Global trade by sector, trends statistics facts on the Agriculture industry


We require a custom-made report on global trade for the Agriculture industry including trends and statistics. The report must have tables displaying the top 20 importers and the top 20 exporters (countries) in agricultural products ranked from top (the largest) to bottom (the smallest) importer/exporter

A breakdown of the agricultural products itself ... eg, wheat, rice and (major players) or importers/exporters

The data must go back 10 years (2003 to 2013). If you have a problem finding stats for 2013 then we will consider 20012 to 2012

As well as the ranking table, we need the your own words (your own words ... no copy & paste ... we always Google and run through copyscape) about your findings. This needs to be an original piece of work "researched" and written NOT stitched together from a couple of sources. All references must be acknowledged at the bottom of the report in a sectioned titled "References" ... the reference section is to contain the web pages (not just sites) where the information was researched from.

In a nutshell we're looking for a simply written piece where a "complete novice" who doesn't know anything about trade can read and learn about the agriculture industry, where the import export "hot-spots" are and the breakdown of the agricultural products, (plants, livestock, fruit.....) and major players (countries) in the overall level of imports and exports and the level of production within the breakdowns. As long as the report has plenty of easy to follow statistics and information, we will not be too rigid with the structure, so you can make a proposal on the type of info you can deliver. So let us know about how you intend to lay out the report, how many words and general scope, and also how long it will take and what the cost will be.


The delivered article will be our intellectual property and may be used by us in various media such as written format in websites, Audio or video.

Let us know your proposals (please give details like how many words, the scope,....). We will favor people who have read the requirements and make detailed responses to our requirements.

Your level of English must be very high. No grammatical or spelling mistakes. This will need to be a university-standard, high quality, informative report that is educational yet simply laid out and explained. Please remember this is a research job not just copy-writing.

Deliver this in exceptional quality and there are many more industries to follow. If we're really happy with the structure and quality, we will ask you to create similar reports with the same layout in other industries such as Apparel & Fashion, Transport, ... etc.

Skills: Articles, Financial Research, Statistics

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