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Active Athens Website: Brief

Navigation bar (on all pages)

-At top; running across

-Include: Home, About, Route Guide (with a drop down of “Weekly Route” and “Find a Route”), Calendar (with drop down of “Weekly”, “Monthly”), Forum (with a drop down of “General Topics”, “Find Other Runners”, “Running Tips”, “Suggest a Route”, “Route Comments”, “Cool Links”), Healthy Eats (with a drop down of “Restaurants”, “Weekly Recipe”, “Our Pick”), Safety Tips



Banner Ads

-Run on side of page

-Example: [url removed, login to view]


(Please see supplement powerpoint for further description.)

We would like the homepage to have a color background—we have used a trail here and like it. There will be three content boxes. One will feature the weather (Probably a 2 day forecast that will automatically updates). One will feature an event that is taking place during that week, and the other content box will be a “Running Tip of the Week”. We will need to be able to update and change all of the boxes. Banner ads will be on the right hand side.

“About” page

-Active Athens is an interactive online community for people in the Athens area who want to engage in an active lifestyle by exploring a variety of free alternatives to a gym.

-Interested in running or walking Athens? This is your free source for all things Active in Athens.

-Use our calendar to learn about upcoming events in and around the Athens area. Support these events by registering for them through the links provided.

Use our route guides to help you run or walk your way through Athens. Challenge yourself to stick to your exercise regimen by participating in our weekly runs.

-Take advantage of our healthy eats and safety tips to further your quest to become healthy.

-Participate in our forum to communicate with other people in the Athens area with similar fitness goals

Route Guide pages:

“Weekly Route”

-This will contain the weekly run that is scheduled

“Find a Route”

-When user clicks on this it will bring up a page with a list of various places in Athens.

-When the user clicks on each place it will take them to another page telling about the route (address, usage time and fees, about, trails, link to trail site). (An example of this is included on slide #5). Maybe we should include pictures from each place?

-Places are listed below:

1. Sandy Creek Park

400 Bob Holman Road

Athens, GA 30607-1008

(706) 613-3631

Get directions from [url removed, login to view]

Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Sunday (closed Mondays)

Nov - Feb: 8am - 6pm

March: 8am - 7pm

April 1 - Labor Day: 7am - 9pm

Usage Fee:

$2 per person ages 4-64 per day

$1 disc golf, $2 per horse

About: The 782 acres of Sandy Creek Park includes Lake Chapman and many other

outdoor recreation opportunities.

Trails available

> Cook’s Trail: Connects to Sandy Creek Nature Center. At a leisurely pace, the trail takes approximately 2.5 hours to walk. Total one-way distance is 4.1 miles.

> Buckeye Horse Trail: Approximately 4 miles one-way. Marked with park signs and blue-blazed trees.

> Lakeside Trail: Begins at the campground covering 2.4 miles one way

>Swimming Deer Trail: Begins at Boat Ramp covering 3 miles one way

Please visit [url removed, login to view] for more information.

2. Sandy Creek Nature Center

205 Old Commerce Road

Athens, GA 30607-1011

(706) 613-3615

Get directions from [url removed, login to view]

Hours of Operation: Trails are open daily from sunrise to sunset. ENSAT building is open Tuesday through Saturday 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Usage Fee: Free

About: The 225 acres of Sandy Creek Nature Center serve the community as a wildlife sanctuary and environmental education facility.


ADA Interpretive Trail (.2 mi) 
Starting at rear of ENSAT, this walker and wheelchair accessable boardwalk enters woodlands and continues to a tributary of the Oconee River. Great short trail for all ages. Features interpretive areas and a wildlife observation blind.
LOOK FOR: Animals at observation blind, changes in forest from upland to wetlands near creek

Brick Factory Loop & Log House Loop
Starting at Walker Hall, trails form several loops through ruins of Georgia Brick Company (ca. 1900).
LOOK FOR: Building foundations, collapsed chimney remains, squirrel nests, lizards in sunny spots at cabin and early 1800’s log cabin moved onsite from Oglethorpe County in 1980.

Claypit Pond Trail (.5 mi)
Starting at Walker Hall, pass through brick factory ruins, turing left down steps to pond edge. Trail follows shoreline halfway around the pond.
LOOK FOR: Beaver sign and lodge on small island in pond, fish, turtles basking on logs, frogs, snakes, great blue heron (winter), green heron (summer).

Cook’s Trail (4.1 mi)
Greenway trail that connects Sandy Creek Nature Center with Sandy Creek Park. Length is one way! Wander along Sandy Creek through woodlands and wetlands. See Cook’s Trail Map for more information. FLOODS IN WET SEASON.

