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Enhance 125 headshot photos (tone / sharpness / color balance / contrast / etc.) - Enhance 3 pictures for prints Enhance 3 pictures for prints - repost - Enhance a 3 pages the powerpoint slides Enhance a Bash Script - Enhance a current 2D game Enhance a current logo design - Enhance a Drupal module Enhance a Facebook application - Enhance a html/php form Enhance a iPhone application (urgent) - enhance a logo enhance a logo - enhance a node website Enhance a node.js, dc.js, angular.js, mangodb open source script - Enhance A Photo - 3 Enhance a photo. - enhance a quesiton type in LIMESURVEY Enhance a registration system - enhance a small website and move it kompozer Enhance a standard angular fullstack application - Enhance a Website Enhance a Website - enhance a website Enhance a Website - Enhance a Website Design Enhance a website design - Enhance a Word Press site with new features Enhance a wordpress blog's appearance - Enhance Access report enhance accessible cms - Enhance alt-coin Enhance Amazon Search - Enhance an Android application Enhance an Android application - Enhance an E-comm Online Store -- 2 Enhance an Ecommerce portal - Enhance an existing corporate website Enhance an existing desgn - Enhance an existing i-phone app for MatchOn Enhance an existing iPhone app. - enhance an existing Power Shell script. -- 2 Enhance an existing Quiz application - Enhance an Existing Website Enhance an existing website - Enhance an existing wireframe android application Enhance an existing Wordpress Order Cart - Enhance an image and give it text "Happy Holidays" Enhance an install/uninstall project - Enhance an iPhone application -- 2 Enhance an Nginx module - Enhance and Brighten website appearance Enhance and bug fix an existing android app - Enhance and develop new features for a Django Python application. Enhance and Develop Pestashop existing website - Enhance and Fix postnuke newsletter module Enhance and fix stock scroll & news feed - enhance and maintain our mobile apps(Android and iOS) -- 2 Enhance and maintain our website - Enhance and photoshop some product photos for website enhance and polish up 2 images - Enhance and rewrite Website Content-Copyrighting Enhance and setup settings to finalise to launch online grocery store - Enhance animated gif functionality Enhance animations on Website driven by Ruby on Rails 3.1 - Enhance application Enhance Appraisal Report - Enhance Asset Visualforce Page with Hierarchy Enhance Auction - Enhance Bash Script: CSV parser Enhance behavior of an existing PHP/Web screen - Enhance C# SIP server & client for Audio Calling Enhance c++ functionality with mpi - Enhance Chat script Enhance Chrome extension - Enhance Coldfusion Pages Enhance comic viewer - Enhance Cookie File Enhance copywriting for a simple brochure - Enhance current Library and Write additional software Enhance current logo - Enhance current video with 3D maya Enhance current web app - Enhance current website to be more appealing Enhance current website with a professional design and add a logo - enhance data entry interface visual foxpro application Enhance database and amend search engine - Enhance Demo Form Enhance Department Report - enhance design on existing word press website Enhance DHTML editor - Enhance Drupal 7 View output Enhance Drupal Module With Image Cache Possibilities - enhance ebay listing for better rating Enhance Ebay Typo site - PHP/Ebay API - Enhance essay Enhance Excel dashboard - Enhance existing .aspx page with buttons and links, button links now to open new page - repost Enhance existing .aspx page with buttons and links, button links now to open new page - repost - Repost - Enhance existing ASP.NET(c#) website Enhance existing audiobook website +bug fixes - Enhance Existing DB Tool Enhance existing dealer web site - Enhance existing EXT.Net C# framework sample code Enhance Existing Facebook App - enhance existing functionality for website in Codeigniter Enhance Existing Google Toolbar Button - Enhance existing iPad application, add dynamic grid feature Enhance existing iPad application, add dynamic grid feature -- 2 - Enhance Existing Logo Enhance existing Logo - Enhance existing PHP website Enhance existing powerpoint slides - Enhance Existing Spotify App for Acceptance Enhance Existing Spotify App for Approval - Enhance existing web page Enhance existing web page - repost - Enhance existing Website Enhance existing website (directory-oriented, animations, content, mobile) - Enhance existing Winbatch script Enhance Existing Wordpress Theme With New Photoshop Template - Enhance Family Photos Enhance feature (2-3 screens), add new features to an ongoing iPhone application development - Enhance floor plans (They are not to scale and they do not need to be) - ongoing work Enhance FMP Database - Enhance functionality of APC Enhance functionality of my python script - Enhance Google Drive Web App Enhance Google position through SEO and links - Enhance graphics for Window User Interface for existing C# program Enhance graphics for Window User Interface for existing C# program(repost) - Enhance Homepage Enhance Homepage - Enhance IBM Sametime Chat Logging DLL - repost Enhance IBM Sametime Chat Logging DLL - repost - Enhance Image for Printing - ongoing work Enhance Image Quality - Enhance implemented algorithm and visualize result using java Enhance improve my wordpress site, with new feature and optimize it - Enhance iPhone Applications enhance iPhone Project - download zip - extra sql insert and files - Enhance Javascript code Max 20$ -- 2 Enhance javascript ebook reader Monocle (open-source) - Enhance Jomsocial custom profile fields with jQuery (i.e. integrate Chosen jQuery, and dependent fields)
