A group of intelligent virtual agents are trying to work together to disarm one bomb located somewhere in the virtual world.


• The virtual world is flat and consists of square wxh positions.

• At any time, in any position may be (a) a wall portion, (b) the bomb, or

(C) nothing (empty space).

• Agents can be moved to positions that do not contain portions of walls.

• The area in which the agents are in the form of labyrinth.

• The team consists of one to n agents, of which one is in a special

category called "bomb."

• The agents have the potential perception of their surroundings: more specifically,

they understand if the neighboring sites are empty or contain another

agent, part wall or bomb.

• All agents have two skills:

1. Move in juxtaposition

2. Exchange knowledge with agents in adjacent positions

• Initially, the agents do not know the structure of the maze, ie what positions are

Wall sections or bomb.


• All agents start from the beginning of the maze and try to move

locate the bomb. In their motion, agents choose random directions

but do not try to visit parts of the maze that have already visited.

• When two agents meet, share all their knowledge with lots of

labyrinth which they visit and the location of the bomb.

• When one agent acquire knowledge about the location of the bomb stops

looks and moves trying to locate the bomb.

• When the bomb acquire knowledge about the location of the bomb stops

searches and moves with it.

• When the bomb squad moved to the location where the bomb is considered that the


• The execution completed just disarm the bomb.


• The virtual world will be described in a text file in which the wall sections will

marked with "*", vacancies, vacuum bomb with "B", the initial position

deminer with "A" and the initial positions of the other agents with the digits "0", "1",

..., "9."

• The implementation can handle any number of agents, regardless of the

fact that the file specification can be marked the starting positions at most 10

agents beyond the deminer.

• The interface of the application is windows-based.

• The interface of the application will display a plan view of the virtual world at any time

moment, which will show the labyrinth, agents and bomb.

• The interface of the application will provide adequate means for the selection (and deselection) of a

agent (e.g., selection agent via buttons labeled "A", "0", "1", ..., "9"), and

and to display parts of the labyrinth to which the selected agent

has knowledge (eg through shading areas of the plan or partial visualization and

occurrence of "B" in place of the bomb).

• The interface of the application will provide adequate means for loading description file,

and the initiation, termination and cancellation of execution. Moreover, the application will

allows the resumption of execution after cancellation it is not necessary to re-

loading description file.

• The application will log to a text file various statistics for each

implementation, which will contain at least the execution time, the number of steps

of each agent and the number of exchanges of knowledge in which each agent



The application documentation will include:

2. Description of the theoretical basis of the application, including the structures

Data and knowledge representation adopted, algorithms and methodologies

used, and the adjustments and changes made in the above

to be applied to the specific problem

3. Description of significant design decisions and implementation details

4. A complete description of an exemplary implementation and results of

5. Detailed description of the installation process

6. Description of the implementation option, if available

7. Detailed description of the contribution of each team member

8. Detailed description of open issues, unresolved problems and possibilities

occurrence of errors during execution

The bulk of the text of the documentation should not exceed 5000 words.


1. The application executable form

2. Source code for the entire application

3. Documentation

Skills: C Programming, Java, Virtual Worlds

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