Event Calendar


This project requires a dynamic event calendar with multiple logins or admin levels. An administrator can assign a password to a user who makes request and that user can then post events. Events posted by other than administrator require admin approval.

Recurring events monthly, weekly, yearly

Categorized events with each category displayed in different colors

Click on calendar event for more detailed info

Html, Links and possible download of files in event detail view

Should have monthly, weekly, daily view

Sign up for email reminder of event in event detail view (task to be set on server to run asp page to accomplish this)

Delete email address after reminder is set

Download event to outlook desireable

registration form for event on event detail (pop-up) (optional from admin)

Administrator should have:

User area (to manage users and levels)

Category area to create & manage categories choose category colors

Event area with;

Category (dropdown preferred)

Event name

Event Start Date (us format mm/dd/yyyy) dhtml cal pop-up

Event end date (us format mm/dd/yyyy) dhtml cal pop-up

Event start and end time (1:00pm format)

Recurring events monthly, weekly, yearly

Check box whether to Show registration for this event

(Registration form pop-up from event detail veiw should include:

Name, company name, email address, phone, number attending, and event price, additional info area, submit button)

Email address registration should be sent to

event price

event registration additional info (html editor preferred)

Event additional information for detail view (dhtml editor preferred)

Event approved checkbox

Admin area for inputting cdosys mail server, username, and password for email reminders, registrations and event submission password requests. Also sitename, and terms and conditions (dhtml editor).

Admin should be able to set number of days past events when events will be deleted from database. This can be set up to take place on admin login (or other). For example admin inputs 7 in the field and on next login all events more than 7 days past will be deleted.


Public view of calendar

Link or icon to request password to submit events form (Name, email, phone, address, city, state, zipcode, organization)

Monthly view with name of event links (colored by category) on respective days, this link will pop-up the event detail view in smaller window with event name, start and end date, start and end time, additional information about event including links to websites etc, option to receive email reminder of event (2 days in advance or less if event is sooner) and optional registration for event as pop-up described earlier. Download event to outlook icon

Weekly view should be descending days of the week (sunday as first day)

Daily view should show events in descending view by time (8:00am first then 11:00am, then 1:00pm etc)

Calendar should allow for searching by category and display only events in that category

All views should allow for printing

A terms and conditoons page and link should be available that will be filled from the admin

All source code and database must be provided at completion, no advance payments. Read the requirements carefully before bidding.

Skills: AJAX, ASP

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