Scheduling App for Mac with iOS app that sync


I need a scheduling app.

We have 10-20 clients with 3 employees. We see the clients at their place of business. also clients can only see us at certain times of the day and certain days of the week. Employees also have a limited schedule. also sessions with the client may vary between 15 minutes and 6 hours. The other thing is we need supervised sessions, where the supervisor comes to the session with the employee and ensures the employee is doing the correct job this can vary depending on the client. We need notifications if not enough supervised hours occurred during the week. This app would have to have flexibility for unlimited clients, employees and supervisors.

So we need to take into account the drive time and the availability of both the client and the employee. The schedule would then be exportable to ical. We also need a reschedule option. If the reschedule is less then 24 hours and due to the client we charge them any other reason we need to reschedule during the week. If we cannot fit in the sessions then the app needs to keep track of the missing hours and add them to next weeks schedule.

If we cannot fill all session due to employee availability we need to see a report of when we need the extra employee.

The other things I would like is a iOS app that syncs with the mac app and that the employee can clock in and out. Notifications to the client and employee of there upcoming sessions

I would also like the ability to export the weekly schedule to quickbooks to we can import it and bill for it with no manual intervention. The schedule would be updated when the employee/supervisor clocks in and rescheduled sessions.

Also need to export the data to excel.

Skills: Cocoa, Mac OS, Objective C

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