editing pages exterior - exterior 3d max