SOCKS5 User Authentication and IP Bind problem!


My project working (without user authentication and with lan default ip)

[url removed, login to view] bind problem. i've several ip addresses. All of the incoming connections was bind to default ip. how can do bind any ip without default ip?

[url removed, login to view] i have used SOCKS_AUTH project confused.

any body help me? thanks

here is part of my code.

NetworkStream socksClientStream = [url removed, login to view]();


* supported methods part


byte[] authFields = new byte[2];

[url removed, login to view](authFields, 0, 2);

// read n supported methods

byte[] methods = new byte[authFields[1]];

[url removed, login to view](methods, 0, [url removed, login to view]);


* method selection part


byte[] selectedAuthMethod = { SOCKS_VERSION, SOCKS_NOAUTH };

[url removed, login to view](selectedAuthMethod, 0, 2);

// return version and auth method "no auth"

byte[] requestFields = new byte[4];

[url removed, login to view](requestFields, 0, 4);

// adresstypes ipv4 and hostname are supported

string connection_target = "";

int target_port;

if (requestFields[3] == SOCKS_IPV4ADDR )


//ip4v adress is requested

byte[] target_data = new byte[4];

[url removed, login to view](target_data, 0, 4);

IPAddress ip = new IPAddress(target_data);

connection_target = [url removed, login to view]();


else if (requestFields[3] == SOCKS_DNSNAME )


byte[] domainname_length = new byte[1];

[url removed, login to view](domainname_length, 0, 1);

byte[] target_data = new byte[domainname_length[0]];

[url removed, login to view](target_data, 0, domainname_length[0]);

connection_target = [url removed, login to view](target_data);




//unsupported addresstype


//if requested address is supported

if (connection_target != "")



* server client connection part


//doc: byteorder

byte[] bintargetport = new byte[2];

[url removed, login to view](bintargetport, 0, 2);

byte[] tmp_byteorder = new byte[2];

tmp_byteorder[0] = bintargetport[1];

tmp_byteorder[1] = bintargetport[0];

target_port = (int)[url removed, login to view](tmp_byteorder, 0);

serverClient = new TcpClient(connection_target, target_port);

/* **

* reply part


if ([url removed, login to view])


// reply successful audience

byte[] reply = new byte[10];


reply[0] = SOCKS_VERSION ;

// replycode


//reserved and 0

reply[2] = 0;

// addresstype

reply[3] = 1;

string ip = [url removed, login to view]().Split(':')[0];

IPAddress ipaddr = [url removed, login to view](ip);

reply[4] = [url removed, login to view]()[0];

reply[5] = [url removed, login to view]()[1];

reply[6] = [url removed, login to view]()[2];

reply[7] = [url removed, login to view]()[3];

int port = [url removed, login to view]([url removed, login to view]().Split(':')[1]);

reply[8] = [url removed, login to view]((UInt16)port)[0];

reply[9] = [url removed, login to view]((UInt16)port)[1];

[url removed, login to view](reply, 0, 10);


* tcp redirection


NetworkStream serverClientStream = [url removed, login to view]();

bool ioError = false;

while ([url removed, login to view] && [url removed, login to view] && !ioError )




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