Need auto fax utility to fax PDF files to fax machines automatically (via web)

We run a website and use 3rd party AutoFax service for users to upload PDFs and fax those PDFs to others from our website. We are exploring an option to have our own auto-fax utility instead of using 3rd party service. Details of the project are below

## Deliverables

**Scope of work:**

* Develop an auto-fax utility; a service we can call any time to send fax to any fax number in United States (ability to send world-wide will be even better but is outside the scope of this work)

* When we calling this service we will pass:

* Destination Fax Number

* Name of File (to fax) and file's location on our server

* We do not use file system so source will be MSSQL. If there is big difference between price we might agree to use file system as the source however our website is hosted on Cloud (shared servers) and not dedicated servers so there might be cost associated with using your design - mention this in your bid so that we can talk about this in more detail if needed

* Scheduled Date and Time when fax needs to be sent or 'immediate' to send fax right away

* Number of attempts to make before giving up (sometimes fax does not go through on first attempt so we want to make sure application makes set number of attempts before giving up)

* Optional parameter to keep an "image" or "copy" of the fax that was sent. If we pass this parameter (KeepImage=Y, for example) service will create a low resolution image or copy of the PDF on file system or in the database. We can discuss this feature if you can do it or not as it is not needed right now but if you can do it we will pay bonus

* Service will create a Fax Request ID, Attempt ID, and return us back Fax Request ID, Attempt ID and Fax Delivery Status after _every_ attempt

* If fax was successfully sent, Fax Delivery Status will return "Passed" and no more delivery attempts will be made

* If fax did not go through **AND** there are more attempts remaining before giving up (see above - maximum number of attempts parameter), "Attempt Failed" status will be returned against every failed attempt. Ability to capture the reason (fax machine busy, no signal, etc) will be nice if possible (we will pay bonus if you add more features to this project but we need to discuss what additional things we need)

* If all available attempts have been made but fax did not go through a "Failed" status will be returned and no more attempts will be made

Coders submitting the bid are expected to include a high level design so that we feel confident in accepting the bid that coder knows what he/she is doing.

Again, the reason why we are developing this inhouse is that we do not want to use any 3rd party subscription or service that is the reason we are doing this project. Environment setup should be discussed prior to acceptance of the bid. **If your solution is going to need dedicated hosting, specific software like Microsoft Fax Server, etc. all this needs to be discussed before we accept your bid**


- We are a software development company by ourselves (.NET shop) so we are not asking to deliver a finished product with a UI so please dont ask us silly questions. We are looking for a (web) service we can integrate in our existing website so there will not be any UI involved.

- Also, being a .NET shop we would ideally like the application to be developed in ASP.NET but if you have developed some simple and reliable application in another language or platform please let us know and we might be okay with that too as far as integration is easy

- Again, it is very important that you let us know at the time of bid what you will need (platform, hardware, software, dedicated hosting, etc.) so that we know how much your solution is actually going to cost us. **Please take a look features offered by InterFax to learn more about what type of utility this is going to be.**

_As always, please ask all questions prior to the bid._

Serious and experienced bidders only. This is one of those projects where we are looking for quality work not cheap, ad-hoc type of solution.


Skills: .NET, C++ Programming, Java

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