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For 10 years I am working on software that can be very producive and profitable. Starting from begining of old modem Dial-up connection every user had then problems with download and upload speed. I have then made very nice Linux software that compress each byte and produce on output very nice results (up to 80% compress rate without any loose!).

Now when all speed internet came, I wanted to remove this project but I realized that still there is usage and space for development.

Imagine device that you plug into your home-office-hotspot or any who will just plug and play increase your internet speed by up to 80% !!!

Imagine you pay your bills less than 80%, how much is that yearly? Imagine you are in 3rd countries where Bandwith is payed like gold? Imagine You have sattelite connection and you pay traffic...

This device can help you, My software can help you, just for finishing this project to end I need Investor, Company or Individual who will see this potential, Invest and take opportunity to make quality profit out of it.

To be cleared to all, I am not some joke person, dont apply unless you are 100% sure you can handle this Project as I think this project is very big.

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Skills: Buyer Sourcing

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