Crossridge Trail (.1 mi)
Connects Kingfisher Pond Trail with Claypit Pond Trail, passing through pine / hardwoods adn crossing Pine Ridge Trail.
LOOK FOR: Sapsucker holes in large pines, mushrooms (in wet weather), ant lions (or doodlebugs) under shelter. SLOPES SLIPPERY WHEN WET.

Hooded Warbler Trail (.2 mi)
A short loop in the upper Clapit Pond wetlands. Dense thickets of privet adn tall trees make excellent cover for many bird species.
LOOK FOR: Warblers and orioles, listen for bird songs, discover salamanders, ferns.

Kestrel Trail (.7 mi)
Named for a small falcon that may be seen in forest edge area. Trail follows Oconee River floodplain with several vistas of the river. Continues through the extreme northern end of the property in wooded uplands. 
LOOK FOR: Deer and turkey in edge between woods and fields, turtles and perhaps an otter in the Oconee River.

Kingfisher Pond Trail (.3 mi.)
This trail winds through Oconee River floodplain along Kingfisher Pond and follows a creek for much of the way.
LOOK FOR: Wild ginger and mayapple near southern end of trail, signs of beaver activity around pond, animal tracks in mud, waterfowl, turtles, snakes, and kingfishers.

Levee Trail (.9 mi)
Follows Sandy Creek past the Log House. Continues to the confluence of the North Oconee River and Sandy Creek. Returns through the floodplain of the Oconee River
LOOK FOR: Signs of beaver and raccoon along river and creek banks, turtles, herons, huge sycamore trees. NOT PASSABLE IN HIGH WATER.

Oconee Trail (.2 mi)
Starting at a curve in Old Commerce Road, trail descends to North Oconee River, and loops back through dense privet and hardwood floodplains forest. 
LOOK FOR: Birds in priet, occasional river otters, adder’s tounge fern. FLOODS IN WET SEASONS.

Pine Ridge Trail (.4 mi)
Travel through pine woods, dense shrub growth, mixed pine / hardwood forest. Walk along the highest point on the property.
LOOK FOR: Signs of squirrel and woodpecker, spring wildflowers under hardwoods, birds.

Screech Owl Trail (.4 mi)
In dense woods, climbing to a rocky outcrop. Crosses an old roadbed. Large pines and other upland trees. 
LOOK FOR: Signs of previous agriculture, exposed rock, changes from floodplain to upland habitat.

For more information please go to [url removed, login to view]

3. North Oconee River Greenway

Athens, GA

706-613-3615 (ext. 242)

Get directions from [url removed, login to view]

Hours of Operation: Sunrise to sunset year-round.

Usage Fee: Free

About: The Greenways and Riverside Parks consist of 700 acres of green space and riverside parks.


The North Oconee River Greenway is a 3.5-mile long, bicycling and walking path.

For more information, please visit [url removed, login to view]

4. Memorial Park: Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail

293 Gran Ellen Drive

Athens, GA 30606

(706) 613-3616

Get directions from [url removed, login to view]

Hours of Operation: Open daily 9 a.m. to sunset

Usage Fee: Free

About: The 72 acres of Memorial Park boasts a swimming pool, three-acre lake, playground, Birchmore Trail, Bear Hollow Wildlife Trail and Athens Creative Theatre.


Birchmore Trail-

For more information, please visit

[url removed, login to view]

5. Lake Herrick

Athens, Ga. 30605

(706) 542-5060

Get directions from [url removed, login to view] (search for “Intramural fields, Athens, GA 30605)

Hours of Operation: Open daily

Usage Fee: Free

About: Lake Herrick is located in the University of Georgia’s intramural sports complex. It includes almost 60 acres of hilly woods with trails and open fields. The area is administered by the "Oconee Forest Park.”


Fitness Trail: Please visit [url removed, login to view]

Oconee Forest Trail: Please visit [url removed, login to view]

For more information, please visit [url removed, login to view]

Calendar Page



-A standard monthly calendar that will be accessible to us for continuous updates.

-A click on the date in each calendar box will open to that specific date’s individual page in order to show what is happening on that date in more detail.


-A standard weekly calendar that can be specific to the week in which it currently is.

-Able to be accessible to us for continuous updates.

-A click on the date in each calendar box will open to that specific date’s individual page in order to show what is happening on that date in more detail.


-A specific calendar date page

-Accessible to us for continuous updates


-Far left: Column separated into three blocks. The first block is bigger than the second two, will contain logo or some picture. Second block, online users. Third block, Popular topics. There will be links leading to the forum topic. Background color starts with green for the first block and becomes a shade lighter with the second two.

