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Writing simple Children’s articles

** Write Nice day in your bid do I know a human read this proposal. **

I need 1200 words on each of the following topics. These are simple stories or articles that will be read by children leaning to read English. They need to be funny, engaging, full of facts turned into fun sentences for kids.

The best way to do this is to search on your topic like this:

Fun facts about sharks for kids

(if there are none, search ‘fun facts about sharks’ or ‘facts about sharks’.

Remember this – you will find facts, but you must turn the fact into a easy to understand mini story – like this:

Fact – sharks can grow up to 20 feet long

Becomes this:

Did you know some sharks are over 20 feet long? That means a shark could be as long as your school bus – but hey, why is your school bus in the water?

They don’t all have to be silly, that was an example of a silly one.

Here is another example:

Sharks eat 10 pounds of food at one time. Sharks have big mouths, and when they eat, they are hungry! A shark will eat over 10 pounds of food, that is the same weight as 35 Big Mac’s!

(you need to find references that kids understand – just using Google – to frame the facts into little easy and fun sentences. Some can be silly, but most should be simple and fun and interesting)

Kids like absurd comparisons.

Payment: payment will be for each topic, I will release 1/18th of the bid (there are 18 topics so we will divide the bid by the number of topics - 18) each time you send me a story/article. If I am not happy with the work, you can fix it or we can agree to not continue.

1) Your work must be proofed already, so you must be correct with your grammar and spelling, (and spell using US spelling)

2) Your work must be 1200 works or so

3) Your writing must be fun, for kids 4 to 9, and easy to read.

4) Your work must be original, and pass copyscape – do not copy and paste from the internet, it will be easy to spot via copyscape.

5) The writing must be simple, but not talk down to kids

6) There will be pictures for the kids, so don’t worry about trying to describe something too much, don’t as there will be an image to support it.

7) If you see a topic that does not work as described, let me know an alternate way of writing about it, and I can approve or we can find another topic together

8) These stories will have lots and lots of pictures, the stories/articles will just be general and supportive. Eg lots of images of sharks, trains etc, so don’t get into what kind of sharks there are, or else its hard to match up the stories to the images, you can discuss 4 or for Major types if you need to. General fun and interesting is the major need here.

9) Some topics allow you to make up things, like about the future, robots etc, that is ok, as long as it’s positive, or exciting, ‘cool’, futuristic, etc. feel free to be speculative – i.e. Can you imagine a time when you will be able to fly into outer space, visiting planets that have large creatures that are very weird looking? (not a good example, but you get the point)

Please ask questions rather then make mistakes, its good. I will send a sample to the successful bidder on tigers that was done.

** Write Nice day in your bid do I know a human read this proposal. **

Topics to write about:


Trains (old and new)

Mission to the Moon

Mission to Mars

Space (outer space, the planets, solar system)

UFOs – kids like to believe in them, so find facts and reports people say to support UFOs, except if it’s scary

Alien Life (what kinds, what theories)

Time Travel


The search for Alien Life

Robots of the Future – not factory robots but future exciting robots – like robots that fight – Transformers, warriors, being used for fighting and in war

Cowboys and Indians



The Space station

Spaceships of the Future



All sizes must be in American measurement, i.e. feet and pounds, not meters or kilos.

Skills: Article Rewriting, Articles

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