Enhance Jomsocial Videos (Joomla Site) - Enhance Jquery UI Split button Enhance jquery/javascript - Enhance Live City iOs application with a new functionality - repost Enhance Live City iOs application with new functionality - Enhance Logo Enhance Logo - Enhance logo quality ENHANCE LOGO- HIGH RESOULTION - Enhance Map on php site Enhance Marketing Materials - Enhance mini games and eCommerce capabilities of an existing iOS application Enhance Mobile App User Interface - Enhance MS Access Running Sum Module Enhance MS sql script to move data from old db to new database, tool of Sql server management studio needed - Enhance my Checkout, using wordpress enhance my CL IDE written in CL+tcl/tk - Enhance my CV Enhance my cv - Enhance my existing code for email verifier/validator Enhance my existing Logo - Enhance my Logo Enhance my Logo - Enhance my MS Word Document Enhance my MS Word Document - Enhance my php website Enhance my php website and I want to add some featuress - Enhance My Shopify Website! Give it a professional Touch Enhance my site - Enhance my Website Enhance my website - Enhance My Website & HELP WITH SERVER SETUP" Enhance My Website & HELP WITH SERVER SETUP" PLS SEND ME A QUOTE - Enhance my website to be like Netflix Enhance my website. - Enhance mysql replication script Enhance MySQL select - Enhance old photo with photoshop ENHANCE ON-LINE BOOKSTORE - Enhance or Convert six Shutterstock web quality short videos to HD Enhance OsCommerce Shipping Module - enhance our existing e-commerce website. Enhance our existing presentation done in corel draw and add more slides to the same - Enhance our iPhone Application with a new UI. Enhance our logo - Enhance our website Enhance our website - Enhance Palm MDirectory Transfer(repost) Enhance Payment page when shopping cart checks out - Enhance photo 'Humble in Success' Enhance photo (remove background of head shot, etc.) - Enhance Photo To Look Like Painting enhance photo to print - Enhance photos, change background and add a more detailed clear to the jewlery photos. Enhance photos, insert logo and URL - Enhance php upload class / script functionality(repost)(repost) Enhance PHP website - Enhance Power Point Presentation Enhance Power Point Presentation - Enhance Prestashop Order Processing by Collecting Additional Information at Checkout Enhance previous matlab gui program -- 2 - Enhance product pictures ENHANCE PRODUCT PICTURES HGH3450 - Enhance Proxy support to our client-server-viewer application Enhance Proxy support to our client-server-viewer application -P2 - Enhance Recording Enhance Recording - Enhance Script UI Enhance Search - Flash, Flex, AMFPHP, MySQL-site - Enhance security of existing Wordpress website. Enhance SEO & Increase Site Auditor Report - Enhance Short Play/Film Script Enhance simple CSS Javascript code (Max 15$) - enhance skills enhance small details in a previously designed logo . - Enhance some icons and create buttons. Enhance some images and remove background - enhance spyware program Enhance Stock Alerts Web Site Features - Enhance template Enhance Templates for Web - Enhance the design of my website/blog Enhance the dust and retouch the jwellry - Enhance the Java application Enhance the jmeter test - Enhance the petition section of my website Enhance The Phone App User Interface - Enhance the scientific calculator, described in delegates Handout Enhance the script you wrote with new features - Enhance the user experience of exsisitng product, Strictly for passionate designers strong in Bootstrap and HTML5 Enhance the Vote it Up Plugin - Enhance the Website Speed Enhance the website using template - Enhance UI of an existing Android App Enhance UI/UX of an existing website design - enhance VB.Net pgm to import additional call detail records Enhance VB6 Shareware Program Registration - Enhance Video Player Enhance video stream applicaiton - ENHANCE WEB PAGE DESIGN & SET UP FOR INTERNET Enhance web page with slider - Enhance Web Video Upload Enhance WEBERP Software to Be GST Compliance at Malaysia - Enhance Website Enhance Website - Enhance Website For All Platforms/Devices Enhance Website for automated order tracking and credit card billing - enhance website This will require some marketing skills Enhance Website Traffic without Google - Enhance withadded feature with present Android applications Enhance WooCommerce Search & Display of Product Results - Enhance wordpress plugin Enhance wordpress plugin - Enhance WordPress Website Enhance Wordpress Website - Enhance Enhance xml upload process and add registration/login to website - Enhance, edit, remove objects and add written Sparkler effect to these four images Enhance, modify and improve company website(s) - Enhance/Modify Web Form Enhance/modify Wordpress site/booking plugin system - Frontend - Enhance/upgrade existing jobboard script to a modern standard & customize it enhanced - Enhanced Amazon Product Detail Pages Enhanced Amazon Product Detail Pages - repost - Enhanced Browser Website Enhanced by JQuery and CSS on an existing SPRING MVC 3.x project. - Enhanced Database Modification Script Enhanced DataGrid - Enhanced Entity Relationship Diagram and Enhanced Etsy Script - Enhanced Functionality For Existing Web App Enhanced functionality for Squarespace Online Store - Enhanced low quality images Enhanced low quality images II - enhanced my existing website enhanced network scanning - Enhanced Phone Cover. Enhanced php tracking redirect - Enhanced search for Magento Enhanced search function for a website using Texpattern - ENHANCED UTP HOSTEL REGISTRATION APPLICATION