Mobile Sales Application - Phase 1


We are looking for an experienced Android developer who can develop the GUI and exchange file tools for a sales mobile app (Android 2.2+). The app needs to use the SQLite database and be able to read and write to text files in order to import or export data from/to a Windows computer.

For any bid to be considered, it must start with the phrase "Bid for Chingolo".

The developer must make the C# DLL to copy the text files to/from an USB connected desktop computer and perform the following three tasks.

Task 1:


This C# DLL must provide the following functions:

1- CopyToDevice: Copies a file from the desktop computer to a USB connected Device.

2- CopyFromDevice: Copies a file from the USB connected Device to a desktop computer

3- SetDeviceName : assigns a friendly device name to a connected Device, stored wherever you like. It must not be confused with the Device Name assigned by the Android SO.

4- GetDeviceName : read the previously assigned friendly device name from the connected Device

Task 2:


An Android app with only two buttons, doing the following tasks:

1- Import Button: the app must check if exists a character delimited text file with data to process newer than the last used (originated in a desktop computer and copied with the before mentioned C# DLL). If so, the app must warn the user and ask for confirmation in order to replace the existing information for the new one. The exchange file its a text file with an .iop extension and data separated by a delimiter character (ASCII 124)

Upon confirmation, the app must recreate a SQLite database and process and import the new working data into it (storing the processing date to be compared next time this button is used).

We will provide database structure and file exchange format upon request.

2- Export Button: following the same specifications used to import data, this task creates a new text file with full database´s data.

Task 3:


The sales app GUI it's a 17 screens GUI. We will provide the detailed descriptions and some examples akin to most of them. The design must be made for android 2.2 or +, min 480x800 px (phones), which must resize up to 7” screen sizes, aprox 1280x800 (tablets)



1-Payment: We will make an initial milestone deposit for 50% of the total awarded bid and release it upon our approval of the working prototype the developer sent us with all three tasks done.

Then we will make a second milestone deposit for the remaining 50%, wich will be

released upon reception and test of all source code.

2-We appreciate if you can state the development enviroment your going to use and the sooner you can finish this project, since we're in a hurry.

3- We need full commented source code and app copyrights.

4- This is a three stages project. The next stage will be posted after we finish this one and we're very likely to award it directly to the winner of this stage if our experience it's satisfactory. After finishing this, we are likely to need more work done in another projects.

Please feel free to reply with more questions.

Skills: Android, C# Programming

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