Automated program to click a button which produces 6 random values, allowing me to set which values i want the program to stop on



The program I would like is for a basic, text based game called Nightmist, found and downloaded at: [url removed, login to view]

Once downloaded, open the client, make an account name and password and click create account. After logging in you are taken to a window where you would see all your created characters and choose one to log on, but first you have to create them. In the bottom right corner of this screen is "Roll a New Character". Once you click that, you are taken to the character creation screen, and this is where I need your help.

After choosing a name, race and class, you must "roll" for your stats. There are six stats: strength, intelligence, dexterity, constitution, wisdom and charisma. Each time you click roll/reroll you get a random value, which has a 12 number range. Each race has a different set of max stats, ie: human is 19 19 19 19 19 19, elf is 18 21 19 18 20 21.. So a human could get as low as all six stats being 8's, or as high as all six stats being 19's.

After I enter the character creation screen, set my name and race/class, I want a program that can be set to continue pressing the reroll button until my desired stats have come up. Randomly, after clicking the roll button, a new screen will appear requiring that you answer a simple math question. If you answer correctly you may continue rolling, if answered incorrectly the program closes. It would be beneficial if, ideally, the program can answer the math question, or if it can pause and allow me to answer the question, then the program continues rolling.

I am willing to pay 30 dollars for someone to make this. I will not be using this for any kind of monetary profit so I cannot justify paying any more than that. I don't know how complicated of a task this is, so if 30 is not enough I will close the offer after a few days.

Skills: ASP, C Programming, C# Programming, C++ Programming, Visual Basic

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