Kindle Paperwhite Based app -- Interactive with Desktop application

To develop an interactive application on Amazon kindle using the following features.

The application intends to display vehicle details on a kindle device via a CPU located remotely.

Actors involved:

1 person who operates the CPU based desktop application. He can be called as the instructor.

1 person who views info on the Kindle and also saves some info like a comment that can be communicated back to the desktop [url removed, login to view] person can be called as the operator. The operators could be around 10 people having kindle devices with them.

This request focuses on only the Kindle app.

The kindle app will have a first screen display with some text on it. This can be the loading screen. After 10 seconds the screen should move to a login screen. The operator enter his login id and password, which is verified from the database available on the kindle.

The login credentials of all users would be on the CPU which should be sent to the kindle through wi-fi.

A button on the login page is required to sync the local database with the CPU database.

One button is for "Login"

One button is for "Close", that will exit the application.

After successfull login the next page shows a map with locations marked as A, B, C , D, A1, A2 etc. This page will have 4 buttons (Save, Send, Next,Close) and a text entry box,at the bottom-- below the map display.

The instructor will have a similar map on the desktop. When he clicks on A on the map which is on the desktop app, then the A on the kindle app shuld blink.

If the instructor just marks a random point on the map (which is on the desktop app), and gives it an ID say, B1, then the location should be sent to the Kindle app along with the ID. On the kindle map the location B1 should be plotted on the same coordinates as on the desktop map.

The operator should then select the Text Entry box, add press on Save button. He can then send his comments to the Instructor's CPU by pressing on the "Send" button. Use of "Send" should be optional but use of "Save" should be compulsory.

If he does not press on "Send" button then the data is stored on the kindle local database. The kindle data is sent to the CPU, whenever the operator presses on "Sync" button provided on the Login Page.

The project we have put out is a sample using which some students will get started and use for their learning.

Please be reminded that this is a paperback kindle.

So as you might have read through the requirement we are focusing on:

1. User Interface on the kindle

2. Identifying coordinates properly for a 2d Map display.

3. Wi-fi connectivity with a PC

4. Sharing of data between the PC and Kindle

5. Having a local data storage on Kindle

6. Sync with PC of this local storage.

7. Coordinate mapping of image on PC and image on Kindle (2 Map)

As deliverable we would need the following:

1. Application

2. Source code

3. Basic steps or link to websites on how to program in Kindle

Kindly let us know if you have developed any app for kindle paperwhite?

Skills: Amazon Kindle

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