Create post and threads on multiple sites, forums,blogs...about our app iPhone

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We have launched new app for iphone . We need you to go around and search for any our competitor in forums,blogs...sites... and follow their post to repost our app. You need to comes up search your own site from google. Just search sites, forums, blogs, related to iPhone. Make sure your account is valid and not getting delete after post. Only count those quality posts.

This is a long time job. If we see result we can hire you a long term job.

Your daily jobs:

* Repost on those post from competitor with our app link to our site, with description what make our app better than competitor is your ideas and every post is unique.

* Create new thread on those sites with difference account a little bit about our product and what make it great for users...every thread also need unique on each sites,forums,blogs...Create more account to follow the thread on more review on the app.

* Keep tracking and follow on those website...Keep post and repost...there are millions of sites,forums,blog relate to iphone. Just keep doing one site, one forum,...and move to the next...

* Save all those link...recheck again couple days to see if it get deleted, make sure dont violate their rules on those sites, forums so your post dont get delete...Be Smart when you post.

You job is to create at least 50 posts a day...include repost on competitor, repost review, new threads on at least 10sites to 20sites...

**** REMEMBER, you need create more hype with more account, more review with difference account.

This is sound pretty big jobs, but its pretty easy, you just need create more account on those sites, forums, be smart and search if they have our competior, and repost with our app link and features and talk a bit about it...more account follow that post to review...

Create a new threads..with difference account and more account on those post review.

This is weekly pay. We only pay for one week each, if the result after one week from those links are still valid. If not you need to redone the job with better move so you dont get delete.

1 week is 50 posts total , at least 20 new threads, and 30 repost. On 10 to 20 sites a week

We want to see minimum 10sites + 50 posts , at least 20 new threads and 30 reposts in those 10 sites for a week. All unique, no copy and paste

You save all the links in MS words.

You will get pay and move to the next weeks with new 10 sites.

Also your job to maintain those links to make sure our competitors not repost again after us. Make sure we are always the latest and better.

We only hire users with feedback only.

Skills: Article Rewriting, Articles, Blog, Product Descriptions, Reviews

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