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Here is the brief.

We own property in the hinterland town of Nimbin, NSW Australia. Nimbin is world recognised as one of the birthplaces of the Hippie movement in the world (look up 'nimbin' on google) and is a recognised as a world leader in 'alternate technologies'. Nimbin is also a sister city to 'Woodstock' USA and over the years has enjoyed substantial tourism from 'Baby Boomers' who want to see where Hippies' started.

Recently, this tourism has declined considerably as the allure of seeing a 'Hippy decorated town' with very aging Hippies lounging around the town has lost its appeal.

My intention is to change the public perception of why tourists should visit Nimbin (and therefore increase its tourism) by 'highlighting' the Alternate Technologies that have happened/are happening/and are being developed, by the local businesses and people of the area.

One of the things that happened in Nimbin, following the Aquarius Festival of 1973 was that 'free thinking' people started setting up communes, communities, share farms etc. and began developing 'alternate technologies' for generating electricity, insulating their houses, growing food, etc all geared to lowering their dependence on foods, services and products that they would have to buy from shops. These technologies in Nimbin have developed substantially over the years but have not been showcased as a reason to visit Nimbin

For instance, there is the Rainbow Power Company who supply Solar powered installations and have done so for over 30 years, there are people developing cannabis as thermal insulation for domestic dwellings, there are organic vegetable and fruit growers and so on. Properly presented these technologies would encourage tourists to visit and add considerably to the tourism content. Grey caravan travellers would visit to see how they could save on energy, insulation etc., and who would incidentally see the Hiipiness without it being the sole intention of their visit.

The message is


where alternate technologies started

and where the latest are developed

visit NIMBIN to grow your senses (or something like this)

Let me know what you think? I am looking for a continuing relationship, where various writing exercises would be needed, like a powerpoint presentation to the Nimbin Chamber of Commerce to explain what I am proposing to get their support, a presentation to the 'Alternate Technology Association [url removed, login to view] ' to set up showrooms in Nimbin, a campaign for press advertising to excite the local community, an advertising campaign for the Australian travelling public, press releases, etc. etc.


John Seymour

Skills: Articles, Copywriting, Press Releases, Travel Writing

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