-Far right: Advertising banner. Refreshes to a new ad every time the page refreshes

-Bottom of page: Row separated into two boxes. User name in one. Password in the other. Background of box green.

-Middle of page: 1 large grid separated into five sections: General Topics, Find Other Runners, Running Tips, and Cool links, Suggest a Route, Route Comments. Each section will have a description of its content in the label. Users should have the ability to add new threads to each section but the Find Other Runners section. In this section, there will only be seven main threads, Monday through Sunday, and the users cannot add new threads to this main section. They can go into a day of the week and add new threads there. When the user gets to the thread page, all the threads should be listed and a link to create a new thread should be at the top of the page. Each thread should be time stamped with the most recent threads at the top of the page. The time stamp should include the day, date, time, and how long ago it was posted. Green background with white lettering. Background of grid is green, the color gets lighter in shade as you see each section.

“General Topics”- The users can ask general questions about the website and about the content

“Find Other Runners”- users can go into each section and post what times they are available to run and where they want to run. This is where they would set up their own running groups

“Running Tips”- Users can suggest anything from good running stretches to how to have good pacing to what kind of work out clothes fit the best.

“Cool Links”- Links to clothing sites, pages that have visuals of running workouts, healthy recipes, etc.

“Suggest a Route”- List good routes to run, can add links to maps

Rate a Route- The user can comment on a particular route that they like.

Blog Page-

-Text box in the middle of the page with space for the title of the thread. Below the box, you should be able to see the other threads, with the most recent thread at the top.

Confirmation Page-

-Text confirming that the blog has been posted and a link to return to the forums page.

Healthy Eats

“Restaurant” TAB:

-Each featured restaurant will have its name, telephone number, and location listed, as well as a hyperlink to their online menu

-Pictures of restaurant/ one of their products next to each

Salad Works

265 E. Clayton Street 
Athens, GA 30601 
Telephone: 706-548-7775

[url removed, login to view]

The Grit 
199 Prince Avenue 
Athens, GA


[url removed, login to view]


259 E. Clayton Street 
Athens, GA 30601

Phone: 706-549-9008

1860 Barnett Shoals Road 
Athens, GA 30601

Phone: 706-549-9954

1880 Epps Bridge Parkway. 
Athens, GA 30601

Phone: 706-354-0300

1739 S. Lumpkin St. 
Athens, GA 30601

Phone: 706-548-1866

[url removed, login to view]

Big City Bread

393 N. Finley Street 
Athens, GA

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]


1689 S. Lumpkin Street 
Athens, GA

Phone: 706-227-1717

No menu online available: [url removed, login to view]

Smoothie King

1591 S. Lumpkin Street 
Athens, GA

Phone: 706- 613-2600

[url removed, login to view]

Gardenside Cafe

2450 S. Milledge Ave. 
Athens, GA 30605

Phone: 706-542-6359

No online menu available: [url removed, login to view]


255 W. Washington Street 
Athens, GA 30601


[url removed, login to view]

Jason’s Deli

140 Alps Road 
Athens, GA

Phone: [url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

Planet Smoothie

184 College Avenue 
Athens, GA 30601

Phone: 706-353-8181

196 Alps Road 
Athens, GA

Phone: 706-316-3090

[url removed, login to view]

“Weekly Recipe” TAB

-Content and maybe a picture of the recipe we are featuring that week

“Our Pick” TAB

Display a favorite healthy eats purchase.

Safety Tips page

-Far right: Advertising banner. Refreshes to a new ad every time the page refreshes

-Middle of page: Safety tips: (to be altered by the administrators)

•Run on the left side of the road facing traffic. You will be in a better position to anticipate and react to vehicles.

•Run on roads with wide shoulders.

•Be cautious on blind curves where you will not be visible to approaching cars. Be aware of factors that affect motorist visibility - glaring sun, rain, snow, fog.

•Run single file when running in a group - particularly in high traffic areas.

•Anticipate potentially dangerous situations and be ready to deal with them. Always make the first move to protect yourself. Do not expect cars to alter their paths to avoid you.

•Obey traffic rules and signals. Runners, as pedestrians, are bound by traffic laws.

•Avoid running alone in isolated areas - vary your route.

•Use your ears as well as your eyes - don't wear headphones.

•Wear reflective clothing at dawn, dusk, or nighttime and bright, visible clothing at all other times.

-Graphics: 3 safety/caution symbols on either side of the tips column

Skills: Arts & Crafts

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